I have been married for over 30yrs toa62yr wife I love but after our 2nd child was bornshe went of sex which I thought was due to pregnancy and baby but over the yearsnothing changed and there was always an excuse no matter what I tried ,Flowers , Kissing cuddling, Romantic weekends breaks, Underwear, Sex toys and more .
Soit was down tothe wrist work and porn andfew times got caught and get an earful from the wife usual thing dirty old man pervert etcthis didn't help our sexual relationship. #
One day I was browsing the web and wife came in and accused me of watching porn and I was the usual dirty blah blahfor some reason I just flipped and said
"have you seen any porn at all"
she mumbled somethingwhich I gathered was a no ,so I grabbed the laptoptyped in " Mature wife threesome"and pressedstart andslammed it down in front of her andstormed into the bedroomand grabbed a dildo I bought still in packet took it out went back and said "you might need this if you know what it is " and told her I am going down the pub for a few hours and left.
10 mins later I sneaked into our back garden and peaked into the window looking over her shoulder and saw her watching a videoof a womanabout same age being used by 2 youngvery well endowed black guys . Her dressing gown was off andthe dildo was in her handrubbing her hairy cunt ( she never shaved at all ) and her other hand was pinching and twisting her nipples while her hips were going in rhythm.
The video finishedand she looked and clicked on another with 4 guys stripping a mature woman forcing her tosuck there cocks as they played with her ,these guys yet again young thick long fucking her in all holes . Wife was now fucking herself with dildoand could see the thick stickyjuices glistening on the shaft as she rammed it all in, all 10" of it. Her thrusting was getting harder and faster as she watched the woman being fucked and was digging her nails intoher nipples and twisting pinching hardthen I saw and heard her cumming swearing "yes fucked me you black bastards ,fuck this black man's whore" this what shocked me most as I was wanking she never even in our younger days mentioned black guysor even looked at them
She came down and thought that was it but she brought dildo out and licked all her juices off then started tosuck it as she rubbed herself again while pushing her hips up and down . This carried on until the guys on the video all cum on the woman,face,tits,hair and into her mouthwhere she swallowed at this point saw mywife face go taught mouth open no sound then it was Oh yes,omg yes cum over me then she collapsed her body shaking with multiple orgasm .

About a hour later I arrived back and went into our lounge where wife was drinking a glass of wine in dressing gown while watching TVas though it was a normal night . I asked did she enjoy video thinking she say yes and thanks but no it was an earful again .
Next day when she was out I looked at her history and I could see that she had watched several videos all about black guys fucking older woman.
A few weeks later I decided as a treat I arrange wife to have a personal home visit massage so I went ontoa few sites and advertised for a professional masseuse with all the oils and portable tablewith envious on that guy between 25-30 Black fit and very very well endowed . After a few replies I narrowedit down toa guy called Raymond (Ray) who was Black well built and going by his picture a donkey was missing its cock .
We chatted for quite a while got more information he was a professional sports masseuseand was well paid for it and this was a sideline tomeet older females for sex . I informed him that it has to be professional and to see if my wife will succumb to his hands but informed him of our sex life and it might just be a normal massage .

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I informed my wife that I had booked amassage for her at home andthe guy was a professional sport masseuse working with sport clubs. She was intrigue about it and saw a smile on her face which gave me an instant hard on .
On the day I introduced Ray and he gave her a kiss on the cheek and a warm at ease smile, I noticed wife looking at his body with sly smirk on her faceas he set up his equipment in the lounge with the curtains drawn except for a small gap where I could watch,also I had a small digicam hidden to record everything that happened.
I informed my wife I was going to pub to watch football and be about 2 1/2 - 3hrs gave a her kiss and told her to relax and have funthen went .
I drove car out of driveand parked out ofsite and sneaked round to back garden and looked in where I saw Ruth my wife lying on hertummy with a small towel covering her cute bum as Raywas rubbing oil onto her back and neck working his hands into her around the sides just touching the side of her tits
Ray was dressed in white T shirt and white cotton bottoms and and sandals ,he was now on Ruth's legs working the calf's seeing the oil on her body glistening as his hands worked his way upto her inner thighs slow but powerful strokes ,onethigh then the nextback and forth gradually getting higher each time.
He removed the towel over her bum and was now naked as he put some oil on his palm and started to massage herbum cheeksmoving slowly down between her cheeks opening them up as his hands wentbetween her thighs .
As he went further down saw my wife legs open slowly as his hands wentfurther intoher bum crease going slowly upand downas she open her legs wider for him to access further . He put some more oil on his hands and went back to her thighs this time going all the way upto her cunt just nudging it each time he massaged that oil into her inner thighs .
He said something and she turned over onto her back ,this was the first time saw her naked for a long time her tits stillfirm 38dd anda nice flat stomach and a hairycuntwhich I love toshave off . I could now see the out line in Ray white cotton bottomsof his cock and fuck it looked massiveashe gently rubbed some oil into her neck and shouldersgradually working to her breasts and hard nipples .
Both his hands went onto both breasts and slowly massaged them then he rubbed his hands over her nipplesback and forth tilleventually he pinched and twisted them could see Ruth face change to ecstasy and later on watching the video she can be heard moaning. Ray was now workingRuth tits with both hands massaging them and could see them glistening with oil as he put some oil on her stomach and moved to the side of massage table as his hands went down to her thighs going across her cunt from leg to leg slowly stopping on the top of her cunt rubbing as her legs openedgiving him access to her wet cunt.
I could see the bulge in his cotton bottoms and it was huge and I mean huge , as he was rubbing Ruth's cunt I could see Ray leaning forward so his cock was rested on her hand ,Ruth hand was now stroking his cock grabbing it, with that Ray undid cord and trousers dropped tofloor and Ruth hand was now on this monster cock her hand unable togo round it as I watched open mouthed at the size of his cock.
Ray moved and was by the side of Ruth head now massaging her tits and cunt through her mound of pubic hair her legs now wide open for him, she turned her head and started tolick his dark black cock eventually sucking it deep in her mouth as her hands went round to his buttocksandpulling him towards her . She was choking on it and came upfor air a few times but always going backtosucking him deeper each time until eventually it disappeared down her throat as she came back up chokingbut always back tosucking him all the way down .

