How I Ended Up On The Sex Offender Registry: Part One


I suppose the best way to start this offis to give you a disclaimer. I am a convicted sex offender whom will be on the sex offender registry for the *rest of my life*. I tell you this because I want you to know the life-ruining consequences of my actions before you hear them. I also want to show you that I am putting it all out there, exactly as it happened, so that my experience may hopefully serve as a warning for those of you who find your urges to be too much to bare at times.

While every word that you read is the complete truth exactly as I remember it (and trust me, I had many lonely years to relive it)I will be changing the names and locations simply because I fear that even writing this could possibly be seen as a violation of the terms of my parole, and I have no desire to be back in the hell that is the US department of "corrections"

In the summer of 2005 I was working a tedious job as an assistant manager at a chain ice cream shop that will go unnamed. I was 28 years old and my life had finally been improving. I had recently paid off my car and had lost 30 lbs and was in better shape than I had been in any point in my life, including high school. I had always been a chubby teenager and was never really able to get with girls in my teen years. Looking back on it now, I realize that this may have been what led me down the wrong path.

On the particular Sunday that would forever alter the course of my life, I had to conduct a series of employment interviews due to the store manager having to fill in at another location. I just needed to hire two individuals for the for the lowest crew position we had (a very easy job), and I wanted to get it done with as quickly as possible. I was just planning on hiring the first two people I talked to (providing they weren't completely idiotic or rude. )

The first interview was an unremarkable heavy set guy who looked like a stoner, but was nice enough and I quickly had set him up with orientation for the following week. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he still works there. He looked like the type to make such a job a lifelong career.

The second interviewee was something else entirely.


   Have you ever seen someone out of the corner of your eye and even from that brief half glimpse of them, you can tell that they are hot and immediately have to turn your head to get a better look? That was exactly how it happened when she walked into the store.

What immediately drew my eyes was her attire. She wore tiny teal cotton shorts with a rolled waist band (because apparently they weren't naturally tiny enough for her tastes) that surely would have gotten her sent home from the high school I had gone to. They cut off mid thigh, showing off her silky smooth, slightly pale legs. These were coupled with pink flip flops that matched her pink spaghetti strap tank top. Her impossibly petite figure and youthful face left little doubt that she was underage. I had long since given up feeling guilty for still feeling attraction for such girls. My justification being; biology dictates the rules. Not man.

Assuming that she was just a customer, and being closest to the register, I grinned, welcomed her to the store and asked her what she would like. She gave me a nervous little smile, showing off her top row of braces and said in a bubbly voice "Hi! I am here for the 1:30 interview". My surprise must have shown in my face because she continued "I was told to ask for Maxwell" she looked at me inquisitively, with her piercing light blue eyes.

"Ah yes, that was me you spoke with, feel free to call me max" I held out a hand and she grasped it with her small, soft hand and gave it a gentle shake

"I am Alexis but most people call me Lexi"
Still a bit surprised at how young she was (she did not sound as young on the phone) I pulled her application out of the folder I had and began to scan it

Me: "and you are how old again Lexi?"

Her: "fourteen"

Me: "and I assume you have obtained your filled out workers permit?" (Employees under the age of 18 in my state have to get a permit signed by the school, parents and employer for it to be legal)

She paused for a moment, frowning; An obvious look of sudden doubt on her face and reached into her pocket. This gave me another excuse to glance down at her tiny shorts again as she fished a folded up piece of paper from her pocket and sheepishly handed it to me.
Taking the paper and unfolding it, I immediately noticed that all of it is filled out EXCEPT for the parent/guardian section.

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  I glanced at her and could see how nervous she was, as if she somehow expected me not to notice such a glaring omission.

"This is incomplete; you know I can't hire you until this is fully filled out right?"

Her eyes fell to the ground and when she looked up again, I could clearly see she was holding back tears.

"I wasn't able to get the signature from my dad, he hasn't been home much lately and when he was he was either sleeping or busy. I promise I could get it for you a bit later! I really need this job" she sounded pitiful and she stressfully ran her fingers through her long brown hair.

