Giving my friend what I knew she needed


“Hey man, can you do me a huge favor?  Can you swing by my house and help Monica move a few things to the garage for the movers?  I’m going to be here all week and she’s really stressing out about it. ”  Trevor asked of me, one of his closest friends.   “Sure thing, I’ll call her and see when a good time is,” I replied.   “Dude you’re the best, I owe you,” he told me as we ended our phone conversation.   Trevor and I had been friends for a long time, and over the years I’ve become great friends with his wife too.   Monica is a great wife, and a great mom of their three kids.   She’s also a beautiful woman, at 33 yrs old and three kids later, she still only weighs about 110 lbs, I’m sure her C-sized chest sags some, but under her shirt they’ve remained quite firm.   She has long blonde hair, a natural tan, and her countless hours at the gym trying to regain her body has paid off.   She’s kind of shy, but when she comes out of her shell she’s quite the comedian.   I love hanging out with them, and she’s always nice to look at.   With three kids she seldom wears makeup or dresses up, and she still always looks amazing.   “How about 3:00? The kids will be napping,” Monica asked and I informed her that 3:00 was perfect.   I knocked on the door lightly, not wanting to wake the kids, and Monica quietly opened the door, “Hey, come on in. ”  As I stepped in to their large two-story house, I noticed several boxes around, a few toys, nothing too out of the ordinary.   Monica was in a white tank top, black bra, and blue wind shorts.   Kind of trashy looking, but some how she managed to turn trashy into sexy.

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    We briefly chatted, and I took a few instructions of where she wanted things, all they while I couldn’t help but check her amazing figure out.   I knew she needed a friend b/c she really opened up to me about frustrations that she’s having in life, being overwhelmed with 3 kids and a traveling husband was taking its toll on her.   Aside from hearing it in her voice, Trevor had vented me on several occasions about how often the fight and how frustrated she’s been with him.   I was only there to listen, to be a friend.   As the minutes passed she just kept saying more and more, even getting to the point of tears at how unhappy she was with the same boring routine and nobody here to help her.   I encouraged her to take a night out with the girls and let loose, but she informed me that she’d never have the time.   It was kind of a random thought, but the more she spoke the more I realized that I think she and Trev hadn’t had sex in awhile.   You could almost hear how desperate she was for his attention.   I even told her that it sounded like she just needed some quality alone time with her husband.   I knew I was right when she responded with saying that the only attention she ever gets is from a 3 yr old.   We laughed about it, but I could hear how desperate she was for some attention.   As the conversation got more and more personal, I began to think that she needed her husband to come home and fuck her brains out.   Only problem is that he’s always gone, and he’s oblivious to her needs.   That’s when the trigger went off in my head; somehow I needed to seduce this woman for her own good.   In some twisted way, it was logical in my head.

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    I couldn’t believe that I was doing it, but I innocently began flirting with her.   Even softly touching her leg as she made me laugh.   She was clueless, but the urges inside me became very intense at the thought of being inside the gorgeous soccer mom.   I even at times grew up the courage to joke, “You guys need to get a room and not leave for a day or two, that’s what you really need. ”  She’d reply with, “Yeah I wish, I’d be happy if he’d lock us in our room for an hour. ”  That’s when I had confirmation from her that deep down inside, she wanted to feel like a woman, she wanted to have a firm man inside of her and make her feel good.   “Monica, maybe you should just go buy a vibrator to service yourself when Trev’s not around. ”  I said semi-jokingly.   She got a bit serious and said, “between you and me, that’s not doing it for me.   I can’t believe I’m telling you this; I need to finish my shit before the kids wake up.   Thanks so much for helping me and listening to me bitch and moan, I really needed that.   Unfortunately, this is my life and I’m going to have to live with it. ”  As she got up and walked away, I threw every ounce of caution to the wind, and then some, and I followed her.   As she entered the kitchen I can only imagine what went through her head as I forced myself on to her from behind, pushing her into the counter top and pressing into her from behind, restraining her small frame with my arms.   She squealed, “what are you doing!?!?!”  But she didn’t fight me.

