From a Chat Room to Prostitution


My name’s Martha and this is my story of how I went from an innocent little girl curious about sex to a “forced” prostitute. It all began back when I was nine years old. I was your typical looking girl. Dressed kind of girly, I was small framed and short (only 5’ now at 17), I had shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and wore glasses to read. I kept to myself a lot and spent most of my time in my room on my computer or reading. I liked being alone in my room with the door shut because my brother was so obnoxious.   He’s 5 years older than me and was 18 at the time. He enjoyed picking on me, playing cruel jokes, etc. He certainly wasn’t the protective big brother type.

Our house was a one floor and the last house on a dead end next to a small patch of woods that separated our street from the main road and an old beat up motel called Blue Moons. The area was very dark due to the fact that the street lights stopped half way down our road. It was one night in august, it was a weeknight, not sure which, but it was HOT!!! I had all my windows open trying to get some air in there. I had a fan in one window, pretty much blowing hot air in and the other window just open with the screen.  When I was alone in my room in that heat, I only wore panties, trying to cool off. My dad always knocked and my mom would walk in, but I didn’t care about her. My brother I don’t think ever once entered my room, so he wasn’t an issue.

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   I recall lying there on my bed, fan blowing on me while reading a book. I’d roll back and forth every few minutes between my back and stomach to keep cool. I kept hearing a clicking sound, but wasn’t sure what it was or where it was coming from, so I figured it was just the fan or something it was blowing. I got sick of reading and decided to watch some music videos on YouTube. I had been trying to learn some new dances (something I enjoyed doing) so I pulled up a video and was practicing to it. It was a pretty sexy dance, a lot of hip wiggling and butt shaking. I turned from the computer towards my right where the mirror was to watch myself in it when I saw the reflection of someone in my window with a camera. I turned fast and shrieked! They took off running and I stood there for a second wondering if I should go tell my mom or dad, but if I did they might forbid me to have my own time in my room from there on forward, so I didn’t.   I went to bed and kept peeking out the corner of my eye for them. Now I knew what the clicking sound was, they were taking pictures of me while I was reading.

The next morning I woke up late and went to the kitchen to grab something to eat and my brother was sitting at the table, mom and dad had gone out. I mentioned what had happened to him and he laughed at me, saying haha… you got peeped and now your nudie pics will be on the internet. I said I wasn’t nude, I had underwear on, and I was only topless. He continued laughing and making fun. I said… why would that person want to do that? My brother said… because! Guys love seeing girls naked and looking at nudie pics! It makes them horny and they get off on them.

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   That very moment was when my perception of sex, nudity, society, my own body and everything having to do with sex as a whole got warped. That’s the way I thought it was supposed to be. Girls getting naked and getting guys off.

It was shortly after my 10th birthday came around. I started talking with a couple of friends at school about what happened and they were like… ooooohh, you got what the boys want! My friend Tara kept saying I should’ve done a strip tease for him, regardless of the fact I was practically almost naked anyway when it happened. My friends seemed to be keener on sex and all it involved than I was, so they started sending me video clips and pictures online while we were on messengers. My parents weren’t very computer savvy, so they had no idea what parental controls were. The stuff I was seeing intrigued me so much, there were clips and pictures of guy’s stuff, couples doing it, girls sucking on guys stuff, I became obsessed with the desire to learn more and know everything about it. I started poking around on a search engine at naughty videos and pics one day when I found this video of a girl, she looked like a teenager, very pretty and I remembered the name of the video was blonde masturbates. I didn’t even know what masturbates was or meant till I watched the video. The girl in the video looked as if what she was doing with her fingers hurt her. She was moaning and whimpering and making really funny faces. That night, after going to bed, I laid there thinking about that video (as well as many others) and I slid my hand down my pants to give it a whirl. I’ve touched my stuff many times before, showering and all, but never for a purpose like that. I began rubbing it up and down like the girl did in the video and continued that for a while, it did feel nice and for the first time, I felt myself getting wetter down there from doing that.

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   As nice as it felt, I still couldn’t understand why the girl in the video made those faces and sounds. It was fun though and I began doing it almost nightly. A few months down the road I had begun talking with a few boys I met online in chat rooms and things really picked up. They were sending me naked pics of themselves, and letting me watch them on webcams while they jerked their stuff. I had found another video of a girl masturbating and in this one she was pulling back the skin of her private part and rubbing the little bumpy part at the top of it really fast and hard. I instantly snuck off to the bathroom to try this new technique in case anyone tried walking into my room. I pulled my jeans and panties down, sat on the toilet and tried it out. The sensation was so much better and intense! I couldn’t stop, I instantly started getting wet and the faster I went on it, the better it felt. All of a sudden the feeling built up to level that I couldn’t handle, it felt like I was about to pee, so I stopped but no pee came out. This without a doubt became my new hobby!

One Saturday night, I was up late and my parents had already gone off to bed. I was talking with a boy named Tommy online and he was showing me his stuff and all. He asked me if I had a webcam, I said yes. Then he said I should get naked and play with myself for him. I was so shy I kept saying no. He was really disappointed.

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   I got offline and grabbed a snack, went back to my room and was horny from seeing his stuff, so I began playing with myself. I sprawled out on my bed, naked, massaging my clit and began thinking about the hand between my legs being Tummy’s. I decided at that point, it’s only my body, it’s what he wants to see and it might get him excited, so I jumped back online and Tommy was still on. I turned on my webcam and positioned it on my face only. I said Hi sexy! He said. . . I was just laying here jerking and thinking about you. I said well, I have a surprise for you and you don’t have to think anymore. I positioned the cam onto my bed, and turned the lamp on so it wouldn’t be so dark. Then I climbed onto the bed, naked, started rubbing my chest (not that I had much of one) and licked my finger and ran it down between my legs and started playing with myself. I could hear him saying OMG, you’re so hot! He told me to face different directions and do it on my knees with my butt facing the cam, it was fun. I was watching him jerk himself and then he ended up cumming on his stomach. That got me so excited to know that I made a boy cum like that just from showing him my body and touching it. Now I knew why the guy in my window that night wanted pictures.

