Having Fun with Aunt’s Friend…Part 2


I expected to wake up next morning beside my aunt’s friend. It turned out I was wrong. What I didn’t expect was waking up to see his face buried in my pussy but that is what I woke up to. He was tongue fucking me when I opened my eyes and looked down to see his face buried in my pussy. I couldn’t stop myself and climaxed, arching my back and letting out a moan. He looked up and saw I had woken up. Smiling he attacked my pussy with his fingers once again. I was writhing on the bed with ecstasy.

Getting on his knees he took hold of my toes and spread them wide. Holding one leg with his hands he held it away from my body. Using the other hand he reached for his cell phone and told me to enjoy the fucking and make as many noises and as loudly as I possibly can so he can record it on his cell and watch it when he needs to masturbate. “I want to see myself fucking and pleasuring you, baby. ” Raising my head I looked down as he started playing with my pussy hole with his cock while recording it in his cell phone. I started to moan and he pushed his huge monster inside me and started to fuck me wildly. I was arching my back with ecstasy. He brought his camera slowly up and focused it on my tits.

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   My tits were bouncing, going up and down, with each of his powerful thrusts as he went inside me and then came out. I started to massage and rub my tits. Then he moved it up to my face and I looked up. Once sure the camera had a good view of my face, I closed my eyes and started moaning loudly. Telling the camera of my pleasure at being fucked by a monster of a cock early in the morning. He couldn’t take it anymore and moving the camera back down focused it back on him fucking my pussy hole. He started to shoot his load. Two or three shots went inside me before he took it out and aimed it at my stomach. Recording everything, not missing a single shot. Even when I started to come he made sure he recorded my cum.

“Now do my asshole. ” I said as I turned and offered him my ass. He started the recording again and opened up my ass so he could focus the camera of his cell on my asshole. He started pounding me from behind and slowly moved the camera up, then moving it down so he could record my tits hanging down and jiggling as he kept pumping into me. I moved my face again so that I was looking into the camera.

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   Once again I moaned and let the camera record my pleasure. I licked my lips. I had started fingering my pussy while being ass fucked. Adjusting the camera again he focused it on my pussy while I finger fucked myself. Asking him to stop I got up and hurried to get the dildo. I wanted to spice up the video as much as I could. He kept recording me moving over to the wardrobe naked and getting the dildo and coming back to him. Moving back into position I offered him my asshole again. First, he focused on my ass as he entered my asshole again then moved it to focus on my pussy and said “Put that in you, baby. ” Using one hand to part my pussy lips I put the dildo inside me. He kept the camera focused there. Recording me fucking myself with the dildo then slowly moved it up and focused on my tits again. I was about to come again. He said he was almost ready too. I moved down on him and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him like my life depended on it.

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   He held onto my head from behind and pushed his cock inside my mouth. I sucked his cock and continued fucking myself with the dildo. Running the camera up and down recording me lying down sucking his cock and fucking myself with the dildo. Not being able to hold on any longer I came. Shouting as I climaxed. Pulling out his cock from my mouth he shot his load on my tits and face.
    His cum landed on my lips, nose, cheek and a little bit on my forehead. Taking out my tongue I licked my lips. Taking in the cum. Moving the camera down he focused on my tits while with the other hand he spread his cum over my tits.

    Lying down he cuddled me close to him and whispered in my ears “You know why I like fucking you so much. ” I shook my head “No”. “Coz you look like an innocent baby, that’s why. It gives me great pleasure fucking someone who looks innocent. ” I have been told many times before that I looked innocent without any make-up on.

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       Of course make-up has a way of making me look older and well, not innocent.

    We sat back down to watch the recording. It was awesome watching me getting fucked. It got me wet all over again and it certainly had started affecting my fuck buddy. Cuddling closer I took his cock in my hand and started stroking him. Slowly and then increasing my pace. When he said he was ready to cum I stopped and let him relax. We continued watching the recording again. This time he fingered my pussy while I stroked his cock. Making ourselves last till the end of the recording. We were both on edge by the time the recording ended and we both came at once.

    It felt amazing. I couldn’t believe that girl in the recording was me. I hoped I could also coax my aunt and uncle make a video of us so we could watch later. I also found out I loved being woken up to the feelings of having someone pleasuring me even before I regained my senses early in the morning.

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    Well this happens to be my seventh series relating to my uncle and aunt sex. To all those who read my stories and have commented and/or voted thanks a lot. Hope you continue enjoying my stories and please feel free to let me know if you want me to make any changes or to add anything more. .