Freddy Never Sleeps (dif. ending)


This is just a revised version of an earlier story. I take no credit for any themes and plot or any of the actual creative work that made the original flow. All credit for the story goes to Peter_Pan, I only made an extended ending with a twist…. It is my first post here, and I thought maybe just working small like this would be a good start. My work starts from the >, feedback on how I did would be nice. If its good I’ll consider doing a new original work.

“ As the branch rapped out its staccato message against the far window, Nancy awoke startled. Glancing at her bedside clock, she saw it was just ten after midnight. She rubbed her eyes, surely it had been more than half an hour since she’d climbed into bed? She lay there nestled up under the warm covers. Thinking now of Brad, and the wonderful night they had just spent together, one hand relinquished its hold on the beloved old teddy-bear she clutched to her breast still, perhaps itself the very last concession to her all-but-recently-departed childhood. Reaching inside her skimpy panties, the warmth of her pussy was a comforting sensation. She separated the lips, feeling the moisture seep through and slipping in two fingers, she set in circularised motion the pressure needed that would bring to her body the physical release she now craved. As her hips moved in pleasured response, she murmered quietly. Nancy felt unusually wet and was momentarily shocked that her recalled images of Brad’s kissing her so tenderly, were having such a drastic effect on her emotions.

So wet was she now, she paused for a moment. Something hot and sticky was actually beginning to run down the inside of her thighs.

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   Tossing back the coverlet she switched-on the bedside light and stared in disbelief. Her panties were soaking and even as she watched, another trickle followed its predecessor down the inside of her leg. She lifted the waistband and could not suppress a cry. Cum, it could be nothing else, was squelching out of her pussy - wave upon wave of it. Nancy screamed and clamped her hands across her slit to stem the carnal tide. She looked up desperately – to find herself lying not in her bed now, but on a mortuary table parked on the floor of some enormous bricked cellar.

She was dreaming. After all this time it was happening again. Glancing down, she saw that her legs and panties were dry once more. Just another illusion. She tugged down her nightdress, more for posterity than anything else since it was anything but cold right now. Slipping off the table, she made her way towards the mass of steel piping and walkways that lurched upwards towards the roof and which seemed to defy any practical purpose. She heard a metallic clicking sound that awoke in her dreadful memories and fears that time had obviously been unsuccessful in suppressing.

As she rounded the corner, she saw as incongruous a scene as sanity could hold on to. Up front of what looked like to be some kind of dis-used furnace, four little girls all wearing white lace dresses, were skipping.

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   The two either end, whirling the rope almost in slow motion for the others to step over, looked-up as Nancy approached. They smiled at her – a grin of triumph rather than of youthful intrigue. The song they were humming was so chillingly familiar,

“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you,
Three, four – better shut the door…. ”

A chilling screech of metal on metal behind her made Nancy spin around.

“Wetter than usual are we tonight?” Krueger’s evil laughter filled the room.

She stared at him, watching the razor-sharp finger-knives etching grooves in the piping. Unchanged through countless nightmares, his rotting and disgusting striped jumper if nothing else, still managing to hide much of his scarred and deformed flesh, although glistening facial burn-tissue still made up the greater part of that obscene countenance that now looked upon her beneath the ragged hat, tipped as always at a foppish angle across the bald pate.

“I missed you Nancy,” he leered at her. “Only had my little angels here for company, and you know what they say don’t you? – there’s no substitute for experience. ” He summoned one of the girls holding the rope.

To Nancy’s horror, Krueger licked her face as she moved alongside him. Evidently no more than nine, she seemed unconcerned as he lifted up her dress revealing her little panties. Shocked, Nancy moved towards her, but Freddy raised his hand in a defiant gesture and she found herself fully immobilised, unable even to look away.

Licking the girls face again, he slipped a hand down her top and began fondling what could be barely more than puffy nipples. The girl smiled at him.

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   “Would you like to undress for daddy?” muttered Krueger watching intently Nancy’s expression as the girl unzipped herself.

“Such a good girl,” he said, as she stepped out of her dress and indeed Nancy saw that she had no real breasts to speak of, merely the cutest of tiny brown nipples. Krueger passed a hand across the girl’s chest and as Nancy watched, her breasts swelled and filled out.

“Kids grow up so early these days,” he laughed, one of his razor fingers menacing the girl’s right nipple. Still in just her panties, the girl seemed to want Krueger’s caress. Nancy thought she heard her moan but knew it must be her own imagination.