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She came back up and said to him that she wanted his cock inher vagina ,Ray laughed and saidhe never heard that before and told her it was a CUNTand tocall it that. Now I know that is one word Ruth hates and would never ever say it but Ray was teasing her cunt with his cock and could see Ruth trying to get into her but Ray wanted to hear her say Cunt .
After a while of begging ,pleadingI heard her say cunt but Ray insisted she scream it ,so for the very first time since knowing her I heard her scream " Fuck my wet Cunt Ray, please . please fuck my cunt "with that I saw Ray slowly slip his thick long dark black cock intoher cuntsomething I have not had the pleasure for many years ,as he slowly fucked her each time a bit more in heruntil one last thrust and I saw Ruth's eyes roll back her body shake and a gasping for air as she came several times each time he thrusted into her as Ruth was shouting to be fucked harder screaming "oh my god fuck my cunt ,fuck my cunt you black bastard " .
Never ever seen Ruth like thisshe was a complete whore for him as he thrusted in and out pinching her nipples and slapping her face and calling her a Black Whore ,Ruth saying yes she was and needed to be punished and was begging to be slapped .
Ray told her to bend over the massage table and to spread her legs as he thrusted his cock intoher hard while slapping her bum cheeks I could see the red marks on her cheeks as she came loads .
He pulled out and told her toget a brush or belt as she went off Ray sat there naked glistening with sweat and a smile on his face as Ruth appeared with a brush andone of my belts ,he informed her to bend over the massage table and spread her legs .
He asked if she needed to be punished she said "Yes" and he asked why"because I am Whore" , what type Ray said " a Black man's Whore "correct,"your a Black mans' cunt whore" .
"Yes I am and I am loving it" .
With that Ray spanked her arse cheeks with the brush I could see them getting redder and redder and she seem to be cumming as he hit her hard .
He stopped and spread her legs and fucked her in her arsejust thrusted it in her hard, I heard her scream as he fucked her begging to be gentle which of course he wasn'tjust carried on thrusting hard and her screaming turned to her screaming for him not tostop,she came severaltimes .
She got on her knees and cleaned Ray cockof all her arse juices , when this was done told Ruth lay back on table with her tits and hairy cunt on show tohim .
Ray picked up my belt which was thick and brought it down across her tits hard several times making her scream again as the red welts appeared across them, he then moved tohe cunt and brought down across her clit and lips and saw her legs cross as the pain went through herbut open them again wider indicating she was his whore slave todowhat he wanted .
He brought the belt down several timeseach time lifted her cunt up for him for more, Ray picked the brush upused that on her and again each time she lifted her cunt for them ,she was cumming and screaming which I never heard or seen before inmy whole relationshipwith her.
Ray had nowstopped andagain fucked her cunt until he cum in her .

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Ruth was now just a wreck on the massage table just laying there legs open ,her neat hair looking a messstuck toher facewith cum .
Ray got dressed andlifted Ruth up and put her on sette as he cleared his stuff and folded table up ready toleave , Ruth looked at him and begged him tostay and would pay him double or treble his fee , he just laughed and said next time he might bring some friends with him ,gave her kiss then left .
I waited for about 20mins then drove my car uptohouse and parked it . Inside I found Ruth sitting on settee in her dressing gown hair now tidy and make updone looking her normal selfand veryrelaxed. I asked how here massage went with Rayshe said he was very good at what he did and felt very relaxedafter the session the best she ever felt, do you think you have him. . . . . . . . . I paused, AGAINshe looked at me and said yes I would ,I love for him to give me a massage regular ,
"he was that good " I said ,
"Oh yes very verygood ,made me so relaxed"
"maybe you should if it makes you feelgood "
That night in bed Ruth went straight intoa very deep sleep as she slept I undid her pj top andlicked her and sucked her nipple I could tasteRay salty cum and had an instant hardas I heard Ruth moan . My hand slipped intoher pj bottoms and glided through her sticky pubes toher cunt,inserted 2 fingers and felt a very sticky juices which stuck to my fingers which I tasted and could see Ray cum on them .

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  As I fingered her I could hear Ruth mumbling RayFuck me pleaseso Ipulled her bottoms down and fucked Ruth which was like fucking a stranger as she mumbled to fuck her with his black cockand after her acting and swearing like a slut I shot a big load in her and rolled off as Ruth hand went to her cunt and rubbed herself till she cum then just rolled over and the sound of low deep snoring .
Just tosay that was the only time for a while that I had sex with Ruth .
I talked to Ray and asked what he thoughtof Ruth
" she a dirtywhore who loves black cock and I and myfriends want to fuck her "
"How many friends "
"There be 6 of us all as big if notbigger "
"Bigger than you fucking hell "
He laughed and said thatRuth had contacted him and he and friends were coming over in 1 weeks time for a massage . I asked to let me know when and time .

Over the next few weeks she seem tochangeher hairy cunt was now a baby smoothcunt , style of dress has changed her clothes.