I didn't have any reason to doubt her words. She could have simply forged the signature if she had wanted to be deceitful (I would have in her situation) but there was nothing I could do for her. "State law won't let me hire you without it. I am sorry". The pouty look on her face was simultaneously heartbreaking and adorable.

My next action would be the first in a series of the worst decisions I would ever make. I unclipped the pen from my folder and tore off a corner from one of the applications. I wrote down my email address and handed it to her.

"If you are able to get the signature within the next couple weeks, send an email to me here and I will fast track you for another interview"

With that, her eyes brightened a little. She got up, shook my hand again, thanked me and departed. I didn't fail to notice how tight her ass was in the teeny teal shorts as she left.

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   I felt more than a little disappointed that I couldn't hire her. Even if she DID dress wildly inappropriate for an interview, she certainly would have provided some much needed eye candy. Plus, the thought of having a position of authority over such an attractive teen was of course, highly appealing. I figured I would never hear from her again and had nearly forgotten about the entire thing within a few days

That soon changed the following Thursday night. I had the day off and was playing some “World Of Warcraft” when I heard the chime of my outlook inbox and saw a small notification that read RE: work permit. I opened it and read the message "hey! It’s Lexi from the interview at (ice cream chain) the other day. I can't get the signature for the work permit but I had an idea. What if I sign my dads name so the form is legal on your end? If you could possibly overlook it, I will give you 10% of my paycheck each week. I know it’s wrong but I really need a job right now! Lemmy know!"

My mouth was just gaping open. The audacity of it was breathtaking. I was both impressed by the fact that she would even come up with such an idea and shocked that anyone would even attempt something like this. I also found it amusing that she hadn't just forged to begin with and avoided the need to ask something like this.

I started to actually consider it for a moment. I of course, could use the extra money, and the horny male inside of me enjoyed the thought of having a mischievous secret with a girl who looked like her. The rational side of me, however, knew how stupid it would be.

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   What if it was a setup from corporate? What if her parents found out and inquired? How quickly would she rat me out? I knew I couldn't risk it and replied;
"Lexi, I really wish I could help you, but trust me, this job is not worth that. You would be making minimum wage. To take 10% away on top of that would be silly. Plus it would be against the rules and I can't risk losing my job. "

I sent the message and sighed. I truly was tempted by the offer, but felt like I had done the right thing. Within minutes however, I received a reply.
"Is there a number I can call you at? I just want to explain my situation and it is too long to write- Lexi"

I must have read it 5 times before I moved to respond. She was certainly persistent and I was starting to feel uneasy. It was bad enough that I was even replying to this girl to begin with, but now she wants to call me? What else needed to be said? I had made my stance pretty clear. Still, a combination of curiosity and knowing how cute she was made me second guess myself. Before I even fully realized what I was doing, I was typing my cell phone number in the reply box and hitting send. I would be lying if I said my stomach wasn't in knots. I knew I had crossed into the realm of the irrational, but before I could contemplate it further, the phone was ringing.

me: "hello?"

Her:Hey max! Whatcha doin? (in a super-casual friendly tone)

Me: Uh, chillen (smooth.

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  . )

She almost immediately began to unload on me with tons of information at once. She tells me about how her dad is an alcoholic who stays out at all hours of the night. She tells me about her mother dying when she was young and how she has no access to money. She tells me she is soon to lose internet access and won't be able to even get new clothes when it comes time to go back to school in the fall.

I was completely overwhelmed by this influx of information. She really didn't look like the type at all. She looked just like all the other cute little daughters of rich trophy wives that lived all over the suburbs in my area. I would have never guessed in a million years she was in such dire straits.
At the end of her story she let a long pause hang in the air. All I could manage to say was "I am so sorry" but it felt woefully inadequate. I felt real pity for this girl. I didn't make her ask me again. "Bring the paper in tomorrow with a signature and I will hire you" She let out a cute shriek of jubilance and thanked me over and over again before hanging up.
I knew I had made a mistake, but for whatever reason, I felt good about it.

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   For a short while, it seemed like everything was going to be alright. I personally trained her on the register at work and she was a reliable and enthusiastic employee. No questions were asked by my boss and everything was going smoothly.

