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Hello.  My name is Cindy.  I am 35, and a mother of one 18 year old.  I married my high school boyfriend, Rick, and had to take a break from college when I had him at 19.  I eventually went back to school and became a doctor, however, soon after my husband got promoted and was always away on business.  I had to stay at home to take care of our precious baby boy, and began to feel somewhat dejected.  I mean, my husband always seemed jealous of my career, and couldn't handle me being the bigger bread winner.  But I digress. . .  I have always been a good-looking girl.  I guess you might even call me beautiful.  Dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, naturally tan skin I never needed to work on.  I was a small D, large C cup and have always worked out, most recently at home, to keep a fit body with a tight ass, firm legs, etc.  Anyway, you could say I was a milf, but I never thought of myself that way.  I was always loyal, perhaps to a fault, and until recently had no problems.

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    However, recently my husband has had less and less sex drive, or at least energy for sex, and I have been feeling horny.  Luckily, my son, Sean, is now a sophomore in high school, and does pretty well on the football team, meaning I have plenty of time to take care of my own needs.  Anyway, after a marathon masturbation session one day, I realized that if I was going to sit around and flick my bean all day, I might as well do something else to keep me busy.  That night I brought it up to Rick that Sean was independent enough, and we had no children to warrant me sitting at home by myself all day.  Thinking about getting a job, it certainly surprised me when he enthusiastically said, "I completely agree, honey.  Let's make another child. "  I was speechless at first, but then when he started to rub me and I saw his bulge, I realized that at least I could get some satisfaction out of this so I said, "I agree!" I'll spare you the details of what happened next, mainly because it was pump-pump-pump-done.  After my husband fell asleep, I masturbated for the fourth time that day.  I'm not sure what it was, but I was getting hornier and hornier as I got older.  Anyway, the next day I stopped taking the pill.  My son's car was in the shop, so I was supposed to pick him up from practice at 5:30.  After preparing dinner and tidying up, I drove over to the school.  The players were not yet out of the showers, so as I was waiting, the coach came over and we struck up a conversation.  I immediately realized he may have had more on his mind than talking, as he spent a good portion of the convo speaking very smoothly to my breasts, but eventually I mentioned feeling bored at home.  Knowing I was an M.

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  D. , he told me they were looking for a sports trainer to help out.  It was only from 3-6 everyday, and I was definitely overqualified, but if I wanted it to set up an interview.  Finally my son came out, and I said goodbye.  As I walked away I could feel the coach's eyes burning a hole through my ass.  Oh well, I thought.  Boys will be boys.  Excited about the job prospect, I mentioned it to my son who, in typical teen fashion, couldn't care less what I did as long as it didn't embarass him.  During dinner, I mentioned it to my husband who didn't seem thrilled, but also didn't say no. Perhaps that was cause he was shoveling food into his mouth or because he couldn't peel his eyes away from the Victoria's Secret commercial on TV, but I took it as his support.  The next day I called the school and set up an interview.  The interview went extremely well, and I was offered the job on the spot.  I just had to be there by 3 PM everyday since school got out at 3:30, and was told I could leave everyday by 6.  Except on weekends, when the majority of competitions were, that was all that was required of me.  I quickly found out, though, that leaving by 6 was a pipe dream.

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    Practices ended by 5, so all the kids who were sore and hurt and tired came into the training room after practice for their tape and ice and stretching.  At first, I was frazzled by the constant onslaught but quickly grew accustomed to it.  Also, I quickly realized how to fit in better.  The first day, I didn't think about what I was wearing, I just threw on a tank top and short-shorts.  After half the team was in the training room for bumps and bruises, most of them with hard-ons, I realized I needed to dress more conservatively.  That didn't stop the erections completely though, it just made it easier on me.  It's certainly not easy to not get any at home and then be bombarded with hard male bodies and their hard penises all day.  I'm not trying to make excuses, I'm just telling you how it was.  Some days I would leave work dripping wet, through my panties.   After working at the school for about a month, at which point I was finally used to the schedule and having a good time, a chain of events happened that would forever change my life.  After waiting for nearly a month, I found out I was just entering the fertile time of month.  I dressed in my newly-bought sexy lingerie, shaved my legs, and purposefully didn't masturbate in anticipation of the long night ahead of me.  When it was bed time, I came out of the bathroom all dolled up, and my husband looked at me and went right back to reading.  Too horny to care, I said, "It's that time, honey.  I hope you're ready, cause I'm gonna ride you all night!"  I figured something, the lingerie, the baby, the dirty talk; something would get him half as excited as I was.