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Time went on and I was continuing to degrade myself in front of a cam and talk dirty with boys as well as older men. I was now 18 years old and I have to admit, I had learned quite a bit about sex, regardless of the fact I hadn’t done anything yet with a real person.   I was still exploring my body constantly, my boobs were starting to get a little bigger and my daily goal it seemed was to get home from school playing Miss Proper school girl and become Miss Masturbation who tried and get guys off online. After all, it couldn’t be so bad because a few of my friends were doing the same thing and besides, it wasn’t like we were out being prostitutes.   A couple of my friends had already turned 12 and they were being left home alone after school while their parents worked. Of course my parents not being so “parental” and being workaholics themselves didn’t mind if I went to my friends’ houses after school to hang out or stay for dinner. My friends Tara and Casey both had a free house after school so we always liked going there to do whatever we wanted. One day after school, me, Tara, Casey and this other girl Brenda were all talking with each other about which boys were the hottest and how we wanted to see them naked, etc. Casey said…. Hey, I have an idea! She named off 4 boys who lived in the neighborhood that we all talked with and flirted with and suggested we do something called a rainbow party. I had no idea what this was, but she said her cousin had been to them and told her all about it. Basically, it’s where the boys line up, with their wieners out and the girls all wear a different color lipstick and suck on the boys for 1 minute at a time, going down the line, creating a rainbow on their stuff. Then the 1st boy to cum gets to play with the girl that made him at the next party. Just the sounds of it were getting me wet and I couldn’t wait. Being Monday, we had plenty of time to plan it for Friday after school.

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Friday came around and we were all dying for school to get out. I was sitting there in class, imagining what it was going to be like to see my 1st dick in person (actually 4) and suck on them. I was excited and scared at the same time, I knew it was bad and we would all get murdered if anyone ever found out. 1:45pm finally came around and school let out. I met Casey and Brenda out front of the school and a couple of minutes later Tara came bouncing down the stairs in her dimwitted blonde way, looking at us asking if we were ready to party? I asked… where are the guys? She said they were going home to get their bikes and would be by at 3pm. So we headed straight to Tara’s house and instantly we all ran for the bathroom to fix our hair and put on some makeup. We were all giggling and laughing, trying to act as if we weren’t nervous. We prettied ourselves up and waited. Suddenly the doorbell rang, it was the boys. Joey, Mike, Collin and dean were all dressed kind nice too and smelling of large amounts of cologne. They came in and to be honest they looked pretty nervous too. Then Tara said… ok, here’s the rules… guys have to line up with their pants down, girls have to take off their tops, guys will flip a coin to see in which order they line up in, girls will flip a coin to see who sucks first and last girl in line uses the stopwatch to time one minute. When one minute is up, each girl moves one boy to her right, last girl going to the front of the line to the first boy. The first boy to cum is the winner and the girl that made him is his prize at the next party for him to play with.

I was ready, nervous as hell but ready with my orange lipstick.

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   Actually, I was wondering at that point why lipstick was even involved, the game works the same with or without, but whatever. The boys flipped and ended up lining up in order of Mike, Collin, Joey and Dean. Then us girls flipped and got order of Tara, Brenda, me and Casey. The boys all lined up as we took our shirts off. Brenda and Casey had training bras but Tara and I hadn’t needed them yet. The girls all lined up on our knees in front of the boy that matched our flip number, we had a little buzzer that was set for one minute and first we undid the boy’s pants. My heart was pounding out of my chest and I was practically shaking as I unbuttoned Joey’s jeans, pulled his zipper down and slid them down to about his knees. He had football boxers on that were white and I could already see the outline of his dick through them. I slipped my fingers under the elastic of his boxers and gently pulled them down as my heart pounded. Suddenly I was facing his dick. It wasn’t hard yet, but I suddenly got a wave through my body and I heard Casey say… ready? Set? Go! I reached up with my left hand, pulling Joeys dick upwards, pointing it towards my face and took it into my mouth. The sensation was so strange and erotic. It was soft, smooth, warm and almost instantly I could feel it swell in my mouth as he got harder and harder. I really didn’t know what to do, so I just kind of sucked and licked it in my mouth like a popsicle. All I heard was slurping noises all around me and as fast as it all began, the buzzer went off.

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   We all pulled our mouths off of their dicks, the boys were all grinning at each other and us girls started giggling. We all moved one boy to the right and I now found myself staring at Dean’s package. It was considerably larger than joeys. The buzzer was set and off we went for round two. I instantly felt how much bigger Dean was in my mouth, I had to stretch my lips further and it was rather hard to get all of him in my mouth, so I put as much as I could in without choking myself. I’d say we were 20-30 seconds into it when I heard Mike grunting loudly, looking over I saw Casey drawing her head back fast with a disgusted look on her face and seen a little bit of Mikes cum on her lip. We all stopped and Tara yelled out, we have a winner!!! So next party, Mike gets to play with Casey.

A few days went bye and I was walking home from school when I saw Joey. We started chatting a bit and he asked if I wanted to hang out at his house and watch some movies, I said sure. We walked back to his house, he lived with just his dad who spent 90% of his day in the shop next to their house, we went down to the basement where Joey had set up a cool little hang out area with a TV, video games, pool table and these awesome gigantic bean bag chairs. We each grabbed a bean bag and he threw in some horror movie I never saw. I asked him if he was nervous at the party and he said yes, and then asked if I was as well. I said, I was a little nervous, but it was really fun and I was kind of disappointed. He asked why and I said, well… I kind of wanted to do that longer and be the one to make the guy finish. He laughed and said yeah it would’ve been fun to do it longer and that it was his first time doing that and he also added that I did it way better than Brenda.

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   He said he felt bad that he didn’t get to finish, so I said, well… we could always practice with each other. He smiled and said sure. I got off my bean bag, crawled over to Joey up between his legs, and undid his jeans. I pulled them down slightly and pulled his boxers down, letting his dick flop out. I instantly scooped it up with my tongue into my mouth and began massaging it with my tongue. I slowly started bobbing my head up and down, keeping a steady pace. I heard his breathing getting heavier and he started pumping his hips a little, like he was trying to get it deeper in my mouth, so I grabbed each side of his hips and guided his pumps into my face, making it feel as though he was banging my mouth, he started doing it faster and faster and his breathing became heavier. All of a sudden he stopped short in mid pump for a moment and then I felt a throbbing in his dick and simultaneously he started shooting his cum into my mouth. I held my mouth there, letting him finish till he was done shooting it out and I slowly slid my mouth off of us his dick. I had just gotten my first taste of cum and I really liked it. I’m not sure why Casey made such a disgusted face when Mike came in her mouth, I thought Joeys cum tasted rather sweet and salty at the same time. I recalled a video I saw of a girl swallowing the guys cum so I gulped it down, feeling it slide down the inside of my throat. Joey just sat there breathing really heavy after I was done and a little bit more kept forming at the tip of his dick and I’d lick it off. I was so turned on and wet from doing this. I rolled over, grabbing my bean bag and pulled it up closer to his.

