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Me: wow your picture is fantastic, you’re the sexiest thing I have ever seen, want to chat?DIS (daddy’s innocent slut): sure I guess asl?Me: 34, male and I am English, u?DIS: 14, female EnglandMe: cool. Wow I still can’t believe how gorgeous you are at your age and your school uniform completely does the trick, I am so turned on right nowDIS: hehehehehehe. Well I’m sorry to disappoint but I’m not wearing itMe: Wow that is disappointing, so what are you wearing?DIS: A little pink vest and a pair of white cotton pantiesMe: Really!!! Wow wish I was there. Why u dressed like that?DIS: Because I’m feeling really dirty and my dad is out so it’s safe to be scantly dressed. I’m going to try and imagine you are here with me, what do u look like?Me: 6ft, short brown hair, blue eyes. Shame you don’t live in White Berry Town reallyDIS: I do though, 18 brown streetMe: Wow that’s like a mile down the road, can I come over?DIS: sure thing, see you in a minuteMe: bye! With that I shot out of my chair put on some clothes, turned everything off in the house and ran to the car. I speeded all the way there that was rather dangerous because my mind wasn’t really all there at the time. In no time at all I pulled up outside her house and walked up the drive, knocking on her door. As my hand made contact with her door it pushed open, it was unlocked. I walked in and the whole house was dark apart from a light that came from the top of the stairs. I walked up the stairs and found the door that the light was coming from and entered it. Entering the room I saw the girl, she had got dressed in her school uniform. It consisted of a tight white shirt, a short plaid skirt and knee high white socks; it was so sexy I almost came right there.

Instantly I walked towards her and began to kiss her and she took no time in joining in the lip lock. Our hands were all over the show; we both started on each other’s backs but worked our way down to our bums. She wasn’t wearing underwear under her skirt so I grabbed her bare ass; it was so firm and warm.

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   My right hand made its way back up and began to undo her white shirt, after a couple of flicks and a pull I had the buttons undone but left the shirt on her. I slid my hand inside her shirt and began to grope her small breasts. They were probably a b cup and were incredibly pert and fresh, they felt like soft butter melting in my hands. She quickly stopped me and removed all my clothing, then ran back to me and we continued our kissing. I felt her honey pot against my leg and she was so incredibly wet and warm, the feeling of her juices against my leg turned me on so much I through her on her bed. I walked over to her and got on my knees and started to eat her young pussy. It was so incredibly wet and tasty unlike any other id eaten before, I could have sat there all day and eaten her out. Unfortunately I was too damn horny and was feeling rather selfish. I gave her the once over until her breath rate picked up then I climbed onto the bed beside her. I crawled in between her luscious long legs and positioned my cock in front of her soaking hole. “Shouldn’t you use a condom?” she asked“I don’t have one I replied but ill pull out before I cum ok” I replied She nodded and with that I drove into her velvet tunnel. She let out a little yelp that sent shivers down my spine, well the nice kind anyway. Her dripping pussy was incredible and the moisture instantly hit my sensitive head and I felt like I was going to cum, we rolled over and she climbed on top. She bounced up and down on my cock for like a minute and she was starting to show signs of pleasure but I was in a completely different place and was on the verge of climax already. “Oh my god I think I am going to cum” I said without thought, I was just in nirvana.

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  “Ok ill get off and give you head then” she replied“No don’t I want to stay in you I need your sweet pussy” I groaned“No, I cant ill get pregnant, I’m sorry” she said and signalled that she was about to climb off“Tough I’m not leaving your pussy and I am going to cum in it” I said in an angry tone and I flipped her over so I was on top. I forced her down and started to pump madly inside her, she let out yells and groans but I ignored her. I felt my balls tightening and drove for my goal. With a huge groan I started to shoot my cum into her, her spirit died and I just lay on top of her whimpering out every little drop of my seed. Once I was done I lay there for a second on top of her then she jumped up in tears and shot to the bathroom. I got up opened her drawers and pulled out every pair of underwear and took them with me as I left out her door. I never saw her again. .