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so my bestfriend mike has this extremely hot step mom like she has 36
D boobs and the juicyist ass there is. i almost get a boner every time i see this beutiful woman, so i was fifteen in the middle of summer when i decided to call my friend mike. but his step momanswered. "hello jim, mike and his dad are gone for the week. sorry but if you wanna come over and hang with me its fine". i thought wow this could be my chance! so i said " alright be over in ten minutes.
i put on a pair of shorts(big mistake)and headed over. when i got there there was lisa standing in the kitchen wearing a tight shirt and booty shorts. i walked in and said hi then she turned around. and her nipples where clearly visible. i started getting aroused. then she said whats that in your pocket jim?. and i was speech less all i could do was blush. she said come "go sit down in my room" angerly, so i did. my heart was beating fast i was so embarassed. then she came in and said "stand up" so i did then she said something very unexpected.

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   "wow you have a huge cock"
i was so shocked i couldnt speak she said lay down on the bed so i did. then she asked if you want to feel my tits and i said yes! so she walked over to the bed climbed up and got on top of me then put her perky boobs in my face. now i was really aroused. the she ripped her shit off and told me to suck on her tits. i started imediatly. so a couple minutes later she took her little booty shorts off and he pink thong. then she laid back and spread her legs. her pussy was the most amazing thing i had ever seen it was so pink, tight and wet.
She then yelled at me, she yelled " eat my fucking pussy now!" so i quickly started licking her pussy and finguring it like crazy. a couple minutes later she pushed me off of her and ripped my pants off then she pulled my boxers off and shoved my throbbing dick down her throat. her mouth was your warm and moist.
    it felt amazing she was bobbing up and down and licking my dick sometimes. but she was going crazy on my cock it felt amazing then she stopped when i was near the climax. then she got on her hands and knees and said fuck my ass hole now!.
    i stuck my throbbing wet cock in her warm super tight, juicy ass.

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       she screamed and said faster jim! so i started pounding her ass. she was creaming my name over and over then about 18 minutes later i said i had to cum then she said pull it out and cum all over my face so i did and she jacked me off un till i blew the biggest load of my life on her face. she licked her lips and sucked the rest out of my dick. then she said your staying the night here jim!.