Hot Texas sex with the handy man


His eyes trailed over my whole body, stopping at my chest and then again at my ass once I turned towards the counter again. Each time I saw this particular maintenance man, he would be undressing me with his eyes. Not that I was any better. I often let my mind wander, imagining what his cock would look like pumping in and out of my cunt, staring at his muscular tattooed arms and large hands. From the way he looked at me, with a hint of cruelty behind his eyes, I bet he fucked like a bull; dominant, forceful, and rough. He was clearly old enough to be my father. My pussy tingled.
“I’ll just get this unstopped and be right outta your hair. ” He said in his Central Texas drawl. We didn’t get many old-school cowboys in this part of Texas on account of all the hippies, hipsters, and fit nuts but occasionally you’d run across one and thatslow southern tongue never failed to make my lady bits twitch.
“Don’t let me stop you from takin’ a shower or anything like that. ” He looked me up and down again as he fiddled with the sink.
“Uhhhhh…yeah. Sorry I’m a little smelly from my run. ” I flashed my flirtiest smile and flung my long blonde pony tail with a giggle, laying on my sweet girl act real thick as my eyes played over his redneck beer bellied physique.
“So, are you tattoos from the military or something?” I asked kindly
“Oh yeah.

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   I served two tours in Iraq. ”
Oh fuck, I thought. Could this asshole turn me on anymore?! A southern accent, guns like The Incredible Hulk, hot ass Dad bod, and a military man?! My pussy moistened. I officially wanted him to fuck me. Hard.
“Well,” I said batting my long lashes and turning on my sexual charm to maximum, “Thank you for your service. ” I reached out and flirtatiously touched his arm. “I’m going to go ahead and take a shower. ”
“You do that,” he said in a sexually menacing way and then boldly followed it up by growling lowly, “Get those big ole’ titties nice and clean. ”
I turned around and walked backwards, grinning half shocked and half horny.
Before getting into the shower, I purposely left the door open hoping my redneck suitor would take the hint.
I did all the usual after-run shower things and enjoyed the hot water over my body. Visions of our conversation mixed with fantasy in my mind. I wanted him so bad. Not just to have sex with but I wanted him to violate me, force me, take me, and make me fuck him like a dirty whore.

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   I’d only had vanilla experiences but consistently fantasized about men fucking me against my will. My ran my palms over my breasts and pinched my nipples slightly. I placed my fingers between my hairless pussy lips, rubbing my hard clit between my fingers.
Fuck, I love being waxed clean. I thought.
I was so wet. The water mixed with my juices, turning me on even more. I was eager to get out of the shower and wear a towel around “Bill the maintenance guy”.
I dried myself off and wrapped the tiny white towel around myself. It didn’t do much for covering me; it showed the very bottom of my ass and most of my cleavage.
“Mmm mmm mm,” I heard behind me and spun around, “You are a sight to see. ” His hand went down to his crotch where he rubbed something thick and growing. The cruelty behind his gaze became more apparent and I suddenly grew scared and excited. I froze. He stepped through the threshold, placing his free hand at the bottom of my towel; parting it to the side and lifted the other edge of the towel viewed my sex.

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“Oh my god, baby, that pussy is fucking sexy as hell. How old are you?” His tone insisting, not requesting, my answer.
“Twenty. ” He grinned, please with himself. I was officially nervous and partially turned on having no idea where this was going to go. He noticed and rubbed his finger on my lower stomach light, trailing his finger down but not quite touching my pussy.
“Am I making you nervous?” I nodded.
“How nervous?” He asked enjoying the game he was playing, still rubbing his thick stick methodically. I didn’t answer and several seconds passed. Suddenly, he grabbed the edge of the towel again and violently pulled it off me. I gasped loudly with surprise. He grabbed my large breasts roughly, squeezing hard. I leaned against the counter and stuck them out to make it easier for him but also gasped and whimpered with nervousness. He pinched my nipples and held them to his mouth, wrapping his lips around the whole areola. He sucked my tits, first one then the other, pulling at the nipples with his teeth.

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   My pussy begged for attention, soaking my thighs in her juices.
He pushed me away and stepped back, fisting his cock again through his jeans. I was breathless, leaning against the bathroom counter.
“Turn around. ” He said. I did exactly as he asked. He whistled at the sight of my perky buns.
“Bend over. ” I heard the unmistakable sound of a belt buckle being undone. “Mmmmmm that pussy’s real wet, ain’t it?”
“Yes,” I nodded and whispered excitedly, watching him in the mirror. We made eye contact and he held my gaze. A gaze that let both of us know what we wanted to happen next. The prey wanted to be devoured as much as the predator wanted to devour. He unzipped his pants and took out the thickest, longest cock I’d seen in person. Bill the Maintenance guy could easily do porn.