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    I instantly put one hand on her chest over her shirt and the other pressing into the crotch of her shorts as I spoke.   “Monica, don’t fight it, just let it happen, I know you want this as bad as I do. ”  She fought anyway, as she needed to, after all she was married.   But I knew those urges would come out so I held her in place, rubbing her firm chest with more force, pulling her back into me by the crotch of her shorts.   She tried to pull away but never removed either of my hands, I knew she wanted it; this fight was just a show I hoped.   With my mouth by her ear, “Monica, don’t fight this, you need this, and just this once be spontaneous, care-free, just go with your instincts and let loose for a brief moment.   I swear this is a one time thing, I won’t tell anyone, just relax, I know you want to. ”  She said nothing, kept wiggling away, but still not removing either of my frisky hands.   “No, it’s not right!” She said.   “Jason, we can’t do this, please don’t make me. ”  As my middle finger worked her pussy through her shorts I occasionally heard her breathing get heavy, and could have sworn I felt her hips gyrate, so I continued to force myself upon her.   “Monica, don’t fight this, I know you want me inside of you. ”  “No, we can’t, it’s just not right, please leave me alone. ”  “OK Monica, I’ll let go, and I’ll leave you alone on one condition. ”  As I said that I let go of her pussy, still holding her into me by her chest, I opened my zipper and button of my jeans, without her realizing it.

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    “What’s the one condition?” She asked as she squirmed.   As soon as she stopped asking that question I slid my massively erect cock up between her legs, placing the head just at her entrance, only separated by her wind shorts and whatever type of panties she had on.   In one motion I grabbed her hand and pushed it down to hold it on my cock, and with my hand on hers I used her hand to push my cock harder into the fabric of her shorts.   I knew she was able to feel the precum leaking from me on her hand as I held it there.   “Just tell me that you don’t want this inside of you and I’ll leave. ”  She said nothing, just standing there allowing me to use her small hands to push me further into her shorts.   “Say it Monica, tell me to leave and I will, just say the word. ”  With that, I took my hand off of hers, to indicate that it was her choice.   The pressure of her hand pushing me into her didn’t change, even though my hand was no longer forcing her.   She held it there, eyed closed, motionless, I knew she was debating this over and over and I had to close the sale.   “Monica, I know you want me to fuck you right here and now, you don’t even have to say it, I know you do.   You’re debating on whether or not it’s right, just go with it.   Say the word and you have this (as I thrusted a little) inside of you.   Just relax honey, as I moved one hand from the outside of her shirt up the inside of it.   Over her bra, I rubbed and pulled on her chest.

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    Still no words from her, but she did however start to rotate her hips.   I knew she was so close to giving in.   “Here, let me decide for you,” I said as I moved my hand back under her crotch, working my fingers up her shorts, pushing her panties to the side to see how wet she was.   I already knew she was willing to fuck me b/c she let my fingers work through her fabric without a fight.   But definite confirmation was there as soon as I touched her absolutely drenched cunt, she was so wet, and she moaned softly as my fingers explored the outside of her swollen wet lips.   I pulled my hand back and whispered to her, “See baby, I knew you wanted this, now, make your decision. ”  With that I placed my hand, covered with her own juices, inches from her face.   With her eyes closed she opened her mouth and took all four of my fingers in her mouth and began sucking and moaning.   As I pulled my hand from her mouth and started to work her tits more she commanded me, “Fuck me Jason, please fuck me like you know I need it, fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before!”  The animal urges took over both of us, still facing forward she lifter her shirt off her head and started walking, pulling me with her by having my hands on her chest and her holding them there.   I kissed her neck as we walked and she breathed heavily.   “We don’t have much time before the kids wake up,” she said as we entered her room.   I decided to add one last touch, “In the bathroom, I want you to see your face in the mirror when I fuck you so can see how amazing you are. ”  She allowed me to walk her to the bathroom and stand her in front of the mirror.   Still behind her I rubbed her tits over her bra as she stood there, panting, the entire time she made eye contact with her own reflection.   I undid her bra, it fell to the floor, and my question was answered.

