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i have always had a liking for her. she is married and had

been trying for a baby for two years. she has good assets

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know that she is deprived of a good fuck that she deserves.

one day i went to her home in the afternoon when her husband

was not there. she welcomed me as usual and offered me a drink.

She was chatting with me when suddenly i had a glimpse of

her cleavage. there was immediate blood flow in my cock

and it grew making a tent in my pants. she noticed that and said that i am naughty.

i got the signal by now that she is for me. after a small chat she went inside the kitchen and i sat next

to the computer to browse the net. i went through some porn

sites and was watching a video. i suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder, i turned back and she

was standing next to me with lust in her eyes. i turned around

and she kissed me and there was passion in the kiss indicating

the need for a hot fuck.


   i took her to the bedroom undressed her while kissing and made her sit on the cot i opened up my pants and let my cock out. she was surprised

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was cleanly shaven and fluffy.
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    every millimeter of it. she was moaning loud when i was sucking

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    shudders. i felt the vibration of her shudders in my cock.

    i kissed her and consoled her that i will take care of her.

    from that day onwards, i make sure that i fuck her at least

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