Hinata's love for naruto


“Hinata…. Hello? You there!?”
Hinata blinked when she realized he had been talking to her. 'How long has he been talking?' She shook herself out of her thoughts and replied to him, blushing as usual.

"Yes, Naruto-kun. . . I was. . . just thinking about the mission"

She couldn't believe she had allowed herself to zone out like that while they were racing through the treetops enroute to the Village Hidden in the Mist. A rare illness was plaguing their country, and the only cure grew in the forests of Konoha. Her and Naruto were charged with delivering this precious cargo, and she groaned at remembering how she had passed out when Hokage-sama told them it would just be the two of them. . . alone. .

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  for the whole journey. And of course, as her luck would have it, she passed out AGAIN when she awoke to find herself in Naruto's arms with his large, sparkling blue eyes gazing softly at her with concern. 'Damn it Hinata. . . . focus!' she kept telling herself, 'This is a very important mission. . . . peoples lives depend on you! Please try to be strong for them!'

Naruto beamed with excitement, even under the weight of the heavy pack he was lugging. "It's about time granny-Tsunade lets me play the hero I am! Just think of how happy the people will be to see us come to the rescue!" He looked over at her again, the smile fading briefly "Are you sure you're alright? We can stop to rest for a bit if you'd like. . . you scared us back there for a moment.

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Her face blazed in a furious crimson at that. 'He was scared? For ME!?!?' She could feel herself fading out again, 'No! Don't you dare Hyuga Hinata! So he was worried about you. . . . you've got to stop acting so childish. . . he'll never respect you if you fall apart every time he smiles at you! Besides, Naruto-kun has such a big heart. . . . he cares about everyone. . .

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  it doesn't make you special to him. ' She forced herself to look at him, realizing he saw her angry blush and was getting more concerned. "I can keep going. . . unless. . . you think we should. " She gave him her small, shy smile, hoping he'll believe her.

He smiled back at her and nodded. "If you say so, I'll believe it. If I remember from the last time I made this trip, there's a clearing once we pass those upcoming cliffs. It's been quiet a while, but I'm sure it's there. We can stop there to rest, it's getting late anyways, and I'm starting to get hungry!"

Hinata let out a sigh of relief.

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   As they followed the treeline along the rising cliffs she fell back a little to watch him as he nimbly leapt amongst the trees. It was amazing how he's grown since Sauske left. Granted he was still the loud #1 hyperactive ninja of the leaf, she didn't think he would ever truly outgrow that. But at times he could be amazingly calm and focused. She could see in him the leader he wished to become, and she wished she could have his strength. He was so confident, so sure of himself and every move he made, even if it was the biggest mistake in the world. And he always would just get up, dust himself off, and flash that silly, stupid, but oh so charming grin that made those cobalt eyes of his sparkel. . . . those eyes she could easily get lost in. . . .

And that's when it happened.

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   Not paying attention she lept onto a rotting branch that snapped under her sudden weight with a sickening crack and left her tumbling down the cliffs into the ravine before she could react. She screamed out to him in terror, "NARUTO!" before she slammed into the dirt wall, knocking her unconscious and sending her bouncing further downard. He had heard the wood shatter, but was to far ahead to get back to her before she started falling. Realizing there was no way for him to safely jump down after her, he had only one chance to save her.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" he screamed, popping out a line of shadow clones who hurled themselves over the edge, catching her and then hauling her back up the cliffs. After releasing the clones he laid her down and looked her over. She was lucky. There had been heavy rains in the days before, and where she struck was softer mud instead of the harder rocks below. She looked to just be very dirty with a large lump on her head. "Don't worry Hinata, I'll take care of you," he whispered to her as he scooped her up gently and took off for that clearing they had talked about.

'Oh. . . . what happened.

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  . . why do I feel like Akimaru's chew toy??. . Naruto-kun?'

"Naruto-kun!?!" she yelped as her eyes shot open. She groaned as the pain went shooting thru her temples. She sat up slowly, taking the wet cloth off her forehead and looking around. There was a small bloodstain on the cloth, and she was covered in muck. "That's right. . " she said to herself quietly, "I fell didn't I? Cause I was being stupid and not paying attention like I should have. Instead I was daydreaming about him again. Baka. " She realized that it was awfully quiet, and Naruto was no where to be seen. However she found water and bandages, as well as the pack of medicine sitting next to her, her jacket having been removed and rolled into a pillow under her head.

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   The sky was getting dark. . . . or was that just the fuzzyness in your head? "He must have cleaned me up and then went off to find firewood to set up camp for the night. " She smiled quietly to herself. "He took care of me. . . " she stopped and bit back the tears. "he wouldn't have to take care of you if you wern't such an idiot"

She threw down the cloth in self loathing, and tried to stand up. "A little wobbly. . . .