Then payday came. Since we got off at different times, we hadn't had a chance to rendezvous since she had gotten paid. I had been saving up for an electronic music festival that came once a year to my state and really needed the extra money this particular week, but my plan was to let her know that for every check afterwards, she need not pay me anymore and that all I ask of her in return is her promise to not mention that I knew about the forged signature if it ever came up. I thought it was a fair offer.
She called me just as it was beginning to get dark and wanted me to meet her by a local strip mall. I agreed pulled up to the place. When I saw her, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. She had her hair up in a tight bouncy ponytail that perfectly showed off her high cheek bones. She was wearing a skin tight black dress that was about three inches too short. It had a oval design cut out near the sides that showed off her small hips. The dark color of the dress contrasted perfectly with her pale skin. The short black heels she was wearing with them were offset only by the pink ankle bracelet she had on.

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If the fact that she was dressed like she was about to go to the club hadn't been the first warning sign, her next act certainly should have. She opened the passenger door and got in. She shut the door, turned to me with a huge grin, leaned forward and gave me a hug. It was only then that I noticed the brown paper bag in her hand. She saw me looking at it and she had a bit of a twinkle in her eyes.

"I brought a gift!" she exclaimed excitedly. My mind was still distracted too heavily by what she was wearing and how good she looked in it to put forth any guesses on what gift she might have. She didn't make me wait to find out. She reached inside and pulled out a glass bottle, dangling it in her fingers. It was a 750ml bottle of Jack Daniels. This genuinely surprised me.
"Where did you manage to get that?" I asked, amused.
"Took it from daddy" she said, grinning. She couldn't have looked more proud of herself as she said it.

"Is it wise to take alcohol from someone so fond of alcohol?"

"He will think he drank it, or lost it.

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   IF he even remembers that he ever had it" She looked a bit sad as she said it, but the look didn't last long as she jumped to her next thought

"So where are we gunna go drink it?" she said, looking to me for an answer as if this wasn't complete news to me.

"We? I thought you said it was a gift? You are way too young to be drinking even wine coolers, let alone jack Daniels"

She rolled her eyes and let out an exaggerated sigh "Who are you, Danny Tanner? (the dad from the show full house), did you never drink when you were my age?"

I had to laugh and admitted that I had. "Yes, something about drinking before you are technically allowed to does make it much more enjoyable"
"EXACTLY!" she exclaimed, slapping my arm playfully, so then, where are we going to drink?

I shook my head, wiping the smile off my face and trying to look serious, "no, this is a bad idea"

"Oh?" she said, sounding mockingly surprised. Then I suppose you don't want this either?" she reached her hand in the same bag and pulled out a small fold of money and waved it in the air
"Oh yeah, about that Lexi, I decided that after tonight, you don't need to give me anymore money from your paycheck. I want you to keep it. You earn it, it's yours. "

The smile she gave me at that point could have lit up a baseball field. I had to smile back at seeing it. That smile alone made it worth every forfeited penny
"I knew I liked you!" She said, launching herself into yet another hug.
I was suddenly uncomfortably aware that I was sitting in the parking lot of a strip mall, with a scantily clad 18 year old girl in my car, with her arms around me, with money and liquor in her hand.
I chuckled nervously "glad you are happy, but about this drinking. . . "
"Can't we just go to your apartment?" she asked, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

The clothes, the liquor, her touchy feely personality, the way she grinned at me. .

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I can admit, at times, I have been known to be a bit oblivious about women. Yet I cannot claim ignorance on this day. I knew at that moment, that if I caved here, I would reach the point of no return. This was not going to end up being some innocent adventure. Every inch of my rational mind told me to make an excuse and just end it here. Yet several inches of my body were objecting to that notion. Guess which inches won out?

She was still looking at me with those blue eyes, expectantly She was nibbling her bottom lip in a way that could have gotten me to agree to give up US nuclear secrets if I had them.

"Alright, alright, a few shots…"

She clapped her hands together happily, put on her seatbelt and proceeded to turn my radio to some top 40 crappy music. She seemed to have a way of making herself right at home.

