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OK so the name has been changed to protect the not so innocent. . . his name was Kenny and I have had a few "dates" with him before but nothing ever happened so I was figuring it never would but hey he was good for conversation and a free meal so when he called asking me to go out for the evening I figured why not. Now, mind you, I almost always carry my vibe "just in case" except for certain circumstances.
I got in the car and he told me he had rented a room for the evening if that was OK. Now he is an older guy and has dentures but is still really good looking for his age so I figured what the hell. We got to the hotel and he checked in while I waited in the car, he came back for me and grabbed his laptop, winked and said he had loaded some porn to get me in the mood. He started a video, stripped down and went to take a shower. While he was in there, I was watching some hot girl on girl action which was getting me a little horny. . plus the knowledge that there was a naked guy 18 feet away that was totally expecting me to fuck him got me wet.
He came out of the shower, walked over to me (still dripping wet) and kissed me while pushing me down on the bed.

Before I could even think, he had all of my clothes off. . .

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  what had I gotten myself into I thought? Oh well. . . too late now. I am naked and horny as fuck. . . may as well go for it. He went to my bag and grabbed the vibe and the lube, lubed me up and started using the vibe on me, rubbing my clit and fucking me with it as he sucked on my nipples. It didn't take long at all before I was having the first orgasm. After I started coming down from it, he smiled at me and said that he had wanted to do that the first time he saw me. . . but had wanted to wait until I made a move on him. I giggled and said I had been waiting for him to make the move, then I pushed him onto his back and started to suck on his cock.

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   He begged me to finger his ass as I sucked him off. . . well he didn't know I had always wanted to try that. . . as I was going down, my finger was sliding in and out of his ass at the same time. . . his cock would be all the way to my throat at one moment and the next I would have just the head in my mouth as my finger plunged into his ass. He didn't take long before unleashing his first load of the evening. . . when I was done swallowing, he dove over me and started giving my pussy the tongue lashing of its life.

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      . I was practically screaming in pleasure as he licked and nibbled on my very swollen very sensitive clit. He put first one, then 2, then 3 fingers inside me, by this point I was bucking like I was riding a horse when he put the 4Th finger inside me. I exploded in ecstasy as his entire hand was now buried inside of me. Once I came again, he rolled me onto my belly and started to finger my ass, then lubed up the toy and slid that in. . . . I was torn between pleasure and pain. . . it was a lot of pressure but felt good too. He fucked me like that for a few minutes before starting to eat me some more. When I came the third time, he finally slid his cock into my dripping pussy with me lying on my side and my leg on his shoulder so he could get deep. .

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      . When we both came, he looked at me and told me I should get dressed cause he was hungry. We went and ate dinner, and went back to the room. . . when I discovered he had gotten some whipped cream at some point. . . over the next several hours, he emptied the can on my body and used it as lube at some points and also ate most of it off of me. By the time the can was empty, the lightest touch on my pussy was burning like fire. I begged him to stop and went into the bathroom to discover he had literally fucked and sucked me RAW and BLOODY. . . . I was sore until Wednesday morning from our escapade!!.

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