Ghosts Chapter 02



This story is a work of fiction. Any names referenced in its writing that bear resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. I only hope that more is written about male pregnancy/transgender pregnancy. Thank You and Enjoy.

Chapter 02

"Good morning my dear Jamie. Have a good nights rest?" my captor speaks, invisible as ghosts are.

I am as I was when he left me. I have invisible ghost restraints on my wrists and ankles. I'm lying on my back, spread so my arms and legs form an X shape. The cum that my ghost captor made me eat is still dry on my mouth. My asshole is sore from my captor taking my ass-cherry with his 18 inch cock, with the cum dried in my bowels. On my own chest and stomach, is my own cum where my own dick spewed forth my spunk from my ass fucking. I have no doubt that my captor did indeed do as he said, got me pregnant with his child.

"It seems you need to get cleaned up. I'll arrange it" my captor says.

I can here his footsteps as he walks down the hall.

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   I can also here when he walks back, but there are two sets of footsteps this time. I can hear my captor and this, yet to be known person walk into the bedroom.

"Get Jamie cleaned up" my captor says.

"Yes Sir" the unknown ghost responds.

"Oh, by the way, Jamie, meet the maid. You will address her as such. You will also address me as master. Is that understood?"

Knowing the punishment, I nodded by head in agreement.

"Good. Maid, clean her. "

With that, I can hear him leave the room.

The maid is invisible, and she speaks, "I would really like to do this without the restraints. Will you cooperate? If you don't, it'll mean trouble for both of us. "

I nod my head in agreement.


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   That'll make this a lot easier. "

My restraints release, including the ghost-gag in my mouth. I get up off the bed and stand next to it. I'm still at a loss. Just a day ago, I was a successful accountant with a bright future. Now, I have been reduced to the bitch of a man who isn't even amongst the living.

The maid "shows" herself in the ghostly aura that is to be expected. She is wearing clothes that look like they were made in the 1800's. She is young, maybe about 20 or so. As to be expected from the clothing of the time, there is very little of her skin showing. She is about 5 feet 4 inches tall with dark red hair.

"Enough stalling jamie, into the bathroom. " The maid goes to the bathroom door and opens it, gesturing me in. Once I am inside, it looks brand new. It has a large bathtub and a full shower.

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   There is a large sink. The whole bathroom has nice, new tiles in it.

Sensing my wonder, how a bathroom like this could just "appear out of nowhere", the maid speaks. "The master, while he was living, was quite adept at magic. I mean real magic, not that Harry Houdini crap either. One day, the master practiced a particularly difficult spell. The spell went wrong, and everybody that was in the house at the time was turned into what you see. Yes, there are more people here. There's the master, myself, the chef, the doctor, and the vet. "

I respond, "Where are the others?"

The maid responds, "Various places. They each have their own areas they like to dwell in. "

The maid gestures me into the walk-in shower. I walk in, and I start the water.

The maid hands me a rag and I start cleaning myself. With the soap, I clean the dried cum off my mouth, and the cum that dripped down on my thighs.

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When I get done with that, the maid reaches for a hand-held razor. She shows me how to properly shave my whole body. It takes some time to get everything shaved properly.

When I get done shaving, the maid tells me to get in the bathtub. She reaches for a thing which I don't recognize. It looks like a nozzle from a hose, but smaller.

She hands it to me. "This is an enema nozzle. You stick it up your asshole, and turn it on. It cleans out your bowels and colon. Master probably left quite a bit up there. I'm going to show you how to do this once. After this, you do this yourself. "

The maid bends me over and spreads my ass cheeks. She sticks the nozzle in, and it slips past my asshole ring.

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"Turn around, and lie on your back. "

I do as I'm told and lie on my back in the bathtub. She turns on the nozzle, and I can feel the water enter my ass. It is a warming sensation, far from the feeling of my master cumming in my ass-cunt. As the water flows into my bowels, I can feel a little cramping.

The maid takes my hands, and puts them onto my lower belly. "If you use your hands to massage your colon, then the cramping will ease. " At the same time, she stops the water flow.

I massage the lower part of my belly, as recommended. Soon, the cramps go away, and the maid resumes the water flow.

"This enema machine has a pre-measured amount of water it delivers. The amount will increase over time. You will know when it finishes" the maid says.

I can feels the cramps start to come on again, so I massage them away again. The water flow doesn't stop this time.

