Gotham: A Port In The Storm


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Gotham or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/ff, f/f, First time

Cat and Ivy
By Muhabba

On a dark and stormy night in a back alley of Gotham City, a small red haired girl with a green and black, dingy sweater stood in the pouring rain. Her stringy hair hung flat against her head as she tried to blink the water out from her eyes, her arms wrapped around her chest as she struggled to stay warm and wait. Suddenly, quietly, a boarded up door opened slightly and the head of another girl poked out. She was wearing a black knit beanie, her wavy brown hair plastered to her face. She slipped out of the door and walked over to her friend.

“Sorry, Ivy, place it full of drunks,” Selena said, wiping her wavy brown hair out of her eyes.

“We’re all wet and cold, Cat,” Ivy said in her usual flat toned voice but with a small shiver.

Selena looked around the alley, not really looking for anything in particular just not wanting to look at her friend shivering in the cold. Her wide eyes crawled over the water stained brick and concrete of the dirty ally before turning back to Ivy.

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  “I know, Ivy, but all my hidey holes are all filled up. I can’t think of where else to go,” the young teenage girl said solemnly.

The equally young red-haired girl shivered again and tightened her arms holding herself. “Wh. . . What about your friend. The boy,” she asked, her pinks lips trembling.

Selena looked at her pitiful friend shivering in the cold. “No way. I’m not asking Bruce,” she said defiantly, “Besides, he lives all the way out of town and we’d probably drown before we even got there. ”

“So where?” Ivy asked with a whimper.

Selena looked around again and then back to Ivy. She took a deep breath and shrugged her slender shoulders in defeat. If she had been on her own she would have just toughed it out in the rain but with Ivy, well, she had to look out after Ivy.

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  “I think I might now a place,” she said with resignation.

Twenty minutes later the two young girls were dripping wet as they stood in front of an apartment door. The apartment building was in one of the more upscale neighborhoods in Gotham and therefore Selena wasn't usually welcomed by the upper crust people living there but fortunately she knew more than one way to get to where she needed to go.

Ivy looked around the long, well lit hallway gleaming with faux gold and varnished wood. She was still shivering inside of her wet clothes, a puddle of water forming on the floor around her and Cat. "I don't think we belong here," she said in he usually strange, flat voice, "Are we going to get caught?"

"I've been here a few times, we'll be safe," Selena assured her friend as she worked up the nerve to knock on the door. "I've got, well, a friend I guess, who lets me crash here sometimes when the heat's on," she admitted.

"Or the rain," Ivy said offhandedly, still looking around before turning back to Cat. "So why didn't we just come here in the first place?" she asked with a shudder from inside of her dripping clothes.

"He always charges," Selena said frankly before raising her dainty fist to knock.

Suddenly before she could knock, the door to the apartment opened to reveal a old, pudgy gentleman with a large, bushy mustache as well as a stout gut. He was bald on top with bright white, thinning hair on the sides of his head. He was dressed in silk pajamas underneath a flannel, well worn robe and looked down at the two shivering girls with large, kindly eyes. "What's all the ruckus. .

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  . ?" he began before recognizing Selena, "My dear girl. It's you. "

Selena smiled awkwardly as she waved at the much older man. "Heya, Foster, how's it goin'?" she asked while trying to appear cool and collected.

Foster smiled warmly down at the young, shivering girl. "My dear, it's been months. I thought you disappeared long ago," he said, nearly clapping his hands in joy. "And I see you brought a friend," he added as his eyes fell on the shivering red-haired girl.

Selena shuffled her feet awkwardly before answering. "Yeah, ah. . . this is Ivy," she said with a awkward wave of her hand, "We were. .

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  . ah, I mean I was. . . um, I was needing a place to crash for the night and I thought. . . "

"Say no more," Foster interrupted with a giggle as he clapped his hands merrily, "My bed is always open to you. "

Selena looked over at Ivy from the corner of her eye but her friend seemed oblivious to what the older man had said. "And, uh. . . Ivy, my friend, ah. . .


  " she stammered.

"Say no more, say no more," Foster interrupted happily.

"I'll pay double. . . " Selena blurted out quickly.

Foster looked over both young, wet, shivering girls before answering. "I'm afraid the price will always be the same, my dear," he told Selena solemnly, "But if your friend isn't interested in paying. . . "

"No, no, no, she'll pay. I just thought. . . "

"I have no interest in blackmail, little kitten," Foster said, "But the price is the same.

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  Have I ever forced anything on you?"

Selena hung her head low in defeat. "No, I guess not," she said in surrender.

Foster clapped his hands merrily again. "Excellent, excellent," he said as he opened his door, "Come in, come in. "

Selena shuffled into the apartment first, holding Ivy's hand possessively. The large apartment was filled with gleaming hardwood, comfortable looking overstuffed furniture, and quite a few lace doilies. Ivy looked around, still shivering, at Foster's living room as the older man walked briskly away. He returned after only a few moments with a pair of towels and a laundry basket.