“Nothing like a mother’s milk Nancy,” Krueger smirked, his gaze dropping to her own very prominent breasts… “Can I interest you in some perhaps?’

Shocked, she watched him lower his lips to the little girl’s breasts just as a stream of milk jetted from both nipples. He knelt in front of her, allowing the milk to run down his face dripping on to his jumper. In spite of everything, the scene before her was incredibly arousing, she felt her own nipples hardening.

Turning to the girl, Krueger addressed her, “You won’t be needing these sweetheart,”

Seemingly of their own accord, the girl’s panties slipped down her legs revealing her hairless and virginal pussy which Freddy began to lick ravenously. The girl stood there fully naked, swaying but uncomplaining, hands behind her resting against her bottom.

His tongue was deep inside her pussy now. As Nancy watched, it grew longer until the girl’s labia swelled outwards from the length of it coiled up within her. She put her hands on Freddy’s shoulders and began to force herself against him, her small hips grinding against the enveloping tongue. The scene was one of such pornographic intent, Nancy felt the urge to throw up, yet something about it was voyeuristically riveting.

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“You are DISGUSTING Krueger,” gasped Nancy, “Leave her alone!”

“Oh, I understand,” he looked back at her laughing. “You’re feeling ignored Nancy? Maybe you need a little tender loving care yourself eh?” he motioned to the other three girls who put down the skipping-rope and walked across to where Nancy stood.

She watched in helpless fascination as they approached. Three angels of innocence trapped here in this dark world with a fiend that even during his earthly tenure had been an insult to decency. She wanted desperately to wake up now and rid herself of this vile scene but she could not. The girls pulled her gently down so that she knelt between them.

For a moment they just looked at her, child-like and pure. One of the girls then just placed her hand under Nancy’s right breast. Cupping it, she began feeling her own gently, little more than buds at this stage which even so, were just visible in outline through her dress. Something about the girl’s hand was comforting and Nancy blushed at the soft touch. Both the other girls extended their hands also and began lightly fondling Nancy’s breasts through her nightdress. Strangely she felt no urge to repel their attentions but rather felt a stirring throughout her entire body. She looked towards Krueger.

Freddy was fumbling at his crotch and as Nancy stared half repulsed, half mesmerised, an unexceptional erection was freed that unlike the remainder of his deformed body, appeared quite normal.

“Meat for my sweet,” he gloated, pulling the girl roughly to her knees and drawing her head down.

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   Offering no semblance of resistance, the girl took hold of the shaft and closed her lips over the head, Freddy let out an audible sigh and pushed her head lower. Glancing at Nancy, The palms of his gloved finger knives smoothed over the girls bottom.

The three little girls were fondling Nancy with some urgency now and she herself had begun to rub the tops of their dresses, feeling their barely developed breasts, little more than nipples in each case. She knew she had to be dreaming, she would never do this in a waking state. It had to be Krueger messing with her mind and forcing her to act this way. She heard herself moan as two of the girls slipped their dainty little hands down her nightdress and begin to rub her nipples. Their cool fingers were just so comforting and soft. Feeling a strong compunction for closer and more intimate contact, she leaned forward and kissed the nearest girl on the lips. Whether to her horror or pleasure, she really wasn’t sure – the girl opened wide and pushed her own tongue into Nancy’s mouth.

“Never knew babysitting could be so much fun, did you Nancy?” Krueger hissed at her.

Glancing his way, she saw the young girl’s head bobbing up and down in his lap, working at it like a pro. Krueger’s smile was cruelty incarnate as he took his pleasure out on the naked child. With little or no warning he suddenly held her tight as he came savagely and in no way human terms. Spurting hard into her mouth the girl tried to gag but was stifled by the sheer volume of cum. He freed her just before she passed out, cum cascading out of her mouth.

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   Still jetting uncontrollably, he covered her face, her breasts and as she gasped in shock, he pulled her up on to his lap and just impaled her on his cock. He fucked her like a rag-doll, still cumming uncontrollably. The girl lay across his shoulder limp as he continued raping her. Finished, he pushed her roughly back on to the floor, where she lay unmoving.

“No substitute for parental authority,” he spat at her, flushed almost with his recent exertions.