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   I gasped again in surprise and he grinned.
“Spread your ass so I can see that pussy. ” He said and then “Good girl” when I obeyed. He sauntered over to my waiting cunt and placed his cock head on my clit. He drew himself tantalizingly up my slit, enjoying the slick trail. This time I gasped with pleasure as his large head ran over my hole but he kept going, pulling himself up to my back hole.
He moaned when he got there and pushed on the trap door slightly. Now I grew very nervous, I was definitely not ready for something that big in my ass.
“You do anal, sweetheart?” he said quietly with a menacing tone.
I shook my head, “Not yet” I mewed.
He laughed slightly, “mmmmm not yet. ” He pushed a little harder. My brow knotted with anticipation and fear. At the last moment, he lifted his attempts at fucking at my butt and slipped his cock head inside my grateful pussy. He was met with resistance a quarter of the way in but wasn’t about to let a small pussy stop his enjoyment.

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   I moaned with pleasure and pain.
He moaned in response. “Does that hurt, baby?”
“Yes…. . fuck yes…. . you’re so big. ” He moaned again and pushed farther into my tight cunt.
“Tell me how it hurts, baby,”
“It hurts so fucking bad,” and it felt so good I could barely string a sentence together. Just words popped into my head; cock, fuck, hot, yes, harder, cunt, cum. But I continued as best I could, “It’s so fucking fat it’s hurting my pussy. ”
He moaned. As if I couldn’t get hornier, now he also likes dirty talk. I pushed back on his cock, wanting him to go further. He pulled out a bit only to shove more in quickly and with a grunt.

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   My pussy throbbed on his cock making the squeeze temporarily tighter.
“Fuck you’re so fucking tight. Mmmmmm and wet. ” He pulled out again and shoved into me harder. I moaned in pleasure and pain.
“You’re such a fucking little slut, aren’t you?” He kept shoving in and out. “You fucking love this cock tearing you apart. ”
I moaned long and hard, enjoying his dirty words. I pushed back onto his cock again, wanting as much as I could get. He put both hands on the counter and jabbed himself into me harder than before, grunting and moaning as he enjoyed himself.
“Yes. Yes. ” I begged. “Are you all the way in yet?” I asked.
“No, baby, only about halfway.

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  ” He rammed it in me again and again, “I’m gonna stick it all the way in there,” he promised, “make you fucking scream like a whore. ”
“Oh fuck,” I moaned and spread my legs the best I could. His ramming lifted me off my feet and pushed me further onto the counter. He began to bang my head into the mirrored wall which really turned him on. “Fuck yeah,” he said several times, fucking me rhythmically into the mirror. I braced myself against the counter and moaned. I loved being treated this way more than I’d ever imagined. I’d fantasized about an older man doing this to me many times but it proved to me hotter than I’d expected. Energy built up in my whole body, the anticipation building to my first crescendo.
“Fuck. I’m Cumming. I’m Cuming!”
“Yeah, baby, cum on daddy’s dick. ” He dove his cock into me harder and faster, my head banging on the wall, my large tits pressed onto the counter, and at the last moment, he stuck his thumb in my ass.
“Oooohhh fuuuuck yeessss,” I cried and cummed. Certainly the neighbors could hear that one.

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   My cumming didn’t stop his cock. Harder than ever, he doubled the assault on my pussy. Deep inside me now, he easily slipped in and out. He grabbed a handful of my hair for leverage and fucked his thick stick in and out of my hole. The counter dug into my upper legs and increased the painful pleasure.
“I’m gonna cum in your fucking pussy, girl. You like that?”
“Yes, Daddy, yes. ” I cried deciding to play his game, “cum in my pussy”
He loved this, moaning and grunting harder and louder to match his fucking. He spread my ass cheeks to get every inch inside my hot box.
“You’re a fucking whore. ”
“Yes, daddy”
“I’m gonna fuck you in your ass next time. ”
“Ohmigod. ” The energy began to build again. “Yes”
“Gonna cum in your ass. ” He said between moans.

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   He was getting closer to his own climax. “Make you daddy’s anal whore. ” I answered him with only a moan.
“Oh baby, I’m close. Oh, I’m gonna cum in your tight little cunt. ”
“Cum in me, daddy, cum in my pussy. ” I encouraged him and his moans got longer. He pulled his cock out further than before and slammed it inside of me, sending me again into the wall. Two more times of this and both of us began to climax.
“I’m cumming. ” We both said said several times between grunts. I felt his hairy balls contract against my pussy. I felt his cock send jet streams inside my tight cunt. He calmed down after several long spurts but kept fucking me, ensure he was completely empty.
“Oh fuck, baby, you’re a hot little slut,” He backed up and let his softening cock slide out with a slurpy sound.


   He bent down and picked up his jeans, the buckle clanking as he slid them on. I stood up and turned around, leaning again on the counter. I grinned at him.
“I gotta get back to work. I am gonna fuck your ass next time, k?” This was information rather than a question. He was definitely going to fuck my ass.
“Won’t it hurt…?” I said hesitantly.
“Fuck yeah, it’s gonna hurt. ” He buckled his belt, “but I’ll get you nice and ready first. ” He reached out and touched my arm sweetly, “Don’t worry, baby. I like it rough and I looove being mean to a fucking slut like yourself,” he adjusted his cock which I suspected was growing again with all this anal talk, “but I’m not a total asshole. We’ll lube you up, play around a bit, and when you’re ready I’ll stick it in. ”
I smiled, getting horny again myself.
After assuring me he had to get back to work, we made a date for that next Friday. A typical Daddy/Daughter date night; Dinner, drinks, and anal sex.

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