"Here you go," Foster said as he handed the girls the towels, "Get your clothes off and I'll wash them. You can wrap these around you. "

Ivy looked over at Cat. "He wants us to change here?"

"Well, you can't very well track water and mud everywhere can you?" he said with a warm, wide smile.

"It'll be okay, Ivy," Selena reassured her friend before sliding her beanie off and tossing it into the basket. It was true what Foster had said, he'd never forced himself on her and she believed that he wouldn't force himself on Ivy and if she'd been here by herself she'd have no problem paying for just herself but she had to take care of Ivy. She slipped her leather jacket off and Foster hung it up for her before turning back to watch them undress.

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  She didn't know how to break the price to Ivy and couldn't bring herself to just blurt it out so, as she kicked off her boots, she decided to just wait and see how Ivy would react.

As Ivy watched her friend undress she shrugged her shoulders and began to do the same. She kicked her sneakers off before sitting down on the floor and peeling her one sock off before throwing it and then the other in the basket. When she stood back up, Cat was just taking her dripping top off so she did the same. Both girls threw their tops into the basket together before starting to undo their pants.

Foster licked his lips as the two young girls stripped topless together. Selena's small, mosquito bump breasts were still so small since the last time he had seen her and her dark pink nipples were rock hard due to the cold. The other girl's breasts, Ivy, were only slightly bigger, barely large enough for a training bra and jiggled slightly as she began unfastening her pants. The red-haired girl's nipples were a light, pale pink, nearly the same color as her pale flesh and were, of course, hard as pebbles as well due to the freezing cold rain she had come in from.

Out of the corner of her eye, Selena could see Ivy watching her, waiting to see what she would do next before following her. The young thief sighed in resignation before squirming her slender hips and peeling her black jeans down as Ivy quickly mimicked her leaving both girls in just their panties. Selena rolled her eyes at Ivy's choice of underwear. Where Selena was wearing plain, functional black panties, Ivy's where a light green with flowers covering them.

Trying to stifle a groan of appreciation at the sight of the two teenage girls shuffling out of their jeans, Foster watched eagerly as the girls stepped out of their pants and threw them into the basket. As always he was amazed at the muscle definition that Selena had, the makings of a slight six-pack in her abs, her slender but toned thighs, and her tight and muscular little ass.

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  Ivy was a study in contrast to her friend, soft and willowy with a small, soft stomach that he longed to kiss. As he stared at the two mostly naked teenage girls he noticed them staring back at him and he blushed when he realized how obviously he was gawking at them.

"He. . . here you. . . here you go," Foster managed to choke out as he handed the two nearly naked, dripping, shivering girls their towels. Selena quickly wrapped her's around her slender, muscular body while Ivy stared at her's for a moment almost like she was deciding what to do with it. He stood up with an aged groan and popping knees before holding his hand out towards his bathroom. "After you, my dears," he said sweetly before following both girls towards the rear of his apartment.

Ivy looked over at Foster as she followed Cat. "Where are we going?" she asked flatly.

"You two are chilled to the bone so I thought we'd have a nice hot shower and then I'd get some nice hot food into you," Foster said cheerfully.

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"I suppose," Ivy said flatly, not noticing Cat rolling her eyes again.

The two girls entered the large, ornate bathroom and turned around to face Foster as he walked in behind him. He closed the door and walked past the girls to start the shower before sitting down on the toilet. The bathroom was easily large enough to accommodate several more people and the shower was big enough to hold at least three adults easily. As steam began filling the room Foster turned his full attention to the girls.

"You two aren't going to shower with your towels on, are you?" he asked merrily, "Off they come. "

Ivy automatically took her towel off and handed it to Foster, not noticing the way his eyes crawled over her nearly naked teenage body.

Selena sighed in resignation before taking her towel off and handing it to Foster as well. She placed her hands defiantly on her slender hips and tried to pretend not to feel his eyes locked onto her mostly nude body.

Foster's smile seemed a little strained as nervous sweat broke out across his brow. "Selena, be a dear and help Ivy off with her panties so I can throw them in the wash," he asked as he wiped at his forehead.

"I can do it," Ivy said flatly as she hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her underwear.

"No, no, m'dear," Foster interrupted, "We are very big about helping one another here so let Selena help you. "

Ivy shrugged, let go of her panties, and waited.

With that, what Selena was afraid was going to happen was going to happen and she glared at Foster a moment.

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  She really didn't care if she had to pay the old man's price but she didn't think that Ivy should have to pay too.

Foster saw the look on Selena's beautiful face and knew what it meant. He continued smiling at her before reaching out and patting her shoulder reassuringly. "Isn't the water in here so much warmer than the water outside," he said without it really being the question before turning his attention to Ivy. "It was so nice of you following our dear Selena's lead in coming here, don't you agree?But just remember that you don't have to follow if you don't want to," he told the red-haired girl.