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  nothing's broken. . . but ooohhh," she moaned as she stretched, "damn I'm sore. " Just then she realized she could hear a loud rushing sound, like a waterfall. "We must be close to the river. " She looked down at her bloody, muddy clothes and sighed. "I suppose I'll go clean up. . . show him I'm alright after all. " And with that he headed off the short distance through the bushes to the water.

On the other side she found a narrow waterfall cascading down into a good sized pool. A mist of fog is rising off the pool and drifting lazily across the grass. "Perfect," she said to herself.


   "I'll just clean up here and be done before Naruto realizes I'm up. Won't he be surprised?" As she walked down to the edge, she lost her balance and slipped down the slick rocks, landing waste deep in the water. "Baka Hinata! Can't you do anything right?" She sighed again, fighting back the tears.

'get ahold of yourself. . . it's just water. . . besides, you needed to get the mud out of your clothes anyways. Just give them a good rinse then set them to dry on the grass. Naruto won't be back for a while. . . and besides, it's not like he'd know to come look for you here.

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  . . '

She swam out into the deep pool a little ways, enjoying how good the icy water felt on her sore muscles before slipping out of her pants and underwear. After she rinsed them carefully she tossed the dripping wad back to shore and repeated the process w/her shirt and bra. Then she climbed out of the water, spread her clothes out and sat down on a large rock. "Now. . . lets see what kind of damage you did to yourself you stupid clutz" she sighed to herself as she carefully moved her hands over her shivering, naked body, looking for cuts and bruises. . . . .

"Don't worry, Hinata, I'm back with the wood and I'll soon have a big fire going. And then I won't have to leave your side again.


  . . except maybe to go take a leak or something. . . but other then that I'm going to take real good care of. . . . Hinata!?!?" Naruto dropped the wood he was carrying as he arrived back at the clearing to find nothing but their packs lying on the ground. "Hinata?? Hinata!?!?! HINATA!!!! Where the hell did you go!?!? Are you alright!?!?!" Naruto started bouncing around the clearing, looking hear there and everywhere for his missing companion. "Oh this isn't good! Not only is it bad enough she gets hurt the first time I get left in charge. . . .

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  NOW she's MISSING!!! Granny-Tsunade is gonna KILL ME FOR THIS!!!" he cried collapsing by their stuff in tears.

As he picked up the scattered bandages, he notices a set of footprints heading off towards the river. 'Ahha! She must have gone to rinse the mud off herself! I better go make sure she's ok!', and without a second though jumps up and heads to the bushes. Just as he starts going through he hears an unexpected sound. Singing. He pauses and the creeps slowly to the edge, peeking between the branches, and nearly chokes at what he sees. . .

Hinata is perched delicately on a large rock, her back towards him and singing softly to herself. . . . . completely nude!

'Hi. .

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  . Hinata-chan. . . . she's. . . . . you're. . . '

As she sings to herself, she's gently sliding her hands along her body, the colours of the setting sun causing the light and shadow to dance across her smooth skin. He admires the line of her neck, the hourglass of her waist, and the round firm shape of her buttocks.

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   A strange warmth runs through him, and he realizes his pants are suddenly getting very tight.

'I shouldn't be looking at her like this. . . . I shouldn't be. . . '

But instead of turning and acting like he saw nothing, he moves to try and get a better view. . . .

Hinata turns to check her shoulders for anything, 'It'd be easier if Naruto were here to help with my back' she giggled softly to herself, imaginging what he would do if he saw her here like this. . .

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  . and then she froze. . . 'wait a second. . . that bush just. . . . HE IS HERE TO SEE THIS!!' She spotted him out of the corner of her eye, crouching in the bushes with a look of amazement on his face. . . and what appeared to be a slight grin.

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   She turned away slightly as the blush warmed her face, "well, you always wanted him to look at you. . . it seems you finally got his attention. . . but now what do I do?' Her mind raced, she never expected this situation to ever arise. . . certainly NOT like THIS!! Not even in her wildest fantasy. They were finally alone, his full attention on her, and she was starting to clam up again. 'No Hinata. . . stop hiding from yourself.

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  . . you finally have the perfect chance to find out how he feels. . . if you give up now. . . you'll never forgive yourself. '

She swallowed hard on that last thought, and slowly started to stand up. . . .

Naruto froze in his hiding place. 'Crap! Did she see me? She's gonna kill me! WhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoi.

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  . . . huh?

Instead of turning around and screaming, as he fully expected her to, she calmly walked partway down into the water and began washing herself off. 'SHE DIDN"T SEE ME!! he squeeled jubilantly to himself, taking in the scean before him.