Disgusted as she was by his treatment of so young a girl, Nancy was sinking herself into a morass of sexual delight as the three girls all took turns kissing her. With her nightdress pushed up around her hips now, the girls hands were beginning to rub her panties as well as her breasts while she herself was fingering them two at a time. . The softness and smoothness of their legs and their pussies was just consuming her emotions. Sliding her fingers into their hot slits and feeling their hips react to her probing fingers was the template to global ecstasy, She had to possess them no matter what. She wanted them naked…she wanted to BE naked for them. All that mattered was that they don’t stop making her feel like this……

The girls’ faces began to grow hazy, she heard Krueger speaking but the words were indistinct. The fingers in her pussy however had brought her to the very brink of orgasm. Someone was calling her.

“Nancy……Nancy, what are you doing up there?”

She opened her eyes.

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   God, back in her own bedroom. She realised that she was still pleasuring herself abstractedly. She hastily withdrew her fingers. It had been SO real.

“Get a move-on Nancy,” her father was calling up to her. “School bus leaves in twelve minutes. ”

As she eased herself off the bed, something fell on the floor. Reaching down, and retrieving it, she stared at what was in her hand. A scrunched-up pair of wafer-thin panties such that a girl of eight or nine might wear. They were still wet at the front.

Minutes later at the breakfast table, her dad enquired “You OK Nance? You seem miles away. ”

“Oh…yes, sure dad,” she replied. “Just tired I guess and thinking about that spot-test we’re having today. ” He didn’t push the issue.

Even as she boarded the bus she felt something trickling down her leg.

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   She had been wet ever since she woke up and try as she might, she could not shake the image of her sitting there being fondled and french-kissed by those three pre-teen girls.

Brad met her as she got off the bus. His strong hands, friendly smile and good cheer just lifted her spirits dramatically. He kissed her before they went to classes. She saw him again at recess and sitting there in the canteen she asked him quietly, ”Do you remember Freddy Krueger Brad?”

“How could I forget Nancy?” he replied slowly, “How would ANYONE around here forget?” He looked at her quizzically. “You’re not having those dreams again are you?”

“Not like before,” she answered. “Just that something odd happened last night, probably just a normal nightmare I guess. ”

“Yeah well lets hope so Nancy,” he said to her. “We don’t need all that business starting up again do we now?” She shook her head, but he noticed she kept her eyes lowered.

Modern History was its usual sleep-inducing yawn. Overweight, under-gifted teacher George Creighton was Danfield High’s equivalent of Jack Black but without the intellect. Delivering his lectures in glib and succinct monotones, HE may have known his subject, he simply had no idea how to teach it. Nancy found herself slipping into the abyss.

Someone was calling her name……

“Heavy night Miss Thompson?” Creighton was eyeing her from the chalkboard.

Nancy struggled up in her seat……”I’m sorry Mr Creighton, I must have dozed off!”

“Indeed?” he replied putting his book down on the desk in front of him.

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   “Well maybe Miss Thompson you might like to front the class here,” he pointed to a spot alongside him “and explain to us all exactly what WAS Nikita Khrushchev’s role in the Cuban Missile Crisis?” Nancy hesitated…. . “Come, come Miss Thompson, we’re all waiting!”

Taking up the position indicated, Nancy made a fascinating discovery. She knew nothing about Nikita Khrushchev or the Bay of Pigs invasion. George was in no mood to be conciliatory.

“You Miss Thompson, are a complete waste of time…. . a complete waste of MY time. I think you need to be punished. ” Nancy’s ears pricked-up. Wasn’t this a little overboard…even for Creighton?

With no warning, he pushed her forwards. She was so shocked, she stumbled and fell, just grabbing the edge of the lecturer’s desk to steady herself. He made a grab for her and seizing her round the waist pushed her flat down across the desk, her bottom to the class.

If she was stunned by this turn of events, his grabbing the hem of her skirt and pulling it up, exposing her very brief panties to the class really got her attention.

“MR CREIGHTON!!!!!!” she cried out, just two seconds ahead of the first spank.

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   Wriggling beneath his hold she was staggered at his strength – she could not get up. A second spank made her yelp. Turning her head, she saw bitchy little Celia in the front row of desks. Wasn’t she enjoying this?

“Pull her panties down Sir,” called out another girl. Let’s see her bum. ”

George Creighton obliged, and tugging Nancy’s panties down to her ankles he proceeded to spank her in earnest.