"I know that," Ivy said, "But I trust her. "

The message was clear to Selena. Foster would let Ivy follow her lead but she was more than welcome to stop and leave if they wanted to. "Stupid rain," she muttered under her breath before turning to Ivy. She got down on her knees and grabbed her friend's ridiculous looking underwear. She pulled them down slowly, knowing that it was what Foster would like, revealing Ivy's pink little slit with just a small fluff of red hair at the top of it. Standing back up she handed the panties to the horny old guy and wasn't surprised at all when he held them up to his face and inhaled deeply.

Foster exhaled loudly before putting the panties down and turning his attention to the wonderfully naked Ivy. "Now, dear, why don't you help sweet Selena with her underwear. "

Ivy gave a non-committal shrug before getting down on her knees in front of her friend.


  She pulled down Cat's panties to reveal her perfectly bald little pussy before handing the flimsy underwear to Foster. The old man eagerly took them and then sniffed them the same way as he did her's before putting them down.

"Very good, girls. Very, very good," Foster said with fluttering eyes before they focused on the two naked, teenage girls. "Now, into the shower you pop. You poor dears must be chilled to the core," he said with a clap of his hands.

Selena held Ivy's hand so she didn't slip getting into the tub, knowing from experience how deep it was, before following her in. They each fit under the spray of water easily and stood under the shower letting the warm water flow over them and before they realized it their shivering had subsided and their flesh began to pink up.

From his place on the toilet lid, Foster hid his erection in the folds of his robe before clearing his throat to get the girls' attention. Their hair hung down soaked with water, Selena's hair longer than it had been to due it's curls straightening out and Ivy's hair trailing down nearly to her soft, rounded tush. Naked he could see the grime and dirt that had built up from living in the streets and the water itself nearly washing the girls clean but just nearly. He preferred clean girls. He licked his lips hungrily as he watched the water flow over the girl's, down their bodies, dripping off of the nipples, slipping down the tummies, and sliding between their legs. "Selena, why don't you help bathe Ivy," he said with a warm smile.

Selena tried to hide the look on her face from Foster.

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  He was basically an okay guy except for being a bit of a old leach and normally she didn't really mind since it would get her off the street for a day or two but with Ivy here it was a whole different thing, Ivy was her friend. She picked up a wash cloth and began adding some body wash, Foster's favorite that he liked for her to use, before he interrupted her.

"I don't think you'll be needing that," Foster said, "Just go ahead and use your hands. "

Selena looked from the washcloth to Ivy and back again before putting the wet cloth down. She soaped up her hands and turned to Ivy. "Just remember, you can tell me to stop any time," she warned her friend.

"It's okay, Cat. I trust you," Ivy said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Yeah, I know," Selena said with an answering shrug. It was impossible to know if Ivy knew what was going to happen or not but all she could do was keep warning her. With Ivy facing her she ran her hands through her friend's red hair, lathering it up the best she could and using her fingers to untangle the long strands. When she had gotten it as clean as she could she helped her friend rinse out her hair until all the soap was out. Even soaked Ivy's hair looked a shade lighter now and Selena helped her move it out of her face. She used the last of the soap on her hands to wash her friend's face and was amazed that even her pale skin looked lighter.

Selena took a moment to just admire her friend for a second, with her hair washed and tucked behind her ears and her clean face she actually looked younger than she really was.

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  And she knew that Foster would like that even more. Lathering up her hands again she reached for Ivy's slender shoulders and worked hands down her friend's slender arms. She made sure she was through, washing the red headed girl's hands and between her fingers before sliding her hands back up. Ivy automatically raised both of her arms for her, raising her small breasts high up on her chest as Selena washed her friend's arm pits.

Finishing with Ivy's arms, Selena washed down her friend's sides to her hips, barely letting her hands near the other girl's chest or stomach. She got down on her knees and tried not to look at the red head's small, little slit as she started washing her from her mid-thighs on down. When she reached Ivy's feet her friend automatically lifted them up one at a time and let Selena wash her soles and in between her toes and the small thief actually cursed her friend for being so blindly trusting of her. She found herself wanting to shout at her friend, to yell at her for being so trusting, screaming at her for not knowing what she was going to do. What they were both going to have to do. But as she watched the dirt and grime flowing off of her friend's body and sliding down the drain she supposed it was better than spending the godforsaken night on the street.

Steeling herself for what was coming, Selena started slowly standing up, sliding her hands up Ivy's coltish legs and up to her slender thighs, barely missing her friend's groin as she stood up in front of her. She lathered up her hands and began washing the other girl from her bony shoulders down to the tops of her budding breasts. She went slower, both making a show of her cleaning Ivy's chest and giving her friend time to stop her if she wanted. Her palms slid slowly over Ivy's pale breasts, the puffy nipples scrapping her palms as she drew a small groan from her friend. She slipped her thumbs over the other girl's nipples, eliciting another moan from her as she loving caressed her tits.

