Hot Neighbor, Parts 1 and 2


Part 1

“Hi, Mike, how are you today?” It was my neighbor from down the hall, Jessica. “Fine, how are you? Pete home for a change?” Jessica's husband Pete traveled quite a bit because of his work. “Yep, he's here this weekend, so I don't have to worry about any temptations. ” She giggled. That was a standing joke between the two of us. Jessie was the type who got along better with men than with other women, and was a bit of a flirt. That had gotten her into trouble a couple of times when Pete had found text messages from guys on her phone. When something like that happened, she'd come to me, and I'd talk her through it.
I'd noticed Jessica right away when they had moved in a couple of years before. She was about 5'6”, not all that much shorter than me, with long brunette hair with a few blond streaks. She had a lovely face, perfectly shaped with just a hint of freckles, and a body that I'd kill for – breasts that were big, but with no sag, and curves in all other right places. She also had a sparkle in her eye that said she'd be incredible fun in the right situation. Not that I'd ever have a chance to find out about that. . . not only was she married (and her husband Pete was a lot bigger than me), but I'm also old enough to be her father.

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   We'd been casual friends since they had moved in, but I never thought it would go any farther.
The first time I'd had a long conversation with her had been about six months ago. I'd run into into the hallway then, and she looked like she'd been crying. I said, “Hey, girl, are you all right?” She surprised me by blurting out, “Pete can be such an ass sometimes!” “What happened?” “He found some text messages on my phone between me and Jeff, and he got all jealous. God! It's not like I had sex with him or anything; I didn't even kiss him. We just talked, and went to a movie together. ”

“Well,” I said, “you've got to look at it from Pete's angle. He's got a wife who's really hot, and he's probably worried about what you do when he's gone on those business trips. He really never struck me as being a guy with a lot of self-confidence, either, so I imagine he's insecure about holding on to you. Finding messages from another man can't help. ”

Jessie gave me a strange look, half puzzled and half excited. “Do you really think I'm hot?” “Of course, you're beautiful and sexy. ” She blushed, and spoke very softly, “I never really thought I was that attractive. ”

“Well, you are, so quit worrying about it. Hey, do you want to come in and have a beer – you look like you could stand to relax a little bit.

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   And you shouldn't have to worry about Pete getting jealous of an old man like me. ” She grinned. “That sounds like a great idea!” We slipped into my apartment and spent the next hour and a half sitting next to each other on the couch drinking beer and talking. About her insecurities – her weight (she was just right, but wouldn't believe it) and her age. She'd be 30 on her next birthday, and was worried about getting old. I laughed about that, since my last birthday made 55 for me. Laughing turned out to be a mistake. “So you think I'm just being silly to worry about getting old?” I put my hand on her shoulder, and said gently, “Of course not. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. But look at me – people have been telling me all my life that the next big birthday is the one that's really going to make me feel old, and it hasn't happened yet. You've probably got nothing to worry about. ”

“But you're a man. That's different. Guys all want young chicks, not middle aged women. ” I answered, “There are plenty of men who like women with a little experience.

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  ” I noticed that my hand was still on her shoulder, and I moved it as unobtrusively as I could, because I also noticed that sitting next to Jessie that long had made my dick start to get hard, and that was not a good thing. I thought I was saved from embarrassment when Jessie looked at her watch and yelped, “Uh oh, I gotta go!” She stood up to leave, and when I stood up, she gave me a big hug. “Shit,” I thought, “please don't feel what's in my pants!” If she did, she didn't say anything. With a sigh of relief I walked into the bathroom and pulled my stiff cock out of my pants. I closed my eyes and pictured Jessie naked and writhing under me as I jerked off until I shot a huge load of cum into the toilet.
Since then the scene had been repeated frequently. About once a week, usually, but not always, when Pete was out of town, Jessica would come to my apartment and we'd drink beer and talk. I'd become a father figure to her The visits always ended with her giving me a hug, and me hoping she didn't notice that she'd given me a huge hard-on. And then I'd head for the bathroom to take out my frustrations.
This time, after she giggled at her joke about temptations, she got very serious, and said, “Mike, I've got a really big favor to ask you. Can we go inside? I don't want Pete to hear us talking about this if he comes out. ”

We headed into my apartment, with me wondering what kind of favor Jessie needed. I was puzzled, and a little worried, since I didn't have any idea what she might want. As soon as we got the door closed, Jessie said, “Mike, I'm really embarrassed to ask you this, but do you think you could lend me some money?” I laughed. Jessie looked offended, and said in a hurt-little-girl's voice, “It's not funny.

