Girl Friend's Best friend


My name is Sam, and this story is true, even the names of the people are true to life.
I have been dating my girlfriend Fatima for about 2 years now. We have a good relationship and a great sex life. I am 24 and she is 22. Her best friend in college and also her roommate is also my friend needless to say. We always go out as a big group and have a lot of fun doing it. Fatima's friend, Marines has been dating someone for about 2 years also, the only difference being he goes to college out of state and rarely sees her other than the holidays that we are given in school.
Marines is a very cute girl, very innocent looking and mysterious in a sexy way. She is about 5'6, with brown hair, B cup tits, and a nice wide latin ass.
One day, Marines and Fatima and I went out with some of our other firends to get a few drinks. After we all came home to their apartment, Fatima got a phonecall from her parents telling her to come home because they had had a family emergency and she needed to go home.

We go to school in Houston tx, and she is from Corpus Christi, that being said, she left that same night on the Greyhound bus to corpus.
Marines and I saw her off and then i gave marines a ride back to their apartment. She went in and walked into the kitched to get some cereal before she went to bed. As she got the box from the top of the cabinet, it spilled and cereal dropped everywhere. I went to help her and kneeled down beside her.

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   As i was helping her clean the floor, i could smell her body and hair as it was close to me.
All of a sudden we just kissed and i put my tongue in her mouth. We were both a little tipsy so the alcohol made the kiss that much more electric. As she backed away and said " this is wrong, we cant do this. . . " i kissed her again and put my tongue in her mouth. i could tell now she was deeply kissing me back and we got up from our crouched position. I immediately pushed her on the couch and started kissing her neck and chest right above her tits. She was wearing a tanktop, the kind you wear when you go clubbing, and some nice jeans and some boots.
I continued kissing her neck and lips and slowly started to move my hands over he blouse and rubbing her tits. She tried in vain to stop my hands and herself but it was to no avail. i slipped her strap to the side of her shoulders and her left tit was exposed. Those nice pink nipples were as perky and hard as i have ever seen any nipples. I immediately started kissing and sucking on it.

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   I could feel the electricity through her body as i was kissing her tit. I then took off her shirt and started kissing her whole upper body as i moved my hand to her ass and inner thigh over her jeans. I slowly moved down with my kisses and got down to her beltbuckle, once there she tried for the last time to stop be with just a small gesture to pull me up, but i ignored it and opened her buckle and button.
I was soo horny that within 18 seconds her pants and panties were off to reveal her shaved pussy. I was in shock, her pussy looked so good and smelled so good. I didnt waste any time and quickly started to eat her cunt as hard and as fast as i could.
Marines' eyes rolled back to reveal the whites and showed me she was enjoying it more than she let of, quickly she started to push my head deeper into her dripping wet cunt, i put my tongue in her cunt so deep that i could feel her insides literally. afte about 30 seconds of eating her out she started to push me deeper down and started to say something in spanish. I cant speak spanish so i looked up to see what was going on, she quickly pushed myhead down again and said: "Ay, puta. . . . . . .

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  oohooohoh. . im cumming, keep going. . . . . . " with this she filled my face and mouth with her juices, it was unbelievable.
After her huge orgasm i got up and let her undo my pants as she feverishly wanted to open my pants. Once they popped open, she saw my cock hard and ready for her mouth with some precum on the tip of my dick. i have about an 7. 5 inch penis, not too great but it always worked for my women, i made most of em cum during sex. she gave me one last look and started to suck my dick with conviction, she was going crazy on it and kept on going for a good 3 minutes before i felt my balls stratring to build up. I told her: "Marines, im about to cum, keep yeh.

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  . . . " and i just unleashed about 4 solid shots of cum in her mouth and she kept going like a wild animal. she completely sucked my dick dry and i told her to get up.
We walked to her bedroom and i quickly bent her over on her bed and started to take her bareback. As im fucking her, she asked me if we should be wearing condoms. I just responded while i was fucking her cunt from behind: "NO, i want to feel your cunt, its bareback or nothing at all Mari". . with that she just said fucckit , let me have it. I was nailing her doggy style on the bed and could see her face in the mirror above her bed. . . i kept on going and after a few minutes i turned her around and i got on th bed. She just jumped on and put her soaking wet cunt on my cock.

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   As my cock slid into her i could see her face filling with joy and pleasure, i was enjoying it too mind you. she started riding that dick like a champ, while she was riding she asked me to suck her tits and did suck on her pink nipples that were about to explode it seemed. all of a sudden she picked up her pace and arched her back, she was cumming and taking me with her for the ride, i told her "mari, i cant cum inside you, dont do it. . . get off. " she just kept going and going. . . . she finally told me as she was seconds away from cuming "cum inside me. . . i want to feel your cum in me to complete my and she came all over my cock, about 2 seconds later, i was cuming in her with what seemed like a viscious shot of cum. I let her have at least 4 shots of cum.

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  . . . . i couldnt help but keep on pushing her hips down on my cock. . . . once she had orgasmed again, and i was done, we both realized what had happened. . . . . . .

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We decided to keep it down and not tell anyone , and since then, we have been fucking every chance we get. . . . . about 3 times a week for about 4 months. . . . . . . .