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  She found herself staring at her friend's slight chest, almost like she had never seen breasts before. Being as close as they were for as long as they had, they'd both seen each other naked before but for some reason she felt a new appreciation for her friend, an appreciation she had never felt before.

Selena was nearly mesmerized by Ivy's small tits: the puffy nipples, the way the water flowed over them, they way they gleamed in the light, and the way they rose and fell with each of her friend's breathes. It was her friend breathing that brought her out of her reverie, it had become deeper, slightly more erratic as she continued softly running her hands over Ivy's breasts. The soap suds ran down the other girl's soft chest, dripping off of her puffy nipples as they became erect, the pink hue deepening. She looked at her friend's face, searching for a sign that Ivy wanted her to stop but all she could see was the red haired girl's eyes fluttering and her pink lips parted as she panted softly.

"Don't forget your friend's back," Foster said quietly, just above a whisper, being careful not to break the special moment the two teenage girls were having.

Ivy nodded her head quickly before turning around and presenting her back to Selena, actually surprising the young thief. She had thought that she had been taking advantage of her friend's trust in her but now it seemed that the ever quiet and subdued Ivy knew exactly what was going on and what they were going to have to do to earn a reprieve from the cold, stormy night. Selena lathered up her small, talented hands again before sliding them across Ivy's slender shoulders, moving her red hair out of the way. Selena's own breath became slightly ragged as well as she slid her fingers down Ivy's back, following the water with her fingertips as it flowed down her friend's back, stopping herself just above the other girl's soft ass. Her thumbs slid down a bit farther between the red haired girl's soft cheeks as her fingers reached out to Ivy's hips before her hands slipped farther, cupping her friend's ass-cheeks. Both girls' breathing became heavier as Selena took an unconscious step forward, brushing her friend's back with the front of her own body.

"Ivy, why don't you turn around now," Foster whispered.

Selena bit and chewed her lips as Ivy stepped back around, their small breasts grazing each other as Selena's hands slid across Ivy's hips and Ivy's hands fell across Selena's.

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  "Ivy. . . " Selena started.

"It's okay, Cat," Ivy murmured, "We're safe together. "She bent forward and the two teenage girls' lips met tentatively. They pressed their wet, slick, pink bodies together chest to chest, groin to groin, tight enough that the water couldn't fit between them. Ivy's tongue was the first to slip between their lips, sliding into Cat's mouth and making them both groan in pleasure.

As Ivy slid her tongue into Selena's moist mouth, the juvenile criminal slid her hands around Ivy's body, gripping her pert back-side. She began rocking her body against her friend's, rubbing herself against the other girl as she caressed her friend's tongue with her own. Her fingers delved deep between the red-haired girl's cheeks, slipping over her puckered asshole and slightly probing Ivy's wet, hairless pussy. She gasped into her friend's mouth when the other girl did the same to her before groaning in pleasure into Ivy's mouth.

"Selena, why don't you move half a step to your side?" Foster asked quietly.

Quickly following Foster's advice, Selena's slick thigh slid between Ivy's slender thighs just as one of her friend's thighs slipped between her own legs. The effect was automatic as both heated, teenage girls began rubbing their delicate, wet, pink pussies against their friends' leg.


  Their naked bodies rocked together in perfect synchronization with each other despite neither teenage girl having done or imagined anything like this before. Their arms wrapped their arms possessively around one another, pressing themselves against the other as tightly as possible as they groaned passionately into each others' kissing mouths.

Ivy's hands slid wetly up and down Cat's back, occasionally squeezing her friend's taunt, muscular rear-end, holding her closely as she humped up against the small thief's leg. She moaned and groaned into Cat's mouth, never breaking their kiss, her tongue exploring the other girl's mouth and caressing the teenage girl's own pink tongue.

A voice in the back of Selena's mind noted that this was the most she had ever heard out of Ivy's mouth as they rocked and humped up against each other. The only time they had ever held each other this tightly was on the coldest of nights on the streets and the heat their bodies had generated had never felt this good. Their grunts and coos of pleasure echoed through the bathroom far louder than the hot water falling on their undulating, naked bodies.

The girls' asses clenched and released as they humped each others legs, rubbing their slick pussies against the others' thighs as they panted in pleasure. Their arms wrapped more tightly around each other as the rolling and rocking became more frantic. They broke their kiss for the first time, unable to continue as they grunted and gasped in pleasure. Their orgasms rose up in their teenage bodies, cresting like a wave in the shower and breaking through a dam. Their warm, slick juices gushed out, mixing with the water, flowing down their legs and draining into the floor of the shower. Their naked bodies twitched and shuddered in pleasure, their slim arms holding onto the pink body of the other as they enjoyed the simple feel of themselves pressed against the other.