Embarrassment gave way to pain as he hand-flogged one cheek then the other. From dull red, her bottom turned to a fiery glow…and still he spanked her.

“Cry you little bitch,” he demanded and indeed she was unable to stop the tears as the pain became intolerable.

“Why don’t you fuck her Mr Creighton?” called out a voice she recognised between sobs as belonging to Celia.

Creighton tugged her upright then backhanded her across the mouth. She fell across the desk stunned and quite oblivious to the fact everyone in the class could now see her pussy.

“I could use some help here boys,” she heard Creighton mutter. “Peterson, Davies, Bradford…up here please and hold her for me. The three wasted no time in coming forward.


   Brett climbed up on the desk and pinioned her arms behind her. Steve took a hold of her left leg and Michael Bradford her other thigh. They held her legs wide apart, the entire class able to see into the recesses of her pussy. Creighton was unzipping himself and as Nancy cried out in shock and incredulity, he simply forced himself into her.

“Fuck her hard sir,” was the universal catch-cry and Creighton responded like a man on a mission. Thrusting in with absolutely no finesse but with a decided passion for his work, he raped her for three or four solid minutes before announcing to no-one in particular, “I’m gonna fill her hot little cunt. ”

And that he most certainly did. She gasped as he pumped hard into her, his concurrent attempts to kiss her making her heave in disgust. Being fucked in front of the class was bad enough but the thought of making contact with those repulsive lips was the stuff real nightmares are made of.

Finally withdrawing from her, Creighton addressed his willing helpers. OK boys, in consideration of your invaluable help here, I suggest all three of you help yourself now……only ten minutes left of the period. ” Nancy lay there helpless as one after the other climbed on and raped her while her bra was pulled up, her breasts fondled and exposed to the class. She saw through tear-ravaged eyes, Celia with her legs up on her desk, panties off and masturbating herself senseless, watching them come in her one by one. To complete her indignity, several of the girls got up from their desks, pulled their skirts up, and their knickers down, before straddling her and pushing their pussies in her face to lick while the boys continued fucking her.

Her last recollection was of Creighton, leaning over her, his face morphing now into another familiar visage - a loathsome burnt one.

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   “You really gotta lighten up Nancy my girl…” the laughter echoed into the darkness.

She jerked herself awake.

“Nancy, are you OK??” It was George Creighton, looking very concerned. “We couldn’t wake you…”

“No, I’m alright sir…sorry I passed out. ” she stammered.

“Its fine Miss Thompson,” muttered Creighton, obviously concerned for the girl. “If you need to go to sick bay…please do, I’ll sign a clearance for you. ”

Nancy saw out the class, but could barely wait for the 12. 30 luncheon bell, preferring to stand however, as her bottom was unaccountably sore to sit down on. .

Taking every precaution not to nod off or even let her guard down temporarily, Nancy completed the afternoon’s study-program. Come 4pm. Brad had use of his father’s Town Car and offered her a lift home. Gratefully, she accepted.

“It’s happened again, hasn’t it?” Brad glanced across at her as he drove.

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She just nodded.

“Brad, my father has to go out tonight, would you stay with me till he gets home, just make sure I don’t go to sleep…please?”

He was going to reason with her but could see the futility of it.

“Sure, Nancy,” We’ll just send out for pizza or something, ‘kay?” She smiled at him but he could see it was only half-hearted.

“Nancy, can I ask you something?” he said after a moment’s silence.

“Of course Brad, what is it?” she replied, still hugging her books to her.

“Well I know you don’t want to talk about it, but what is it you think Krueger actually wants? Why you?”

She looked straight ahead, then turned to him.

You’re going to think I’ve totally flipped Brad, but I think he wants to rape me?’

Brad was tempted to say “I can see why he would Nancy,” but thought better of it. Instead he just put his hand on her arm and said.

“Listen, no-one’s gonna rape you honey, not in this world OR his. You got that? Whatever’s happening here, we’ll see it through together, trust me on this!”

She looked across at him and just squeezed his hand. If anyone could protect her, it was surely Brad.

“Well you two kids have a good evening,” her father called up from the hallway. “I should be back around 10. 30 Nancy…. .

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  see ya!”

“Bye dad,” she called down, “I love you. ”

“Love you too sweetheart,” he yelled back to her.

She felt like watching Adam Sandler, he was exactly the panacea she figured could dispel the shadow of Freddy Krueger that hung over her like a supernatural shawl.