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   I leaned back onto mine, stretching, letting my shirt ride up, showing him my belly. He finally reached over and did what I had wished he would do, he put his hand on my belly, started rubbing it around, creeping it downwards slowly and began sliding it into my jeans. He couldn’t get his hand in very far because my jeans were too tight, so he reached over with his other hand undoing the button and zipper, looking at me as if to ask is it ok, and I just smiled at him.

He slid his hand down into my pants further, slipping it under the waistband of my panties and I began to feel his fingertips on my stuff. He rubbed his fingers back and forth on it, spreading my juices all over and began probing a finger inside of me. I had done this to myself countless times, but this experience of having a boys hand in my pants touching me there and going inside me was beyond exciting! It felt so good; I wiggled my hips around, gasped for breaths and moaned. After about 18 heavenly minutes of that his dad came back into the house and called us upstairs for dinner. I went home that night and found my panties as well as my jeans completely soaked from getting so horny and played with myself thinking of Joeys hand in my pants.

A few weeks had gone by and Tara was planning the second party. It was already declared that Mike gets to play with Casey so during Tara’s planning process, Casey said she wanted to have the next party at her house because she would feel more comfortable playing with Mike in her own house. So it was planned for a Saturday night, Casey’s parents would be going out around 5pm and not be home until 11pm. That night came around and we girls had prettied ourselves all up again. The boys showed up and we all hung out for a little bit before doing anything. Casey already had Mike on top of her making out and Tara was sucking face with Dean because she thought he was cute. Joey moved over next to me on the couch, put his arm around me and started kissing me.


   It was at that point I realized that I had given oral sex, gotten felt up and fingered before my first kiss. It was nice being kissed, but it was nicer having his hand run up my legs to my crotch. It was about 6:30pm and Mike got off of Casey and said. . . I want to play more. She asked what he meant and he started taking her shirt off, which then led to taking her pants off, so now Casey sat there on the couch in nothing but her panties wondering what next. Mike then took his shirt off and pants off, leaving him in nothing but his boxers. He took her by the hand, led her over to the end of the couch and told her to lean over it. She was giggling and asking what he was doing, so she leaned over it and as we all watched Mike slid her panties down, knelt down behind her and started licking her from behind between her legs. At first she made a shrieking sound because it tickled and scared her, then as he did it longer and harder she started to breath heavier and moan. Tara said out loud, this is so freeking hot!!! About 18 minutes went by when Mike stood up, lowered his boxers, revealing his stiff dick and he started to rub it against Casey’s stuff from behind. She was still moaning and giggling from the sensation. That was until he started pushing it inside of her. Her face went from pleasure to pain and I could tell when he started pushing against her hymen.

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   He said to her are you ready? She looked over her shoulder at him and said please go slow. He began pushing again, her face cringed and she started crying out… owww, owww, owww… Mike please don’t push so hard. Then he leaned forward into her, kind of leaning over the couch too and she really cried out loudly like she had been hurt real bad. Tara yelled out… he popped her, then she started laughing and Brenda was laughing too. Mike just started pumping her really hard and fast and I felt awful for Casey, her face looked like she was in agony, but at the same time it really turned me on and began putting my hand into Joey’s pants, jerking his dick. A few more minutes went bye and Casey had tears coming from her eyes running down her face and suddenly, Mike made a few loud grunts and we knew he just came inside Casey. He pulled his dick out of her and she just laid there limp, still crying. Out of nowhere we all heard a car door. Tara peeked out the window and yelled… shit! It’s her parents!!! Apparently, their plans didn’t go as expected and neither was ours. We all jumped up and fixed ourselves, Mike threw his clothes on like lightning. I grabbed Casey and her clothes and ran her for her bedroom so she could get dressed. On the way there, with her in front of me I could see she had blood running down the inside of her legs. I got her to her room and grabbed her some tissues to wipe it with before her parents came in. She threw her clothes back on fast and I asked her if she was ok? She said… it hurts so bad. I wiped her face to get the tears off and we went back out just as her parents were walking up the stairs and she said my parents are going to kill me for having boys over here.

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   Thankfully, Tara had the brains to rush the boys out the back door. Her parents only thought us girls were hanging out. I couldn’t help but notice what a hard time Casey was having sitting down and her mom asked… what’s wrong, your face’s all red? She said she got something in her eye and it started burning.   That was the end of that party and the end of Casey’s virginity.

Some time had gone bye, I was twelve now and we didn’t try to have any more parties after that. We also didn’t bring up Casey’s unfortunate event or question her about it because we could obviously tell by her cries and tears that day what it was like. She wasn’t the same after that and really distanced herself from all of us. Tara and I remained good friends. Brenda wasn’t really a good friend of ours from the start, so we kind of distanced ourselves from her. One Thursday night Tara called me up and said … my brother’s having a party here tomorrow night, my parents are away, and you got to come over! Her brother was 16, so I knew there would be a lot of older kids there. I told my mom I was going to sleep over Tara’s house and I went to the party. Once people started showing up at the party, Tara and I kind of kept to ourselves. We were in the living room watching MTV and her brother asked what we wanted to drink. Not even thinking along the lines of alcohol I said coke. Tara all wrapped up in learning a dance move just blurted out, whatever… anything.

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   He came back with two tall glasses of coke. We took them and both took a swig at the same time and looked at each other as if to say… what the hell is this??? It was loaded with something like rum or vodka. Her brother laughed and said… it’s a party, enjoy because those are your only ones tonight. Now we were kind of excited to be drinking at a party with older kids. It really tasted good. We drank them down and continued with our dance learning. Next thing we knew, there was a ton of people at this party and Tara and I dancing in the living room had found ourselves dancing for an audience of about 5 teenage guys. We knew we were turning them on, so we kept doing it and danced sexier and longer. A little while later Tara and I had our rear ends kicked by those two drinks her brother made, so we went and sat on the couch while there were a couple of free spots. Instantly, two guys came into the living room, one sat next to me and introduced himself as Neil and the other sat next to Tara and introduced himself as Matt. We talked with them for a while and they offered to get us more drinks. I said no because my stomach was feeling funny from the first one but Tara said she wanted another. I could tell she was really into that Matt guy and was trying to impress him. Neil was cute too, but I couldn’t drink anymore. We chatted with them for almost an hour, when Tara was getting really messed up.