"Very, very good," Foster said to himself before speaking up, "Let's get you girls dry and get some hot food into you both. "He helped Selena out of the shower first and dried her off from hair to feet before giving her a robe.

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  The robe was adult sized and dragged along the floor as she walked, her little feet poking out the front with each step. He tied the robe closed around her but because of the large size it left a great deal of the middle of her chest exposed as she stepped out of the way. Next he helped Ivy out of the shower and dried her off completely before giving her a similar robe that fit her as well as the other fit Selena and then walked both post-coital teenage girls to his kitchen.

Both girls sat at the dining room table, their feet dangling in the air not quite reaching the floor. When Foster brought their food they dug in with vigor, finishing their simple sandwiches fast enough they barely tasted them. They spent more time with their hot soup, their young bodies warming from the inside out. Selena had almost forgotten about what it would take to pay for the night in from the storm until the kindly old man brought them their slices of cake and glasses of wine.

Selena knew that Foster wasn't trying to get them drunk to take advantage of them, all his young, female guest had to consent stone sober, but he was helping them to relax for what came later. The cake was chocolate and delicious and the wine was fruity and tasty. She'd had wine before and she didn't really care for it but the wine at Foster's was positively yummy.

Foster joined them at the table with his own slice of cake and the wine bottle. Ivy drank her entire glass in one gulp and held it out for the much older man to refill. By the time Selena finished everything in front of her Foster was giving Ivy her second piece of cake and third glass of wine. The small thief thought about warning her friend off of the wine but decided that maybe it was for the best.

"Another glass, my dear?" Foster asked as he sat back down from serving Ivy.

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Thinking it over for a moment Selena nodded and held her glass out. "In for a penny. . . " she said sardonically.

"Don't be like that, sweetie," Foster said with a note of hurt as he refilled Selena's glass, "I just want everybody to have a nice time tonight. "

Selena actually blushed in embarrassment as she took a sip. "I know. I'm sorry. I'm just kind of protective is all," she said sheepishly.

"She takes care of me," Ivy said as she chased the crumbs on her plate with her fork.

"She's such a good friend, isn't she," Foster said with a smile as he patted Ivy on her head and she nodded enthusiastically.

Foster and Selena visited for a while as they both finished their wine and Ivy had another piece of cake. He told her about his grand-kids in Bludhaven and she told him about working with both the crime lord Oswald Cobblepot and the police officer James Gordon.

"Oh, I do wish you'd let me help you find a place to live," Foster said worriedly.

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Selena rolled her eyes. "I'm fine, Mr. Foster," she said in the telling tone of a petulant teenager.

"We're fine," Ivy agreed as she licked her plate clean.

Foster sighed as he finished his cake. "If you say so," he said in defeat, "At least you have each other. "

"That's right," Ivy agreed again as she drained the last of her wine.

Sighing again, Foster patted Selena's thigh through her robe. His eyes flitted over the gap in her robe revealing her slender chest, her burgeoning breast just barely covered, before looking over at her friend. Ivy's robe was open just a bit more than Selena's, her rosy pink areolas threatening to reveal themselves as he stretched and pretended to yawn. "I'm about ready for bed. How 'bout you two?" he asked with a small smirk as he looked back over at Selena.

Selena could see the smirk on Foster's face and rolled her eyes again. "You are soooo obvious," she said with mock attitude.

Foster slid his hand up Selena's firm but slender thigh with a twinkle in his eye that caused Selena to hide a smile.

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  "You're just a old perv, you know that?" she said as she tried not to snicker at the eager look on his face.

"And you're just a stubborn know-it-all," Foster said with a grin.

Ivy thought it over for a moment before nodding in agreement.

Selena plucked Foster's hand off of her thigh before sliding to her feet. "Let's just get this over with," she said in her best bored voice. As she felt the wine work through her young body she refused to admit to herself how thankful she was to have found the old pervert in the first place, not to mention how much he had done for her in the past. She didn't tighten her robe as she walked over to Ivy and grabbed her hand. With every step most of her legs would kick out from between the opening of the robe and her chest was mostly open. Ivy slid down next to her and the young cat thief led her into the older man's bedroom.

Stopping beside Foster's bed she turned Ivy to look at her. "Any time you want to stop, just say so," she said sternly but with a little slur in her voice.

Ivy shrugged her shoulders non-committedly. "It's okay, Cat, I trust you," she said with her usual detached time of voice but with a more pronounced slur than her friend.

Nodding at her friend, Selena gripped the part in Ivy's robe and opened it, sliding it down to puddle at their feet. She opened her own robe and let it fall to the floor and stood as unabashedly naked as her friend before turning back to the door to the bedroom.

