"Honey, lets fuck the babysitter"


"Honey, lets fuck the babysitter"
By Gia1978 © 2007

Chapter 1.
My name is Teri.

Just when I thought I could not cum like this one more time, she sucked my swollen clit between her puffy lips again and I felt my entire lower region begin to cramp once more. My asshole tried to push Chris’s cock out as I started to squirt across her pretty face for the sixth or seventh time that night.

Not too bad, since I had only regained my interest in sex in the last two months or so.


I guess that's a weird way to introduce myself. . . let me start over. My name is Theresa Mary Carlton. Well, it’s been Carlton for about four years now. Before that, my last name was Camesi. Anyway, I got pregnant when I was 24 by this guy… ok… my husband. But he was just some guy I was fucking at the time. Christian had just turned 30, and damn was he hot! A couple inches over 6 feet and really buffed up. Not like “steroid” buff, but “way too much time in a gym” buff.

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Sorry, I get scattered… and I have a lot of info to give you in a short time. So, I met Chris in a bar downtown, on a fetish night. I got drunk, we fucked, and I ended up with a new boyfriend. Shortly after that I ended up preggers. I told him no way to an abortion. He proposed, I said maybe. Eight months later we got married, and a month after that, I had Sam.

Samantha Gabriella Carlton is my darling daughter, whom is a constant source of joy and laughter to me. She is my little monkey in many ways, always climbing into something, or finding something to play with that is not a toy. She follows my bloodline and looks just like the women in my family. She is very dark and is extremely hairy for a little girl. But other than her pre-pubescent hirsuteness, she is a truly beautiful child and I could not be prouder of her!

Chris is a corporate lawyer, and he does very, very well. We do not want for anything, well… anything material. As I said earlier, I had only regained my interest in sex in the last two months or so. Right after Sam was born, I lost all interest in sexual activity of any type.

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   I did not even masturbate. Before I was married, I used to teach yoga and spinning here in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Ca. After high school, I decided to teach body fitness to women that had let their bodies go after childbirth.

So, there I was, married, sexless, very well off, and in love with my daughter. The first year, I really spent getting to know my new husband. Chris is smart, really smart. He is stupidly handsome and funny. His downfall is his sex drive. He is ALWAYS horny. At first it was fun, but as my body grew deeper into motherhood, it just became annoying. I began to turn him down more and more, until, like I said, we just stopped fucking altogether.

Well, you can pretty much guess what he did. He started fucking some young pretty thing at the law firm. I knew, and somehow I did not care… at least he left me alone. I was thrilled and completely absorbed in raising Sam.

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   She was a perfect little me, and we were as close as a mother and child could be. The next three years were more of the same, Chris moved up in his firm, getting richer and becoming a partner. He had a string of affairs that I ignored and to cover his guilt, he lavished Sam and me with gifts and goodies that bordered on outright blatant opulence. At my request, Chris installed a full-blown gym in our home. I had every machine I could think of, and I used them daily to get back into shape. I wanted my body at its original splendor, and I had the time to do it. Over the last two years, I have re-defined my physique to a level I had never even thought possible. I am not man buff, or anything gross like that, but I could give any fitness model a serious run for her money!

Then, about two months ago, something returned in me, an interest in the outside world. Not only that, but I found myself feeling very sexual again. This was a good thing, a very good thing. I found myself masturbating constantly, but that’s how I was before the baby. I started fucking Chris again, and he was most enthusiastic about the whole thing. I do believe he even gave up the cheap sluts at the office!

Back when I was a teen, I was pretty much a total horn-dog. I figured out that I was bi-sexual when I was about 12 or 13; I had a best friend named Alex. She was really great, and she was the person I gave my virginity to.

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   Alex and I were together just about every day from the day we met until we turned 19. Oh yeah, our birthdays were exactly one week apart, cool huh?

