Girls Night Out


Setting: Two sister in their mid 40’s or so take their daughters on a girls night out.
The daughters are in there late teens. They go to see a hot X-rated adult movie that had a lot of sex and lesbian seens in it and they had along drive home after the movie.

Susan: Gets into the drivers seat with her niece (Kim in pass. seat).

Sister 2 Mary: Gets in the back seat with her niece (Heather).

Susan: Starts driving.

All:Start talking about the movie.

Susan Says, “Boy! I’m wet right now just talking about it. If I wasn’t driving I’d have to play with myself. ”

On that Mary says, well, I’m not driving and I think I will. Do you mind Heather.

Heather Susan’s daughter:But, only if I can help, is it okay with you mom.

Susan: (mother) you should eat it your aunt… she tastes great… we’ve been enjoying each other since she was ten and I was twelve.

Kim (Mary’s daughter) & Heather speaking at the same time: MOM! (Small giggle) you and (Heather: Aunt Mary, Kim: Aunt Sue) have been munching on each other since you were little girls? Who would have known? (Giggling).

Mary: She lifts up her skirt and spreads her legs… starts to rub her own clit, while leaning back in her seat, as Heather watches.

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Heather:Leans forward taking two of her fingers and slowly parts her aunt’s pussy lips and sticks her fingers in and starts finger fucking her… (Neither has touched another woman before) But always willing to try something new)

Mary:moans and says deeper sweet baby.

Susan:Now I see why you wanted me to drive…

Heather: Can I open your blows aunty?

Mary: Yes, OOOOH yes… Please suck on tits.

Kim: How does my mom’s tits taste? Common try her pussy. Tell me if it tastes good.

Heather: Goes down to her aunts pussy, takes her fingers out of her cunt and offers them to Kim to taste her own mother’s juices but sue turns quickly and takes her daughters fingers first… Heather smiles at Kim and buries her face back in to her aunts hot whet pussy…
Heather comes up for air and tells Kim,” you definitely have to taste her pussy, it taste like more. ”

Mary: moans and says Kim baby (her daughter) why don’t you help your aunt Sue out and play with her a little. You can dip your fingers in and taste it your aunts pussy. Leave heather alone so she can eat. GOD, it feels good!!!!!!!!

Kim: Is it okay Aunt Sue?

Sister 1: what’s taking you so long? Get your little ass over here, Kimmy. (She laughs)

So Kim scoots over and kneels next to her aunt Sue (that’s what’s nice about vans, no middle seat). She reaches under her aunt’s skirt and finds Sue’s wet panties, soaked with her aunt’s pussy juices. Careful not to disturb her driving too much she pushes her aunt’s panties to the side, finds her clit. The clit is hard as a stone but slippery with anticipation of young Kim’s hand touching her hot pussy.
Then Kim kneads her clit between two of her fingers, then finger fucking her… Aunt Sue moans…

Susan: Kimmy, that feels so good… But it would feel better if you helped me out of my panties. So Kimmy pulls up her aunt’s skirt over her hips, while she is still driving, and works the panties off and reviles her aunt’s moist sweet smelling cunt.

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Kim: plays and tastes her aunt’s cunt. And brings her to climax (she swerves the van a little.

Heather: brings her aunty to a climax… they lay together in the back seat heather almost coming too.

Kim and Heather, almost in one voice said… “You guys owe us one (laughing)”

Susan: Replies… Kimmy you still owe me a titty massage and suck, your mom got one. (Laughingly)

Kim: Any time aunty Sue. I also owe you a good licking like Heather did to mom.

Heather: This is cool. Wish we could stop somewhere and really get into it. My pussy is so hot right now… Mom, can we stop somewhere?And can I ask you something?

Heathers mother: What baby?

Heather: If we stop can you make out with me, mom? It’s turned me on just thinking about it.

Heathers mother: I don’t know baby… wouldn’t you feel funny about it?

Heather: Well yes, and that’s the turn-on, mom! Me returning the favor of suckling on your tits as a child… I want you to suckle on mine and taste my pussy… Mom I’m about to orgasm just thinking about it!!!!

Heather’s mother: Well, if you can get your aunt Mary and Kim play to… Then I’m game!

Kim’s mother: Sue! What are you saying? You’d eat your own daughter out?

Heather’s mom there isn’t much difference letting your daughter, my niece, finger fuck me or my daughter, your niece, eat you out your pussy! Tell me you didn’t enjoy it?You’d let Heather do it again, right?

Kim’s mother: Well, yes, we enjoyed both enjoyed it and I know we’ll do it again. Right girls? But your own daughter?
Everyone replied with a loud and excited YES to her! Kim was the loudest.

Heathers mother (Susan) Well sis why don’t we find a place to park were no one will see us… and let’s get started.

They pulled into a secluded spot and turned off the engine and lights. They all moved to the rear seat of the van. Folded the middle seats away, for more room… the daughters each sat in front of there respected moms… the mothers pulled their own tops off first.

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   Then they started undressing each off their daughters. They took every stitch of clothing off of them.
Heather says, “Kiss me mom. ”Her mom leans forward and kisses her slowly around the face. Then slowly moves to the mouth, she kissed her deep and passionately, while her sister is basically doing the same to her own daughter, Kim. The two young girls holding each other’s hands while their mothers move slowly down their daughters bodies, stopping and enjoying their young perky breasts. Once they were through suckling on the breasts.
Sue and Mary, started on the way to there daughters sweet spot… they were both hot and wet down there. They were both squirming with delight as their mothers ate… Susan stopped and asked if she could taste Kim’s pussy… Mary looked over and said, “Only if I can taste heather’s. ”Susan spread heathers legs wide and Mary leaned over and sucked on heathers clit for a few minutes and Mary spread Kim’s legs… Susan plunged her tong deep into Kim’s hot pussy. Then they went back to work on each other’s daughter.
The girls reached out to each other as they were about to orgasm… to keep from screaming so they kissed and kissed hard, while holding their mothers heads between their legs in a leg lock. Rapping their legs are their mothers heads so they wouldn’t stop eating them out. They wouldn’t release until their mothers lapped up every bit of each other’s juicy, throbbing pussies.
Once it was over… the two young girls curled up together on the rear seat and kissed… and watched their moms start making out on the floor of the van… They (the moms) half nude except for their skirts, pulled up over their waists and high heals.