Hinata was standing in the water, slowly rubbing the water up and down herself. He watched intently as rubbed her way upward over her muscular thighs and those petite hips. He longed to touch those hips, guide them in his hands. His gaze traveled higher, following her hands across her smooth, kissable stomach to her soft, round breasts. He'd never realized what a perfect body she had. . . she always hid it under that jacket. She reached up and squeezed her breasts lightly, almost playfully, the cold water making her nipples hard and perky. His groin throbbed as his pants grew tighter, his desire mounting.

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   He rubbed himself lightly. . . feeling dirty for doing this. . but at the same time unable to help himself. . . until he realized something

'is she. . . looking at me? does she know I'm hiding here??'

"Hinata-chan. . . " he whispers quietly to himself, "are you.


  . . do you. . . want me to see you??"

'You must have hit your head harder then you thought to be acting like this' she said to herself as she carresed herself in front of him, gently teasing a pert nipple. She was even more amazed at the fact that she was enjoying it. She couldn't help herself and kept looking back at him, watching him watching her, amazed at the longing she was seeing in those eyes. She felt so hot despite the freezing water, a dampness growing between her legs that was definately not from her splashing around. The intensity in his gaze, the realization. . . .

'the realization that he know's I know he's there!

Her hands paused as this sunk in. They had full eyecontact, he wasn't even trying to hide anymore.

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   Her heart pounded in her chest, and she felt like she couldn't breath. 'What is he thinking? Have I scared him? Oh god. . . . I knew this wasn't a good idea. . . ' She started to step back further into the water. . .

Realizing he was caught, Naruto righted himself so she could see him. She had smiled at first, but now she looked paniced. . .


  scared. . . she started to back up into the water to hide. . . . he had to do something or she'd hate him forever, and he couldn't stand that thought. . .

"Hinata! Wait!" he jumped out of the bushes and rushed to her. She froze where she stood as he jumped into the water and pulled her to him. He was so warm, and his hands were shaking as he clutched her to his chest. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have spied on you," he whispered into her ear. His breath was hot on her neck and sent shivers all over her body.

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   "I'm sorry, but I was so surprised to see you here like this. . . and you're so beautiful. . . I couldn't stop myself. . . please. . . don't hide from me. . .

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  don't hate me. "

Hinata couldn't believe what she was hearing, what he was doing. Those powerful arms she had longer for were finally wrapped around her. She was overcome by his intoxicating scent of musk and sweat. And the words kept ringing thru her head "please. . . . don't hide from me. "

"Naruto-kun. . . " she said quietly. He pulled back a little, his forehead resting against hers. A small tear slid down her cheek as she dared herself to move that achingly painful distance to touch her lips to his.

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   He met her halfway, lightly brushing them together, almost afraid she would vanish in his arms like a puff of smoke if he actually kissed her. She was trembling now. . . from the cold? from fear? from excitment?

'Damint Hinata! Just DO IT!' she screamed to herself one last time.

Suddenly she had his head gripped between her hands, kissing him with everything she had.

Naruto was now the one frozen with shock, unable to believe that this was happening to him. 'Oh, Hinata-chan' he thought to himself as he wrapped her up in his arms and returned the kiss. She started to relax her grip on his skull, moving her fingers through his spikey hair. He ran his hand down her back, to her soft, firm cheeks. Naruto realized she was getting covered in goosbumps, and then that they were still standing in the river. He gently broke from her hungry lips and scooped her up in her arms. "I think we should move to a slightly more appropriate place," he grinned at her.

Oh to be in those arms! How she had dreamed of this moment, to be swept off her feet by the one she had loved and admired for so long! 'I definately must have hit my head harder. .

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  . I must still be unconscious. . . but I definately don't want to wake up yet!'

Naruto carried her back up onto the grass, setting her down in a spot that was covered in spongy moss that tickeled her skin. He removed his jacket, rolling it up and tucked it gently under her head before kissing her deeply. Their lips parted, allowing each to explore the others mouth, to taste each other fully. He broke again and begain to kiss her down along her graceful neck, biting playfully along her collar bone. She moaned with delight as he ran his hand across her stomach, circling her bellybutton teasingly with a finger before continuing upward to cup her left breast.

"You're skin is sooo soft," he growled into her ear before licking his way down to her breast, taking the nipple into his mouth and sucking gently on it. She squeeled lightly at the sensation, runniing her fingers into his spikey golden locks, tugging them gently as he flicked his tongue, driving her crazy. Naruto grinned to himself, enjoying every squirm and squeek she made in response to him. He alternated between her breasts with his hands and mouth, never going any further south then her navel, which he would also tease with his toungue. Finally she couldn't bear it anylonger, gasping for breath. "Naruto.