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  Foster was standing there with the warmest smile she had seen all night as he stared at both naked girls with a moist glint in his eyes. It was this look that Selena found the most embarrassing as he appraised their nude, young bodies. The way that he looked at her was not the least bit lecherous or predatory. It was the look of an old man seeing something beautiful for the first time except that he always looked at her that way no matter how many times he had seen her naked. He looked like if he could, he'd put her up on a pedestal like a statue in a museum or something.

"You are both so beautiful," Foster said with a small catch in his voice. Once again he wished Selena would let him take pictures of her and he knew there was no way he'd let her take pictures of her friend so instead he stood there and memorized every line and curve of the two girls' bodies. They were nearly perfect contrasts with Selena's not quite muscular frame and Ivy's softer body. Their hair was still slightly wet and hung limply around their beautiful faces as they stood still and let him see them in all their budding beauty. "So, so beautiful," he said again.

Foster walked to his bed and pulled the blankets and sheets down before sitting down on the edge of the mattress between the two standing girls. He ran his hands sweetly down their hair, past their shoulders and to the middle of their backs and began rubbing circles just above their pert little asses.

Selena knew what Foster liked and nodded to Ivy, signaling the red haired girl to follow her lead. As she raised her hands up to grip one side of Foster's robe her friend did the same and they pulled it apart to reveal his lap, large belly beneath his top and hard prick beneath his bottoms. Selena noted that the older man's stomach had enlarged some since the last time she had seen him and she noticed him noticing her.



"I'm getting older," he said with a bit of a mournful smile.

Not knowing what to say, Selena shrugged her shoulders and placed her hands on the top of his thighs noting that even his body hair was a bright white between the gaps in his pajamas. "Happens to everybody I guess," she said without looking him in the face. Not really knowing what to say she instead concentrated on what she could do and ran her small, delicate hands up his thigh to his groin and his hard cock beneath his pajama pants. Ivy mirrored her and both of their hands reached his erection at the same time drawing an appreciative groan from the much older man as they pulled down his pants and he kicked out of them.

As Selena reached one small hand around the base of Foster's prick, Ivy did the same, both girls stroking his hard shaft. As Selena delicately cradled one of his firm testicles in her other hand, Ivy did the same, lightly massaging his heavy sack and making him groan in pleasure as he took off his top. Ivy followed Selena stroke for stroke as they firmly worked the much older man's cock, twisting their wrists around his base before sliding up the length of him and running their thumbs across his sensitive tip and then back down again. As his pre-cum began to leak from the tip of his dick the girls started moving faster, gripping him harder until he was gasping in pleasure at what the two teenage girls were doing.

Ivy trusted Cat completely so she had no problem just following her and doing what the small thief did. As her friend leaned forward over the old guy's lap she did the same and as Cat gave a quick peck to the top of the guy's prick so did she. They both began lick the spongy tip of the older man's cock, covering it in their warm saliva, their tongues meeting across the soft flesh and they would occasionally kiss around his top. He was moaning out above them as their tongues slithered across and around his cock-head and their fists worked him up and down.

Selena began running her warm, moist, pink tongue up and down Foster's shaft like she was licking a ice cream cone and Ivy continued to follow her lead. She licked down lower and lower on his salty shaft, past their tiny, fisting hands to the older man's bloated balls.

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  She took one of his firm orbs into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue before letting it pop out and licking the rest of his sack. Despite her always acting annoyed to him for her having to admit that she may need charity she enjoyed the fact that she was making Foster groan out in pleasure above her. She licked up to the top of his shaft, beating Ivy's wiggling tongue to the tip and sucked him into her mouth. She massaged his head with her tongue, sucking hard on him before letting him pop out of her mouth and letting Ivy do the same. They took turns sucking his cock, bobbing their heads up and down over the old man's lap until he was thrusting up into their eager mouths.

"Such good, good girls," Foster groaned as he reclined back on his elbows and stared down the length of his aging body at the top of the girls' heads as they took turns bobbing up and down in his lap. He resisted the urge to thrust up into their talented mouths and cum, wanting to draw out the pleasure they were giving him. He stroked Selena's curly hair as she took him into her mouth and then Ivy's as they shared him and he smiled. It was always good to see young people now a days sharing like this.

Releasing her hold on Foster's cock, Selena reached over and kissed Ivy, running her tongue thoroughly through her mouth. She crawled up onto the bed slowly letting the older man see her body from over the top of her head, her taunt ass high in the air as she made her way up to the other side of him and saw Ivy do the same, his eyes darting between them as they made their way up to him. She kissed him first and then let Ivy kiss him, his mustache tickling their noses.

"Ah-coo," Ivy sneezed.

"Bless you," Selena and Foster said at the same time and then giggled before moving around on the bed. The much older man laid back into the center of his bed with the girls still on either side of him, the small group squirming around to get comfortable.