No matter how many times she watched HAPPY GILMORE it lifted her spirits. Snuggled up against Brad she laughed out loud as the truck ran over Carl Weathers’ fake hand for the umpteenth time. She felt comfy and safe…almost sleepy! The ringing of the doorbell interrupted proceedings.

Glancing out the window, a small van was parked in their driveway. “It’s just the pizza boy Brad,” she said, “Hold on while I go and get it. ”

Opening the front door - she just stared. On their front porch, a very familiar little girl in a pretty white lace dress was holding out her pizza. “Your order Miss. Pepperoni, double cheese with Krueger sauce?”

“Brad!” she screamed. He appeared beside her.

“What’s wrong Nancy?” he asked, “It’s just the pizza girl!”

She looked at him. “Oh God Brad, you fell asleep with me.

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   Wake up…. wake ME up too!”

“I’m not asleep honey,” he said to her, “See?” he bent down and kissed the child hard on the lips. “I’m REALLY awake. ”

She looked on in horror as he scooped the girl up, hands well up under her dress and around her bottom quite obviously. The girl dropped the pizza and clung to him, kissing him passionately. He was fumbling with her panties and sat down on the porch with her completely astride him. The girl looked back at Nancy.

“You should have fucked him while you had the chance,” she grinned, as Brad unzipped his huge erection which the girl began to guide between her legs and equally obviously, beneath her knickers.

Nancy shivered. Brad had pushed the child on to her back now and was raping her unmercifully. Her legs, bent at the knees, were forced wide apart as he thrust into her tiny pussy from which blood was dripping steadily. For her part though, the girl was encouraging him, her little hips pushing up to accommodate his thrusts. The scene both disgusted and drew her.

Brad reached his climax in no time, firing off a truck-load of cum in between her puffy and very pronounced labia. Withdrawing his cock, he managed several more spurts that splattered over the upper parts of her dress, her face and hair.

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   She stared fascinated as he removed a small amount from her cheek and pulling the top of her dress down, began to rub the gooey consistency across both her tiny nipples as the girl wriggled beneath his indecent touch.

    Brad got to his feet and retrieved the pizza box.

    “Well that’s paid for,” he laughed, “Let’s go and eat Nancy. ”

    Shocked senseless, she watched his retreating figure. This couldn’t be Brad. Even asleep he could never behave so callously. Kneeling beside the still form of the little girl, she pulled her dress down so as to restore some semblance of modesty. As the girl stirred at her touch, she was completely unprepared for what happened next. Taking hold of Nancy’s hand, she looked up at her prettily and simply said, “Would you like a turn with me? I can undress for you if you like. ”

    Nancy relinquished her hand and fighting back tears, headed to the loungeroom. Only it was no longer HER loungeroom. Brad stood against the far wall, itself cracked, filthy and in the last stages of decay.

    “Come to Daddy sweet Nancy. ” The voice deepened and as his arms stretched out to her, his entire outline wavered. She saw the dark black hair recede, the fine strong shoulders slump, his athletic build shrink to a hated silhouette of warped inhumanity.

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    “You didn’t enjoy seeing your boyfriend having a little fun Nancy?” Krueger teased her. “Wished maybe it was you instead huh?……. well, we can fix that you know!”

    She backed away, but two chains appeared from nowhere and encircling her wrists dragged her backwards to the opposite wall. Krueger was no more than a few feet away. Panicking, she looked around for something…anything for protection. His putrid breath right in her face, he licked her lasciviously. She turned away in utter disgust.

    “More meat for the beast?” He grinned as with the razor knives he sliced open the front of her top, exposing her bra down which he now leered. “Very very nice Nancy, doesn’t look like I will have to work on these at all. Lets dispose of the wrapping though,” he cackled maniacally, slipping the cold steel beneath her straps and cutting one after the other.

    With no support, her bra dropped sown sufficiently to expose her breasts almost to the nipple. She gasped as he leaned forward and taking the material in his teeth, dragged it lower. As her nipples were exposed, she was horrified to see how erect they were. Krueger’s lurid eyes flared wide.

    “I know what you’re thinking Nancy – if only you had some milk to offer a poor old child molester down on his luck!” He gesticulated towards her and as he did, she felt how full her breasts had become.