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   On my back, I can see my belly distend a bit with the addition of more water. All of a sudden, the water flow stops. The maid pulls the nozzle out of my ass, and replaces it with a small plug, to keep the water in.

"Come on Jamie. Let’s stand up" the maid says. She helps me stand up in the tub. As I stand, I can feel all of the water in my insides shift downward. It's a good thing I had the plug in my ass or all of it would have come out. The maid helps me walk around the bathroom with an ass full of water. When the maid is satisfied, she leads me to the toilet.

"I want you to hold that water in when I take the plug out. Then sit on the toilet, and let it all out. " I nod my head in agreement.

She takes the plug out, and I do as I was told. I quickly sit on the toilet, and let all the water come out into the toilet.

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   The sound is disgusting. Its like the messiest crap you've ever taken, times 18 It took a few minutes for it all to come out. When it did, I felt oddly lighter.

The maid helped me do this two more times. The last time, the water was actually really clear. "You will be expected to do this whenever you clean yourself. You will also be expected to clean yourself at least once a day, any more than that will be at your own discretion, or the discretion of master. You will give yourself enemas until you are "clean". I don't think you need instruction on washing yourself, brushing your teeth, etc. ?"

I nod my head in agreement.

"Good, now for the clothes. Dry off first. " I get a towel and dry myself off. The maid leads me back into the bedroom. She opens one of the drawers in the dresser, and there is a lot of clothing in there, mostly female.

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   She shows me the various articles of clothing. There are various forms of underwear. The panties in there are mostly thongs. Just a few are normal panties. There are also bras in the drawer as well. These also ranged from barely-there bras to "normal" bras. She picked out a thong, and placed it on the dresser. I assume I will be wearing it.

She closes that drawer and opens the next one. Inside it are various forms of skirts. Some are micro-mini skirts, and others are skirts that start out small, and then fan out as they reach the feet. The maid reaches for one of those, and sets it out on the dresser with the thong.

She closes that drawer, and gets to the last drawer, and opens it. In it, there are various shirts and tank tops. She pulls one of those out too, then closes it.

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"This is what you will wear to breakfast. It will be in a few minutes depending on the chef. " She walks over to a closet, and opens it. Inside are wide arrays of dresses, varying from color, to the amount of skin that will be covered.

"As you can see, you have a wide selection of attire. It is important that, if master requests to see you in a particular set of clothes, that you oblige him. Put on the clothes I have set out for you. I will knock when breakfast is served. You don't have to worry about make-up or earrings. Master thinks it’s too messy and takes away from natural beauty. "

The maid walks out of the room, and closes the door. As she is walking down th hall, she walks by the master.

"Is Jamie VERY cooperative?"

The maid responds, "Yes. It seems as if your submission spell on her worked as it was intended. "

Master replies, "Good.

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   Since that spell has run its course, I will put the second one on her tonight. "

The maid asks, puzzled, "What second spell?"

"Just some cosmetic things, make her hair long, give her a head start on her breast growth, that sort of thing. " Master replies.

I am still in my room. I reach for the thong and put it on. I can feel the material stretch up my legs. I slide the thong between my ass-cheeks. My dick and balls fit nicely into the front-part of the thong. Next, I reach for the pink tank-top, and put it on. I can feel the distinctive girly material on my skin. It is a new, but pleasant sensation for me. Lastly, I put on the skirt that the maid pulled out. It has an elastic waist that fits snugly. It fans out as it goes down my newly shaved legs. I go to the mirror in the corner of the room.



I really look like a woman. Seeing this vision of beauty in the mirror gets my cock stirring. It only takes a few seconds to see the tent in my new dress. I start to loosen the dress, and take care of it, but I am interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Breakfast is ready Jamie" the maid says.

I quickly put the thought of relieving myself out of my head, and my dick goes limp again.

Breakfast was very good. In fact it was one of the best breakfast meals I've ever had. The same goes for lunch and dinner. I met all of the other ghostly residents in the house. They all seemed very nice.

After dinner, I went back to my room. I was stopped by the maid. "The master has requested your "presence" in his room this evening. He wishes for you to wear the red dress.

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   There is only one in the closet. "

I give her my thanks, then proceed to my room. The maid comes and gets me when it's time.

The Master's room is very large, with a very nice bed at its center. The Master does me the courtesy of showing me his full form this time. He is a large man, with large muscles. He is attractive by any woman's means. The maid leaves us. The clothing that is covering Master disintegrates, and his entire body, and huge cock, is visible. He turns to me.