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Climbing over Foster's lap, Selena grabbed the base of his cock and aimed it up between her toned thighs. She rubbed the top of him between her legs, teasing herself as she circled her hard clit with his tip before placing him at the entrance to her dripping pussy. She saw both Ivy and Foster staring between her legs in wide-eyed wonder as she began lowering herself down. She'd been in this position before with the older man and recognized the look when it was on his face but for some reason with Ivy looking at her like that it did something to her, deep inside. She enjoyed the way her friend was looking at her, watching her, amazed by her. She sat up straighter, arched her back more, tried to make herself as visible and as desirable as she could for Ivy, wanting to prove herself worthy of that look.

Placing her hands on Foster's chest, Selena began slowly rolling her hips, her pussy sliding up and down the old man's hard shaft. Ivy's eyes crawled from her friend's flushed face down her body and heaving chest to the spread juncture of her trembling thighs. The wet sucking sounds her pussy was making filled the room and the young thief groaned in pleasure and lust at the awed look on Ivy's face as the red haired girl stared at her tightly stretched pussy slipping up and down the old man's shaft. The other girl's eyes crawled back up her body until Selena and she locked eyes as Ivy stared at her in wonderment at what she was doing. Her body ached in lust as the small thief bent further more and off to Foster's side, her lips meeting Ivy's and kissing her quiet friend passionately.

As Cat moaned in pleasure in her mouth, Ivy leaned up more and kissed her deeply while Foster's hand slide down her back to cup her soft ass. She ran her hands over her friend's sweat slick body, running a thumb over the thief's hard nipple as her other hand slipped between Cat's toned legs to the soaked juncture of her widely spread thighs. Ivy spread her fingers out and cupped her friend's tightly stretched pussy, the older man's cock slipping between her middle fingers, stimulating him, as she found her friend's hard little clit with her thumb. Cat gasped into her mouth as the red haired teenage girl tentatively cupped her plump pussy and lazily circled her inflamed clit as they kissed her even harder, leaning up more and pressing her slight chest to her friend's.

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Foster was lightly squeezing Ivy's plump ass as the young girl rubbed against her thrusting friend. He slid his thumb between the red-head's cheeks, over her pink, puckered asshole, and to her wet little pussy. His thick finger teased the entrance to her dripping hole, circling it before slipping in to the first knuckle causing her to moan into Selena's mouth. His other hand trailed up Selena's softly thrusting body to her slender chest, using his other thumb to stimulate her hard, little nipple causing her to gasp into Ivy's mouth. She slipped her body over his cock completely, shivering as her orgasm washed over her, her muscles twitching as she groaned out in pleasure. He slid his thumb as deeply into Ivy's clutching pussy as he could while he was buried into Selena's churning cunt, triggering her own orgasm, allowing both young girls to cum at the same time, sharing the experience with each other.

Ivy and Selena wrapped their arms around each other, holding one another tightly as they both came. They relaxed against each other as they began to calm, the occasional twitch and shiver coursing through their young bodies.

Pulling his thumb from Ivy's dripping pussy, Foster ran his hands over the girls' flushed bodies, his rough hands caressing them as they relaxed against each other and him. He didn't disturb them as they recovered together, sharing their orgasms with each other, their breaths coming in ragged gasps until they slowly began to calm down. "Selena, why don't you show Ivy what you just did," he said softly, barely above a whisper.

Selena took a deep breath, her small chest heaving before dumbly nodding her head. She knew Foster was giving her the lead with Ivy again and she appreciated it, appreciated him for letting her guide her friend through this. She looked from Ivy to Foster and back, running her hands down the red-haired back possessively. "Are you ready?" she asked her friend.

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Ivy seemed to think it over for a minute before nodding her head yes. She waited patiently and quietly as Cat gingerly sat up, Foster's prick slipping out of her pussy with a wet slurp as the amateur thief scooted downwards from his lap over his thighs. The curly haired girl scooted down and held onto the older man's sticky dick with one hand and waved Ivy over with her other hand. The red-haired girl turned around and sat over Foster's up-thrust penis while Cat slid a hand across her waist, turning her around until she was facing the much older man and her friend was straddling his legs behind her. She got comfortable with her legs spread wide and Foster's cock was waiting at the entrance to her virgin pussy.

Foster held onto Ivy's small waist as Selena began positioning the red-head above his lap. He let Selena guide the other young girl down, his soft cock-head squeezing past her dewy pussy-lips and into her tight hole. She groaned out as she took in his sensitive head and Selena wrapped her arms around ivy's flushed, sweating soft body. One of her hands slid wetly down to the burning juncture of Ivy's thighs, a finger lovingly circling her clit as her other had went to her chest, cupping one of her small breast. He groaned as the red-haired girl took in his first few inches, stopping there to get used to the feel of him inside of her, the young thief continuing to stroke her friend's body, keeping the pain of losing her virginity away.

