High School Trainer 2


After finally arriving home, I was hornier than ever.  I still had no idea what Brian meant but I was a little nervous.  Mostly turned on, but also a little apprehensive of what would happen next.  I hated my husband for neglecting me, but still loved him and wasn't sure I was ready for him to find out about my extramarital affairs.  I pulled into the garage and after gathering my things, I entered the house.  Right away, my husband was there in the family room, watching TV.  I almost gasped, but managed to croak out a "hello".  He got up and came over to kiss me hello.  After kissing me, he paused and looked at my hair.  "Honey, you have something in your hair," he said, pointing.  I suddenly felt my stomach drop, remembering the copious amounts of semen Brian pumped into my mouth, on my face, and even on my hair. "Oh, it's just this new analgesic product we're trying.  It gets everywhere and it's stickier than hell," I somehow managed to stammer out.  Of course the bastard couldn't have cared less about me, so he just said, "That sucks," and went back to watch his damn television.  On the one hand, I was happy I managed to lie to his face, but on the other, I was just caught with another man's cum all over my hair and he didn't even seem to care about the possibility.  I hated him a little more right then.

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    O well.  I decided to quickly wash my hair in the kitchen sink and begin to cook dinner.  I entered the dining room and had the second shock of the day.  "Hi, Mrs. D!  You look nice!"  Brian cockily said as he and my son looked up from their homework on the dining room table.  Jesus, I was going to have a heart attack yet.  "B-Brian, what are you doing here," I asked nervously.  "He's helping me with his homework and staying for dinner.  Is that cool, mom," my son asked me.  "Y-yes, I should have enough. "  I quickly entered the kitchen and tried to slow my heart rate.  I began to wash my hair in the sink and got dinner going.  I called everyone to the table and was just about to put out the salads. Brian quickly chimed in, "Here let me help you, Mrs. D!"  He got in the kitchen and immediately began to squeeze my tits and rub my pussy.

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    Still being extremely horny from earlier, I quickly responded and started dripping again.  Brian pushed me to my knees and told me to suck his cock.  I looked up at him and told him that anyone could come in at any time.  "I don't give a fuck, bitch.  Start sucking. "  For the second time of the day, I felt like my body had a mind of its own.  I continued to plead with him not to make me blow him right then, but my hands reached out, unzipped his pants and fished his already semi-hard cock out.  As I was still telling him we shouldn't, I took him into my mouth and began to go to work.  I could hear my husband and son right outside the door, which got me going even more.  Brian, too, apparently, since he suddenly groaned and said, "Fuck, slut, where do you want it?"  Just as he said that, I heard my husband comment on how slow I was to get the food out, and that maybe the job was too much for me to handle.  An evil thought entered my mind, and I grabbed my husband's salad and held it under Brian's cock as I finished him off in my mouth and dribbled his jizz all over my husband's salad.  Brian laughed and out his cock away.  We brought the salads out and I watched in joy as my husband chowed away.  Take that, asshole, I thought.  For all the times you made me swallow your nasty ass cum, now you can taste a real man.


    My husband said he really liked the salad.  I told him that Brian helped me make it special for him.  He thanked Brian and we began to eat our main entree.  After we began eating, I could see my son and husband were caught up in the game so I reached under the table right next to me and began to jerk Brian off.  I still couldn't believe how big his dick was, and that I had missed out on real sex for so many years.  I felt his dick get a little bigger and "accidentally" dropped my napkin on the floor.  I went under the  table and quickly finished Brian off in my mouth, not swallowing all of it.  I got back up, and began clearing the table.  As I passed my husband, I gave him a big kiss, slipping in my tongue, and of course a little extra, courtesy of my new master. After dinner, Sean and Rick said they were beat and going to bed.  Sean said "That's cool, man.  I gotta bounce anyway.  I'll help your mom real quick with the dishes and then let myself out.  I'll see you tomorrow. "  We cleared the table, and I could not keep my hands off of him.

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    Finally, he slapped me.  "Bitch, you are mine and you will do what I say when I say it.  Now finish washing these dishes. "  Shocked, more from what he said than the slap, I began to wash the dishes.  I thought he wanted to knock me up.  Why was he acting this way now.  Finally, I finished and then looked at him.  "To the basement, cunt," Brian said sternly.  We walked down to the basment and I realized my husband did one thing right.  He had built an impressive entertainment unit down there a few years ago, but because of the loudness of the speakers, he soundproofed the entire basement to avoid noise complaints.  Brian and I could fuck as loud and as hard as we wanted and no one would know.  Ironic that my husband made it possible for me to get off with a real man easily. Once down there, Brian suddenly was so sweet and apologetic and began to gently kiss me and rub me.  He took off all of my clothes and then laid me down on the couch.  After stripping, he got ontop of me and lined up his cock with my slit.

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    He looked deep into my eyes and then plunged his cock to the hilt in one push.  I screamed and came all over his dick.  He began to plow me, making me cum again and again.  I was begging for more and moaning his name so loud, I was actually a little nervous the soundproofing would not work.  Finally, he pulled out, making me moan for him to put it back in.  But he had other ideas.  He laid down on the ground and told me that he was very close.  If I wanted him, to come ride his cock and take his baby batter deep.  This was it, the point of no return.  Did I want to make my husband a cuckold, or should I stop now and try to salvage my marriage.  Eventually, I had no choice and straddled his cock.  I looked deep into his eyes and moaned, "Put your baby into my belly.  Fuck my husband, he doesn't deserve this pussy. "  I sank to his balls, and began to ride him hard, wanting his cum in my womb more and more.  He told me that I was his forever, and that anywhere, anytime, my pussy, mouth, and asshole were his, and his alone.

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    Then he told me that I his breeding bitch and that my family was going to increase by a lot.  When he said that, I felt so slutty, I came even harder than before, my pussy clamping down on his cock. The sudden pressure cause him to arch his back and unload into my unprotected and very fertile pussy.  I collapsed onto his chest and we just lay there making out, with his cock buried inside of me, cum dripping out slowly.  We fucked one more time, slower this time, as a husband and wife.  He left one more load inside of me and then we both got dressed.  I kissed him goodbye at the door and just before I could go upstairs to shower and go to bed, my cell phone rang with a voicemail.  Apparently, someone called while I was in the basement since we have no service down there.  I listened to the message.  It was from the football coach.  "Hi Cindy.  I was just calling to tell you I like the bra you wore to school today.  I found it in the training room, ripped and stained with cum.  After reviewing the security cameras, I think we need to have a chat tomorrow before work.  Be there on time.

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  . . Oh, and don't wear any underwear.  You won't need it. ".



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