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It was about mid summer. I was up late downloading new videos and chatting online looking for some company. I had spent about an hour watching porn rubbing my cock in attempt to please myself to no avail. As I watched a hot muscle jock pound a mans smooth ass I began to feel my asshole aching. It needed to be filled so badly I could almost feel it. About to give up on my search for company an new chat window pops up on the screen.

RippedJock: Hey, I’m a top from d-town looking for an ass to fuck.
You found one, I replied with a wink, He then gave me his address and told me he was waiting for me naked in bed with the door unlocked. Filled with excitement I threw on an old t-shirt and a pair of shorts… no boxers, as he requested. I jumped in my car and headed toward his apartment. I arrived at his building and ran up the stairs. I gently knock on the door before grabbing the handle and pushing it open. There he was standing in front of me. He is about 6 feet tall, short brown hair, huge ripped chest and arms. “Come on in. ” he said.

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   I followed him back to his bedroom. “Take off your clothes” he commanded. I pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts to the ground exposing my 7. 5 inch semi-hard cock. He lay down on the bed and I hopped up next to him. His dick was already hard and waiting for some attention. I wrapped my hand around his dick and slowly started to lick around the head of his cock. He began to squirm as I slid his dick into my mouth. Sucking it down into my throat. I took it back out of my mouth and flicked my tongue across the tip of his cock, sliding my hand up and down the shaft. “You ready to get fucked?” he asked.
“Yea I want that dick in my ass” I said back
“Turn over and lay down on your stomach”
“Yes sir”
“Let me give you this dick”

And with that he climbed on top of me, lubed up his rock hard dick, and pushed up against my ass. I felt the slippery head of his cock brushing up against my tight asshole. He slid his dick back and forth between my ass cheeks, teasing me with every stroke. “Are you ready for this dick?”
“Yes give it to me” I begged.

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It wasn’t a second later that the swollen head of that cock found its way into my ass.
“Ahhhh yea. ” I yelled out “Give me that dick”
He slowly worked it in and out of my asshole, pushing deeper and deeper with every stroke. It wasn’t long until he was fucking me full speed. Thrusting his dick in and out of my ass. I moaned and whimpered louder and louder with every stroke. I felt all 7 inches of thick meat pounding my ass. I cried out in pleasure as he gave my ass 2 hard thrusts before letting his dick fall out of my ass.

He rolled over onto his back and said “Sit on my dick. ” I got up straddled him and slowly lowered myself down onto his prick. Holding it with 1 hand guiding it back into my ass. I sat down on his dick as far as I could pushing it deep into my ass. I leaned forward to put my hands on his chest for leverage as I worked my ass up and down taking his whole dick into my ass. He began to thrust up into me as I continued to ride him faster and harder. His thrusts get harder pushing his dick deeper into my ass.

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My throbbing dick is rubbing back and forth across his solid abs as I work my ass up and down, and back and forth. I feel the cum building up deep in my balls ready to be released at any second. I grab my dick and begin to stroke it. He pulled my hand away from my dick right as I was about to cum, and trusted up deep into me. I let out a roaring moan and sat down on his dick pushing it into my asshole.

I started to work my hips around in a circular motion, keeping his entire shafted buried deep inside me. Arching backwards I grabbed both of my ankles for support sliding my ass up and down his thick cock. I could feel his dick throbbing deep in my ass. I slowly raised my ass up almost letting him slide all the way out before I quickly dropped back down. I bounced up and down as he drove his dick in and out of my ass. He reached up to pinch my nipples and then pushed his dick deep into me almost causing me to lose control.

I roll off of him and lay on my back. I spread my legs open holding them up in the air. Showing him my tight brown hole. He positioned him self on his knees in front of me and pushedhis dick back into my aching hole.

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   He took my legs and placed them on his shoulders opening me up so he could fuck me deeper. I laybackstaring at his ripped chest as he pounded my ass hard and fast. He lifted my legs up higher in the air and pushed them back over my head. I am watching him through my legs, his dick pumping deeper and deeper into my ass as my dick was harder then ever and pointed straight at my face. He continued to thrust into my ass harder and deeper making me moan louder and louder as he fucked me.

He grabbed my dick and started to stroke it up and down while he fucked my ass raw. I felt the sensation building up in my balls once again as he pounded me harder and harder. His stroke became more forceful and powerful than ever making me whimper and beg for more. He trusted into my ass fucking me mercilessly as I scream in ecstasy. I felt his engorged dick start to throb inside me. He pushed every inch of his powerful cock into my ass, and stroked my cock in rhythm with his thrusts.

His dick was now throbbing harder than ever; he rocked his dick in and out of my ass with reckless abandon. I felt cum building up ready to explode. He got off 3 or 4 powerful thrusts before he buried is dick deep in my ass. I could feel it throb and pump load after load of hot cum into my ass.

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   He kept stroking my dick pointing it at my face as The feeling of that throbbing hard dick pushing deep filling my ass. I was about to explode.

He jerked my dick faster aiming it right at my face. My mouth open I shot a thick stream of cum right into my mouth. Gog after gob of creamy hotcum sprayed all over my face. I caught another thick stream in my mouth. He rocked back and forth against me pushing deeper into my ass. Cum continued to drip out of my cock down onto my face until it was covered in rich sticky cream. I licked the sticky goo from my lips and let it sit in my mouth. A few drops ran down my chin and down the side of my neck.

He leaned forward and sucked every drop off of my neck and lick off my chin. I felt is dick getting soft and sliding out of my ass. He kept the head of his cock pressed against my ass rubbing it up and down. He leaned in again to kiss memy lips were soaked with cum as they met his. He shoved his tongue into my mouthmassaging against mine.

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   Our tongues bathing in cum. He slowly pulls his lips away from mine a strand of cum stretches between our lips then falls down onto my chest. “How much do u love the dick?” he asks. I try to answer but my mouth is still over flowing with my hot juices. “Don’t talk with your mouth full boy. ” “Swallow that load. ” He requested. Pushing my tongue to my lips letting a few drops leak out the corner of my mouth and fall down onto my right nipple. I throw my head back and gulp the rest down. I felt it slowly slide down my throat coating every inch. “You missed a spot. ” He said. Pointing out the drops left on my nipple “After you. ” I said in a sly voice winking at him.

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I sat up from the bed and he shoved me back down with a bit of force. Pinning me to the bed he lunged toward my neck sucking it hard then ran his tongue up across my cheek. Cleaning off the remains on my face. He grabbed me by the shoulders and ran his tongue back down my neck and across my chest. Stopping to kiss and suck along the way. He got to my nipple and ran his tongue around it before sucking it into his mouth taking the remaining drops of cum.



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