We were a fantastic duo, and guys and girls alike wanted to be near us. Alex was unbelievably cute and spunky, topping out at 4’11” (she used to claim 5’, but I knew better) and no more than 90 lbs. She had almost no titties, even as an adult, but she had fantastic long brown nipples. They were like pinky fingertips, and almost always hard. She had a lean waist, and sexy, short and firm legs. Her thighs were sooo thick, and she was really strong. Dark brown hair and eyes, which always hid behind her untrimmed bangs. Her nose was broad, but sexy as hell, and her pouty lips were just to die for, I never grew tired of kissing her.

Her family was also Italian, like mine and we had much in common. Short and spunky brunettes that dominated any room we walked into. I will always remember her as my first love. Anyway, she decided to go to college and moved to the east coast. I stayed here and went into body sculpting. I had always been a bit obsessed with my body, and working out.

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   So it made total sense for me to teach it. I had lost contact with Alex after her first year away and I missed her a great deal. I began to spend all my free time in the gym or seeking out various sexual partners to fill the void left by her.

Now I was not strictly girl-girl. No, in fact Alex and I used to go regularly and pick up a random guy and fuck his brains out in some cheap hotel for hours and hours. Now, without her I did the same thing by myself, and that’s how I met Christian. I suppose I should tell you a little about myself physically as well. I am a tiny little thing; only 5’3” and I weigh 109 lbs. right now. After losing the excess baby weight, my body snapped back almost close to how I was before the baby. The new gym did the rest and I was back in shape.

Unfortunately, I got a few stretch marks on my thighs and hips. Like I said, I am a little thing and giving birth to Sammie really did stretch me out. My boobs got pretty big while I was breast-feeding her, but they have gone back down to just a little bigger than before I was preggers in the last three years. All I can say is God bless vitamin E lotion.

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   Right now I’m a 36b-23-36. I have dark chocolate brown hair that is straight and silky, that I have grown out to about the middle of my back. I have deep brown eyes and an olive complexion. We have a huge pool so I lay out naked most of the year and keep my tan even. My Italian heritage is very evident and I have to get waxed about once a week or my body hair gets outta control!

SO… now that you’re caught up with the past events, I can continue with my story. Chris started to network pretty hard within his firms clients, and we started to get invited to various parties in the evenings. He told me “he needed me to attend these events” so I could play the good lawyers wife. I really had never been away from Sammie, ever, and I guess I was looking forward to being social again. So I started looking for a babysitter to watch my darling Samantha while we went out.

I contacted the local high school, and put an ad up in the cafeteria. I got about ten or so responses, and I interviewed all of them. Two of the girls were really nice, but I did not get that “gut reaction” I was looking for. Then, the Thursday before Chris and I were going to a dinner, I got a phone call that was going to change my life, although I did not know it then.

“Hello, my name is Nicole Perusco, and I’m calling about the babysitting job!”

Her voice was soft and high, and I liked her straight away. I asked her a few questions, and she answered each one with confidence and a candor that really impressed me.

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   I asked if we could meet today and she suggested I could come meet her at the corner mall not too far from my home. She had a part time job at a yogurt shop, (not bad for a sixteen-year-old) and she had just got off work. I jumped in our Escalade, and met her there 20 minutes later.

As I pulled into the parking lot I spotted her right away. She was a real little stunner. I could see the Mediterranean in her and I felt a rush of butterflies in my belly. As I got out of the SUV, she walked toward me with a clearly confident stride. Wow, this kid was a real firecracker! She reminded me… well… of me! We shook hands and she asked me to sit down at a table outside of the yogurt shop. Nicole offered me a drink, and I asked her for an iced tea.

As she walked in to get the drinks, I studied her little frame. She is only about an inch shorter than me; I estimate 5’2”. She is very thin so I guessed her at around 89 lbs. As she came back out with our drinks, she was grinning and I was struck by her huge apple cheeks and her very deep dimples. Nicole has a simply adorable button nose covered in freckles, and her round face is framed in shoulder length, black hair. Her build is slight, I would say no more than a 32b-22-30.