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  . . what are you doing to me?" Naruto looked up at her, deep into the opaline eyes that seemed to see into forever. "Something I should have done a long time ago, " he said with a touch of regret, "loving you. "

She gazed back at him dreamily, letting herself float away in those deep blue pools of his eyes. She loved those eyes. The Byakagun of her family were cold, expresionless. Everyone around her seem to stare right through her. But Naruto's eyes were windows to his soul! His eyes looked at her, finally REALLY looked at her, and all she saw back in them was love.

He bent down to kiss her lightly again, her lips soft and yeilding, before getting up to his knees and moving down by her feet. Hinata looked at him, slightly confused. he was still fully dressed, though his pants appeared to desperately wish otherwise. Naruto only smiled and parted her legs gently, bending down to kiss her every so lightly on the inside of her right knee. She gasped at the electric feeling that shot upward, and fought to sit still as he slowly made his way upward. "What.

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  . . . what are you doing to me. . . Na. . naruto-kun?"

Naruto was loving every second of this. Between Kakashi-sensei and Ero-sennin, he had had plenty of "study material" for this, but had never had the chance to actually try it out. He was going to do his best to please Hinata, she deserved it.

He slowly made his way up the inside of her right thigh, amazed at how Hinata was responding. He could smell her sex now, and it made him dizzy with anticipation. She was writhing under his touch now, begging him with her eyes for release but at the same time egging him on for more. He was pleased to see she kept herself trimmed that should make his job easier he thought to himself.

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   Looking up at her one last time, his lightly kissed her on those pouting lips, feeling her tense under his grasp. Ever so slowly, he parted them with his tongue, licking lightly and listening to her squeaks and gasps. Naruto gently brought his hand up, rubbing the velvet fur before running a finger firmly down the middle, gently massaging her clitoris before parting those lips again and sucking on it gently. He couldn't believe how wet she was already and he became painfully aware of his own throbbing erection, his pants getting damp and sticky from his excitement.

Hinata couldn't take it anymore; her head was spinning as she clawed desperately at the ground beneath her. Where did Naruto learn to do this at? He continued to suck on her clit, rubbing it lightly in his mouth with the tip of his tongue and gently slid his long, slender finger into her slit. Always in everything he did soooo gentle, so careful with her. . . as if he was afraid to break her. She called to him, and he quickened the pace. . . the sensation a mix of pain and pleasure. .

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  . 'Is this what I'm supposed to feel like? But before she could decide if this was good or bad, Naruto touched something deep inside her, and the world evaporated around her.

Naruto felt her tensing around his fingers, her hips moving in time with him. Hinata had a huge clump of moss in her hand that she was slowly beginning to rip out of the ground when suddenly her whole body shuddered. Her other hand that had been absently playing with his hair suddenly tightened and pulled slightly as she cried out his name, and then lay still. He climbed up between her legs and touched her face gently.

"Hinata? Are you alright. . . . . . ?"

"Hinata? Are you alright. . .


  . . . ?" Naruto cooed gently to her as if talking to loud would hurt her.
Her eyes were shut tight, after a moment they relaxed and opened slowly.
“N-. . Naruto-kun… wha…?” was all she was able to say. He lifted her up a bit in his arms and stroked her hair.
“Did I hurt you?” genuine fear of hurting the one he cherished, filled his body. He felt her shiver gently in his arms from aftershock.
“Oh Naruto…” she looked up at him, delicately putting a hand on his cheek. He took her other hand and rubbed it softly then closed his eyes and lowered his head to kiss her. She moved her hand to the back of his head. ‘Wow… your really doing this.

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  . . Who knew a day like this would come for a spaz like you?’
“Hinata I love you. . . ” he said softly as he slipped his tongue in her mouth. She felt her body freeze. ‘He. . . He loves me? ME!?’ she felt a familiar dizziness ‘Hinata don’t you DARE faint!’
She gripped Naruto tighter. “Naruto, I love you! I love you too!” She could’ve cried from her extreme happiness. They could feel each others love for one another. As clear as day. There lips locked tight as Hinata lifted up.


   Naruto wrapped his arms around. ‘These arms… I could melt in his loving arms…’ Her body began getting Goosebumps.
“Naruto… I want to make you feel good… like you made me feel…” she said breaking the kiss. She looked down seeing Naruto’s throbbing erection still standing. He stroked her arm. “Do you really Hinata. . ?” she nodded her head and began pulling off his black shirt and running her fingers down his chest. ‘Wow his body is even better then I dreamed… I really hope this isn’t a dream!”


After a moment of her caressing his half naked body she let her fingers drift to the button of his pants and circled it with her finger. Naruto let out a small groan at the thought of her touching his cock. She unbuttoned his orange pants and pulled them down to his ankles along with his briefs and Naruto proceeded to kick them off. She stared in awe at his private area. It was a bit gooey at the top and it was rock hard. It looked about 7 and a half to 8 inches long. She felt warmth in places she never dreamed of feeling it.

