Hitching a ridePart 1


I was 18 years old and i had runaway from my abusive parents house 4 days ago
from Washington State, i was heading to Texas to live with my sister in Houston.
I was hitchhiking and i had made it all the way to Bakersfield California but now
it was increasing difficult to catch a ride, i had gotten pretty lucky to get this far
in 4 days. I had about 1500 miles left to go to get to Houston, i was hitching on
highway 99 and it had been 6 hours trying to catch a ride, it was almost 18 pm
when this older looking station wagon finally pulled over to give me a ride, i
grabbed my bag and ran to the car when the driver asked me where i was headed
to, i told him i was headed to Houston, he said we are going to New Mexico and
we could get you that far, with that he hopped out and opened the back of the
wagon so i could throw my bag in and then he opened the back door and said
hop in and as i was about to get in there was a protest from the guys in the
backseat. You are gonna have to ride in the middle so he climbed out of the car
and i jumped in.

The guy on my left introduced himself as Mark and he was a very scruffy older
looking guy maybe in his sixties with a scruffy beard and tattoo's and then said
the guy next to you is Tom the driver is Lou and the guy riding shotgun was Bob.
I told them I was Brent and that i was headed to my sisters house in Texas to live
with her. Now let me describe myself I am almost 6 ft tall and weigh around 160
lbs brown hair and in decent shape, the other guys Tom was the guy on my right
and he appeared to be in his late fifties also kinda scruffy and then there was the
driver Lou he was a big fat guy probably in his sixties and then there was Bob he
looked around 75 years old and was a pretty normal looking old man. We drove
about 30 minutes with casual talk when Mark pulls out this big fat joint and lights
it up then passes it me, i take it and take a big hit and pass it on to Tom he takes
a hit and it gets passed around until it is gone. Shortly after we stop to get some
gas and to switch drivers, Mark gets behind the wheel and Bob takes his place in
the backseat with me and Lou gets in on my right and Tom gets up front and then
we take off down the road. Well now with Lou on my right and him being a pretty
big guy i am really sandwiched between him and Bob. As we drive a ways Bob gets
a blanket and covers himself and of course me because i am so close to him, anyway
i drift off to sleep and i am awoken by someones hand rubbing my cock through my
pants, i am startled a little but my cock is very hard and i am surprised to find that
it is Bobs hand on my cock, I really didn't know what to do as i had never been in
this kind of situation before and i needed to get to Texas, so i just pretended to be
asleep still and thats when Bob started tugging down my sweat pants to release
my dick and as he did my dick popped straight up as i wasn't wearing anything
under my sweats, first he was just rubbing it nice and slow, jacking me off and
then he was playing with my balls and tryin to pushmy pants all the way down.
He knew i was awake when i raised up and hooked my sweats and pulled them all
the way down around my ankles to give him some more room to work and to get
comfortable because prior to that i was very uncomfortable with my sweats bunched
up, he took this as a sign that i was enjoying it and proceeded to pull out his cock
and place my hand on it, at first i didn't move but after a minute or so he pulled me
really close to him and said very quietly to play with it or else. So i started to jack
him off and rub his cock up and down and then he pulled me over and just started
kissing me on my mouth.

I was freaking a little bit with 4 guys in the car did the other
guys hear or see what was going on, were they in on it? He stopped kissing me and
then grabbed my head and was pushing it down on his lap, i immediately knew what
he wanted and i was sonervous and scared and horny that i tried to get in to a place
where i could get down there but there wasn't enough room because Lou was taking
up so much room and as i continued struggling to get my head in his lap he just
started pushing me down quite hard forcing me down that it was hurting me so i really
had no choice but to turn completely sideways with my knees on the seat and my ass
up in the air and my legs and my sweats bound up pushing right onto Lou's lap, and
then there it was right it my face with him pushing my head and guiding his dick I
just opened my mouth and started licking and sucking and trying to be as quiet as
i could possibly be with the blanket still covering me i wasn't sure if anyone else knew
what was happening in the backseat. Here i was in the backseat of some strangers car
going to Texas with my sweats all bunched up at my feet sucking some really old mans
cock with my ass almost touching another fat dude. I just did my best to suck his cock
to make him cum so that i could get this over.