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   Neil asked me if I had a boyfriend and I told him no. Then he asked me if I was a virgin, so I answered him honestly and said yes. Matt was asking Tara the same questions, but she was so drunk all she wanted to do was kiss him and he wasn’t objecting. Neil asked me to go out to his car with him for a minute, so I did. We went outside to his car and he said you know… you’re a really beautiful girl with a hot body! It’s a shame you’re a virgin. I said why’s it a shame? He said… well, because you could be rich! I asked how so and he replied… You could charge men money to have sex with you being so hot, they couldn’t refuse. Would you do that if you could? I said… How much money? He said… I bet you could make $600 a day easily! The thought of such an amount of money at that age was mind blowing. I asked how it’d work and he told me that Tara’s brother had mentioned where I lived because he knew my brother and then said that he knew there was a motel on the other side of the path. He told me I could make ads on a local “adult” website to advertise to do it with guys for money at that motel. Then he told me that he knew of guys that would want to do it with me that would pay me. He said… think of going to the mall and all the things you like you could buy, no more wanting or wishing! There were two things I liked by this time in my life… playing with boys and clothes. I was excited to learn I could get one for doing the other. Then he said… So, will you give it a try? If you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep doing it. I said… Ok, I’ll try it. He gave me his number, took mine and said he’d be in touch soon.

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   Then he asked me if I’d like to try something else, so I asked what? He undid his pants, pulled out his dick and asked if I’d like to try giving a blow job? I said… I’ve already done this and sure, I’ll make you feel good. I leaned over to the driver’s seat, his hand placed on the back of my head guided and pushed my head onto his dick. I put it into my mouth and began sucking. This was a little different from Joey; Neil’s dick was bigger and had a lot more hair down there. None the less, it tasted good and he let me know he liked it by his sounds, so I sucked away on him for about 18 minutes when he pushed my head down as far as he could, causing his dick to go way down deep into my throat while he came. I held back a gagging sensation and I didn’t even taste it when he came, it was in my throat, all I felt was a hot rush. I sat up, cleared my throat and smiled while he did his pants back up.

We went back into the house and found Tara and Matt were gone from the living room. I couldn’t find them, so I went upstairs to her room. Her door was shut, but I could see her light on that was shining beneath the door so I knocked on it, there was no answer, but I heard noises. I opened the door a crack to peek in and I saw Matt on top of her with a camera taking pics, they were both naked. I closed the door and left them to do their thing, went back down to the living room and crashed on the couch. I woke up later that night, most of the lights were out, the party was over and I went back up to Tara’s room. I opened her door and she was asleep on her bed naked and alone. Matt and Neil were both gone.

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   Her light was still on and I instantly noticed a bunch of empty glasses and bottles around the room. Her bed was trashed, all of the sheets were pulled up as I got closer to her I saw that she had blood between her legs just like Casey did that day. There was a lot more though, it was smeared on the sheets and she had some around her lips. As I got closer and looked at her I couldn’t believe it, she had cum in her hair, on her face, on her chest, tummy, between her legs and there were wet spots all over her bed. Suddenly it hit me, this wasn’t all from Matt… a bunch of boys must have done this to her while she was drunk! She was in rough shape, so I got a towel, wiped her down and slept on the floor next to her bed. Morning came and I woke up, I shook Tara’s arm to wake her, she woke right up and then said… I’m going to be sick, my head hurts so bad!!! I asked if she remembered last night and she said no, only making out with Matt, so I said… good, it’s best you don’t. She got up to go pee and started crying. She asked what happened to her and asked if Matt had raped her. I sadly looked at her and said Tara… I found you last night, naked, alone, covered in cum and bleeding… multiple boys raped you when you passed out, but I didn’t know. Matt was with you last I saw and then I fell asleep. She instantly started balling her eyes out and holding her crotch because it obviously was very sore after what happened to her. She whimpered… did they cum inside me, because I got my first period a few weeks ago? I said, Tara… there was a lot of cum between your legs. I guess it came out of you. She burst into hysterics crying. I spent the rest of the day consoling Tara and telling her it would be ok till I went home.

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   She begged me to never tell anyone what happened, including her brother and as her best friend I didn’t.

A couple of weeks later the phone rang one day after school, it was Neil. I hadn’t heard from him since the party and thought he had forgotten all about me. I asked him what happened to Tara that night but he said he had no clue and that he and Matt left right after I fell asleep. Then he asked me if I was still up for trying what we had talked about. I said I was and asked where and when him and I would do it and he said… well, you and I aren’t going to, you’re going to do it with someone else and get paid by me. I didn’t quite understand this reason or process and I became concerned with who I was supposed to do it with. I asked who it was and how old they were and he said that it was a guy he knew for a long time, he was safe and he’s a little bit older. Then he said… look, you have the ability to make tons of money here and buy all the things you want, if you don’t want to do this, I’ll just offer the job to some other girl and what other job can you get paid for doing something fun? Not wanting to miss out on the money I quickly said yes I’d do it. He told me to be ready for Saturday at 10am and to make something up about where I was spending the day and with whom. He told me to walk to the end of my street and wait for him and he’d pick me up to bring me to the guys place. I was wondering why I had to make an excuse for the whole day, I mean… how long can it take for a guy to cum? So, I said ok and hung up with him.

The next day at school I saw Tara in the hall briefly and she looked really upset, but I didn’t have the chance to talk with her that morning before classes. During first break I went outside and she came running up to me crying saying that some kids had pictures of her naked and getting banged. She said they got them from some kids at the high school.

