Got Caught Jacking with good news from the landlord.


As the day goes on when you are home alone watching television and working on the computer at the same time, and you are waiting for the package person to deliver your pakage that you ordered online; simply checking out the sites on the internet and something catches your eyes and  you got to check it out before you get too caught up in your work or the television and you would miss out what was going on at that very second and you get caught.
Well, I was checking out the sites of bubble asses; like a few girls i know in the area. Let me explain myself, I am a 7 12 incher and i am very thick, enough to split a young woman apart. And it grow so fast at a site of a young beautiful girl on the screen. As I was stroking it, my Lhasa Aspo named "Pogo" startled me by barking at the door. I called him over and had him sit down and be quiet so i can concentrate on the video on the screen. As I continue to view the screen, and was getting to feeling very good to get ready to cum to the site of a black man cumming inside of a girl who had a bubble butt, perfect size tits, and a cute snatch getting the cream of love from a porn star.
"Pogo" jumped up again, and startled me so fast as my land lord comes in the door to get my attention. Let me describe her. Hispanic girl with a very nice bubble butt wearing a tight blue jeans skirt that shapes around the slim body of hers as i look at her every time i see her. She was walking in on me at the same time "Pogo" barked and I was at the very moment getting ready to shoot out my load. But  not quick enough to grab my shorts and put them back on when her face light up with suck delightment and shock at the same time, letting me know that a package has arrived for me and she wanted to deliver the package to me, which I trusted her not to do anything else otherwise.

She walked up to me to hand me the package as I was trying to straighten out my cock in my shorts. This time i see her in a tight blue jeans, not the skirt and a tight pink shirt. First thing out of her mouth was " Wassup!" I am like standing there so embarassed that my landlord which lives right next door to me and no wondering if she heard anything on the other side of the wall. I said, sorry.

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   She at the same time gave me a wink and walked closer to me to hand me the package. I got the idea wrong of course as i lunged forward as i tried not to step on the dog. and I purposely accidently touched left boob. She looked at me straight in the eye and she grabbed my butt so hard that i could feel her nails. I set the package down so fast that my shorts were already taken off of me and my cock was in her mouth. I only interupted her to take her jacket, her shirt and her bra off to feel the B cups of hers. Oh man, she was so good that she even took the whole 7 inches all the way back to her throat and I was so in awe that I did not realized what she was doing at the same time. She had her hands down on her pussy fingering herself. I tried to bring her body up to me when she starts spasming and she was sucking my dick just a little harder. But as soon as she finished, I most certainly did not want to cum just yet. I wanted to feel her juices on my cock. So i lifted her up and she finished taking her panties off as i looked at her bubble butt. she gave me a little nudge as i start to fall backwards onto the couch. She walked over to me and started to straddle me when I asked her if she had a condom. She convinced me that she was clean and i knew that I was clean.

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   So she grabbed my cock and as it neared her warm juicy lips, I knew at that moment that i got an opportunity to be with this woman. As she slides down, i could feel the pressure of her walls in her pussy stretching out and she lets out a loud groan and she took her nails and she squeezed my skin on the arm to let me know of how much it hurts or how much pleasure she was getting. After about five minutes of moving up and down on my cock, she comes to an orgasm that lasted for a few minutes.
I flipped her over onto her back and threw her legs up in the air. I wanted to feel what it was like to smack that ass of hers while she is laying down, so i entered her slowly as she gasped for air telling me that I have a big cock and how good it makes her feel. I was driving myself so hard deep inside of her as my head was hitting her cervix. As I knew that i was about to shoot my load, I started to pull out but I hit some resistment from behind and it was her legs. She pulled me back in and told me to do it harder as she was spasming. As I feel her walls twicthing on my cock, i told her that I am about to explode and started to pull back again, she would not let me go. I told her that I am really about to cum and she better let go if she does not want me to cum inside of her. she smiled at me and said, its okay. I will be your cumdripper, just like you tell your wife. I was shocked at the same time as I was shooting wads of cum inside this lady. I could not believe that she could hear me have sex with my wife.
As we were getting dressed, she stopped me from pulling my shorts all the way back on when she went down and sucked my dick again.

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   She kept going until I pulled her up again. She faced away from me and pushed herself onto my hard cock. She tells me to fuck her like a wild stallion, like i do to my wife. I fucked her so hard till i felt her have another orgasm which sent me over the edge as I cummed another load inside of her.
The exact words from her mouth as she walked out of the door once she got dressed were "See you again soon, half off the rent for next month. "