It was a short drive before I pulled up to my place. I was thankful that the sky had grown steadily darker as we drove. I was far from comfortable with what I was doing and didn’t want the neighbors to notice anything. With this in mind, I took the paper bag from Lexi before getting out of the car and led her up the stairs to my second floor apartment. She loudly asked me in the hallway if I had any coke to chase with, I couldn't have possibly pulled my door key out and unlocked the door any quicker to shoo her inside.

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   As absurd as it sounds, this 18 year old girl was making me extremely nervous. Not helped at all by the fact that I couldn't keep my eyes off her silky smooth legs.

We got into the apartment and I clicked on the dining room light. It was a dim dollar store light bulb, which did nothing to help the ever-present dingy feeling that my apartment always had. Lexi didn't seem to mind one bit. She looked around, nodding approvingly with pursed lips and then went straight for my fridge.
"Go ahead and help yourself" I said, sarcastically.
"Don't worry, I will!" she replied without missing a step. She frowned at me. "Just doctor pepper?"
"Sorry, I must have forgot id be drinking with a 18 year old tonight when I did my shopping" I said, sounding perhaps a bit more snarky than I had meant to
"Always so hung up on the age thing, aren't you?" She shot me a little scowl that made her look cuter than what she was likely going for.
"More like the law thing"
She looked around the room mockingly as she twisted off the cap to the Jack Daniels "Are there some police here that I am not seeing?"
"No, it’s not that, but what if you get caught being drunk when you leave here?"
As a reply, she took a gulp out of the bottle of jack, flashed the most disgusted face i'd ever seen, drank directly from my 2 liter of dr pepper, smacked her lips and said softly"don't worry, I don't plan on leaving for a while" and for a split second, her eyes met mine. That was all it took. I knew right then how this night was going to go and it made me excited and terrified all at once.

While I did feel that I had lost control of where the night would lead, I still knew better than to let a 18 year old decide how much whiskey to drink. I gently took the bottle from her and poured us a shot.


   I lifted mine and motioned for her to join me. She grinned and slowly made her way over, picking up the shot glass with three slender fingers, raising it in the air.

“What should we toast to?” I dared to ask

“To a night to remember” she said, before knocking back her shot like a girl who had been drinking her entire life. She didn’t take her eyes off me as she swallowed it.

I was truly hoping that my expression did not give away how I felt at that moment, because I could feel my cock stiffening in my jeans with just the slight thought of what she could possibly been suggesting when she said “a night to remember”

We chatted about work and about the idiotic customers. We chatted about her financial woes. I learned that her main motivation for getting the job was being able to afford to get her braces removed the following year. I hadn’t known how expensive braces could be, but the thought of her losing them was unpleasant. They made her look so innocent and sweet. The combination of them and her dimples when she smiled was enough to make me want nothing more than to defile her.

And yet here she was, in the middle of my apartment, with whiskey she brought, corrupting me! The irony was not lost on me.

I poured our second shot (technically her third) which I had decided would be her last for a while. She was maybe 105 lbs soaking wet, so I figured that three was plenty for her. She had found my stereo system that was hooked up to the TV and proceeded to turn on some of the same crap she had been playing in my car. Only this time, she was rocking her little hips to it, so I didn’t mind.


   The way the sides of her dress clung to her smooth legs when she would move far enough to one side was almost too much to bear.
The thoughts going on in my head were so wrong that it was hard to accept. I downed my own second shot without her even noticing I had done so and I promptly refilled it. What was I doing? Could I really be this much of a hebephile? Downed the third shot. This time, she did notice
“what the hell?! You forgot to wait for me, and didn’t even toast. Not cool!” She exclaimed, shaking her head

“oops” I said lazily, quickly snapping out of my own internal strife and back into the beautiful reality in front of me. I was feeling a bit warmer, and a bit less paranoid already. Life was good. This girl is one of the cooler people I had met in a while, regardless of her age. Why should I feel bad?
She grabbed her full shot glass and raised it again, grabbing the Dr Pepper with her other hand, getting it ready. “I did the last toast, so it’s your turn” she said.