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   We sat and chatted for about 20 minutes, some of which I don’t remember what we were saying, because I kept getting lost in her huge, deep green eyes. She told me she was an only child and her parents had died in a car wreck when she was only seven. She lived with her father’s sister, her aunt Maria, but was not completely happy with the situation. Anyway, 20 min. was all I needed to be totally convinced that Nicole was to be our new babysitter!

I offered her the job at $8. 50 per hour, and she happily accepted. I gave her our address and phone number, and told her to be at the house tomorrow at 7:30 pm. When her Aunt dropped her off, she met Chris at the door. He was taken with her immediately, and I thought to myself, he knows better than to hit on a sixteen-year-old girl… I hope. I introduced her to Sammie and they were smitten with each other in about 5 seconds. My precocious little monkey took her by the hand, and led Nicole up to her room. With that we were off to the party.

Chapter 2.
The end of an evening.

Chris helped me stumble in the front door around midnight.

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   I was drunk. He was a little buzzed, but had the good sense not to get wasted in front of employees. I had not drunk wine in a couple of years, and was far from feeling any pain. I found little Nicole curled up on our couch, in short shorts and a tank top, snoring ever so slightly. I stood there just staring at her, and I felt slight moisture gather in my panties, and I moved my hand to reach inside them. Chris walked up behind me, and when he touched my shoulder, I startled out of my lusty gaze.

“I’ll drive her home babe, you go upstairs and check on Sam,” my husband gently suggested.

I watched from the top of the stairs as he woke up the little sleeping angel on the couch, and she gathered up her things, then they headed out the door. I looked in on my daughter only to find her spread out on her bed, sucking her thumb. I sighed gently at the absolute perfection of my baby girl, and then I walked down the hall, had a pee and then I undressed and climbed into my bed. I fell asleep almost as soon as my head touched the pillow.

I woke up as Chris climbed into bed with me. I looked at the blurry clock and saw it was almost one in the morning. I rolled over to kiss him and the smell of pussy hit my nose. Fresh pussy juice! I sat straight up, and felt sober instantly!

“You fucked her, you asshole!” I barked at him!

“Teri, hang on… let me explain…” my husband stammered as he pulled away from me to stand next to the bed.

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He was naked and his cock was half hard, and still shining with pussy juice. A sixteen-year-old girls juice!

“What’s to explain, you prick? You just fucked a child!” I snapped at him, pointing at his half limp cock.

I was not angry, but I was sure as hell sounding like I was. Why wasn’t I angry? Fuck… what was I feeling? Oh shit! I felt left out! I felt jealous! I wanted to fuck her too! I felt a flush of embarrassment as it slammed through my fuzzy, drunken head.

Chris stuttered out a pitiful explanation of how Nicole made the first move, of how she was relentless in her seduction on the way to her house. My pussy began to drip as his story unfolded. My nipples stood straight out and betrayed my true feelings, as I tried to act like the scorned wife!

Then it happened. Chris grinned at me. He looked at my nipples standing away from my tits and he grinned and pointed at my little tattlers.

“You fucking bitch! You’re turned on right now! Oh my God, You want to fuck her too!”

I did the only thing I could think of, I lunged out and grabbed him and rammed my tongue into his open mouth! He threw me back down on the bed, and within seconds was slamming that big fat cock inside me. I was so hot and excited I thought I would cum right then! It did not take long for the first to hit me, slipping down that spiral of delicious feelings into sexual oblivion. I have been multi-orgasmic since I can remember, even as a young girl. I would rub my clit raw, for sometimes what seemed like hours in my bed or in the bathtub.

My big, strong husband drove his rock hard prick into me with unending lust and passion. I wish he had fucked me like this when we first met, I would have married him before he got me pregnant! My second and third orgasms were right on top of each other, and as I closed my eyes, I saw that pretty little face, her full thick lips and that little pink tongue licking them.