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   Her sex trickled down her leg as she sat on her knees. Gingerly she put a hand around it. Naruto let out a soft moan. She looked at him; her face was crimson with blush. “What do I do…?” she said softly leaning in close to his penis. “Stroke it…” he said quietly with his eyes closed and his mouth open. Shyly Hinata began to stroke Naruto's penis first with one hand then with two, letting one hand gently tug and play with his balls and the other stroke his cock. “Hinata… Oh yes like that… Your hands are so warm…” he groaned/murmured. She gazed at him lovingly. ‘you should try really hard to pleasure him… he deserves it…' slowly she moved her mouth closer to his cock till finally the tip of her tongue flicked over the head of his cock. With that Naruto jerked and looked down at her. “Im sorry! Do you want me to stop?” Hinata started to let go. He shook his head. “No Hinata. That feels so good… please don’t stop.

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  ” With the encouragement she started licking the head of it swirling her tongue around it. She felt blood rushing to her face.


She was amazed, in love and a bit confused. Probably from falling into a ravine. She couldn’t tell if she was dreaming or not, it felt real tho. She reached down between her own legs and felt how damp it was. She began let his cock go further down her mouth. “Mmmm Hinata this feels so good… Ah watch your teeth a little…” he said as he jerked when he felt her teeth graze him slightly. “Sorry… Naruto-kun…” she said lifting her mouth. “Oh Hinata don’t stop, please don’t. ” Naruto said hoarsely. She put her lips back around the tip of his cock and sucked on it gently, making sure her teeth didn’t come in contact with it. She heard Naruto begin to make long slow groans pushing her head further down his cock gently.
“Hinata Uhnnnn… im going to have an orgasm!” He said loudly. Hinata didn’t know what to do.

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   ‘Do I move? No. no Naruto would think I don’t want him to have an orgasm!’ so instead of moving she put her mouth as far down on him as she could. He lifted her head a little and got on his knees. “Hinata stick out your tongue. ” He said rubbing himself quite quickly. She held out her tongue and Naruto held the back of her head squirting load after load of hot sticky cum on her tongue and cheek. Hinata’s eyes had widened as soon as the first shot hit her tongue and chin. She had never seen anything like it. So different… yet she wanted more. Finally the cum stop flowing and Hinata wiped off her cheek and swiped it on the inside of her mouth and sucked every bit that was in her mouth down letting a sigh out when she was done. Naruto looked down at her. Her face was dripping with his genetic material. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open as if she was asking for more. He gently patted her hair and sat by her kissing her neck then her cheek ever so gently. Naruto’s hard on had slowly gone down and Hinata grabbed a towel from the emergency pack they had brought and wiped off her face.

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   She leaned her head on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around her waist rubbing her to keep her warm.


“Maybe we should get some sleep. We still have to complete our mission. ” Hinata said quietly.
“Yeah. . . I know, it won’t take me long to get to sleep tho, Hinata you completely drained me. ” He said flashing his goofy smile that Hinata loved with a passion. Hinata smiled back blushing.
Naruto got up and began putting on his clothes while Hinata did so also. Then they lay down with Hinata's head on Naruto's chest and drifted off.


There was a loud CRASH outside; Hinata practically sprang out of Naruto arms. She looked down at Naruto but saw him still fast asleep. “Byakugan!” She whispered.

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   Her eyes scanned the caveish dwelling and saw figures moving outside. A choked gasp got stuck in her throat.
“Naruto-kun Wake up!!” she pushed at him frantically. “Naruto there’s people outside!!! You got to wake up!”
Sleepily he sat up, wiping his eyes with his sleeve. “People? Where?” she pointed to the wall and they slowly crept closer.
“Those people in there are going to ruin our whole plan!” One of the guys whispered frantically.
“Relax… If were able to wipe out an entire village with this sickness, we can wipe out these chumps. ” The bigger one said.
Hinata looked at Naruto a bit frightened, and saw that he that had a look of fire in his eyes.
“I don’t think we should use the disease on them Torisha-sama, it costs too much, we can easily kill these guys ourselves. ” The first one said.
“Have it your way Kimishio. ” The other guy said pulling out a kunai “Go check and see if those two are still asleep!” He said gruffly.
Naruto's eyes opened “Hinata I want you to go hide! NOW!” Naruto said pushing her out the cave to hide in the bushes.
‘Naruto doesn’t think I can handle this.

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  . . he's probably right… im just a weakling…’ rang into her head. She closed her eyes sadly and looked up at him.
“Hinata I love you, I don’t want you to get hurt. ” He said kissing her quickly. She dashed into some grass and disappeared while Naruto went back in the cave.