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   So i sucked and pulled and sucked and
licked for about 18 minutes when to my horror i felt another set of hands rubbing my
ass and then my cock and then the blanket was pulled completely off of me and my
stuck sweats were completelyremoved and then Lou stuck his big mouth right in
the middle of my ass and started licking and kissing it, i could not help it i just let
out a little moan then i hear what is going on back there from Tom and he turns to
Mark and says that little sissy boy is sucking old man Bobs cock and Lou is sucking
his ass you better pull this car over so i can get some too. Well i am freaked out again
by all of this but with Lou licking and kissing my ass and with my mouth full of cock i
am so turned on i have never had my ass eaten and it was anunbelievable feeling.
The next thing i know the car is stopped and the backdoors are opened wide and
Mark and Tom are on either side watching the show as i am sucking Bobs cock and
being eaten by Lou then all of a sudden my mouth is just absolutely filled with cum
as Bob blows his load in me, i do my best to swallow all of his cum and spill some
and gag some. Mark says get on out and bring that blanket out here so we can all
have some fun. I got out of the car and it felt great to stand up in the warm night air
as my knees and my mouth needed a break from the car action,no sooner was
i out of the car when Mark, Lou and Tom were getting undressed and the blanket
was set up by Bob. As soon as they were all naked i was led to the blanket and Mark
went to his knees and started sucking my cock and Lou was fondling my ass and
Tom was jacking off. I was told to lay downon the blanket and then Tom laid down
and had his cock ready for me to suck and i took him into my mouth and was lifted
onto my knees as Tom went back to sucking my cock and Lou was licking and kissing
my ass again, i was so turned on at this point as this continued for 3 or 4 minutes
and then Lou and Tom traded places as i stuck this fat guys short cock in my mouth
Tom was spreading my ass and putting some kind of lube on it and in it and at this time
that is when i erupted into Marks mouth coming so hard it was intense i was in heaven
with all the attention. Tom started to slide his cock into my ass as i continued to suck
on Lou's cock and Mark continued sucking on mine it never did go soft as the feelings
of still being high and the asslicking and the cocksucking and now the ass fucking was
so awesome my body was on fire, Tom continued to fuck my ass for another minute or
2 before he started shooting his jism into my ass and about the same time Lou shot his
load into my mouth as i hungrily swallowed every drop. Tom and Lou took to watching
with Bob as Mark then had me stand up and bend over the hood of the car and he just
slammed his huge cock right into my ass and started to pound me mercilessly i absolutely
loved the way it felt and rocked back to meet his every thrust, he was an animal and he
fucked me good for more than 18 minutes then when he was ready to come he pulled
out of my ass and stuck it in my mouth as he erupted rope after rope of thick jism, i can't
believe how much this guy came it was unreal and it was unreal that i was sucking this
dirty cock that was just up my ass and enjoying every last drop, as i had finished sucking
the last drops from his cock i stood back up and then it was Lou's turn in my ass as he was
ready with his short cock as i bent over the hood again he slid his cock into my ass and
that is when i realized that it wasn't as long as everyone elses but it was so much thicker
than anybody elses and it really stretched my ass out, it was quite the feeling of being
full and i started meeting his every buck and without warning i was shooting my load
all over the hood of the car while he was fucking my ass, i never knew you could have an
orgasm without even touching your cock, awesome is what it was and it wasn't long before
he started cumming in my ass and when he had finished he pulled out and i went down
on him and cleaned his cock compltely. I stood up and cum was leaking out of my ass
and i was so tired i just got in the backseat and fell asleep.

I awoke to to the smell of coffee and food as Lou handed me a cup of coffee and a
ham and egg sandwich of which i ate and drank hungrily. Wondering where we were
at Tom said we were in Arizona and asked me how i felt, i told him i felt great and had
a good time last night, he said great we all had a good time to and that tonight we
would be getting to New Mexico and that i could stay the night before heading out
the next day. At this point i realized i was naked and there was dry cum all over my ass
and my chin and i could really use a shower.

Part 2 coming soon
Let me know what you think juxaxme@juno. com.

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