Nicole… that little teen whore that just fucked my husband in our SUV. God, I wanted her, I needed to taste her. Her smell was all over Chris’s face. Now I wished I had sucked his cock before he fucked me so I could really taste her sweet little teen pussy!

My fourth and deeply powerful orgasm swept through me, and I gushed around his fat cock as it pulled from my vaginal canal. The juice splashed across his balls and down onto the sheets of our bed. I shuddered and gasped as I continued to see that little Lolita’s face in my mind’s eye. I had not squirted when I came in years… since Alex! Dear God in heaven, what was happening to me? My head was pounding as I felt a rush of lust and of a love, long lost. Nicole reminded me of my Alex, my sweet, naughty little lesbian lover. That was it, my nervous system shutdown followed by my brain and I passed out.

Chapter 3.
Who seduced whom?

As I awoke, my eyes felt gritty and I had the most vile taste in my mouth. My head was throbbing as I tried to remember what had happened last night. The early morning light filtering through the curtains was almost unbearable. I lay there in the tangle of the sheets and tried to decide how I was going to get out of bed without puking.

Christian was wrapped around my left side, arms and his legs thrown over me.

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   I tugged gently, which only increased the violent throbbing in my poor head. In frustration and growing urgency, I pulled myself free of the sheets and my husband and crawled to the end of my side of the bed. Stumbling over the throw rug, I quickly made my way to the bathroom where my stomach heaved its contents into the first available receptacle… the sink.

I stood leaning over the sink when Chris came into the bathroom. Gently, he rubbed my back and held my hair as I finished barfing. Eww!

Chris gently whispered, "Let's get you into the shower, Teri. It'll make you feel better. "

I didn't want a shower. I wanted the pounding in my head to fucking stop! As if he read my mind, Chris handed me two Tylenol and a small glass of water. I rinsed my mouth and swallowed the pills while my husband started the shower. It is huge, (as just about everything else in our house was) with multiple showerheads placed in the green marble stall and a large, overhead waterfall built into the west wall with a full-length mirror below it. The hot water was soothing as it cascaded over my sore body. I stood there and tried to will away the nausea and my pounding headache. Chris‘s strong arms wrapped around my waist as he joined me under the soothing spray.

I leaned back into him and slowly began to remember bits and pieces of the night before: The white wine spritzers, the drive home… God, everything was in such a haze… my labia were tender and my entire lower half ached with a dull throb.

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   I remembered the passion and vigor of our fucking… and then I recalled my orgasms… I had squirted! Like I did when I was fucking my little Ale. . ALEX? Oh shit… NICOLE!

I pulled from his arms, spun around and smacked him as hard as I could muster in my current state!

“You fucking piece of shit! You fucked the babysitter! She’s only sixteen!”

Christian looked at me in a mixture of confusion and shame. He held his hand out to me and opened his mouth, but said nothing.

I stood in the shower, my head pounding and my pussy throbbing. God damn it, I was sexually aroused again! This little Lolita was bedding my husband, and all I could do was feel left out. My anger was not at betrayal, it was based in a desire to join them. I guess my face changed as I realized this because Christian smiled… just like last night. I remembered the thoughts and feelings I had just before we made love. How I, a mother and a good wife, desired the babysitter. I wanted to fuck her… with my husband!

I sank to the floor of the shower and began sobbing. Chris turned off the waterfall, and sat on the floor with me and held me in his arms. We sat there for about ten minutes, in total silence.

He finally said, “You want to fuck her too, don’t you Teri?”

I heaved and sobbed some more, and barely croaked out a pathetic, “Yesss… God help me, Chris… I do”.

We finally got out of the shower, and Chris dried me in my huge fluffy robe.

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   We walked down the hall to our baby’s room. Chris picked her up from her bed, and we all went down to the kitchen to get some breakfast. He set Sam down in front of the plasma TV in the living room and she giggled and clapped as she watched her Saturday morning cartoons.

