Getting Fucked by Uncle… Part 2


The second night uncle brought more drinks and warned me not to drink too much. When we were settled and ready to start drinking my uncle made sure my aunt drank more than either of us. Soon she was fast asleep.

We went over to my bed and started kissing passionately. Then I felt his hands unbuttoning my top and he let his lips slide down from my lips to my neck. Slowly nibbling and licking. Before I knew it my top and bra were off. I was standing in front of him half naked. He kept kissing and licking my neck while helping me remove my pants and panties. After getting fully naked I helped him undress. His cock looked so much better when the light was on. I put my lips on top of his 8 inch cock and started licking the head slowly. In a few minutes I was moving my head up and down his cock, he was holding my hair so it wouldn’t come in the way and disturb me. Soon he was ready to cum. I stopped sucking and waited for him to calm down. He then asked me to lie down while he went down on me.

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   He proceeded to eat me out. Sucking and licking me. I was starting to make loud noises but we weren’t bothered since my aunt was out cold. He made me cum and he continued licking me while he inserted two fingers inside my hole and finger fucked me. I came once again and he licked up my cum looking in my eyes while he showed me how he enjoyed the taste of my cum.

Getting up he tied both my hands on top of my head before getting on his knees in front of my pussy. He held both my toes and spread them wide allowing him access to my pussy. He put the head of his cock on the opening of my pussy and teased me with the tip of his cock. Not going inside my fully, just inserting the head of his cock before pulling out. I was so wet by now his cock was sliding in and out perfectly. I tried raising my hips to allow him to go further but he kept pulling back. I was going out of my mind. “Will you just fuck me now!” I shouted, frustrated. He smiled and pushed his cock inside my pussy and stayed like that for a while. Both of us enjoying the feel of each others flesh.

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   His 8 inch cock inside my tight, wet pussy. And slowly he started to move inside me. “aaaaahhhh aaaaaahhhhhh oh yeah, uncle, fuck me harder, oh yes. ” That seemed to turn him on more and he started pounding harder, going faster. After a few minutes he withdrew, turning me around he pounded me from behind. We were both sighing and he had sweat running down his face and chest. I stopped him and asked him to lie down. Going down on him I sucked his cock again tasting myself on him. Then straddling him I lowered my pussy on his cock and rode him. Touching his chest hair, my hands found his small tits. Rubbing my hands on his tits I rode him harder, moaning and sighing. Uncle was holding my hips, urging me to go faster. I stopped rubbing his tits and put my hands on his thighs behind me and started going up and down. Looking up he could see his cock going in and out of my pussy. Reaching up he took hold of my nipples with two fingers he started rubbing and pulling them.

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   After another few minutes of fucking in that position he pulled me down and we tongued each other. He pushed me off him and got on top of me, and started fucking me missionary style and I orgasmed in a few minutes. He also took out his cock and dumped his load on my stomach.

He then got up and went back to sleep beside my aunt. I cleaned myself up and fell asleep in a few minutes.

This is my second story and it’s all true!!!
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