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   Three kids, three breastfed babies, and still standing.   Her tits were real, but didn’t move at all when exposed.   Her nipples were small, very erect, a soft pink.   She liked them being touched, as my fingers met her erect nipples she smiled, giggled, playful moaned.   With her left hand she reached back and took my left hand and moved it to the front of her stomach, guiding it past her navel and down the front inside section of her wind shorts.   As soon as I passed her panties she pulled away, allowing my hand to continue on it’s own.   With both hands she reached back and held the back of my head, completely opening herself to my full view in the mirror, and all the while her glance was locked on my eyes and her own in the mirror.   Past and inside the cotton panties, not much hair but a maintained patch of damp pubic hair was met as I continued moving down her.   Her breathing got heavier in anticipation of what was to come.   As my hand made that infamous curve under her body, it was met by an erect, drenched clit, longing to be touched.   She moaned deep and loud as my skilled fingers slid easily between her wet lips, now making several circles around her wet mound before working themselves up inside of her.   “Oh fuck yes Jason, that’s it right there. ”  She pressed her hips into my hand and grinded herself on me, almost gyrating in a dancing motion back into me as I finger fucked her in the mirror.   She was so incredibly sexy, and so horny.   I worked her just like that for 5 minutes, knowing she could cum any time.

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    She reached back and tried to untuck my shirt, just enough to let me know she wanted it off, and off it game.   With one hand still inside her, I used the other to remove my own shirt and open my pants further, dropping them to allow full exposure of my massive wet cock.   She reached back, taking it in her hand and circling her small fingers around it.   She pumped it as she moaned out to the feeling of 2, even 3, of my fingers grinding inside of her.   She was dripping wet as she stroked me, poking the back of her own shorts with it.   I knew she was ready, I knew we didn’t have all the time I wanted.   I even told her that in her ear, “If we had more time I’d have your legs over my shoulders right now and your first orgasm of the day would be in my mouth, would you like that Monica, to cum in my mouth?”  She loved the dirty talk and I knew her answer as she moaned louder the more I said.   “What if after I drank your cum I forced my cock in your mouth to let you taste me, would you like that, for me to fuck your face Monica?”  She moaned even more and I knew if I didn’t slow my hands that she’d cum.   That’s not how I wanted it.   She couldn’t take the build up anymore, she stepped forward to the sink and bent over, and I took over.   As quickly as possible I slid her shorts, panties included, all the way down her toned legs.
      As I did my mouth passed her pussy from behind and I could smell her sweet sex, I couldn’t completely bypass it, it looked too perfect.   On my way back up I ran my tongue the length of her slit from behind, lapping her up as much as I could in one motion.   She screamed for the first time of our rendezvous.   I knew if I had more time she’d have loved to have me eat her sweet spot for her.

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        But not enough time, back to the business at hand.   My massive cock out, her bent over the counter, looking at my reflection, she gave the last command, “Please Jason, do it, let me feel you inside of me right now!”  And she got just what she not only needed, but exactly what she asked for.   In one fluid motion I slide the length of my 8 inches inside of her.    She was so wet, and after three kids, I knew there would be no doubt of her being able to take me in her.   The look of relief on her face was priceless, she was a woman, a sexy woman, she had senses and emotions.   And as I began to fuck her, I also noted to myself that she had nice tits that bounced when I fucked her and a perfectly engineered for my cock pussy!  I held her hips firmly with my hands and I drilled her with long even strokes.   My balls slapped against her with each thrust.   She made consistent moaning and grunting noises each time I rammed into her, and she was staring directly at her own reflection, only 18 inches from her.   I loved watching her watch herself, watching her face change; how I know she noticed it too.   Her tits bounced back and forth as she gripped the counter top.   She kept changing hand positions from the counter to laying them palm to palm with her reflection, I was convinced she did that so she could push back on to me.   And it worked, she was amazing, we were amazing together.   Our sex was perfect; our thrusts were in perfect rhythm.   “Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” was all she could say.   But I knew it couldn’t last forever, I knew she had the real world to get back to.

