Getting Friendly - I


Tony had gone to take a shower. I was sitting in his bedroom upstairs, idly waiting for him to do that. Fifteen minutes before I happened to be walking by his house and he had been out in the yard pulling weeds. He lived up the street from me, although we really didn't know each other all that well. The two of us had gotten talking and sort of decided that, having nothing better to do, maybe we could do something and just generally hang out together for a while. We went in so Tony could get cleaned up first.
After a few minutes Tony walked back into the room without a stitch on, looking fresh from his shower, and toweling his wet hair. I was a little surprised, mostly just because I was not expecting him to be nude, but there was no one else at home so it was not like a big deal. Tony flashed me something of a slightly modest grin, but otherwise looked perfectly comfortable about not having anything on. Even, that he might be enjoying being uninhibited like that.
I grinned back. I had no problem with seeing him naked. In a way it was kind of cool and I admired his courage. In another way, I actually felt a tiny bit envious, half wishing that I was brave enough to just be nude in front of somebody like that without feeling all embarrassed about it.
"So what do you want to do?" Tony asked.
"I don't know.

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   " I shrugged. It was a beautiful summer day. It seemed like there should be something to do, somewhere to go.
Tony was unable to come up with any suggestions, either. He stood there, continuing to towel his wet hair, as he considered this. Tony's a couple of inches shorter than me, dark hair, thin build. Actually, he looks pretty good being natural like that. After a moment though, he grins again in a slightly modest way, as if remembering that he's standing there with nothing on. He blushes.
I see the reason why, as I notice that he's starting to get an erection.
"Oh, gezz. . . " he says, unable to keep his penis from doing that.
I'm not exactly shocked.

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"I was trying not to have a boner," he confesses, rolling his eyes and still blushing.
"It happens," I say with another male's understanding, smiling and looking amused by his unintentional display.
His penis is not exceptionally big. On the smaller side of average, I would say. Its curved shape is sticking stiffly up from his tight set of balls, the mushrooming tip arosy shade of crimson.
It's sort of funny seeing him hard like that. A few weeks ago, my best friend, Rick, and I had started messing around. It was the first time for me ever doing anything with another guy, and I pretty much knew for Rick, as well. The two of us were just doing stuff like together as friends. Neither of us were gay. It was just something that had worked out and was fun.
    Although Rick and I had started to enjoy our mutual jack-off sessions quite a bit, getting naked together and playing around, and even allowing a little romance to slip in. Nothing too heavy, but we did slip our arms around one another and had tried kissing. If it hadn't been for that recent event in my life, I might have had a different view of seeing Tony naked with a hard-on. I felt sort of intrigued by the unexpected opportunity.

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    I guess my relaxed attitude made Tony feel better, because instead of getting into a panic and hastily trying to cover up, and looking totally embarrassed about it, he just stood there letting me observe him. Almost inviting me to, as if to see if his arousal met with my approval.
    Actually, it did.
    "That looks really stiff," I commented.
    "It is," he admitted.
    Just for fun, and not having any idea what Tony's reaction would be, I carelessly reached out to give his erection a friendly squeeze. I laughed and Tony laughed, too, offering no objection to my doing that.
    "It is really hard," I appraised. My hand gave his stiff length another squeeze for good measure before I pulled away. Tony simply stood there allowing my inquiry.
    "Are you getting hard?" he asked.
    I wasn't expecting him to ask me that. I looked a little surprised.
    "Yeah. I'm starting to," I said, realizing that I was.

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    "Do I get to see yours?" he questioned demurely.



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