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    But no.  The jackass told me he was too tired and had a busy day tomorrow so he was just going to get some sleep.  I started to get upset.  "But it's time to make a baby!  I thought that's what you wanted!"  "It is, but if you're just entering your fertile time, we can do it tomorrow right?"  Like we were talking about moving a couch or something!  What an asshole.  I waited until he fell asleep and masturbated three times before I finally fell asleep.  The next day, I was still upset, especially since I had convinced myself he was having an affair.  I was also still super horny, since my fingers were never as good as the real thing, even though in my case, the real thing meant Rick's half-assed attempt at sex.  I went to work, and was literally wet all day.  During football practice, Sean's best friend, Brian, was injured.  I was called out and rushed over to see what had happened.  He was hobbling around after someone had landed on his leg.  Being one of the star players, even though only a sophomore, the coach was extra anxious to have me check him.  I examined him for a little and realized it was only a charlie-horse, albeit a particularly bad one.  I massaged his quad and told him to keep moving, but take the rest of practice easy.  I also told him to come visit me after practice and I would check him out better.

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   I went inside and time went by until about 6:05 when I was just about to close up.  Brian came in and said, "Sorry I took so long, it was hard to shower and change and stuff with the leg kinda messed up. "  I said, "No problem, come on in.  Everyone else is gone already, let me take a look at you. "  Brian was wearing tight jeans and a t-shirt.  I realized I was getting kind of turned on by this kid's hard body.  To distract myself, I said, "So, Brian, how come we haven't seen you around our house recently?"  "Oh you know, Mrs. D, I've been busy with school and sports. . . "  "And girls?" I asked joking with him.  "Especially girls," he replied.  His leg seemed ok, but when I told him, he said the charlie-horse was gone relatively quickly, it was more in his groin that he was having problems now.  I tried examining his groin, but have you ever tried to examine a patient through jeans?  Not happening.  I told him to strip to his boxers.

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    He hesitated and I joked, "Oh come on, you don't have anything I haven't seen before. "  I was seated on a chair right in front of him, where he was standing, and finally, as if he had made up his mind, quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled them down.  I was shocked for two reasons.  First, he was wearing no underwear at all.  Second, he had what appeared to me to be the biggest cock ever.  It was still soft but it already dwarfed Rick's.  I was at first speechless, so he said, "I'm so sorry, Mrs. D.  I don't wear underwear cause it really restricts me. . . down there. "  "I. . .

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  it's OK," I managed to get out.  My mind was a blur and I felt myself starting to get very wet.  "Uh, let me just take a look at you. "  I couldn't take my eyes off of his glorious cock though.  He chuckled and said, "Do you want to touch it?"  I kind of snapped out of it and looked him in the eye and said, "That's a little inappropriate, Brian.  Let me just finish examining you. "  I began to check his groin for adhesions, but couldn't help but brush against his cock every time I moved my hands around his groin.  To my astonishment, it began to grow and stiffen.  I kept leaning back in my chair more and more and could not believe how large it was becoming. I had only seen one penis in my life, Rick's, and this one looked heavenly to me.  It had thick veins all over it, and a giant purple head.  By this time, I was pretty clearly not examining him very well anymore.  Unfortunately, being a low chair with a back, I could not lean back any further and his giant cock was about a millimeter from my closed mouth, right at lip level.  I had my hands on his groin, but was staring directly at his hard rod.  He gently pressed his throbbing cock forward just barely, and it was as if I lost control of my body.