Kimishio walked over to the entrance and did a double take. “There gone!! Torisha-sama there gone!!!”
“What are you talking about dobe? They were just there!”
Torisha walked in beside them and saw nothing. “Where could they have gone!? Kimishio! You were supposed to be watching!!” he thumped him on the head and turned away to look for the escapers.
“HEY! Up here you assholes!” suddenly both flung around and saw Naruto hanging from the ceiling. “You bastards can forget about killing off that village. The only who will be dying is you!” He dropped down and did a quick hand sign. “KAGE BUSHIN NO JUTSU!!” 18 of Naruto's shadow clones filled the room. Kimishio backed out the room quickly while Torisha-sama stayed promptly.

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   The look of satisfaction on his face. “And what is a dobe like you going to do to me?”
Naruto smiled. “Kill you…” There was a loud scream. “NARUTO-KUN!” Hinata screamed out. Kimishio Had Hinata tight in his arms. Naruto's eyes turning familiar red. “Put her down… Put her down now!! YOU BASTARD!!!” He charged at him but Kimishio held a kunai at her throat. “Come any closer and I kill her. ” Naruto’s eyes grew wide.
“That’s a good boy. ” Kimishio said calmly. He put Hinata down with the kunai still at her neck and began to tie her up. Naruto looked at her sadly and looked to the ground. “Hinata im… im sorry… I failed you…”
Torisha-sama laughed loudly. “Kid get rid of these clones or ill make my servant kill your little ‘Hinata’”
“Release…” Naruto called sadly and each one of his 18 clones disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

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   Torisha came up to Naruto and grabbed his hair yanking him up.
“If you so much as tug away we will kill that girl. ”
Naruto looked away swearing under his breath.
“Why would you bring such a useless girl with you?” Torisha laughed. “She's not useless shut up you fucking ass!” Naruto growled as punched him in the side. Kimishio saw it and slit a little scratch on Hinata's cheek making it bleed.
“Hinata!” Naruto screamed rushing to get up but to no avail.
“Torisha-sama I have to go take a whiz right quick. ” Kimishio said shifting around.
"Hold it you dobe! Were doing somthing right now!" torisha-sama said.
Finally Kimishio couldnt take it anymore. "I cant hold it!" he said running out the room.
“Now’s my chance!” Naruto said running out of Torisha’s grasp. But then the kunai floated to hiantas face threatingly. Naruto's eyes widened.


“B-…but how?”
“My friend… I am from the village hidden in the sand, we no the ancient puppet techniques… did you think it’d be that easy?” Naruto got on the ground swearing and crying.

Hinata looked down. ‘Look what you’ve done! You always get in the way! You baka! You fucking dobe!’ She cried looking down at the rope. She quietly whispered “Byakugan!” and looked at the charka filled ropes. Her eyes got bigger ‘I can cut thru these… if only I can get my chakra a bit sharper. ’ And she set to work quickly poking at the ropes with sharpened charka points just like a knife.
“How does it feel to loose boy?” Torisha said laughing cruelly. Naruto looked up and saw Hinata had disappeared. “HINATA!?!? Where did you go?! What did you bastards do to her!?” Naruto hadn’t cared about anything else he didn’t care about what granny Tsunade thought what people would say, he just didn’t want any harm to come to his dear Hinata.
“Im right here Naruto-kun!” She yelled behind Torisha. “74 palms!” She said loudly striking him. She began hitting him in all his chakra points. “17 hits. . .

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   24 hits. . . 37 hits!” she’d scream as she hit him with her gentle fist. Blood came out of the guy’s mouth as Naruto looked in awe. “Hinata… who knew you were this strong…” Kimishio came back into the room, stunned and saw his dead master lying on the floor. “Kage bushin no jutsu!” Naruto called and one of his clones appeared forming a ball of chakra into Naruto hands. “You’ve been asking for this and now your going to get it!” Naruto charged at the man “RASENGAN!” he pushed the ball of chakra into Torisha. The wall was splattered red along with Naruto’s face. He turned around and grabbed hold of Hinata holding her tight in his arms.
    “I was so scared Hinata… so scared…” His voice was shaky. She grabbed on to his hand and rubbed it across her face. He looked down at her flinging his lips on to hers. She met him halfway. “Hinata I love you so much… I need you.


       Im so glad I have you…” He said holding her tight.


    She felt his hands rub up and down her back. All she wanted was for him to see her… to acknowledge her presence and enjoy it. She worked hard… so that Naruto could see her… so he could see her and be proud. And she had finally gotten her wish. She broke the kiss leaning her forehead against his. There hair tangled together. They were tired. It was around 4 am they had done a lot of work. And they still had to deliver the medicine by tomorrow. They quickly went to sleep next to each other and slept peacefully till morning.
    “Mmmm Naruto-kun?” Hinata said opening her eyes. He was gone. She looked over and saw his clothes lying beside her. She got up wiping the sleep from her eyes and walked a distance to the little pool of water.

