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My last story was about Kay but I am back to Terry now and a wonderful time we had at my home down south. Terry had come in for a visit and her annual fucking she liked to get from me which she got the first night but it was the second night I surprised her with a old flame who had been in contact with me due to we had been hunting over in Texas together and she had no clue as to what was about to happen the second night. I was on my way home from work and called her told her to meet me at the door with nothing but high heels and a g-string on and to have herself wet and ready which she replied she already was. I came through the door and there she stood long beautiful body firm breast with her erect pink nipples sticking out a emerald green thong and matching heels long red hair flowing down her back brown eyes sparking and a smile that went on for miles. Terry is one of the most beautiful redheads I have ever seen for a 39 yr old she looked 20 and could fuck like she was 20.
I told her to stand there and I went and got a silk scarf I had bought for her and blindfolded her with it and lead her to the foot of my bed and had her kneel on the large chest there which has a cushioned top to match the bed I tied her hands to each of the large post and and made sure she was in no pain this was not S&M more fantasy so I didn’t want her to feel anything but pleasure. I went around behind her and moved her g-string to the side and buried my face in her cunt licking and teasing her soft swollen pink lips and clit till she shook with her first orgasm. I stood up and rubbed my cocks head up and down her slit getting it wet and ready then I placed it at her entrance and pushed hard making her squeal with delight and her second orgasm shook her as my cock slammed into her cervix making he back arch and her head to snap up and I grabbed her hair and fucked her nice and hard getting her ready for he present. I felt the cum building up in my cock and I walked around and climbed on the bed and let her suck me off where I held her head and let my jets of cum coat her tongue and she greedily swallowed what she could I walked back around and took off her g-string and rand my finger in her sopping hole then got back on the bed and caught some of my cum still on her chin and fed it to her where she could taste us together she licked and sucked my finger to get every last drop.
As I pulled my fingers back her prize was now stand ready behind her though she didn’t know it Chris was here to see me get her ready and was waiting for me to remove her g-string to signal him to take her, I leaned in and whispered in her ear to (enjoy) and she said (enjoy what) only to feel his hand grip her waist and this thick head spread her pussy open causing her to gasp and she strained at the ropes but they held her tight I held her while he entered her fully to keep her from trying to get away she said (who is he?) I told her a perfect stranger was fucking her and her pussy was his to just let him have her she stopped struggling and set there letting him take her harder and harder with each stroke but she was still resisting a little though she had told me of this fantasy many times she was not fully into it yet so I let one of her hands go form its restraints so she could feel the muscular body that belongs to the cock deep in her stretching her out and she was right he was not long but thick as a coke can.

Her hand glided across his ripped stomach to his chest and you could see it effect her, head went down she started to gasp and moan with his thrust and her nipple where now rock hard. I gave her a few moments to feel this strange lover of hers then rebound her hand I slowly slipped her mask off and let her look back at the man inside her she just looked at him with lust and smiled and then it hit her a hard hard orgasm I thought Chris had cum in her but it was all her coating his cock leaking out and running thick and white like male cum but lots more of it as she shook and screamed out in pleasure. (Untie me) she said in ragged gasp (Okay) I untied her and she collapsed on the foot of the bed then looked back at Chris (Get in the bed baby I want to ride you and D when I tell you I want both my men in me I want to feel both of you make love to me is that okay with both of you?) we both didn’t have a problem with it and soon as she knew we where okay she climbed on Kris and impaled herself on his cock and rode it to she exploded in orgasm again she then called to me and I mounted her and drove my cock deep in her ass and me and Chris took her to knew heights in orgasms.
Later that night Chris got his first anal with Terry we where all lying there and he asked me how it was and I said great and felt really good well he admitted he had never tried it and Terry snuggled her back up to him and told him to fuck her beautiful ass and he took a minute but got it in and got her moaning soon she opened her eyes and uttered (Holy fuck HOLY FUCK HOLYFUCK!!!!!!) as she had her first anal orgasm and I watched all of Chris’s muscles tense as he pumped his second load into her ass.
Terry scooted out of bed and went and cleaned up and came back Chris was falling asleep and I was watching TV she came back in and climbed up on me and kissed me deeply and said thank you for her gift then she slowly got my cock up and rode and grinded on it letting me feel every inch of her pussy and soaking my balls in her love juice as it poured out of her well fucked hole and as she reached her third orgasm I pumped my hot cum into her and we collapsed together and slept till morning.

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