Getting it in on overtime


It was 6pm on Friday and here I was in the office waiting on an important shipment that was needed for the weekends production inthe factory. The door opened and Irene came in. "Happy at your work?" she asked. "This is a bit of a nuisance having to come in on a Friday night, and 2 of us is a bit of overkill". "Health and safety regulations Irene got to be 2 on the premises Irene" I replied. " Anyway its just as well you came in. Theres an email from Jeff and I cant get it to open up". "Typical male" commented Irene "Always problems getting it up", and with that she leaned over me, one arm on each side of my head, and started to type on my keyboard. Her left breast was pressed against my cheek and perhaps it was my imagination but I thought it was pressed more than was strictly necessary. Certyainly my cock agreed as it started to twitch at the thought.

"Oh no" said Irene " Look Mark, the shipment has only just left their premises. That means it will not be here until at least 8pm". "Well Irene" I replied " Theres no point in hanging about here for 2 hours. Do you want to head off home and come back? Theres no point in me driving home. It will take 45 minutes to get there. I'll just stay here.

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  " "Look Mark" said Irene. "Why dont you come round to my flat. Its just round the corner. If Jeff phones your mobile we can be back in 2 minutes. We can have a cup of coffee and watch a bit of telly". "Sounds good to me" I replied and we went out to her car.

On the way to her flat I thought that this might be the opportunity that I had been waiting for for a long time. Although she was 40 and about 18 years younger than me I found her extremely attractive with her slim body and shapely ass.  She was always boasting about her 34d tits and I would have loved to have the chance to examine them much more closely than surreptitiously glancin at her cleavage when the opportunity arose. With these thoughts I felt my cock rise in my trousers and I had to adjust myself in my seat in case Irene noticed. She looked at me and smiled. "Almost there " she said and drew up outside a sandstone block of flats.

As we enetered her apartment she remarked " My daughter Kates gone up to Glasgow tonight. Please excuse the mess shes left the place in. On you go into the living room and I'll put on a cup of coffee" I went into the lounge, looked around and said "Nice place youve got Irene" She called form the kitchen "Thanks Mark.

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   Would you prefer a glass of wine. If so can you help me get it from the top shelf". I went into the kitchen and Irene was leaning against the work top trying to reach a bottle of wine in the top cupboard. I went up behind her and reached up at the same time pressing my by now rampant cock against her ass cheeks. "What do you think you're doing " she said sternly and turned round to face me. I stepped back and held my hands up in apology. However Irene stepped forward and with a big smile put her arms round my neck and kissed me passionately.  She pressed her pussy mound hard against my crotch and I put my hands inside her blouse and rubbed my hands up and down her back. I was surprised to find that she had removed her bra and said so. Irene replied " I was hoping you would do this and wanted to feel you massage my breasts" I needed no further invitation and moved my hands round to the front of her body feeling her magnificent boobs. I massaged her nipples and they went erect at once.

"Whats this down here" said Irene playfully, as she rubbed her hand up and down the front of my trousers. "Lets see what you've got", and with that she losened my belt, unzipped my fly and pulled my tousers and boxers down to my ankles. "Waow, that is beatiful" she said as my  cock rose to a full erection. She tookthe base in her hand and gently ran her tongue around the tip before taking the full lenghth into her mouth.

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   At first gently and then more urgently she sucked on my cock moving her mouth up and down the shaft and licking it with her tongue. "Stop, stop Irene. " I gasped "I dont want to come yet", and with that I lifted her on to the work top covering her face and neck with kisses. I lifted her up and slid her jeans down over her hips where they fell to the floor. I bent down and she spread her legs wide apart putting one lege over each shoilder.  Her knickers were soaking and I pulled them aside and pushed my finger up her vagina. Irene squirmed as I worked my finger up and down her pussy. I pulled her knickers off and looked for the first time at her magfnificent pussy. She had trimmed her bush but the hair round it was jet black and I nearly came just looking at it. I kiseed her inner thighs and worked my way up to her pussy. The lips were puffed up and her clitoris was standin out like a thumb. Iteased it with my teeth and Irene began to moan and thresh about. I then inserted my tongue into her vagina and her moans increased tenfold. "Oh Mark please please " she pleaded as I continued to tongue the inner walls of her pussy, which by now was soaking with her love juice. " I need to feel you inside me now" she cried.

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   So I took her legs down from my shoulders  stood up and pulled her to the edge of the work top. Irene wrapped her legs around my waist and I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. It slid in easily as she was so wet and I slowly pulled it beck to the entrance and pushed it in gently to its full lenghth. As I eased it back to her pussy entrance again Irene pushed as hard as she could against me and said "Fuck me as hard as you can Mark. I need you to fuck me harder". I needed no further invitation and pistoned in and out of her vagina as hard as I could. I felt my cum begin to rise and said " I'm going to come" and went to withdraw my cock. "No said Irene. I want to feel you come inside me" She contracted her pussy walls and immeditely I shot loads and loads of cum into her.  The sensation of my spasms pushed Irene over the edge and her body began to shudder in a huge orgasm.