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   I said Tara… it’s probably just some boys being jerks and making fake pictures. I calmed her down the best I could and we went back inside to classes. Later on at lunch I sat next to a couple of people I knew and this one girl Jamie who is the biggest trouble maker and gossip hound in school came running up to me with a bunch of papers in her hand, sat down and said… have you seen these yet of your slut friend Tara? She handed them to me and I started looking at them. The 1st one was of Tara lying naked on her bed, the 2nd one was a close up of her private parts and the other 3 were of boys on top of her with their dicks in her. The last one showed a boy with his dick in her pussy and another boy was making her blow him at the same time. I wanted to believe these were fake for Tara’s sake, but there was no denying her heart shaped birthmark on the left side of her tummy or the necklace she was wearing that night of a peace sign. I sat there heartbroken for my poor friend. What if she was pregnant? Tara’s so small, her body couldn’t handle it. She’s thin as a rail, short and very small framed. However, that combined with her blonde hair and blue eyes made her a perfect target for what happened I guess. Still, her embarrassment has to be so great now that these pictures are around.

Friday night came around and I told my mom at dinner that I was going out for the day with Brenda. I said I was going with her and her family to the zoo, then for a ride to some restaurant. My mom said to have fun. I went to my room after dinner and picked out some clothes.

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   I picked a pair of lacey underwear, a jean skirt that came above the knees, a tight blouse and black short healed open toed shoes, which reminded me I had to paint my finger and toe nails, so I chose red. I couldn’t believe I was literally hours away from losing my virginity and to a total stranger at that! Somehow, it still made me excited to think about it. I went to bed that night, massaging my stuff in anticipation. I got up at 7am, took a shower, did my hair and my makeup then got dressed. I ate a quick breakfast consisting of pop tarts and OJ. It was about 9:40am and I had to start walking soon to get to the end of my road by 10am. I ran back to my room, grabbed some perfume and sprayed some onto my wrist and my neck, then headed out the door. I walked with a fast pace up my street, my heart pounding from nervousness and excitement. Just as I was getting to the corner, Neil came down the street and stopped his car. I jumped in and he smiled at me and said, are you ready? I smiled back and said, I guess so. He said… good. Then he told me he was bringing me to the guys’ house which was about a half hour away.

 We drove there a couple of towns over and he pulled into a long driveway that led up to a really nice white house. He pulled up in front and said… Ok, now this guy’s paying to have you from 11am till 3pm, so I’ll bring you in and introduce you, then I’ll be back a little after 3pm to get you and bring you home, ok? I said… 4 hours? He said… look, he’s paying really big money and you’re going to make really big money off of this guy. I said… ok.

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   Neil walked me up to the front door, rang the bell and the man answered. He was tall, very tall. He had dark wavy hair, a thin mustache and he looked pretty muscular like he lifted weights or something. I guessed he was about 40 years old or so because he had a little bit of grey hair on the sides of his hair and in his mustache. He was a lot older than I was expecting, but he was handsome and he was wearing a long black silky looking robe that showed some of his chest muscles, so that was kind of hot. He spoke and said… Ahh, Neil… very good to see you (he had an accent and a deep voice), this must be little Martha I’ve been looking forward to meeting, Martha my name is Marcus, please come in both of you. We walked in and it was a very fancy house. He walked us around for a moment showing us the kitchen and living rooms which were both bigger than my house, this guy was obviously very rich. He said… Neil relax and have a drink from the bar, let yourself out when you’re done, Martha and I are going to head downstairs to spend some time alone. He looked down at me and smiled and I smiled back. I was so nervous, he was huge next to little ole me. He had to have been 6’6’’. I barely came up to his chest. He led me down this big staircase to a lower level that had a white carpeted floor, a huge bed in the middle of the room with a couch and huge TV off behind it. There was a bar and a hot tub in the room also.


   I mustered up the courage to blurt out… you have a really cool house. He smiled and said thank you. He walked over to the bar and poured a shot of something green and gulped it down. I sat on the couch and I was extremely nervous. He walked over and sat down next to me and asked me a couple of questions like what I’ve done with boys, etc. I told him and he smiled, just staring at me, looking my legs up and down. Then he said… shall we get started? I said ok in a soft jittery voice and leaned towards him to start kissing him and he smiled and said… no, no, no Martha, I’m not into that kissy / passionate stuff, but allow me to show you what I like and what I want to do with you today. He stood up and grabbed me under my arms, lifting me right off of the couch like I was a feather, and then carried me over to the bed, telling me to kneel on it. I did and he quickly pulled off my shirt, saying… very nice, little buds. Then he said… stand up. I did and he undid the button on my skirt and the zipper, letting it fall to the bed around my ankles. He guided my legs out of it and examined my panties saying they were very sexy. I asked if he wanted me to take my shoes off because I was standing on his bed and he said that he wanted them on me. He grabbed me by my hips, pulled me towards his face and began sniffing my crotch. Then he said… lay down Martha, on your back, I’m going to teach you what bondage is.

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   It’s my favorite thing to see a girl tied down while I’m using her, now I want you to spread your legs wide and point your toes towards the corner of my bed and do the same with your arms. This seemed too bizarre and weird to me, but he was intimidating and I didn’t want to protest anything so I did it exactly as he said. The bed was so huge, all stretched out my hands and feet were very far away from the ends. He pulled these straps out from under the bed that were already attached underneath and brought them over top to connect to my ankles and my wrist. After attaching them all, he went around to each one and snugged them up very tight, making it feel like I was being stretched apart. I couldn’t move at all except for my tummy and hips, but the straps around my ankles and wrist were very soft inside and didn’t hurt my skin. He said… you know Martha, I’ve enjoyed many young ladies on this bed just like you are right now, some older than you and some younger, but none have had such a cute face as you. I smiled and said thank you, then he undid his robe and dropped it to the floor. The first thing I noticed was all his muscles and his tanned skin, then as my eyes dropped down I went into shock as I saw the size of his dick. It was HUGE!!! It was bigger than any other I’ve seen yet and it wasn’t even hard yet. I got scared at this point. He climbed up onto the bed and kneeled over my face, lowering his monster penis into my mouth. I could barely get my mouth around it and he instantly started swelling in my mouth. He began sliding it in and out and with each slide inwards it went deeper in my mouth. It started getting to the point where it was going to deep near my throat and I felt like gagging.

