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This story is about coming home from overseas after about 5 years, and building new sexual relationships with old friends. My name is Jon, to get a good idea of what im like im about 6ft tall and fairly athletic from the military and i have short dark brown hair. im new at this hope you like it.

Id left home when i was 18 and was sent overseas, i didnt ave much family to speak of and i'd pretty much lost touch with every one i was freinds with. id been gone a long time but i had got a job and had been home for about a week. one day driving back to my new apartment i saw a familiar face walkin down the road wearing only a short jean skirt and a white blouse. her name was mikalya. She had grown up, she only weighed about 110 lbs and she had little b cup titties and long curly brunette hair. here is a little background on mikayla we used to take the school bus together when we were 18 or 14, and back then she used to tease all the boys by wearing short skrts with no panties pullin her skirt up and spreadin her legs to the boys who sat next to her. she would let us play with her tight young pussy on the ride to school and she was one of the first girls to have a shaved pussy. every once in a while she would blow or give a hand job to the lucky boy next to her. i pulled over and let her in. she told me she was workin as a cocktail waitress at a strip club down the road and her car broke down and she just so happened to live a few apartments down from mine. the whole ride back she rambled about how down on her luck she was, but i didnt care all i could think about was her nice tan legs and she must have known it cuz she kept flashin me her panties that teasing whore knew what i was thinking about.

when we got back she said thank you and proceeded to ask if i could loan her some money. i told her she was out of her mind if she thought she didnt owe me for the ride but i told her i would under one condition.

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  . . she earns it. so she invited me into her place. i cought her off guard when i wasted no time bullshitting. i forced her against the wall and ripped her blouse apart sending buttons every where and revealing her little b titties through a black lacey see through bra. she said she never realized how fun i was and i put one hand around her neck and the other up her skirt and felt her pussy leaking through a matching pair of panties. i gave them a tug and let them fall around her ankles. i spun her around against the wall and pulled her bra down enough that her tits fell over it. she spread her legs and i pulled out my stiff cock and plunged it deep into the glistening folds of her pussy. i tugged and squeezed at her erect puffy nipples with one hand and with the other kept her pinned against the wall. i started to fuck her hard and slow to make sure she felt every inch of me slide into her. as i began to fuck her faster and my tip hitting her cervix i felt her pussy start to contract and fill up with juices. she started to scream and cry out for me fuck her harder and i got a surprise, she erupted in orgasm and squirted all over me. her knees went weak and i let her drop down on all four and i began to slam her tight little pussy even harder than before.

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   i felt my self start to cum and squirt into her pussy and i pulled out and grabbed her by the back of her neck and shoved my cock down her throat. i squirted a little more on her face in the process but she took most of it right down her throat. i stood up and left her on the floor still trying to catch her breath with her clothes in tatters and cum dripping from her pussy and face. i pulled my pants back up and told her that we were even for the ride and if she needs a loan or another lift id see her after work, and i left me and mikayla spent alot of time catching up after that day.

if you liked this i will do more.