I sat with my head in my hands as he made me a cup of strong black coffee. We did not speak as he made a bowl of cereal for Sammie, and then poured my coffee. I smiled meekly as he handed me the mug. I sighed and realized how lucky I was to have Christian for my husband. I sipped the hot liquid, and it worked wonders as I swallowed it down.

I finally said to him when he returned from delivering the bowl of cereal to our daughter, “What are we gonna do, baby?”

Chris smiled and softly asked, “What would you like to do Teri?”

I did not hesitate, I firmly said, “Share her with you…”

By the middle of that afternoon, we had a solid game plan.

Chapter 4.
Like a duck to water.

I called Nicole later that afternoon, and she answered with a perky “Hello?”

“Hi Nicole, It’s Mrs. Carlton. How are you sweetie?”

She paused and I heard just a slight tinge of fear.

“Hi Mrs.

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   Carlton, I’m fine, what’s up?”

“Well dear, Chris and I were so thrilled with the job you did with Sammie last night, and she is just crazy about you. Well we have another party to attend next Friday and I was hoping you were available to sit for Samantha again. ”

In my head I thought, ‘The nominees are…’ I could hear the relief in her tiny voice and she answered quickly.

“Oh… sure, I’d. . love to. I just adore little Sammie!”

I smiled and told her, “Great! We will need you at 7 PM, do you need a ride, or will your Auntie drop you off?”

She hesitated for a second, and then told me; “Well… actually, my Aunt is going away for the whole weekend, so yeah I will need a ride. ”

I smiled and mouthed to Chris, ‘YES!’ I pumped my fist in triumph.

I reacted in a hot second, and asked, “Well then, why don’t you ask her if you can spend the whole weekend at our home? It will give my husband and I a chance to get out for a couple of nights. ”

Chris’s jaw fell open, and he grinned like a cat that found the bird’s nest. I had set the bait and I knew that she could not resist getting another shot at fucking my handsome husband.

“Um… hang on, let me ask my Aunt. ”

She came back to the phone and told me, “She said no problem, Mrs. Carlton, can you pick me up at six on Friday?”

“I will see you then dear. ” and I hung up.

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Then I called my Mother to see if she could take Samantha for the weekend and she was more than happy to spend a weekend with her darling Granddaughter. Everything was falling into place.

Friday afternoon arrived and I had decided to send Chris to pick Nicole up. I knew he was going to get a blowjob at the very least! School was now out for the summer and I guessed that little Nicole was anxious to start her summer off with a real bang (sorry, pun intended).

At a quarter after six, they both walked in the front door. I could not believe how hot little Nicole looked. She was wearing red Van’s, a pair of tiny little red spandex shorts and a cute little baby blue tee with Maggie Simpson on it. Her hair was up in two pigtails and red scrunchies! I could see the look on Christians face, and it was priceless! My hubby is such a PEDO!

Nicole smiled brightly at me, and asked, “Where’s my little monkey buddy?”

Christian closed the door behind them, and set her bags down on the floor, as I put my arm around her frail shoulder. Remember I am only an inch taller than her.

“Well Nicole, we have a few things to discuss, so I thought it would be better if Sam was not here right now. ”

The smile dropped off her face, and she looked to Chris with a pleading look of terror! He smiled at her and gestured to the living room. Nicole dropped down on the couch with the look of a student sent to the principal’s office. I sat next to her on the big couch, and Chris asked if she wanted a drink. She nodded and Chris went to get her a Coke.

I smiled innocently and asked her, “My goodness Nicole, what’s wrong, you look so pale and troubled.

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All the blood had drained from her normally rosy cheeks. She was wringing her little hands and her whole body was trembling. I tried not to laugh, and I knew what a panic the poor thing must be in. It served her right… fucking MY husband like that. Little did she know that not only was she going to get away with it, but also there was a bonus fuck right next to her on the couch! I was so turned on and my pussy was leaking into my panties, which were not going to be able to contain the flow of juice that was growing heavier.