Without really thinking it through, I just blurted out “cheers to that dress you are wearing” and took my time looking her up and down before tipping my head back and downing the shot. Five minutes prior, I would have found the look on her face to be adorable, but as I looked at her now, it was nothing short of hilarious.

Her mouth gaped open and her eyes narrowed on me. She seemed to be deciding what to make of my comment and deciding how to feign some sort of shock.

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   I interrupted her before she had the chance
“Oh don’t pretend you don’t know how good it looks Lexi! One doesn’t just casually stroll out of the house for a night cap in such a well planed outfit”
Now, for the first time tonight, I had her nervous. Her pale cheeks flushed a bit, and she opened her mouth a couple times to say something, before finally getting out “you really like it?”

I met her eyes and nodded, shooting her a grin that really turned her cheeks red. She seemed to only just then realize she still had a full shot in her hand and downed it. Her face still screwed up after tasting it but she didn’t even bother to chase it. “So… what exactly is it you like about it?” she said, inviting me to elaborate. It was the opening I was hoping for.
“Well, for to start” I said, getting up and moving closer to her “I like the way the dress comes down only to here” I said, brushing my fingers against her outer leg with a gentle pinch “since it shows off your great legs. ” I could feel her tense up just a bit as she felt my fingers on her, but I continued, trying to keep my composure as she watched me and bit her lip nervously
“I also like the way the material is missing here” I let my hand brush against the section that showed off the sides of her tight little tummy and let my fingers linger on her. I then reached with my other hand to the opposite side, so that I was now holding her just above her hips “It shows off just how nice and tone your body is”

That was the last words I needed to say. She looked up into my eyes and I knew that there was no going back. I leaned down and kissed her. She couldn’t have been any more ready for it. Her warm mouth immediately opened for mine and she hungrily received my tongue. Her arms reached behind my back to grip me. Even with her heels on she was only 5’2 at best, so without taking my tongue out of her warm mouth, I wrapped my hands firmly around her tight little ass and lifted her.

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   She gasped into my mouth which instantly made me rock hard as I brought her over to the couch and sat down, gently setting her into my lap.

The gentle sounds of our frantic kissing was interrupted, only for a moment, when I had noticed that her dress was riding up her thighs as she straddled my lap, exposing the teeny pink and white stripped panties that were hugging her firm little ass and mound. Just seeing that made me let out a groan. My hands firmly held onto her hips, trying desperately to keep her body pressed against my aching boner that was now pressing into my jeans. Her tiny body slowly gyrated on mine as we made out. Her hands ran through my hair, her fingers slid behind my ears and down my neck as she grinded herself into me.

To this very day what I remember most vividly is the faint taste of peach from her lip-gloss and the smell of vanilla from her hair. Her tight pony tail thankfully kept it neatly out of the way as I moved my way down her jaw and gently nipped at her neck. The little gasps that she let out when I would hit a spot that she liked was one of the greatest sounds I can ever remember hearing. I could feel her little hip bones budging into my hand as she would grind her hips forward into me. I could feel every bit of her weight through my jeans sliding my cock, sending me into complete ecstasy.
I returned the favor by letting my hands slide over her silky smooth legs. My fingers would creep up to brush her inner thighs, moving to where the leg of her panties began, and letting my fingers trace over her panty lines. I could feel her tiny body tremble beneath my touch. The thought of how wet she was becoming was almost more than I could stand.

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At this point, I was physically uncomfortable. I was so rock hard that my throbbing dick was pushing painfully against my jeans. Something had to give. I grabbed Lexis hands and put them on the button of my jeans. I sighed in relief when she didn't need further explanation. She struggled with them for a moment, but she finally got them undone and unzipped them.
I hardly had time to register the pleasure of being free from them when I felt her small fingers grasp eagerly at the very visible tent I was pitching in my boxers. She was clearly inexperienced and her squeezes were a bit awkward, but it felt amazing all the same. She was sitting with her ass pressed just above my knees and watching my covered dick intently as she played with it. I pushed my hips up to grind myself against her hands a bit harder, savoring the way it felt. Her mouth hung slightly open with her moist tongue resting on her bottom lip as she watched. She looked into my eyes periodically to make sure I was enjoying myself as I groaned for her touch.

