Having a Bad Night (Introduction)


-The Family

My name is Greg; I am 5"10 and in good physical shape for a 38 year old. My wife Amy is 34 years old; she is 5”6 with long red hair going down past her shoulders, she as beautiful dark green eyes and C-cup sized breasts, a flat stomach and a firm ass. I met and fucked Amy at a party when she was 18 and I was 21, unfortunately we weren’t wearing any protection and a month later she called me to say that she was pregnant. 2 months later we were married and 6 months after that she gave birth to two beautiful twin girls; Cindy and Mary. Cindy and Mary are 18 now and look almost exactly alike, except for the fact that Cindy’s tits are a little bigger and Mary’s ass is much nicer. Besides that, they look almost exactly like my wife Amy.

-The Best Friend

I started a sports clothing company with my best friend Jeff when we were 20 years old and let’s just say that money wasn’t a problem after that. Jeff was 6”2 brown hair with an athletic built, Jeff is the one who comes up with the ideas while I balance the books and take care of business. Two weeks before I met Amy, when I was 21, I hired this smoking hot 5”5 blond haired blue eyed 19 years old girl to be my secretary in the hopes that I would be able to fuck her. Her name was Sarah and she had the nicest tits you ever saw, and her ass would make even a gay man drool. A week later she showed up in a sexy red top and black skirt that instantly made my 7 inch long cock stand erect. I decided that I was going to ask her out for drinks after work and take her to my house to fuck her senseless. At the end of the day I was waiting for Sarah to come back from faxing a few business papers so I could ask her out, after 18 minutes of waiting, I decided to go see what was taking her so long.

As I neared Jeff’s office I heard some strange noise and decided to look through the small opening in his door, there was Sarah with her top off wearing a pink bra. She was on her knees giving Jeff what looked to be the worlds best blow job, her head was bobbing up and down on Jeff’s gigantic 18 inch cock without any difficulty, she would lick his balls and lick her way back to the tip of his cock before putting it in her mouth again. After about 18 minutes of this, Jeff picked her up and unhooked her bra, her tits flopped out with ease and they looked even better naked than I could of imagined, Jeff lowered her down on his desk and yanked off her skirt and matching panties, he stuck a finger inside her moist pussy and started to lick her clit while finger fucking her, Sarah was going crazy under Jeff’s tongue, she was moaning and gasping while trashing her head and saying “YES, YES DON’T STOP” over and over again.

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   4 minutes later she grasped Jeff’s hair and buried his face in her snatch as she screamed out an enormous orgasm. Jeff then smiled at her and placed his huge dick in the entrance of her wet opening, he then started fucking her slowly and gently, kissing every inch of her body that he could reach, he was picking up the pace as he went deeper and deeper into her. After two more orgasms from Sarah, Jeff turned her around and placed her on her hands and knees, he took two of his fingers and started to play with her cunt as he put his middle finger from his other hand in her anus. He took her juices from his two fingers and lubed up her anus and then asked her if she was ready for this. “Fuck my ass, fill me like I’ve never been filled before” she replied. He then pushed and I could hear him grunting as he tried to insert his 18 inch cock in her tight asshole, and then suddenly he slid in about 2 inches, he fucked her ass slowly and slid in another 3 inches, Sarah was loving this as she moaned and groaned to Jeff’s every thrust, playing with herself. When he was 8 inches in her he lifted her up and sat down on his chair so she could be on top facing away, doing this she was able to slide down all of Jeff’s shaft, that’s when she noticed me… she just smiled and give me a wink as she started fondling herself and playing with her pussy, Jeff; who never noticed me, placed his hand on her other breast and the other one on her hip. Jeff was fucking her ass at full speed now and I’m sure she had completely forgotten about me as she was lost in the pleasure, Jeff than slammed her down his cock and held her there as he came over and over again in her ass, at this Sarah had her biggest orgasm yet and squirted her juices all over Jeff’s computer screen. She slid off of his cock, semen dripping and turned to look at his cock.
    “OMG, it’s bigger than before” she said, she was right, it must been 18 inches now. “We’re going to have to fix that she said as she straddled him and lowered her pussy right back on it and without a pause started fucking him in a cow girl position. She came twice more until he shot up just as much cum in her pussy witch triggered her 7th and biggest orgasm I have ever seen a woman have, again she slid offhim and Jeff was at lease smaller than before, but he was still 8 inches long and just as thick as myself, without saying at word Sarah smiled and went on her knees, cum dripping down her legs, and started giving Jeff a tit fuck and blow job at the same time, he than came in her mouth and when he pulled out he was still cumin as it went all over face and breasts, Jeff must of lost 5 pounds just in semen tonight I though to myself. Sarah swallowed the cum in her mouth and was completely satisfied now that Jeff was no longer hard and started to clean herself out, at that moment I decided to leave the office and drive home. I jumped in the shower and masturbated all night to what I had just witnessed; when I was done I felt more respect towards Jeff, and a little scared. Sarah had gotten pregnant with Jeff’s kid that night and they got married a year after there boy was born.

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       The boy’s name was Jon and he was a splitting image of his dad, handsome tall and athletic, the only difference was that he had Sarah’s blonde hair. He was only 4 days older than my girls.



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