His First Time


I was sitting online one day with nothing better to do. There was NO ONE on. So I clicked on this guys name. His name was Ian. He was 18 years old at the time. I'd known him for a couple of years. I never thought much about him. He never said much. We got into a conversation and it worked it's way into things about sex.
For the next few weeks we had cyber sex more than once a day. I was just so turned on by him. I was so shocked when I found out he was a virgin. I never thought someone with so little experience could make me so wet!
Eventually we fell in love. It was wonderful. At first a little weird. I didn't think it was possible to fall in love with someone by just chatting online.

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   But it did happen. This was the beginning of our relationship.
After a while we started talking on the phone. This meant phone sex. The way he said my name when he came just sent me through the roof. Just the sounds he would make could make my pussy dripping wet.
We decided to meet eachother. Ian lived about four hours away from me. I was turning 18 soon and decided I could drive there to meet him. So that February I took a trip down to where Ian lived. We met at his apartment.
When I got there he met me at the door. He seemed a little shy but I was certain that that would change soon enough. We went inside and to his room. I sat my stuff on the floor and sat down on his bed.

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   We talked for a while. I found myself staring at his crotch. He had a HUGE hard-on. I felt my pussy start to get wet just before leaning over to kiss him. This was his first kiss. I slowly laid him back on the bed, moving over ontop of him and straddling his crotch. I kept kissing him, slipping my tongue between his lips. I couldn't believe how hard he was! I slid his shirt off of him and went back to kissing. In no time he was naked and I was sliding off my last piece of clothing, my thong. Still straddling him, I took his cock in my hand and slid it up and down my dripping wet slit. The look on his face as I did this was amazing. He looked as if he would explode right there. This made me even wetter. I slid his throbbing boner to my opening and slowly slid down on it. It was HUGE! I had alot of trouble making it fit.

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   I slowly worked it in, finally being able to take the width. I still had to take the length. I slid it in until I felt it hit my cervix. When it did, I yelped. It was only a little more than half way in. I grinded my hips on his cock for a few minutes, slowly working my hips down on it. In no time his whole cock was burried in my little, sopping wet, pink pussy. I felt so full. My pussy felt so stretched. I could feel Ian's cock throbbing inside me. I lifted up off his cock and began to bounce, slowly at first, still getting used to the size. Ian slid his hands to my hips and held on, helping me bounce harder, and faster. After getting used to the size I started to ride his cock harder, faster. Ian rolled us over, putting me under him. He lifted my legs up over his shoulders and rammed his cock DEEP into my pussy.


   I yelped loudly. I stared up at him while he fucked me. He worked like a pro on his first try. He was railing into my pussy so hard. The room was filled with the sound of wet fucking, and our bodies slapping together. Ian slid his hand to my pussy and started to rub my clit furiously. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't take it anymore. I HAD to cum. I screamed loud, throwing my head back and arching my back off of the bed. Ian felt my juices covering his cock and he too exploded inside me. The feel of his hot, thick load was amazing. It was an extremely powerful orgasm, for both of us. We collapsed on the bed and fell asleep together. We did this EVERY day for the week that I visited him.

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   It was the best experience of my life.



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