Just then, Chris returned from the wet bar with a glass of cola on ice. He handed me a water, and then gave Nicole her drink. She downed it quickly, and choked a bit on the fizz. Chris sat down on her right and I drew a deep breath before speaking.

After my dramatic pause, I began, “Nicole darling, did you really think you could seduce my husband and I would not know?”

She opened her eyes as wide as she could, and blurted out, “But. . but I…”

I shook my head in the negative, and continued, “Sweetie, you should never borrow your employers things without asking permission. Now I know Christian is delicious and all, but don’t you think it would have been far more polite if you asked me first before you touched his cock?”

Her limpid green eyes welled up with tears and she began to shake even harder. I put my hand on her naked, tan thigh and my fingertips tingled with anticipation. My nipples were standing out and as sensitive as when I was first pregnant.

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   I could feel my clit throb with each beat of my heart, which was pumping at a heavy rate.

“Now now, darling…” I continued, “No need for tears, I am not angry, I just want you to learn about borrowing things from your friends. We are friends, aren’t we dear?”

Nicole glanced sheepishly up at me and muttered, “I…. I guess so… Um. . I mean I want to be. ”

“Well of course we are, Nicole. I want to be as close to you as Christian here is. ”

Nicole gulped as what I said started to sink in to her panicked little mind, “You want. . Oh. . OH!… Oh my God, You mean both of you want…”

I leaned over to her and gently kissed her on her cheek. Then, my husband leaned in and started to kiss her neck. I thought she was going to break and run for the front door.

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   I sat back a little and held my breath as I watched very carefully for her next reaction. Then, Nicole did what I had hoped for, ever since last Saturday afternoon. She sat back, closed her eyes and sighed as Chris continued to kiss and bite her sweet, perfect neck. Her nipples were at attention now, and I could clearly see that they were grossly out of proportion for her breast size!

My pussy gushed as I reached out to fondle the finger-sized nubbins through her thin tee shirt. As I made contact with her delicious little breast, Nicole shuddered and moaned with that sweet little voice of hers. I knew right then that the three of us were to get very little (if any) sleep this weekend.

I stood up, and asked Christian if he would mind helping me remove my cocktail dress. My husband pulled away from the teen’s wet neck, and slid behind me to slowly unzip my little black dress. Nicole opened her heavy eyes to gaze up at me with a look of what can be only described as pure, unadulterated lust. My slinky DKNY dress dropped in a puddle around my ankles, and Nicole uttered a moan that made my nipples stiffen even more beneath my lacy black bra. I was now only wearing the matching bra and panties, as well as sheer black stockings and garters.

Then I turned to Chris and began to disrobe him as well. The sixteen-year-old Seductress was now our prey. She watched with rapture as I revealed Chris’s muscular chest and rippled abdomen. He did as many sit-up’s as I did, if not more and was in fantastic shape for a man of thirty-five.

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   He may have even looked better than when we first met. Nicole was panting like a hot puppy, as I unbuttoned his belt and slacks. Her eyes were open so wide, they had to be stinging.

I slowly removed his slacks and black silk boxer shorts. Then Nicole sat up as if a spell had been broken, and she began to pull her tee shirt off. I stopped her, and leaned down to her.

“No, baby… let us do that. ”

She nodded and lifted her arms above her head in compliance. Chris and I pulled her shirt over her head, and she gasped loudly as the shirt caught on her distended nipples. As the shirt continued up over her head, I could hear her ragged breathing and see the flush across her beautiful chest. Her nipples were huge, nearly an inch long and they jiggled stiffly as she sat there panting, lust blazing from her lidded eyes.

I dropped to my knees in front of the oversexed little teen, and placed my fingers in the band of her tiny shorts. She grinned a sexy smile at me and lifted her hips to aid in the removal of her shorts. I looked straight into her eyes as I pulled the red shorts over her thighs and down her lean, tan legs. Now she sat before us, dressed only in her white panties, socks and her slip on tennies.

