girlfriend ko office me choda


yeh baat aaj se sahi ek saal phle ki hai jab meri gf ka birthday thaa meri usse baat october 2014 me hui thee uska birthday 18 november ko aata hai mai ab apna intro deta hu mera naam Rahul Arora hai mai 5'10" ka ekdum fair ladka hu ab mai brief me khani me aata hu meri gf ko mai bike pe ghumata thaa sunsaan ilake me jaa k mai uske boobs dabata thaa bike me ghumate hue ek din us road me koi nhi thaa bilkul khaali thee road wha ek truck khada thaa mai vha ruka or uske hoth choosne lgaa 18 min tak uske sath sath maine uski choot me ungli daal di vo us din tadap gae kehni lgi khi room me ache se karengy aise sunsaan ilake me koi aa gya to !

maine usko apne dost k office pe bulaya ussi k birthday k din vo aai mai to bhut baar sex kar chuka thaa par usse kaha pata thaa maine lights off ki or uske hoth choosne lgaa bhut der tak uske hoth choose or usse garm kia uske baad maine uske boobs pe hath fehrana start ki kya btau kitne soft bade boobs thai uske kbhi nhi dekhe itne mote boobs phir maine apna 7"ka garm lund uske hath me de dia or bola isse choos usne mana kar dia maine uski pantie utaari or uski choot ko bhut der tak chaata dosto khaaskar ladkio mjhe choot ko chaatne me bhut maja aata h speciaaly "clit" choot ka dana choot ko chaata 20 min tak vo 3 baar jhud gae mai uska saarapaani pee gya uske baar apna lund uske muh me daal k chuswaya 18 min tak uske baad vo bolii ki Rahul ab andar daal he ho choot tadap chuki hai maine usse choda karib 18 min baad mai uske andar he jhud gyaab aap b jhud gae honge ya jaa k bathroom me jhadie

yeh meri 1st or ekdum real story hai mai ghaziabad me rehta hu kisi b ladki ya aurat jise apni choot chatwaani ho mjhe mail kare only in ghaziabad

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