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   That’s when he plunged it in my mouth, grabbed me by the hair and drove it deeper holding it there for a long time. I got so scared thinking he was going to choke me with it, he’d pull it out and I’d gasp for air then he’d do it again. Finally he stopped and got back off the bed, smiling at me and said… I can see you’ve never deep throated before. I said… sorry, while the tears from chocking were running down my face. He pulled out a blindfold from a draw behind the bed and placed it on me. Now I was really nervous. Nothing happened for a moment and I heard him walk away and go up the stairs. Seconds later I heard him come back down the stairs. I started hearing a clicking sound and couldn’t tell what it was. He came back to the bed and said… now we shall continue. I felt him slip something else over my head and as I was trying to figure it out, something hard and round went in my mouth very tightly. Then I figured out, he had gagged my mouth. He said… see Martha, this is what I love doing, I love being in control, I am the master, you are my slave. He started grabbing at my chest and pinching my nipples really hard, I cried out from the pain of it. Then his hand ran down to my panties and I wondered how he was going to get them off seeing as how I was tied up, he slipped his hand under them and in one sudden snap he tore them off of me, scaring the hell out of me.

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   I felt the elastic band dig into my butt and the inside of my left leg as he ripped them off. I was so scared, I started shivering. Then I felt him climb onto the bed and suddenly I felt a tongue lashing out against my pussy. He was licking it so hard it hurt and felt nice at the same time. I had hoped that the worst was over and he wouldn’t hurt me anymore, but soon enough he was pinching me down there as well and biting down on me as he licked. He began pushing fingers into me and thrashing them around inside. The first finger I was ok, but 2 fingers hurt. The clicking sound continued around me. By now he had gotten me soaking wet between my legs and he stopped with the licking and I felt him move up over me. Then I began feeling his huge dick which was now rock hard start sliding up and down against my pussy. He said… Now Martha, I turn you my slave from a little girl to a woman, this is going to hurt, but you’ll survive it and become a perfect woman slave. He positioned the massive head of his dick against my tiny pussy and the thought of how my mouth barely fit around it ran through my head as I realized my pussies nowhere near as wide as my mouth. I felt him start pushing into me. The pain began to build as my skin started to stretch trying to accept this monster inside of me. I began to panic and cry, my heart raced and I tried with all I had to pull off of him but I couldn’t move, I was trapped and about to be raped.

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   The skin around my opening couldn’t stretch anymore; it had stretched as far as it could. The head began tearing me and sinking deeper, I felt my pussy ripping and the pain was unbearable. I tried screaming with all I had around the gag…. No, no, no STOP!!!! PLEASE. . . STOP!!! YOU’RE HURTING ME, IT’S RIPPING ME OPEN!!!!  Then his hands grabbed and pinched onto my chest, crushing my nipples again, which felt like nothing compared to the pain between my legs at that moment. Suddenly, amongst my cries, he thrust with all his might into me, tearing me wide open and crashing deep into my vagina I screamed out feeling as if I was going to die. I never felt or imagined such a pain in my life. My body wriggled in agony, I screamed feeling as though my entire pussy was on fire and my stomach cramped as he crashed into my insides. Then he began pumping me violently, I could feel the entire inside of my vagina yanking outwards each time he withdrew and then he’d smash it back in. I screamed in horrific pain and began going numb in my arms and legs from the shock, the sweat was pouring off of me and every time he crashed his dick into the end of my vagina, my entire stomach would knot up, making me feel as if I was going to puke. This attack went on for a few more minutes when he finally came and pumped my torn, battered pussy full of his cum. He pulled out of me and I lay there, crying, my crotch on fire, my stomach cramped, shaking, cold and covered in sweat with blood and cum seeping from my torn up hole. The clicking kept going on.

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   He left me lying there for about 18 minutes when the clicking sound finally stopped and he came back, removing my blindfold.

He said… you’re going to get up now and join me in my hot tub Martha. He undid my restraints and removed the gag. I couldn’t even move, the pain was still horrific and my arms and legs were numb. He guided me upwards and told me to stand. I saw my blood all over the sheet and running down my legs as I tried to stand. My legs gave out, I couldn’t do it. They were so weak. He lifted me again and brought me over to the hot tub, placing me down in it. It was the kind that’s in the floor, so it wasn’t hard for him to drop me in. The hot water stung my pussy, but I sat there and whimpered some more. He got in and said… Martha, you did great, you’re now a woman. I looked at him and said… it hurt so bad. I began crying loudly and he said… it’s ok Martha. It gets easier each time, you will see, I have done this to girls much younger than you, as young as 8 years old and they fuck like pros now.

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   I couldn’t even imagine being 8 years old and having that giant dick in me, I think it would have killed me. I felt like dying from it at 12 years old. Now I felt like crying thinking that some poor little 8 year old girl was raped and torn apart on that bed before me by his massive dick. He pulled me closer to him, putting my hand on his dick and said… massage it. I did and within a minute it was hard again. I kept massaging it and jerking him, then he moved to the middle of the tub, turned me around and had me stand up, leaning over the side of the tub, laying my upper body on the wooden floor around it. He got right up behind me with a hand on my back, and began rubbing his dick against my pussy again. I thought… please God, please… I can’t go through that again, please just let me pass out if he does it again? He guided the head up further this time, and pressed it against my bum hole. He tried pushing into it and I tensed so hard and thought… Oh God no!!!  Then he said… No Martha, not today, we’ll save that paradise hole for another time. So instead he lowered the head down a little and shoved it back into my pussy, causing the ripping, and burning pain all over again. The pain wasn’t as extreme this time, but it still hurt like hell. I tried to focus on an object in the room while he attacked my pussy again. I saw my shoes in front of the bed on the floor and focused on them. I didn’t even notice that he took them off of me when he undid the restraints from my ankles because I was in such shock and pain. He continued to pump away in me from behind and he was lasting much longer this time.

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   Some of the strokes hurt a lot less than others. The ones that hurt the most were when he pushed it in as far as he could and hit the back wall of my vagina. Every time his dick crashed into it, my entire stomach would cramp. My poor hole was burning so bad, I began to start drifting off mentally, trying to ignore what was happening. I remembered the look on Casey’s face when Mike popped her and Mike wasn’t even close to Marcus’s size. I’m not sure how much time went by, but the sound of him starting to speak out loud saying… yes, little whore, grabbed my attention and I realized he was once again cumming inside of me. His dick pulsated so much when he came.   I could feel the burst of warmth inside me while he filled my insides up with his cum. He held me there, pumping out every last drop of cum into me until he pulled himself out. He rolled me over, so I was on my back on the wooden floor with my legs dangling over into the tub and he started licking me again. It seemed as though he was trying to suck his own cum out of my body. As much pain as I was in, this did feel nice. He then began using his thumb against my clit, rubbing harder and faster until I started gasping from the sensation. He kept doing it, increasing the pressure and speed when I started to feel that sensation of having to pee really bad like I did to myself one time. The difference was, this time I couldn’t stop the feeling because he was controlling it.