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I stood back up and held my hand out to her. “Come with us baby, we have so much more to teach you this weekend. ”

Chris and I took her by her hands and led her up the stairs to the bedroom. As we walked up the stairs, I glanced down at her ass, and felt another gush of juice in my pussy. She looked so much like my darling little Alex, and I knew that this was what I had missed all these years. A little lover like Nicole, like Alex… a woman that could make me feel like this, sexy and desirable. A woman to make me feel like I was the sexiest thing on the planet. I loved Chris, and I knew I would stay married to him, and raise our child in a home filled with love. But I now knew that I also needed a plaything, to share with my darling husband and to fill our days and nights with lust, love and passion.

As Chris lay down on the bed, I stopped and stood in front of her. I placed my hands on her budding hips and asked her to remove the rest of my clothing for me. I watched as her trembling hands reached to unhook my garters. I smiled and suggested she start with the bra. I guided her hands to the clasp between my breasts, and she unhooked it with a pop. Then, she slid her hands inside the cups to finger my ultra sensitive nipples.


   Wow! I nearly exploded as she tweaked them between her fingers and thumbs.

I glanced over to see Chris had removed his boxers, and was now stroking his huge cock. He has such a fantastic tool, nearly eight inches in length, bending slightly to the right, all gnarled with veins and muscle. I began to salivate, watching him stroke it while he gazed intently at me being undressed by our sixteen-year-old babysitter.

I turned back to her as I felt her fat lips slide over my left nipple. I gasped with the feeling, and weaved my fingers into her thick, black hair. I shrugged my shoulders and my bra dropped off my shoulders to the crook of my arms, and I let go of her to drop it to the floor. As I did, she pulled off my breast, and fell to her knees in front of me. I looked down and watched as she began to peel my little black panties off. This was always my favorite moment with a new lover. The first moment they see my… well, my very special pussy.

I held my breath and waited for the reaction. She pulled the material away from my sodden labia and gasped as she made eye contact with my clit. I am not medically a hermaphrodite, but it is damn close to being a penis. She (my clit) measures almost two inches in length when she is erect, and stands out almost straight.

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   When I was a small child, I never knew I was different from other girls. My mother never once made a big deal about it to me, and when I was older I learned it was something to be proud of. Alex was the first person to see me naked (other than my parents) and she lost her mind! She used to suck it for what seemed like hours. Alex called it my girl-cock, and taught me to be ever mindful that I was not a freak. I was a goddess to her, and I always felt extra special because of that.

Chris was much the same way about it, and he chuckled as Nicole was startled by my “extra” girl part. I smiled at her and I urged her to continue undressing me, but she was transfixed, and sat there panting and staring at my throbbing clit.

“Is. . is it a… a cock, Teri?” she asked in absolute wonder. I had blown her young mind.

“No baby, it’s my clit. A very big one, but it’s a clitoris. ” I told her gently.

“Can I touch it, Mrs.

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   C? Can I, please?” she asked with the wonder of a child seeing something they had never dreamed of.

“Of course you can sweetie, but you must be very gentle, she’s very, very sensitive.

I stepped out of my panties, and stood with my feet shoulder width apart. Slowly Nicole reached out with her tiny fingers to stroke my clit. As she made contact, we both gasped. Me in absolute pleasure, and her in complete rapture. I knew at that moment I had found my girl, my special lover. The girl I had sought out since the day Alex got on the plane for New York. She stared at it like a zombie in a trance, and I began to thrust my hips at her hands to maximize her contact. On instinct, Nicole wet her fingers with the thick juice dripping from my pendulous labia and then lubed the shaft of my clit.

She begin stroking it, just like she would with a small cock, and I nearly lost my balance. I stepped back and sat down on the edge of the bed. With a slight moan of loss, she scooted forward, and made contact again with my girl-cock. We began to coo in unison as she slid her little fingers up and down the shaft. Christian was now sitting up and watching with absolute wonder.