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    My lips parted and he slowly inched his giant dick into my mouth.  I could only fit the head in at first but suddenly found myself giving him a world class blow job. The next thirty minutes were a blur.  I found myself going deeper and deeper on his cock, rubbing his balls and the rest of his dick that I couldn't reach with my mouth.  I had a mini-orgasm when I saw my wedding ring on my hand rubbing his cock.  This was already such a huge deal, I rarely gave my husband a blow job unless it was a special occasion.  Apparently I was pretty good though, he kept moaning and pushing on my head.  I was able to take most of his cock.  Luckily, I don't have a strong gag reflex so I was a pretty good deep throater.  As I was sucking him off, he began rubbing my tits and opening my blouse. After trying unsuccessfully for five minutes to take my bra off, he finally gave up and ripped it off.  Now here I was, balls deep on this kid, with my tits hanging out.  Anyone could have walked in at any time.  Surprisingly, this just turned me on even more.  My pussy was now squishing it was producing so much fluid.

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    All of a sudden, he grabbed the back of my head and began using my mouth like a vagina.  He was literally face fucking me.  I just relaxed my throat and enjoyed his balls hitting my chin on nearly every thrust.  Finally, he pulled out and I groaned as I watched a string of spit trailing from his dick head to my lips.  I looked him in the eye and licked it off.  He moaned and literally picked me up and carried me over to one of my examining tables.  He bent me over it, and took my blouse and the ripped remains of my bra off.  I had no idea what would happen next or how far this would go, but I knew I had to have his cock inside me.  I would never be satisfied again until I felt it rubbing my womb. He slowly took off my pants and then pulled off my panties, leaving me butt naked.  I saw him sniff my now soaked panties and then put them into his jeans pocket.  He dropped to his knees and began assaulting my pussy.  I was dripping all over his face and he was just lapping it up.  I have no idea if he was that experienced, lucky, or I was just that horny but after not having been eaten out for years, I came three times in a row all over his face.  The last time, I actually squirted a little, soaking his shirt.

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    My legs were wobbly and I could barely catch my breath.  He pulled off his shirt and I admired his hard body, big pecs, and ripped abs.  I wanted to lick his body all over and worship his cock. He began licking my ears and kissing my neck.  I was shivering I wanted his cock so badly.  "You like this big cock?"  "Ohhhh, yes. "  "What do you want me to do with it?"  "Oh, please, do it. "  "Do what?" he teased.  I couldn't believe this was shy little Brian, now torturing me, making me beg for it.  I always knew he had a crush on me, but I never knew the type of equipment he was packing.  "Fuck me," I whispered.  "What?" he asked loudly.  "Oh, god, FUCK ME! FUCK ME SO FUCKING HARD!"  He laughed and began rubbing his dick head all over my pussy, teasing me even worse.  "Beg for it, slut. "  As he called me a slut, I was never more turned on in my life.


    "Yesssss," I hissed. "I am your slut, please fuck me with your glorious cock. I need it inside of me. "  "Sean told me you were trying to have another child, are you fertile right now?  Cause I don't wear condoms.  I'm not pulling out.  Don't you want your child to be fathered by a real man?"  "Ohhhhhh, fuck me, ohhh god. "  His words were so dirty, I was turned on so much.  Maybe I really was a slut. As he continued to kiss and lick my neck, rub his cock on my clit, and rub my very sensitive nipples, I was wrestling internally.  I didn't want to cheat on my husband, and I certainly should not have had my son's best friend's child, should I?  On the other hand, fuck Rick, he's been ignoring me for too long.  He might have even been fucking around.  In fact, she was sure of it.  Well, turn about was fair play, wasn't it?  And Brian certainly had good genes, maybe her next son would be that much better.  As Brian continued her assault on her body, finally she screamed so loud someone had to hear, "Oh, fuck it!  Fuck me so hard!  Cum inside me, give me your child.  Fuck my husband and his small cock.