Finally, I couldn't take being teased anymore. I grabbed her little hips tightly and aggressively flipped her over so that she was on her back. She let out a startled noise and her pale legs dangled over my arms delicately.

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  I reached up and pulled off her heels, tossing them on the floor and her cute little feet hung in the air. Her tight dress had now slid up so high that they were almost above her hipbone.

She looked up at me innocently and said in a sweet little voice “so, are you going to fuck me now?” The question instantly made my cock twitch. I couldn’t help but grin. “I am going to fuck your brains out, Lexi” I said, gazing into her eyes to try to gauge her enthusiasm to this notion. She looked a bit nervous but pushed her tongue into the side of her cheek, and nodded at me. It was the exact reaction I was hoping for.

I reached up for the waistband on her tiny panties and tugged on them. She gently wiggled her tiny body from side to side to help me, and I watched intently as the panties slid slowly down her milky white thighs, down past her knees and over her smooth, shapely calves. As I pulled them down past her feet, she curled her toes a bit. I felt myself shudder in utter anticipation. She slowly spread her legs nice and wide apart and my jaw nearly hit the floor. Her pussy was far more perfect than I could have ever imagined. It was a slightly puffy with “innie” type pussy lips. Not a trace of hair to be seen.

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  It was the lightest shade of pink which was amplified by the milky pale skin all around it.

It was more than I could take. With her legs still dangling over my arms, I pulled them nice and high, yanking her pelvis close to me. I reached down and pulled my boxers up and to the side. It took quite a bit of stretching to get myself free. I wasn’t the biggest guy in the world (6 ½ inches) but I had never been more hard in my entire life. I grabbed my shaft and used it to and slap the head of my cock gently over her pink pussy lips. Lexi let out the sweetest little gasp and her hips gently pushed towards me a bit. I moved the head of my cock down her pussy lips while still slapping the head against her. Her wetness became apparent as I got closer to her little hole. The juicy sound it made as I smacked my cock against it drove me wild. I wanted so bad to just ram it home, but I knew better. I let the head rest on her opening and began to rub it gently from side to side, warning her up. She tried to spread her legs wider as they dangled over my arms and she was sucking her bottom lip into her mouth, looking at me with pure lust. I let my hands move down to her swollen little pink cunt and used my thumbs to spread her swollen labia open.

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It was only then that I noticed something I should have realized long ago. “You’re a virgin?” I said, somewhat surprised. She blushed and nodded, she seemed almost ashamed. “fuck that’s hot” I said without thinking about it. It made me sound like the hebephile I was, but she didn’t seem to mind. She smiled and pushed her pussy into my cock a bit. She was getting as eager as I was. She wanted me to take her cherry. I, however, wanted to savor it just a bit more before I did the deed.

I pushed my hips forward and let the head of my cock slide up, between her outer lips, over her clit and kept pushing forward, so the whole cock slid against her outer cunt, till it was all the way down to the bottom of my shaft. I moved backward letting it slide back down all the way back to the head of it. I kept teasing her like this as I felt her growing even wetter. Each time the head would rub against her clit she let out a little gasp and her toes would curl.

After about a dozen or so passes over her clit, she finally snapped at me “Just DO IT!” and she looked up at me with a mix of desperation and frustration. I was more than happy to oblige.

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   I let my thumbs part her tiny, pink little lips and pushed the head firmly against her hymen. It wasn’t going. She cringed a bit and gently bucked her hips towards me. I tried a second time, a bit firmer. It still it wouldn’t go. “You’re too tight” I said, exasperated. “I don’t want to hurt you” She frowned at me and thrust her pelvis towards me again. She whined “Just do it!”