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       She heard a loud “Whoo hooo!” And then a splash! She saw Naruto flip from the highest part of the waterfall and flip into the deeper part of the water.
    “That was awesome!” Naruto yelled flipping his golden hair back from his eyes. He looked over and saw Hinata looking at him smiling. He smiled right back. “Hinata-Chan! Hey! Come join me. ” He said waving up at her.
    ‘You really hit the jack pot’ Hinata thought ‘He's totally naked in there… he probably wants you to skinny dip with him…’ Hinata stood behind a rock and undressed and throwing the clothes beside the rock and stepped out. Naruto looked at her feeling his cock stiffen a bit. ‘She looks better in daylight then she did last night’ he thought noticing every detail of her body. Her skin was milky her body a bit paler then her face. ‘Probably because she always wore that big coat!’ Naruto thought to himself. She slowly got into the water with him. He watched her, licking his lips slowly, without knowing. “Hinata you really are gorgeous!” he said blushing just as much as she was. “Thank you Naruto… you’re really amazing yourself.

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      ” She said quietly smiling at him with a small grin. “You want to jump off the rock with me?” he said guiding her by her hand without waiting for an answer. “O no I could Naruto! Isn’t it dangerous??” she said a bit desperate. “Of course not! And besides, im here to protect you. ” He said smiling.


    ‘I can’t say no to him… I can’t say know to the man I adore, to that loving smile!’
    “Ok ill go. ” She said following him up the back side of the rock past some grass and moss till they reached the top. It was hot outside, the sun seemed to be hotter up there then it was down at the bottom of the rock. “You ready?” Naruto said grabbing her hand and interlocking his fingers with hers. She stepped back a couple feet. “I don’t know Naruto-kun…” she said looking as if she was getting ready to disappear again. Her face turned white. Naruto looked back at her and saw she was scared. He wrapped his arms around her and stood with her a minute. “Hinata… You mean the world to me; I wouldn’t let anything bad happen to you… not anymore… do you trust me?” He said quietly.

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       Hinata looked into his deep blue eyes. ‘Those eyes… those dreamy blue she could stare at forever. ’ “I trust you Naruto. ” She broke away and interlaced her fingers with his. He smiled at her and held her fingers tight. “On the count of three!” he said backing up a bit, Hinata followed his example. “1… 2… “He began running, Hinata ran with him “3!” They flew off the ledge Naruto letting out a “Whoop!” as they fell hand in hand. Hinata let out a yelp when they hit the cool water. They found them selves at the bottom of the pool of water. They swam up about 18 feet. When they surfaced they swam to the less deep water gasping softly for air. Hinata stood up in the water. She was dripping wet. Her hair drooped down on her face. The water went up to her waist, her vagina was submerged.

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       She put her arms across her chest out of embarrassment, with a furious blush streaked across her face. She looked down at the water and saw a reflection of herself that she had not seen before. Something was different about her but she didn’t know what it was. She looked the same… yet more like a woman in her eyes. Naruto got up and wrapped his arms around her. “You seem cold. ” Naruto said rubbing her gently. Hinata looked at her arms and saw they were covered in Goosebumps. His hands felt warm on her skin. It made her tingle in the most peculiar way. She began to feel something poke against her stomach. She looked down and saw Naruto's cock fully erect. Now it was her turn to lick her lips. Naruto bent to the side a little and began to suck on Hinata's neck. “Mmmm Naruto…” She whispered.

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       ‘Im positive this isn’t a dream… it can’t be!’


    “Naruto… Can you go inside me?” She said as quiet as a mouse with her face beet red. ‘WHAT!? WHAT DID YOU JUST ASK!???’ raced thru her head, she wished she could’ve took it back.
    “Do you really want that Hinata?” he said running his hands down her back squeezing her butt cheeks a bit firm. It sent an electric shock up her spine. “Mmmhmmm. . . ” she said in her throat. ‘Hinata what are you saying? What’s happening?’ she thought. Naruto turned her around so her back was facing him and kissed her neck some more. She felt her vagina get damp, not just from the water her own sex was mixed in there too. “What are you doing Naruto…?” she said, slightly in a blessed-out-daze.
    “Im going to go inside you. Like you asked. ” He said bending her back a bit.

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       He wrapped an arm above her full chest licked under her ear. “Spread your legs a bit. ” He said quietly. She nodded her head, her cheek bright red. She opened them, while Naruto grabbed hold of his cock and aimed for her slit. “Hold your breath. ” He said quietly as he began to slide a couple inches inside her.
    “Ahhiee!” Hinata cried out as his cock went about 2 inches in. “Hinata-Chan! Do you want me to stop?” he said preparing to pull it out. “No!” she cried. “Don’t stop! It feels really good!” He smiled and kiss her neck putting a hand on one of her pert nipples. The other one sliding back and forth on her clit. He went in about 2 inches and stopped. “Hinata…” he said in a grunt. “You’re so tight and warm…!” He wanted to Thrust himself in as far as he could be he wouldn’t, knowing it might hurt her.