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   I really need some help. ” I stopped laughing. “Sorry, girl. It's just that I'm relieved that's all it is. I was seriously afraid you were going to ask me to do something like kill somebody. If it's just money, that's no problem at all. How much do you need?” That broke the tension; Jess laughed herself and said, “Uh, I could really use a couple of hundred. And I don't know when I'll be able to pay you back. ” She looked sheepish, not sure if she asking for way too much. I knew she and Pete had been having some financial problems – that was one of the things she talked to me about. I reassured her, “That's cool, 200 is fine. You pay me back when you can, don't worry about it. Do you want cash?” She said, “Yeah, that would be best. ” “OK, I'll have to run to the ATM and get the cash out. When do you want to pick it up.

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  ” She looked conspiritorial. “Pete is going to play golf with his buddies this afternoon at 2:00. I could come by then and get it. ”

I got another hug as she left, and had to make a trip to bathroom before I headed for the ATM.
Jessie was right on time to pick up the money, and was still apologetic about having to ask for the loan. “Hey, I'm just glad I can help you out. You're about the closest thing to family that I've got. ” Which was the truth. “Well, I will pay you back, I just don't know when,” she insisted. “OK, like I said, don't worry about it. ”

Jessie reached for me to give me goodbye hug, except this time something was different. I don't know if she pressed closer against me than usual, or if she finally decided to admit to feeling what was pressing against her belly, but this time she looked down and said, “Hey, what's that?”

Oh, shit, this was not going to be good! I tried to be lighthearted about it. “You're a married woman, I shouldn't have to explain it to you!” Jessie looked into my eyes and smiled. I felt her hand close over the front of my jeans.


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  . . what are you doing?” I couldn't believe this.

“You just did something nice for me, I want to do something nice for you. ”

Jessie dropped to her knees in front of me, and quickly undid my belt and opened my jeans. She pulled down my pants and shorts, and my cock popped out, pointed straight at her face. “Mmmm, nice,” she said. I figured she was just being polite – my dick's OK, but no monster. She wrapped her fingers around my cock and started stroking it. If I hadn't already shot one load earlier in the day I'd have probably exploded as soon as she touched me, but I was able to have a little control. I was afraid to say anything for fear I'd break the spell and find out it was all just another fantasy. It was no fantasy, though, when she leaned her head down, flicked her tongue out, and ran it over the head of my cock. I shivered, and moaned like I'd been shot. I was breathing hard now. Jessie pushed her hand back to the base of my cock, and slipped the head into her mouth, sucking lightly.

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   “Oh shit, girl, that is so good!” That seemed to encourage her, as she began to bob her head up and down on my cock, taking about half of it into her mouth with each stroke, her hand moving in time on the base of my dick. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, so I let her know. “Honey, if you keep that up, I'm going to come in your mouth!” She didn't seem to mind that idea. Jessie pulled her hand away from my cock and sucked the whole thing into her mouth. I felt her nose bump against my belly, and her throat spasmed around the head of my cock as it bottomed out in her mouth. “Fuck yes, suck it baby!” As Jessie pulled back, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked so hard I felt like my balls were going to shoot right out my cock. I knew this was it. Grunting, I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it against me as I shoved my cock into her mouth all the way. I felt her throat close over the head of my cock again, and I gasped out, “Shit, I'm going to come!” My body shook as my balls emptied themselves through my cock into Jessie's mouth and throat. I was still holding her face against my crotch, and I could feel her throat working as she swallowed the spurt after spurt of semen I poured into her. Finally, with a gasp, I finished, and Jessie let my shrinking cock slip out of her mouth.

I didn't know if I should say anything, and was too worn out to say much anyway. Jessie didn't say a word. She stood up, looked me in the eye, smiled sweetly, and walked out with my $200 in her pocket. After she left, I leaned back against the door, panting, and thought, “This is going to be a real problem.

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Part 2

I didn't see Jessica for a couple of days after that, and started to worry if what had happened might ruin a good friendship. When we finally ran into each other in the hallway, though, she acted the same way she always had.
    It was almost like nothing had happened at all, and that worried me a bit, too. Pretending that it hadn't happened probably wouldn't be the healthiest way of handling things.