I rubbed the tip against her hole one more time and pushed my cock between her lips, with real force this time. It still didn’t want to go but I put my weight into it. I could feel the intense pressure of it and then…She cried out as it finally broke through. The feeling of immense pressure around the head of my cock was surreal. It was almost TOO tight. She was bleeding and only then did it really register with me that I was not only taking a fourteen year old girls virginity in the middle of my living room, but I hadn’t even bothered to wear a condom. Her fingernails were clawing audibly at my couch cushions as I slowly and continuously pushed my way inch by inch inside of her. She was sucking in air between her teeth, clearly in a bit of pain, and watching my face, her eyes wincing as I filled her.

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Her slick, tiny cunt sliding against the sides of my shaft was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. By the time I had gotten the full length of myself inside of her, I thought I might explode. She thankfully kept her body very still, because if she had decided at that moment to move her hips, I would have lost it. I reached down and gently brushed my thumb over her clitoral hood. Her body was still a bit tense but I could tell the pain was starting to subsist. I just let her feel the fullness of me being inside of her without shifting my position. As she let her body relax and her ass rested more firmly on the couch, I let my cock pull out of her by only an inch or so. She whimpered and out of the corner of my eye I saw her little toes spreading wide . Her bottom lip quivered, giving me a glimpse of her bottom row of braces. She looked so fucking cute. I quickly pushed myself back inside of her all the way to the hilt. It made a nice satisfying slapping sound as my balls slapped against her little mound. Her legs shook with the force of it and she let out a small gasp. Her body looked so tiny against mine as I held her there. This was so wrong.

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I didn’t give myself a chance to worry about the morality of it. I slid my cock ALL the way out of her. The wet sound it made as it exited her little pink pussy was divine. I looked down at my cock and it was slick with her wetness completely covering every inch of it. Her pussy had some now drying blood around it, but it did nothing to take away from how wet and inviting it looked.

I pushed my member back inside of her, firm and deep this time. I could feel her pussy contract around me and again, she whimpered. I began to fuck her nice and slow but with a steady rhythm. I let her legs down and I leaned in close to her. She kissed me hungrily and wrapped her arms tightly around my neck, letting her legs position around my waist. She moaned into my mouth and it combined beautifully with the sound of my sack pounding against her cunt repeatedly, and with a bit more force. I could feel her nails gently scraping across the back of my neck and sliding up though my hair as I fucked her. The heels of her feet pushed into my back each time I would fill her cunt completely, as if trying to pull me even deeper inside of her.

When we broke off kissing, I began letting my cock slide all the way out of her and reenter with each thrust, letting her feel the head of it split her each time I slipped inside. Her moans had become loud and her hips raised in unison with my thrusts.


   She looked deep into my eyes as I pounded her freshly deflowered cunt, giving me a innocent, doe eyed look with every re-entrance, and it drove me absolutely wild.

I wish I could tell you that I was able to last longer, but the combination of her tightness; the innocent facial expressions; her smooth skin and her tiny little body was just too much for me. “Oh fuck, im gunna explode” I bellowed, and started to pull myself out of her, but her legs locked tightly around my waist and her cunt squeezed around my cock tight, before I could even think to react, it was too late. She was biting her bottom lip and giving me a wicked grin as I unloaded what felt like BUCKETS of jizz inside of her warm, wet snatch. “Ahhhh oh fuckkk, fuckkk, uhhhhn” I sounded like I was dying, but I couldn’t stop, it just felt so fucking good. My cock felt like it had been convulsing forever when my body finally went weak and limp. Only then did Lexi loosen her cunts grip around my sensitive member. I was trembling hard as I slowly pulled myself out of her and crashed down next to her on the couch.

I sat there and tried to catch my breath while my thoughts raced, sudden horror gripping me as I came to realization of all that had just occurred. Not only did I just take a fourteen year old girl virginity, but I hadn’t used a rubber AND I finished inside of her. How stupid could one human being be?
Oblivious to the thoughts now going on in my mind, Lexi had pulled her panties back on, sat in my lap and laid her head down on my chest, rubbing her hands gently up and down my abs. If I hadn’t already been terrified, the next words she spoke would have certainly gotten me there. She sighed, looked up at me and cooed “mmm, I love you Maxwell”
It was at that moment that I realized…my life was over.
(To be continued)