Selena whispered lovingly into Ivy's ear, "It's okay. Just take your time, it'll feel better soon. "She used just her fingertips to stroke her friend's breasts, toying with her nipples hoping to keep Ivy from feeling to much pain as she helped her plant obsessed friend slowly lower herself down. Ivy kept panting and moaning, sweat rolling down her pale pink body as she took in everything that Foster had, finally bottoming out, his cock filling her completely. "Good girl.


  Good girl, Ivy," she whispered into her friend's ear, never stopping from stimulating her.

"Yes, good, good girl," Foster groaned. Being a virgin, Ivy's pretty little pussy was so tight that it felt like a wet, hot fist gripping his cock. He could feel her lower muscles fluttering around his shaft, almost like it was trying to milk the cum from him. He kept one hand on the girl's waist as his other hand slid up her body, cupping her other small breast. With Selena's help she slowly began rolling her hips slightly, rising up and down with each roll, groaning in pleasure as she braced her hands against the head board. As she rode his pole, the young thief leaned over her shoulder and Ivy turned to her, kissing her friend deeply as she rocked her teenage body up and down his cock.

Having more experience than her friend, Selena could tell Ivy was about to cum as her body began to tense up. She kept her hands at her friend's small tit and wet cunt, driving her over the edge. Ivy's teenage body shivered and shook in pleasure as her first orgasm roared through her body. Selena kept a firm hold on her, afraid that she might fall off the bed as she rocked and twitched in her arms. The red-haired girl groaned and gasp in pleasure, her back arched, her small tits out-thrust.

Foster groaned as he fought off his orgasm, letting the two girls enjoy themselves before he finished. Ivy slowly relaxed into Selena's gentle embrace, gasping breathlessly as she came down from her orgasmic high. Selena broke the kiss and looked at him and he was sure she could see the strain on his face as he struggled not to cum as he smiled up at her.

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Smirking down at Foster, Selena of course recognized the look on his face after seeing it more than a few time already and knew what it meant. She knew he wouldn't last much longer judging by the look on his face and the way he was panting but he continued to simply lay still to let her and Ivy take care of themselves. She helped her red-haired friend off of the much older man's throbbing prick and led her down between his legs. With both girls' beautiful faces on either side of his prick, Selena began jacking him off while licking his pulsing cock-head and was eventually followed by Ivy mirroring her.

As he stared down the length of his old, soft body, Foster groaned at the two teenage girls looking up at him from over his cock. They both fisted his prick while licking his helmet which was beating with his thudding pulse. They each had a small hand wrapped around his shaft with their other hands fondling his balls, their pink tongues working against his purple cock-head. With a grunt his hips jerked and he came, his thick, white load exploding out of him and arcing through their air to splash against the girls' beautiful faces. Selena aimed the head of his prick back and forth between her and Ivy, making sure to cover both of them equally. As his cock softened the small thief released her hold on him and began licking the last of his cum from his prick before moving over to Ivy.

Selena gave a uncharacteristic giggle as she and Ivy licked the old guy's thick cum off of each others' faces. When they were both clean she looked up at Foster, his eyes wide as he watched them, and gave him a quick, playful wink. She gave his now soft prick a quick peck good-by before crawling up the bed and laying down next to him. Ivy crawled up on the other side and they both snuggled against him as he wrapped his arms around them. They all three lay there catching their breath until the cool air against their flush skin caused Ivy to shiver.

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  Foster quickly covered all three of them up and Selena closed her eyes and didn't even notice as she feel asleep.

The next morning the sun was shining through the window of the kitchen as Foster and the two girls ate breakfast. The breakfast was something to do with eggs that Selena had never heard of before but was currently eating her second helping of while Ivy was having her third stack of pancakes.

"I wish you would let me set you up somewhere safe," Foster said worriedly as he sat his fork next to his now empty plate, "I do so worry about you alone on the streets. "

"She's not alone, she has me," the formally virgin Ivy said simply.

"I do fine on my own, Foster," Selena said matter-of-factly, "We look out for each other. "

"And a formidable duo I'm sure you are," Foster argued, "But that doesn't mean I can't help you. "

Selena chuckled. "I think you helped me plenty last night," she said as she finished the last of her eggs. It was a conversation that she's had many times with Foster every morning after a night together. It was actually comforting in an annoying kind of way. "We'll be fine," she finished.

"We'll be fine," Ivy agreed as she poured more syrup on her pancakes. "Do you have any juice?"

Foster immediately got up and grabbed a container of orange juice for the girls. He poured their drinks before sitting down again.

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  "At least let me give you some money," he offered.

"I can get money on my own," Selena said with a chuckle.

"She's a thief," Ivy said though a mouthful of pancake.

"We'll be fine, Foster," Selena reassured him. She knew that the conversation would probably take up the rest of the morning as he finished washing their clothes but it was comforting. It was nice to have friends when it was raining outside.

The End. .



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