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         Me and Shilo Lightner were going out for about 2 years. She was a horny, drunk! She liked to drink everynight, then have wild kinky sex. Alot of times, she would pass out from being so wasted. She would even pass out during sex, and even while she was giving me head. I found out that nothing can wake her up! Even when she passed out blowing me, Id just grab her ears, and fuck her mouth till I blew my load. The best part was, Id tell her about it in the morning, and she said she didnt care. She said I could do anything I wanted to her in her sleep! So, needless to say, I fucked her many times while she was passed out, and nothing I did could wake her up!         This went on for a while. Till one night, I was eating her out, while she was passed out drunk, and I found a used condom that wasnt mine! You can imagine my rage! I wanted to beat the shit out of her, but I cant hit a woman. So that night I thought about how to get revenge! In the morning I acted like nothing happened so she wouldnt get suspicious with what I was about to do.          A few weeks later, I took her to one of my buddies frat partys. It turned out to be a sausage fest, it was perfect! There were about 18 to 20 guys and she was the only girl there. I started giving her shots and told a couple guys about her not waking up for anything! Soon after, everyone was giving her beer and liquer! By midnight she was trashed and throwing up. I took her into a bedroom to have sex with her one last time. As usual, she passed out about 5 minutes into it. I finished up by blowing my load all over her face. Then I got dressed and started my revenge!         I stripped her naked and told everyone to come look.

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   Everyone was laughing and taking pics of her laying there passed out naked with a load on her face! Then they picked her up and carryed her to the middle of the party where everyone could see! Some guys started taking pics of them posing with her in different positions. They were putting bottles in her pussy, then her ass, putting there dicks on her face, all kinds of degrading and humiliating pictures! After a while that got old so they turned her into a passed out cum dumpster. She had a dick in every hole and still didnt wake up! By this time a couple guys were video taping it all, along with taking pictures. She had so many loads blown in her, it was leaking out her pussy. She also swallowed at least 18 loads.           After a couple of hours, everyone had there fill with her. She had cum dripping out of her beet red, torn up pussy, and her face was covered with sperm. We loaded her in a car, drove her into the city, and found a couple old horny bums to have sex with her! We took pics as she was fucked by some of the dirtyest dicks possible. Then we took her back and dropped her off on a bench in the middle of town. Still passed out, still naked, and still very sticky! We left her there for all to see. I wish I could have seen her face when she woke up sticky, soar, and naked, in the middle of town with people who know her all around! She called me the next day and told me how she woke up on a bench and could barely walk home from being so soar. I told the cheating bitch to never call me again. .



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