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       Milk began to express from both nipples and embarrassed, terrified and incredulous as she was, she felt nothing but a wave of undeniable arousal overtake her as he lowered his head and began to suck deeply. The sensation was one of extreme sexual fulfillment and despite herself, she strained against the chains holding her, to get as much of her nipple in his mouth as she could. Even as he moved across to the other side, her right nipple continued to express milk in an unbroken stream. The harder he sucked her, the heavier the flow.

    Her legs felt like jelly and she could only whimper as he lowered his right glove and began lifting her skirt with the finger-knives. Beyond resistance now, she watched as her panties were exposed. Krueger delicately applied the tip of one blade to the center part of the material and moving downwards opened up the crotch the entire length of her slit. She simply gasped and watched as he gingerly placed the knife at the entrance to her pussy. She stared as the tip entered her and but for the knowledge the slightest movement would mutilate her genitals, she would have thrust forward on to the blade. Such was her overwhelming desire to have it in her.

    The chains disappeared but even with full mobility now she could not break the spell, an overwhelming need to have Krueger’s cock in her. The idea repulsed her but was over-ruled by her body’s dictates.

    “Take them off for me Nancy. ” She felt his words rather than hearing them spoken aloud. Still expressing milk, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

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       Discarding her top and uselss bra, she wriggled out of her torn panties and stood before him completely naked.

    “Turn around for me,” Krueger ordered.

    She turned slowly knowing his eyes were locked on to her bottom now. She felt the touch of cold metal on both cheeks and shivered with anticipation. He had her kneel on all fours and gasped as she felt his unnaturally long tongue work its way between her pussy lips. The sensation of that tongue flicking in and out of her, then lapping the full length of her slit was driving her to the edge of sanity. She was wriggling in near ecstasy when she heard Brad’s voice yelling out to her….

    “Get UP Nancy – get away from him!” She turned around, the spell broken.

    “He’s controlling your thought’s Nancy…fight it!”

    Krueger spun on his heels.

    Brad was standing there, a sentinel of salvation. He was gripping a length of old steel piping which he held menacingly towards Krueger’s chest. Nancy guessed that finding it impossible to wake her, he had slept himself, so as to enter her dream.

    “Well well,” said Krueger eyeing the newcomer, “Mr White Knight I believe? You’re a bit out of your depth son. ” He raised his arm towards Brad who was flung several feet backwards against the wall. He turned back to Nancy, “And it was just getting interesting too.

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       Now back on your knees sweetheart, it’s time for Sex-Ed…Freddy style. There’s only one………”

    He never got to finishing the sentence as two-foot of rusted metal piping emerged from his chest, blood cascading through the open wound. Although forced to his knees by the power of Brad’s thrust, he was laughing even as he coughed up gouts of congealing blood.

    “You think this will kill me boy?” he snarled at his assailant standing over him.

    “Probably NOT,” smiled Brad, but I really don’t think you can handle THIS. So saying, he produced a can of gasoline from behind his back. “In the Scouts Freddy, we always had to be prepared!” Emptying the can over the kneeling and clearly agitated form of Elm Street’s old adversary and retreating backwards leaving a wet trail, he flipped the top of his butane lighter.

    “Fire destroyed you once Freddy, lets go for a replay!”

    Both arms up beseechingly, “Nooooooooooo”was all Krueger could get out before a “whoomph” engulfed him. Nancy shielded herself from the heat as the figure writhed on the floor screaming in real-time agony.


    It was over.

    Nancy slowly lifted herself up, staring intently at where the Freddy’s cremating fire once blazed. Cautiously she moved toward a small pile of ashes, her mouth slowly curving to a smile. She sifted her hand through the ash in search of Freddy’s face to confirm what would mark the end…Her hand hit something hard. Taking in a deep breath, bracing for the sight that was to come, Nancy brushed off the object.
    She fell back to the ground in horror of what she saw, her arms barely lifting her back of the floor as she gazed in absolute terror of what she saw.