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        But not until my mission was complete would I stop.   I had to be careful, every time I looked at her in the mirror I realized how great this really was.   A beautiful milf of a soccer mom, and I have her bent over her husbands sink and I’m fucking her senseless, and the bitch loves it.   Back to reality, I wanted her to feel good (despite the fact that I just realized how much of a selfish prick I was for taking advantage of this desperate housewife).   I held her hips tighter, began pumping faster and faster, harder and harder, she was into this.   She put her head down, letting her long hair bounce around as I plunged into her wide-open pussy.   By her moans I knew she was getting close to an orgasm, she actually slowed her hips a little to focus more on how she was fucking me to make sure I was pumping her in the right spot.   I knew she was completely lost in the moment, but I wanted to see her “O” face, and I wanted her to see it too.   I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her to stare at herself, and she loved it.   I was just forceful enough to let her know that I was still the one fucking her, but not too hard to hurt or scare her.   She moaned out in acceptance of my move, and I knew it was time.   “Cum for me Monica, come on baby, cum for me!”  As I pumped faster and faster, she moaned louder and louder.   “OH god, I’m close, Oh god don’t stop, please right here, oh yeah, that’s it…. . !!!!! YYYYYYYYEEEEEEES………………!!!!”  It was amazing, her pretty blue eyes, her amazing body, everything locked up, went tense, small shutters escaped her body, long drawn-out moaning, and an amazing amount of warm fluids began to surround my cock.

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        This lady was intense, and so was this orgasm, she held it for several seconds; her pussy contractions were amazing, WOW! Was all I could think.   After her amazing cum session was over, she began breathing like she just finished a marathon.   I held myself, still erect, inside her for a few more strokes.   Then pulled out, still unfinished myself I stood at full attention.   She put her head down to catch her breath as I stood and watched.   She turned to me, wrapped her arms around me, and for the first time, our lips met.   She kissed me with so much built up passion that I could have cum right then and there.   She held this kiss for what seemed like minutes, allowing our tongues to catch up on all that they’d missed over the past 45 minutes.   Once the kiss was broke, she pulled away; her eyes were filled with tears.   But not in a regretful way.   She smiled, wrapped her arms around me again and hugged me.   “Thank you Jason, thank you so much,” as she squeezed my neck.   I felt a little awkward hugging her so tightly with this massive erection, but she didn’t seem to notice.   We put our clothes back on and continued chatting just like nothing had ever happened, however regardless of how much we ignored what just happened I couldn’t help but notice the constant grin on her face.   Needless to say I had one too, just the satisfaction of seeing her smile in a way that I haven’t seen in a year or so.


        30 more minutes of awkward small talk, then her first kid was awake.   I knew I needed to leave, so I informed her that I’d have to go.   She walked me to the door, and then turned to make sure her kids weren’t listening.   “Jason thank you so much, you have no idea how much I needed that. ”  “Hey, it was the least I could do,” laughing a little together.   She reached up to hug me, softly kissed me on the cheek and whispered, “don’t think I didn’t notice, we have unfinished business for another time, I’ll call you,” as she gave my flaming hard on a quick squeeze to indicate that she hadn’t forgot.   She gave me a devilish grin and away I went.   Needless to say I made it 3 blocks before pulling over and finishing myself off all over the front seat of my truck.   It’s ok, the mess was well worth it.   Till next time………………………………….



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