    People tell me I worry too much. They're probably right. A few days later Jessie appeared at my door with a six-pack of beer, saying, "Pete's out of town for a couple of days, so I need some company. " We spent the evening curled up on the couch at my apartment, watching a movie and talking. I wound up giving Jessie advice on how to handle a guy at work who didn't know what to make of her innocent flirting and was dropping hints about wanting to have an affair. She was giving me advice on how to find a woman so that I wouldn't have to spend my nights alone. Things were back to normal. Yeah. . . right.

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      . .

    I ran into Jessie in the hallway a couple of days before her birthday, which would be her 30th.

    "Big birthday plans?" I asked.

    "No, not really. Nothing going on. "

    "What? It's your 30th birthday, you've got to do something.

    "Oh, Pete's leaving tomorrow again, and he's going to be gone for at least a week, so we can't do anything. I guess everybody else figures I'll be doing something special with him, 'cause nobody's said a thing. "

    I couldn't let her celebrate an important birthday like that alone. "Do you want to go out to dinner?"

    "Really? That sounds great!"

    "I'll make reservations. "


    Jessica's birthday was on Friday, and we headed to the restaurant about 7:00. I'd made reservations at a place that had great food, but wasn't so fancy that you had to dress up; neither of us was crazy about that idea.

    We had a couple of drinks and a nice dinner, talking about mutual friends and our respective jobs. We finished off with dessert.

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       No birthday cake, no singing of Happy Birthday by the restaurant staff. Jessie had warned me in no uncertain terms about that before we left.

    Back at the apartment building, we reached my place first as we walked down the hall. I unlocked the door, and waited for my usual hug, but Jessie didn't do anything. I shrugged mentally, said, "Goodnight, hope you had a good time," opened the door and walked into my apartment. Jessie still hadn't said a word, but she walked inside with me. I don't know what I expected, but I sure wasn't prepared for what happened next.

    When we were both inside, Jessie closed and locked the door, then leaned back against it, reached out and grabbed me by the shoulders, pulled me to her, and began kissing me. Her tongue was in my mouth, and her hands were on my ass, pressing her pelvis against mine. Needless to say, my cock was getting bigger and harder by the second. I knew I should be pulling away, but it just wasn't going to happen. I moved my hands in between us and squeezed Jessie's breasts, then move one hand down between her legs. I rubbed her through the crotch of her jeans first, and, as I did, I felt one of Jessie's hands slip inside my jeans, and inside my shorts. Her fingers wrapped around my cock and began stroking. I slid my hand up and then inside the waistband of her jeans, down into her panties, through her pubic hair to the lips of her pussy.


       I rubbed, then curled a finger up inside her; Jessie moaned around my tongue, and her hand quickened its strokes on my cock. It felt like I was back in high school, making out with one of my fist girlfriends.

    We kept up our kissing and manual service for a minute or two, then Jessie pulled her mouth away from mine and almost growled, "I want you cock in me!"

    I pulled my hand out of her pants and began unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, and she did the same with mine. She pushed my jeans and shorts down just far enough to free my cock. I wiggled her jeans and panties down until they slipped down around her ankles.

    Jessie reached out, grabbed my cock, and pulled me against her, guiding my cock to her pussy. She pushed the head of my cock inside her, then moved her hand away, and I drove forward, burying myself in her with one thrust.

    "Yessss! That's it!" Jessie's pelvis moved in time with mine as I began fucking her. I was holding her against the door, and every time I humped forward, her ass banged against the door, making it rattle. I was actually afraid a neighbor would hear and thing there was a fight going on, but it didn't seem to bother Jessie, who was gasping, moving against me harder and faster. Her hands were on my hips, and she was pulling me to her, shoving my cock into her pussy. It felt like she was wanted to take my entire body inside her. I could feel her, smell her, taste her. I'd never been with a woman who acted so wild, and I knew I couldn't last much longer.

    Suddenly, Jessie threw her head back against the door.

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       "Oh, fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! Uh, uh, uh! Aaaiiieee!" Jessie's scream was almost frightening as her body spasmed with her orgasm.

    Her pussy clamped onto my cock, and that was enough to send me over the edge to one of my most intense orgasms ever, my cum bursting into Jessie's cunt in half a dozen spurts that left me spent and resting my hands against the door for support.

    As we finished, Jessie bent down, pulled up her jeans, smiled sweetly at me and said, "Thanks. "

    Then she turned and walked out of the apartment, leaving me feeling like I had just been turned into the world's most lifelike dildo. I wasn't sure exactly what Jessie's game was, but I had a feeling I'd better find out pretty soon or it wasn't going to turn out well.



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