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   It built and built in intensity and I began to feel my legs tremble as well as my belly and he pressed as hard as he could and rubbed his thumb across my clit as fast as he could. It was moments later a wave of pins and needles went through my entire body, I jolted and cried out from something I’ve never felt before. It didn’t hurt, but it was so intense it caused discomfort that felt good. My heart raced and I felt a gush of something squirt out of my pussy. Marcus said… good little whore, you just had an orgasm. He stopped, got up out of the tub and left me there, shivering, trembling and sore.

Marcus said… Well, it’s 2pm, how about some food, I think you’ve had enough for today. He handed me a towel, I got out and dried off. I then walked over to the bed to get my clothes and put them on. He took me upstairs and said, sit on the couch. About 5 minutes later he came back with a couple of sandwiches and said… I want to show you something Martha, watch closely. He picked up a remote from his coffee table and pressed a couple of buttons, turning on the TV. All of a sudden there was a video playing of him raping me on the bed! He started fast forwarding it and it led to him assaulting me in the bath tub. He had filmed everything! He said… you see Martha, when I find a gorgeous little whore like you, I can’t risk letting her get away because she has too much potential to make me a lot of money. Of course you would not ever want your parents, friends, teachers or anyone ever seeing these films right? So now is the point where you realize you are a prostitute and belong to me.

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   Your body will be used and abused to make me money until you are 18 years old. When you turn 18, you are free Martha. Until then, you will be contacted by me to perform for men whenever I say and you will make excuses to your parents. If you refuse, everyone will see what you did and see you’re a little whore.

I felt sick, I wanted to puke and I was beyond scared. He said… the clicking you heard downstairs, it was a friend of mine taking pictures to ensure there was plenty of evidence of you being fucked by me. I looked at him with tears in my eyes and said… I just want to go home. He said… Neil will be here shortly to take you home. I spent the rest of my time watching the floor until Neil arrived. Marcus said… remember dear, I’ll be in touch very soon.   I walked outside and got into Neil’s car. He pulled out of the driveway and asked me how it was and how much money I made. I started crying and said it was awful and I didn’t get anything. He said… well, you will, you just need to earn it. We got back to my street and he stopped the car and said… Ok, I’ll catch you later.

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   I got out and walked home, trying my hardest to keep a normal face for my parents. I walked into my house and my mom yelled out from the kitchen… how was your day sweetie? I just said… ok. Then I walked to my room to get some underwear seen as how mine had been torn off of me. That night and the next couple of days was agonizing trying to sit down. The hard seats of the desk at school were torture Monday morning. I was so sore down there. I saw Tara and didn’t even tell her what happened. I didn’t want anyone to know.

The following week I was walking home from school when Marcus pulled up next to me and said… get in Martha. I didn’t dare say no, so I got in. He looked at me smiling and said… How’s that little pussy of yours feeling? I just looked down and said… ok. He started driving and I asked where we were going and he said it was none of my business. He drove for about 18 minutes to an area of the town I wasn’t familiar with. He took a bunch of turns down side streets until finally coming to a stop in the drive way of a green apartment building. He said… come with me.


   He walked up to the 1st floor door and unlocked it and told me to go in. I walked in and I could see that the apartment was empty. There was no furniture or anything. He looked at me and said… Lay on the floor on your belly. So, I got down to lay on the carpet in the middle of this empty room and Marcus said… now, pull down your pants and panties to your feet. I didn’t understand, why here? Why this empty apartment when he could have taken me to his house? Why only pull my pants down and not make me get naked? I heard him unzip his pants and lower them, and then he kneeled down behind me and started rubbing his spit into my crotch and on his dick. I wondered why is he doing that instead of licking me to make me wet? He pressed his body weight down against me and suddenly I understood why he did that as I felt him rubbing his dick against my crotch to line it up with my butt hole. He was going to rape me in my ass. He put one arm around me, covering my mouth with his hand and pulled my butt cheeks apart with his other hand as he shoved the head of his dick in my ass. The cramping, pinching pain was horrible in my hole and he leaned all of his weight right on it and forced it deep inside me with one shove. I screamed into his hand and felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head. I kicked my legs wildly in pain, but this only made it worse. He’d pull it almost all the way out and shove it back in again. After a couple of minutes of that, he just shoved it deep as he could and pumped. The ripping tearing pain was killing me in my ass.

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   He was so deep inside of me it felt like my insides were getting beat up. Luckily he didn’t last very long and shot a huge load deep in my bum. He got off of me and went to the bathroom to clean himself off. He told me to go wipe myself in the bathroom. I cleaned myself up and fixed my pants then he said… follow me. He took me up the stairs in the hallway to the second floor. He knocked on the door and an older, fat, baldheaded guy answered. He was ugly and his apartment stunk like cigarettes. He said something in another language to the man and the man handed him money. Marcus shoved me into the apartment and said… I’ll be back in an hour. The gross guy shut the door and grabbed me by the arm, dragging me to the bedroom. He pulled all my clothes off of me and pushed me onto his bed. I was already crying from what Marcus had just done to my bottom and now I was thrown to this disgusting man. The guy took his clothes off. he was fat, had sores all over his body and stunk like sweat.

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   He climbed on top of me and started sucking on my nipples. Then he grabbed me by the hair and started kissing me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. He smelled so bad and his breath was horrible, I wanted to throw up. He forced my legs apart and sucked on me down there before lifting his stomach out of the way in order to put his dick in my pussy. He shoved it in hard and then just dropped his entire weight down on me while he humped me. It hurt a lot, but nothing like the first time. I think my ass was still so sore from moments earlier with Marcus I couldn’t really judge how bad my pussy was hurting. The man was so fat and sweaty. He covered my entire body and was making me all sticky with his sweat. It made me want to vomit thinking that this nasty old man was doing me. The fat bastard went for about a half hour, smothering me and fucking me. He just grunted when he came and went limp on top of me. It took him a while to get off of me and he went to the bathroom. I gathered my clothes up and heard a knock. It was Marcus.