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   This was not my first three-way, by any means, but he had never shared me with anyone before, and he was as transfixed as the teenager that now held my most personal organ in her grasp.

I lay back and Chris moved in to watch her suck my clit. Slowly, she moved her mouth to take it in. Her bee-stung lips parted and quivered as she drew closer. I could tell she had been with another girl before, her touch was educated and experienced. I closed my eyes and waited for the moment. As she took me into her mouth, I heard my husband hiss in my ear, “Yes!”

Chris took me under each arm and began to slide me up onto our huge bed. Just like a puppy, when you move it’s food bowl, Nicole followed my crotch onto the bed, never stopping her suckling of my clit. I was at a fever now, and Nicole began to finger my pussy, while she licked and sucked me. First with a single digit, but quickly realizing there was much more room inside me. After Sam was born, and recently beginning to fuck my husband again, I was far from a “tight” little girl. Soon she had her four fingers well up inside me, and I could feel her trying to work in the thumb as well. I spread my legs a little more to accommodate her tiny hand, and I heard her grunting as she tried to work out the angle.

At that point, Chris lent a “helping hand” as it were, and grasped her by her tiny wrist, driving her whole hand inside me. I arched my back as I felt her energy pass up thru me! Nicole released her lip grasp of my clit and uttered an astonished cry.

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“No fucking way!”

Once again, in a very short period of time, the little teen’s mind was completely blown. Chris began jabbing her wrist to fuck me with her hand like he would if he held a dildo. I was rapidly climbing up that steep slope of bliss and was now thrusting my hips to take in as much of her arm as I could manage. I grunted and moaned like some trapped and wounded animal, while my husband fucked me with this little sixteen-year-old’s arm and fist. I saw a spiral of colors and flashes behind my tightly shut eyelids. Chris knew I was close and he waited until the spasm to remove Nicole’s dildo/fist.

I barked a series of obscenities, and Christian saw my abdomen spasm. He drew back on her wrist and pulled her fist from my vaginal mouth. I locked up and I felt that squeezing urge to pee. I tightened and squeezed, and my urethra opened up to let my ejaculation fly. The first stream sprayed out in a strong jet, hitting the unsuspecting girl right between the eyes. She squealed as it hit her on the bridge of the nose, and splattered every-fucking-where! Chris tilted her head back just a bit and my stream entered her mouth.

Nicole shrieked and sputtered, as she tried to move out of the way.

“EWW! She’s fucking peeing on me!… No Chris… Nooooo!” the poor confused girl cried.

Chris instructed her as the second stream burst from me, “No Nikki, It’s her cum, you made Teri cum for you!”

As I flopped around on the bed, completely out of control of my own body, I could hear her squealing, and the dull splatter of my release across the girl, the bed and the floor.

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   I peaked in my pleasure, and then in sensory overload, I blacked out.

When I woke up, I saw Chris and Nicole fucking next to me. She was sitting on top of him in a reverse cowgirl, and I could see she was taking the full length and girth of his huge cock. Wow, what a girl! Her hair was completely soaked in my juice, and it splattered as she whipped her head around.

As I sat up, Nicole made eye contact with me and said, “Suck me while he fucks me Teri, make me cum like I made you cum. Please Teri, show me how to cum like a woman”

Now I ask you… how could I resist a request like that?

Well, we fucked for the entire weekend, sleeping in short shifts. I had cum so many times by Sunday afternoon, I figured I had more than made up for the last four years of non-activity. Over the course of the summer, Christian drew up the papers for Nicole’s full emancipation. He petitioned the court on her behalf, and just after her seventeenth birthday, she was declared an adult by the state of California. That week, she moved in to our home as our full time Au Pair and perminant fuck toy. We squared away her birth control, and we are now talking about opening an Aerobics/Yoga studio where Nikki and I will be the sole owners and operators. Christian could not be any better of a husband or father, and Nikki will forever more be our perfect little wife.

The End