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   Susan and Mary started kissing and curled together into a sixty-nine position. Their moms ate each other out, while the girls watched and caressing each other’s wet boxes.
Well finally they all came and the moms got sort of dressed and sat in front of the van(Mary masturbating slowly in the front seat) while the girls kept making out in the back seat.

Susan says to Mary, “next time you drive”

Mary (Kim’s mom): Sis, I wish this night wouldn’t end…

Sue : Well why don’t we go to your place, you said Bob (Kim’s younger brother who is 18) wouldn’t be home. Isn’t he spending the night at his girlfriends? If you and the girls are game, we’ll just go to your place since its closer.

They all replied with a strong YES!

They pulled into the garage (with anticipation) and let the garage door down. The girls got out of the van the way they were. The girls all nude and the moms, with there top half off and skirts hiked up, leaving their clothes in the van stormed in to the kitchen. As soon as they got in the kitchen… they started ravaging each other… the girls undressed their moms (the few clothes they had on) and kneeled in front of them. They started probing their mom’s pussy with their fingers and tongs. They were all so into it that they never noticed that they were being watched. They never notice Bob’s girlfriend’s car at the curb in front of the house. They were to into each other, hot and horny, to notice.
Bob and his girlfriend were standing back in the dark in another room… he got so horny watching that he bent his girlfriend over and started fucking her slowly while taking in the sight of his female family members getting it on in the kitchen. The last time he saw them in the kitchen together, they were baking cookies.

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His mom and sister were getting it on to the point were his mother’s legs were giving out from passion. His aunt and cousin were melted on the floor together in a frenzy of passion.

Watching all this, Bob felt like he’s about to cum… he pulled out of his girlfriend and walk into the kitchen, both nude, his cock hard and sticking strait out with a bit of sperm dripping from it.

His mom smiled at him but didn’t stop Kim from eating her pussy… Susan smiled at the two and said the more the merrier. Kim and heather looked up and smiled… they just went back to work on their mother’s pussies.

Bob went over to his mom and took her hand a put it on his throbbing dick. Mom I saved it for you, watching you guys I started fucking Amy, but then I thought, sheepishly he says, maybe you would take my load in your mouth? While Kim eats you.

He leans over and kisses her on her lips. She smiles and starts maneuvering so Kim keeps eating her and she can get her sons cock in her mouth.

His girlfriend Amy comes over to his side and gets down on her knees and starts sucking his mom breasts, while stroking his balls. Susan and Heather come over… they start playing with Kim and feeling up Amy. Susan tells Amy to startle her face like she was going to take a piss… Susan lies down on her back. Spread Amy’s pussy and goes to town on it. With Amy’s pussy still full of cum from before the family got home.

Mary stops sucking for a second on Bob’s cock and turns to Amy and says,” welcome to the family, your next, sweetheart, keep your pussy ready,” and gives her a wet kiss a on her lips.

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   Then goes back to her sons cock.

Every body collapses on the kitchen floor from orgasm after orgasm.

They started off to the bedrooms and Susan and her daughter Heather, Mary, Bob all ended up in Mary’s bed.

Knowing that her mother’s bed couldn’t hold six people, Kim and Amy went to her room.

They were at Kim's bedroom door when Amy stopped Kim… put her hands on Kim’s shoulder and turned Kim to face her. Amy then said, “Kim I never thought that I’d ever get to know my future sister-in law so well,” and then Amy kissed her. They kissed for over a minute, they both started explore each others pussy with one hand and holding on to each other as tight as they can. Rubbing each others body together like there was no tomorrow.

In Kim’s mother’s room, Bob had his mother face down on her bed… her butt sticking up in the air and he’s giving her pussy the punishment it needs with his young and hard dick.

Susan and Heather are sixty-nining each other and using Mary’s vibrator on full blast, waiting for there turn to feel Bobs cock inside them. Kim can’t wait to eat the cum out off her mother and aunt. She is looking forward to seeing what the taste is like (pussy juice and cum mixed together)

Morning comes and Bob wakes up and looks for Amy. He finds her in bed with his sister Kim. They are both nude and he can see they had fun… as he looks at them he get a hard on. Well the only person he hasn’t fucked is his sister… she is sleeping on her stomach… so he slowly gets on the bed and lifts her but up in the air… as he does, she wakes and say’s what are you doing, laughingly, well I fucked everyone here last night except you little sister… So he enters her and starts fucking her… Amy wakes up and say’s “what are you doing… Bob answers… fucking Kim… well! Amy gets up in bed and leans into Bob to gives him a good morning kiss.

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   She says to Bob… Well when we get married we won’t have to worry about were your family would sleep when they come over. We just have to find a big enough bed. Shit what about my family… Honey are you going to let me fuck your MOM and DAD? Because my dad is going to enjoy your sweet pussy, it’s only right when he gets home.

Kim … shut up, the both of you and let him get to fucking me and you girl get under and suck my clit.

The Beginning

By: LKbarefoot

The author does not condone child abuse, this story is
meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in
real life.