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       He waited a minute or two slid almost out then back in slowly going another half an inch or more.

    He did this for the next couple minute till he was buried deep inside of her. She was moaning and crying feeling his hand on her clit and on her breast, then with his cock in her fully she cried his name. His mouth was against her neck. His warm breath caressed her soft skin as he slowly began a steady motion of going all the way into her hilt then coming almost all the way out. Each time it hit her hit Hinata cried out or squealed his name. “Naruto-kun Ohhhh faster…!” She called. He began to thrust into her tight vagina, he was grunting into the back of her neck. “Oh Hinata you feel so damn good. ” He didn’t want it to stop he wanted this feeling to last forever. Hinata's breathing came in short drags. Her face, neck and the top of her chest had all turned bright red from blush. Her eyes were building tears in the sides of them, her mouth was gaped open as Naruto continued to thrust into her. “I love you so much Hinata. ” He said gripping her tightly.

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       “I love you Aha! Too. ” She cried out as he slammed extra hard into her. She had orgasmed about 3 times already just from him rubbing her. But him going hard in her like that made her having a screaming orgasm that just made him thrust harder. Hinata reached behind her grabbing the back of Naruto's head and began to kiss him deeply. His arms still wrapped around her playing with her nipples, the other fingering her clit, while his 8 inches of man hood thrusted into her tight virgin cunt. “Ohhhh Naruto! Naruto-kun!” She begged. His grip tightened on her. “Hinata-Chan…Im… Ohhhh Im going to have an orgasm!” He growled into the bottom of her neck kissing and sucking on it. “Mmmm Naruto-kun I am to…” she put her hands over his and called out his name practically screaming. Naruto met her scream, calling her name as he rammed himself into her. An orgasmic explosion waved over both there shaking bodies. Naruto's grip softened on Hinata. They stood there in the position till Naruto’s penis went flaccid and fell out. Then she turned to face him.


       Her cheeks were slightly red. “Thank you. . . N-. . Naruto-kun. ” She hugged him with all she had and they stood about half hour hugging each other.

    “Hinata! Come on! I see the village!” They were about a mile away from the village hidden in the mist. They had to rush because they spent too much back at the rest spot. They were a bit beaten and batted from falling, getting hit by branches and plenty more things. Finally they reached the village's kazekage and gave him the giant barrel of medication for his village.
    “My village, my people, and I thank you desperately for this. We are in debt to you, The village hidden in the leafs. ” They bowed to each other respectfully.

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       “We found the guys who had spread the disease to your village. They’ve been killed. ” Naruto said scratching his cheek smiling a bit. “Hmm if you tell us where you laid them we’ll have a burial. ” Naruto had walked in the other room with the kazekage to point out the coordinates on there map. Hinata-Chan waited outside the door.


    The kazekage’s assistant walked by her and looked at beaten appearance. “You poor thing are you ok?” she said sitting by her.
    “Im fine… we just brought the delivery to your village for the disease that’s been plaguing you. ” Hinata said smiling shyly. “Do you need accommodations to stay the night?” she said standing up and going to the computer.
    “Were fine we can just go to the cave we stayed in last night. ” She said standing up also.
    “O no! You mustn’t! Please we ask that you stay in a hotel for the night, on us! Everything charged to the room, we’ll pay for it. ” She said.


    “Ok. ” Hinata said quietly. Naruto came out of the room with a smile on his face. “Ok Hinata-Chan! Let’s go!” He smiled brightly at her, and at the completion of there mission. “You must be Naruto-sama!” the assistant called happily. “Uh yeah?” naruto said a bit confused. The assistant told him about the hotel and right after she said “on us” he immediately said “We’ll take it!” Flashing his goofy charming smile. ‘Another night alone… In a hotel room with Naruto-kun… this will be interesting. . . . ’ a devilish smile grew across Hinata's face.


    “Wow what a lavish room!” Hinata said throwing down her sack. Naruto flopped down on the bed ripping of his shirt and pants and sat there in his underwear. Hinata stared for a second then looked away blushing.

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       “I think im going to take a shower, I need one. ” Hinata said taking off her jacket and throwing it on the floor. She walked into the bathroom and Naruto heard the shower begin to run. He looked at the door and jumped out the bed and took off his shirt. “You know I need a shower to!” he said to himself going into the bathroom.
    “Ohhhh Naruto-kun…”


    To be continued! I really hoped you enjoyed that, there’s more to come so stay tuned ^^




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