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    I mean, his prick.  Your giant rod is what I would really call a cock!  Oh, god please just put it in me already, I need to feel your meat deep inside of me!  Fuck me so hard, use my pussy!"  He moaned but still continued to tease me.  "Oh that's right, slut.  You're mine.  I own you.  Whenever I want your pussy, its mine.  You will only fuck who I want and when I want, get it whore?  From this moment on, you are only a cum dumpster for me, meant to breed my children and do what I say.  You won't touch your husband's tiny penis anymore.  And, bitch, your fucking oven is pre-heated and ready for my first child!"  I couldn't handle it anymore.  I turned around quickly, screamed, "Fine!  I agree!  Just fuck me, you fucking asshole!"  I pushed him backwards and he was so surprised he fell backwards on the floor, with his cock pointing straight up in the air like flag pole. I jumped on him, and sank my pussy to his balls in one thrust.  I came so hard right then, with his cock buried to the hilt inside of me.  I literally lost consciousness and went limp.  The last thing I remembered was his cock was inside of my womb it was so big.  The next thing I know, I'm being pushed up against the wall and he is pounding my sore pussy for all he's worth.

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     My face and tits are pressed against the wall, and I have no strength to move.  He sees my eyes open and he flips me around, and puts his cock right back in and continues pounding away.  He began to kiss me and we start making out so hard, our tongues probing each others mouths.  I feel something drip onto my cheek, and I realize I have cum all over my hair and forehead.  When he sees me looking at it, he explains, "While you were out I was about to cum so I sprayed it all over your face. "  "Why?  I thought I was supposed to carry your children?"  "Fuck yea, you are.  But you will be conscious and ready when I decide to impregnate you, you fucking cunt. "  I came again from his language, and felt his cock begin to expand.  I knew it was almost time so I said, "Fuck yea, fill my pussy up.  Knock me up with your child!"  Instantly, I felt him pull out.  I had no strength so I dropped to my knees.  He then put his cock into my mouth.  I must have looked confused, staring up at him with his cock hanging out of my mouth, so he said, "Not yet, slut.  I'm waiting for a special time.  Now, drink it all, whore!"  As he said this, I felt his cock swell and begin pulsing.

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  I grabbed it and began to blow him as I felt cum rush into the back of my throat.  I kept swallowing but could not believe the amount of cum he was producing.  Some of it spilled out and fell on the floor.  Finally, he was spent and sat down.  I was about to get up when he said, "Wait, whore.  Are you just gonna leave a mess in your office?  I thought you were better than that. "  I looked down and saw a puddle of our cum mixed together below me, and under the examining table, and on the wall where my face was pressed after he came on it.  I started to get up again to get a towel, when he said, "Stay the fuck down, whore.  You have a tongue, don't you?"  At first, I was grossed out since the floors were not even close to clean, but then I began to get wet again.  I must've really been a whore.  I got down on my stomach, wincing as the cold tile made my tits cold.  I began to slowly lick it up while looking him in the eyes.  I crawled over to the examining table and licked up my juices, and then licked the wall clean.  His cum tasted different than my husband's, slightly sweet and tangy.  I really liked it and wanted more.

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    I turned and Brian was already all dressed, wearing his shirt that was still soaked from my squirting orgasm earlier.  He came up to me and kissed me. "You did good, slut.  I can't wait to put a baby into you tonight.  Be ready!"  With that he walked away, leaving me naked and dripping there in my training room.  I was too speechless to respond,  but what did he mean?  Was he coming to my house tonight to fuck me?  Would I truly be made into his slut tonight?  Would he tell my husband?  Worse, would he tell my son or the rest of the football team?  I had no idea but with what little strength I had left, I tidied the training room up and began to drive home, playing with my clit the whole ride. Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!  Feel free to email me if you prefer: geneticsynergy9@hotmail. com.



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