I stayed motionless for a few moments with my cock pushed as far up her pussy as possible and could feel her pussy walls vibrating with the sensation of her orgasm. What a great feeling it was. However I felt my cock starting to droop and I eased it out of her vagina at the same time putting my arms round her neck and kissing her full on the lips. "That was incredible" said Irene and jumped down from the worktop. Picking up her jeans and panties she smiled and said "Lets play hide and seek.

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   Count to ten and then if you can find me you can have me". And then she was gone out of the door leaving me alone in the kitchen. I dutifully counted to ten and then went into the hall. I looked into her daughters bedroom. What a mess, and told myself she wont hide in there. Then into the bathroom. A quick glance into the shower, no one there, and the into Irenes bedroom. I looked in the wardrobe, and under the bed. No sign.  My cock was starting to take interest in this game now and had almost risen to full height. Where could she be I thought. At that there was a tap on my shoulder and I turned round to see Irene there stark naked. What a magnificent sight! It was the first time I had seen those beatiful boobs and they stood out proudly with her nipples erect. My cock immedietely went to full attention. " You lost" said Irene " So its my turn to have you" And with that she pulled off my top and  pushed me backwords on to the bed.

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   Kneeling in front of me she took my cock and placed it between her breasts. She rubbed her tits up and down the shaft of my cock. The sensation was so great that I thought I was going to come there and then. Irene said " youve always wanted to do that, havent you Mark. I've sen you looking at me" I could only nod my head in agreement such was the sensation. But Irened wasnt finished . She told me to hold my cock straight up and parting her pussy lips gradually lowered herself on to my pole until she was totally impaled. I could feel her pussy lips against my balls and then she started to rock from side to side with her pussy walls expanding and contracting. Just when I though. t I couldnt take any more she started to move up and down on my cock. As her speed increased so did her moans and she climaxed and her whole body shook with spasm after spasm. I could contain myself no longer and the feel of her pussy walls tightening on my caused me to release great jets of spunk into her. Irene bent forward over me and I took her breast into my mouth and sucked it greedily. This caused her to shudder again as she continued to orgasm against my still erect penis. She lay down against my chest and my cock slipped out of her soaking my balls with her love juices.

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After a few minutes Irene moved off me and snuggled against me. I put my hand down and put two fingers in her pussy. She was sopping wet. I took my fingers out and rubbed her still erect nipples with the fluid of her love juice and my cum. I then proceeded to suck on each nipple, and she moaned and pushed her tits against my face. Seeing that she was still aroused I then kissed my way down her body, parted her pussy hairs and inserted my tongue into her vagina. The scent and taste were wonderful and I continued to work my tongue round her pussy walls. I then started to rub her clitoris with and Irene started to writhe and moaned "Please, please" she repeated. I tongued her clitoris and she cried "Dont stop. I'm coming". With which I stuck my tongue as far as I could up her pussy, and felt her her love juice running down the walls of her vagina as she climaxed.

We lay back on the bed totally breathless and then she said "You have no idea, Mark, how long I have wanted you to do that to me. I have lain in bed night after night fantasising about it but the reality was much better". I then said " Irene, I would have but I was scared I would lose you as a friend if you had rejected me".     "That will never happen, Mark, I love you as a friend, but I do not want to change my lifestyle.

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   If we can continue to remain good friends and have the occasional bonk that will suit me fine" "That suits me perfectly, Irene. " I replied. "I would hate to lose you as a friend"

We lay nestled in each others arms for a while and then Irene said " We will need to be getting back.  Have I got time for a quick shower?" I said "We've still got over half an hour. You've got plenty of time". Irene went into the beathroom and I lay on the bed listening to the water running and Irene singing to herself. Thinking of her there my cock began to rise again. I went into the bathroom and through the steam could see Irenes naked body behind the shower screen. Needing no further invitation I stepped into the shower behind her picked up the shower gel put some on my hands, reached round her and began to rub it into her breasts. " Dont you think I can manage" she said at the same time pushin her ass against my cock. Immediately I spread her pussy lips apart and pushed my cock into her. "Push him as hard as you can and as quick as you can" Irene ordered. "I want you to make me come quickly". Reaching round and grabbing hold of her breasts I pistoned in and out of her bringing my cock back to the very entrance of her vagina and the pushing as fast and as hard as I could all the way in. It wasnt long before I felt my semen rise and I shot load after load of cum deep into her pussy.

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   On feeling it Irene shouted " i'm coming" and immediately climaxed her pussy walls spasming against my cock and her ass pushin so hard against me that we nearly fell back agains the shower walls. "That was great" said Irene "I wish we had time to do that again, but we had better get round to the factory"

And we made it round with about 2 minutes to spare. The driver came in and apologised for being late. "it's ok" Irene remarked " we are getting paid, so we dont mind being on the job". And she winked at me!