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       It was not Freddy’s face that was lying there, it was Brad’s. Fearfully she backed away from the ghastly sight, her eyes darting across the room, looking for Freddy. Suddenly an eyelid of Brad’s charred head shot open, a hauntingly ecstatic smile darted across its face. It immediately turned to Nancy, but it was not Brad’s face she saw, it was Freddy’s.
    “Aw, you didn’t think I’d let you go without letting you finish that fabulous experience you were having, were you?”
    Nancy tried to get up from her back, but it was as if she had no control of her arms anymore. Tacking her to the floor like anvils, Nancy put up at much of a struggle as her weary body could produce. Out of no where, Freddy suddenly gently rested his hands on her shoulder. “You forgot that this is a dream world, I run this place, remember?” he said to her in a mocking disappointment. Nancy tried to shove him off, but with her arms petrified her struggle accomplished little more than to make her only all the weaker. Freddy pushed himself up and stood in front of Nancy as she lay lying stapled to the ground.
    “Now back to the fun part!” He said as he stood fiendishly grinning at her helplessness. Nancy suddenly realized one of her arms was slowly working its way across her body to her pussy. Nancy drew in a deep breath as she saw her hand started fingering her, rubbing and rolling lasciviously at her clit. She looked up through her squinting eyes at Freddy. He grinned and suddenly he was gone, and an old Victorian full-length mirror stood in his place.


       Nancy stared at her reflection, knowing not what to feel or think. Her own body was out of her control. She could only watch on as her hand was working at her pussy, while the other began to slowly caress her breasts. Realizing the hopelessness of her situation, she laid her head back and let her body pleasure itself. She began to moan and indulge in the pleasures that were given to her as she felt her body approach an orgasm.
    “I knew you’d like it eventually…” Freddy said to her, suddenly laying at her side. He was once again grinning in his signature fiendish, chilling manner. Nancy’s eyes suddenly widened, she couldn’t cum. It was as if her pleasure reached a plateau. Freddy laughed as she began to pleasure herself more and more vigorously, using whatever energy was left in her to make her cum. Nancy didn’t even realize that it was her now, not magic, not Freddy, but herself who was fingering herself so madly. She sniffled and a tear slowly dripped down her face. She was crying. She wasn’t crying because she had submitted to Freddy, that Freddy had won, that was too human for her. She was crying at her inability to cum.

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       Her own pleasure meant more to her now than anything else in her life. Freddy began to laugh as he stared down toward Nancy, smiling and laughing triumphantly at his conquest.
    Nancy gazed helplessly up toward Freddy, her eyes barely able to muster any strength to open. “Please…Please make me cum…” Nancy pleaded in the meekest of voices. Nancy spread her legs for Freddy, shamelessly exposing her needy pussy for him. Freddy looked down toward her in a mock indecision
    “Please! Make me cum! I need you! Please!!” Nancy begged with inhuman desperation. Freddy continued to tantalize her with his charade, his hand supporting his chin as his finger pensively stroked his chin. “Please!!!” Nancy yelled as she began to throw her hips up at him, all the while, her gazed fixed on the enormous bulge in Freddy’s pants. Freddy then sighed, holding back his smile as he feigned reluctance.
    “Suck on it, and I make you cum” Freddy said as he presented his huge, thick cock to her face. Nancy immediately grabbed it. Jacking it off and sucking it with all she had, her mouth moving faster and faster over the tip of his solid cock as her hand massaged its shaft. It wasn’t long before her new found cock sucking skill sent Freddy to the brink; it wasn’t long before Nancy’s mouth was smothered in Freddy’s cum-spewing frenzy. His cock still hard, he shoved it into Nancy’s starved pussy, spewing shot after shot of his cum inside her. Nancy soon exploded in her own orgasm and her body was flung in a violent frenzy of pleasure.

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       Freddy dove harder and harder into Nancy as her hips would fly up to meet his, partly from her body shaking, mainly from her animalistic desire for more. Finally, Freddy ended his relentless fucking and got up and stared down at Nancy.
    “I- I love you…. ” Nancy said exhaustedly, as she then dropped her head, unconscious.
    “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you,” chanted four innocent looking little girls. “Three, four better lock your door,” the chant continued in its nightmarish and haunting tone. “Five, six, grab a crucifix. ” The chant soon went on to its final phrases: “Seven, eight, stay up late…. Nine, ten, never sleep again…” Suddenly, there was an older teen appearing. She was dressed in the same white gown as the little girls. Slowly she came closer, her head pointed down toward the ground, she opened her eyes and gazed forward. Her eyes were blank; it was no human gaze, only a hollow and ghostly stare. A smile then crossed her face and she whispered “Eleven, twelve,” she then let a hand caress one of her breasts, then devilishly grinning forward and sliming again; she turned around and walked into obscurity.