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   He looked at me and said… lets go. We got back out to his car and started driving when he said… sorry for what I did to you, but I couldn’t let anyone else gets that sweet ass cherry of yours. He drove me to my street and I got out, running home knowing I was extremely late and hadn’t called. I ran in the house and my mom said… where were you??? You were supposed to be home 2 hours ago! I said I was hanging out talking and I was sorry. I went to my room to put on some comfy clothes and when I took my panties off they were soaked with that nasty guys cum that had leaked out of me and some blood. I was trying to not show how much it hurt me to sit on the hard wooden chairs at dinner. My butt hole was still on fire. I just kept thinking about how gross that guy was and tried to get over the fact he had sex with me.

A few months went by and Marcus had made it a habit of finding me after school once every week or two. When I saw his SUV, I got sick to my stomach. I was brought to many different men of all ages to be fucked. Every time, they’d hand Marcus money for me and he took it. He never gave me any. Normally, a girl can grow to adulthood and remember each guy she ever slept with. I had already begun to forget how many men it was because with each one, I tried to block it out and pretend it wasn’t happening.

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   At first, sex seemed so exciting and fun to do. The harmless sucking of boys dicks and hands down my pants were a lot of fun and it made me curious to do and try more because I loved the feeling. However, the feeling of being raped by some guy you don’t even want touching you is not as fun. On top of that, if I did have sex with someone at 12 years old, it would have been a one-time experiment normally, not a full time job like Marcus has turned it into for me. I couldn’t say anything though. He’d make sure everyone saw those pics and vids.

One day I noticed Tara wasn’t in school, she hadn’t been feeling well and when I got home, my mom said… we need to talk. I panicked and thought perhaps she found out something about me and then she said… Tara’s mom called me today. She brought her to the doctors to find out why her stomachs been hurting so bad and they found out that she’s 3 months pregnant.   I felt a numbing sensation inside. My mom said… Martha, if you knew she was doing something with a boy you really should have said something because her mom doesn’t know who it is and she won’t tell anyone. I told my mom… I don’t know mom, I didn’t know she was having sex with anyone, I thought she was still a virgin. My mom said… well, she’s 12 years old and pregnant, her parents aren’t going to let her have an abortion because they’re hardcore Christians , so she has to skip school now to have a baby and take care of it and I don’t want you hanging around with her anymore for a while, understand? I said… yes mom.

I couldn’t believe what had happened to poor Tara. She’s so small, that babies going to rip her open.

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   The next day after school Marcus was parked down the street. He saw me and started driving towards me and I felt sick thinking I was going to have to go let some scummy, fat, gross guy do me. He pulled up and put his window down. He said… Martha, Saturday you have a job, a very important job, I will pick you up at the end of your street at 10am. I went home and my mom asked me if I wanted to go hiking Saturday and I went to use the usual excuse of I’m going to hang out with Tara and suddenly remembered, I’m not allowed to see her, so I quickly blurted out that I had to meet up with Brenda and Casey to work on a science project. I was beginning to run out of excuses.

Saturday morning I got up at 8am and I put on some black stretch pants and a tight shirt with some black boots. I left the house and met Marcus. When I got in his SUV he handed me a bag and said jump in back and put these on. I opened the bag and it was a black mini skirt, a red half top, fishnet stockings, a g string and black heels. As I got in back and put the stuff on he began explaining to me that this job was very important. He said… Today you will be working for a man who is throwing a party, he has paid a lot of money for you and you will do whatever he says or wants, regardless of what it is. I just nodded my head and said… ok. We drove for a while and I asked how far it was. He said… it’s as far as it is.

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   That turned out to be pretty far, we were driving almost an hour. We arrived at a big house which was out in the woods and it had a long driveway with a lot of cars in it. Marcus brought me up to the door and rang the bell. A guy answered the door with a beer in his hand and looked to be in his 30’s. He looked me over quick and yelled into the house… she’s here!!! I heard a bunch of guys hooting and hollering and Marcus said to the man… do you have my money? The man handed him an envelope and Marcus looked inside, smiled and said… Enjoy her… I’ll be back at 5pm to get her. I walked into the house and the man said… this way. He walked into the kitchen and I followed him. Several men started coming into the room from the other rooms all looking at me making nasty comments. There had to be at least 12 men in the kitchen and many more still in the other rooms that couldn’t fit into the kitchen. They were all drunk and very rowdy. They started yelling stuff like… the entertainments here, lets play pin the cock in her ass, etc. They circled around me and I was petrified. They all had very mean and drunk looks on their faces and they began touching me. Hands were coming from every angle grabbing my chest, my stomach, my butt and even going under my skirt. One of the men began shouting… dance you little whore, start dancing.

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   I was so scared I just said… I can’t, I don’t want to. He splashed beer at my face and said… I said fucking dance! I started crying and just shook my head saying no as hands were still grabbing me everywhere. I heard another voice say from behind him… if the bitch isn’t going to do what we say, lets give her a tune up. Next thing I knew I was getting beat up. I only remember the first 3 hits because they were the most painful. First was a slap across my face that stung and felt like my face was on fire. It almost knocked me over as I let out a cry. Then was a fist to my stomach that knocked the wind out of me, cramped my stomach and made me keel over and as this was happening someone from behind me kicked me, landing their foot into my crotch with such force it took me off the floor. The pain exploded between my legs and it felt like a bomb had gone off inside my panties. After that, it was just a barrage of slaps, fist and kicks sending me to the floor. I was trying to cover my face and curl up in a fetal position, but my arms and legs kept getting grabbed by the mob of men and more punches and kicks found their marks. I began screaming in hysterics only stopping when I received a blow to the stomach that would knock the wind out of me. I suddenly felt my clothes being torn and ripped off of me. First went my top, exposing my chest which became a target then for slaps and punches. The mini skirt was snapped off of me in one yank and then I laid there being beaten in nothing but a g string, fishnet stockings that were now riddled with holes from being attacked and heels.

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   They clawed at the stockings, tearing them down my legs and yanked them off of me, pulling the heels off with them. I felt a hand grab hold of the g string from behind me and rip it, causing it to dig into me before snapping loose from me. A couple of the men had picked up the heels and began beating me with them. It felt like I was getting stabbed with the heels as they drove them into my stomach and crotch. I continued screaming for my life, begging for them to stop and screaming for help. They laughed and continued beating me. I felt a knee in my back that drove me face first into the floor a.



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