"You look good in that dress Jamie" master says. I blush from the comment. Master motions for me to come over to him. I oblige.

When I walk over to him, he takes my face in his hands, and passionately starts to kiss me.

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   He starts slowly, and then starts to stick his tongue in my mouth. I can feel the ridges on his tongue. I start to suck on it. Master returns the favor by kissing me harder. As he is kissing me, his hands go to work. Both his hands reach around the back of my ass. He lifts the hem of the dress up, then starts to fondle my ass-cheeks. He squeezes them at first, even smacking them a little. Then, he takes one of his fingers, and sticks it into my ass-cunt. All I can do is moan into his mouth.

Wanting to please Master, I break the kiss, and kneel on the ground. I take Master's cock into my hand and start to jerk it. It doesn't take very long for master to grow to his full length, and girth. I take the head of the cock into my mouth, and suck on it, like a lollipop. Master is a bit surprised by this, and sits on the bed.

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   I let go of his cock head, and run my tongue up and down his shaft, until I get to his melon fruit sized balls. I lick them as best I can. I'd take them into my mouth if I could, but they're just too big. I lick my way back up Master's shaft, and take the head into my mouth again. This time, I go down on Master's cock a little, then back off. I keep sucking on Master like this until, Master grabs my head. I can feel his hand on my head, pushing me down further on his shaft. I can feel Master's cock slide past the entrance to my throat, and beyond. He keeps pushing until my mouth completely engulfs his shaft. Master uses his hands to move my skull up and down as I give pleasure to Master. I can feel the veins of my Master's baby-maker inside my throat. It's not long before I can feel his dick get bigger, then pulse his ice-cold sperm straight into my throat. He stays there for a minute, then pulls out after he's done.

"God. That was better than last night" Master says.

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I stand up, licking my lips. "Good. Then I think you'll like this even more" I respond.

I turn around and bend over a little, and lift the hem of my dress over my ass-cheeks to give Master a good view. Master grabs my cheeks, then puts a finger inside my ass-cunt. I can feel him moving around inside my ass. This gets me going, and my cock gets hard. Master notices this.

"Jack off your cock Jamie" Master orders me. I do as I'm told, and start pumping my own dick. Just then, I feel an incredible surge of pleasure as Master puts pressure on a place in my asshole. I later find out that this place is my G-spot, or prostate. As Master stimulates my prostate, I pump harder. When I'm about to cum, master rises, and grips the base of my cock, stopping me from cumming. He stops the pleasuring of my ass at the same time.

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   All I can do is moan in pain from not being allowed to cum.

"I won't let you cum yet my dear" Master says.

Master picks me up, and lays me face-down on his bed. He gets behind me, and puts his cock at my entrance. He slowly pushes it in instead of being forceful. I can feel the head of Master's huge cock slip past my ass-ring. As he keeps pushing, I can feel my colon stretch to accomodate this monster. As he bottoms out, I can feel him against me. He pulls out, then pushes it back in. I don't know how he's doing it, but Master uses his cock so that it rubs my prostate every time he pumps me. I can feel him over me, fucking his pregnant bitch. I moan like a little girl from Master's fucking. Master speeds up his thrust, and starts to really pound me. I start to cum. My girl-dick has been rubbing between myself and the bed the whole time.

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   I explode all over myself and the bed from the incredible sex. Master picks up his speed, and starts drilling me HARD. I can feel his cock swell inside my ass.

"Give it all to me Master. Make your pregnant bitch pregnant again. " I yell.

The next thing I feel is an ice-cold sensation deep within my bowels. Master gives one more mighty thrust, then holds there for a while. As he is cumming in his bitch, his bitch gets off. My cock explodes again all over the bed.

After we are both finished, I expected we are through, but I am wrong. Master has yet to get soft. Instead, Master flips me on my side. He lifts up my left leg for easy access to my ass-cunt. He promptly starts fucking me again.

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   My cock once again gets hard. Master has angled his cock in my ass so that my prostate is constantly getting pounded, almost from the full force of his thrusts. Almost immediately, I start to cum, but I don't stop, it keeps going. Master sees this, and starts to pound me even harder, resulting in my orgasms being even harder. Master pumps his bitch, who is already leaking cum, to the point of breaking. I can feel Master's thrusts get shorter until, the unmistaken feel of cum once again. I myself have never stopped cumming, but this takes me over the edge. I feel his thrusts, and his cum. I can't take anymore of this, and I pass out from the multiple, huge orgasms rocking my body.

To Be Continued.

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