her 1st time


hi there my name is daren and i was 41 and my wife was 33 when she was with my best friend. it all started when we were at his and his wifes house and we were drinking, well his wife went to bed and we stayed down stairs drinking. well i got so drunk i had passed out and when i opend my eys i seen my wife and friend making out. well i closed my eyes enough to see and he stood up and told her to suck him, well she said she dont suck which she does and he knelt down and started to make out with her again and playing with her titts. well when you play with her peirced nipple she goes nutts and he found this out really fast, as he was pinching her nipples he asked her if she liked it and all she done was moan, he asked her again if she licked it and she said yes she did like it. he told her as hes pinching her nipples that she was going to suck his cock and she said ok, he stood up and she unziped his shorts and pulled his cock out and sucked it into her mouth. i could see her mouth full of cock and i was so hard i couldnt hold it anymore but i knew i had too, he told her he was going to fuck her and she said he couldnt because she wasnt on any birth controll, he looked at her in the eyes and said she wanted it and he was going to give it to her. he pulled his cock out of her mouth and he told her to stand up and she did,he took her shirt off and bra and he told her to take her pants off. as she did he took off his shorts and boxers and i could see his cock in full view now, i was like wow she must be really wet because he was about 9 inches long and thick. he told her to bend over the couch we were on and she said no way they would wake me up, well he smaked her ass and she yellped and he bent her over and moved her panties over and started to puch his cock into her waiting pussy.

i seen the look on her face and wow was it nice, she closed her eyes and her mouth fell open and i could hear her say oh my god oh my god. well he pushed more into her and her hand pushed against his stomach and said it hurt, he grabed her arm and pushed more into her and i could see she was in pain. so i opend my eyes fully open and she looked at me and said she was sorry and my friend looked at me and said well im going to fuck her bro and i said go for it. this suprised my wife and he started to fuck the shit out of her tight pussy, i could see her pussy lipps open and close when he was fucking her and they were red as hell. my wife said dont cum in her and he just fucked her and thats when she got into it, after a few min she was moaning and pushing against him, her pussy is realy wet now and i looked at him and he smiled at me and rammed his cock into her and she let out a lil scream and me and her looked up to look for his wife to come down the stairs. he just kept pumping into my wifes pussy and she loved it, he looked at me and i could see he was almost there and i looked at my wife and he asked her where she wanted his cum, she said she wasnt on the pill or anything and he smacked her ass and said where she wanted his cum as he fucked her hard and deep.

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  she was so into it she said she wanted his cum in her pussy i looked at her and she said she was so sorry that he feels so good in her that she wants to feel his cum in her also. he started to fuck her fast and he grunted and pushed his cock so far into her tight pussy and came. i looked at her and she had her eyes closed and she came all over his cock, he asked her if she liked it and she said she loved his cock. he pulled out of her dripping pussy and he told her to clean him she leaned over and sucked him clean and as she sucking him he told her she was his bitch now and she smilled and said ok as long as its ok with me. he looked at her and said no your my bitch now and he said he was going to bed and fuck his wife. more to come thank you. .