Four of a Kind - Part 2 of 2: Fuck Faith


The time was 5a. m. when Faith got out of bed. Shehadn’t been able to sleep since she laid down, notafter the conversation she’d had with Paul on the wayto the store and back, earlier. After two hours of laying in bed, wide awake, she feltthat it was time to go get another beer and grab acigarette. If nothing else, she’d lay down on thecouch and watch whatever late-night infomercial thatwas on at this time. She slipped her dress back on,and quietly made her way downstairs, leaving Lucasasleep in bed. As her bare feet made each step downthe stairway, she consciously made every effort toavoid waking anyone. Quietly, she turned on the light and stepped into thekitchen. She opened the door to the refridgerator,and instantly felt the skirt of her dress rise in theback. Surprised, she turned her head to see Paulstanding behind her, grinning. She smiled at him, andwithout saying a word, grabbed her skirt and pulled itback down. "What are you doing up?" She asked, as she closed thedoor to the refridgerator and turned to face him. "Well, I seem to remember the little taste I had inthe car, earlier. It left me with a craving, so Icouldn’t help but want to come down here and get amidnight snack. " He said, grinning wickedly.

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  Faith blushed, remembering the kiss they’d sharedafter a long conversation in the store parking lot,earlier. "And what kind of snack did you have in mind?" Sheasked, more playful than inquisitive. Paul seemed tohave no problem showing her what he meant, as hegrabbed her dress and swung her around so that shefaced the kitchen counter. She giggled softly, as she felt his hand go up theback of her dress and begin caressing her firm ass. "You know what I had in mind, Faith. " He said, beforekissing her just behind her ear. She smiled and moaned, quietly, enjoying the taboofeel of his skin against hers. His chest slid downher back as she closed her eyes, feeling his handspush the thin fabric of her skirt upward, to get fullview of her beautifully-shaped ass. His lips pressed against the soft skin of her ass, ashe kissed across it, slowly. Faith couldn’t help butgiggle softly, before letting out a soft moan ofenjoyment, when thinking about how her boyfriend’shigh school buddy was getting ready to fuck the hellout of her. The thought of it was astonishing to her. Paul carefully slid his fingers across her ass, andwith amazing precision, hooked them inside the edge ofher purple thongs. Faith felt them slide to the sideand knew exactly what was going to happen next, so shehelped by lifting her leg and placing her foot on thekitchen counter. Just as she did, she felt Paulstongue delve deep into her cunt. "Oh, yes…" She moaned in enjoyment, as she looked downat him.

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   Paul kissed across the tender skin of hersex, before plunging his tongue into her, once more,sending waves of electricity through Faith’s body. Silently, his hands wrapped around her waist, turningher to face him. "I want these off, now. " He ordered,as his fingers once again hooked into her panties andslid them down her long tan legs. Faith stepped out of them, and lifted her leg oncemore, giving him clear access to lick at hernow-sopping pussy. As his tongue lapped at her sex,she felt his lips clasp around her clit and beginsucking. Her body was racked with wave after wave ofpassion, before she found herself orgasming all overPaul’s very talented mouth. "That’s it. " She said, as she regained her composure. "It’s my turn. "She pushed Paul from between her legs, and ordered himto stand. He did, and her hands immediately went forhis zipper. As she unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans,Paul pulled the spaghetti strings of her dress downher arms, giving him his first full view of herperfect breasts. He wanted to suck on them, but before he had thechance, Faith had dropped to her knees, taking withher his jeans. His cock sprang forth, and instantly,she was shoving it deep into the back of her mouth and fluttering her thin tongue along the shaft.

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  Her head bobbed on his tool, her hand wrapped tightlyaround it and working it into her mouth with a look ofhunger in her eyes. Paul moaned in enjoyment, as hishands reached down and caressed her firm breasts. Healmost lost control when she looked up at him, cockin-mouth, and locked eyes with his. "Yes, baby. That’s so fucking good. " He exclaimedbetween excited gasps. "Please, stand up. I’ve gotto fuck that sweet cunt of yours. "With a slight giggle, she obeyed and stood, beforesliding her dress down her legs and to the floor. Shesmiled and kicked it away, as she heard him ask "Howdo you want it?""Give it to me rough. " She said, grinning. Paul didn’t need to hear anymore. He turned her toface the counter, and grabbed her leg, lifting it. Faith rested her foot on the counter, and immediatelyhad his cock lining up with her tight slit. "You dirty, dirty man.

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   You’re going to fuck your bestfriend’s girl?" She asked, playfully. His handwrapped around her throat, catching her by surprise,as he rammed his cock deep into her. "No…" He said, as she bit her lip and grinned inpleasure. "I’m going to take my best friend’s girl. "Paul started slamming into Faith’s tight pussy withsuch force that Faith found herself almost losecontrol and scream, forgetting that her boyfriend andPaul’s girlfriend were both sleeping, upstairs. Shecould feel the head of his swollen cock pounding deepinside her, bouncing off of the walls of her drippingpussy, as he told her how dirty of a girl she was, andhow he was going to take her away from Lucas. She loved every word, finding herself incrediblyturned on by his perverted comments. Before long, shefound herself taunting him for more. "Yeah? You going to make me your girl?" She said,lost in the feel of his swollen prick ramming intoher. "You going to tell Lucas how I’m your bitch,now?"Paul grabbed a fist-full of her hair, and pulled at itas he increased speed, pistoning himself in and out ofher tight cunt with a determination that couldn’t bebelieved. "No, he’s going to find out himself, whenyou walk in and suck my dick, right in front of him. "He told her, as he slammed himself in to the hilt, andfelt his balls begin to tighten. "Yes! Oh, God, yes!" She said, excitedly, whilesimultaneously trying to avoid waking anyone up. Herbody shuddered as she felt her orgasm approach, butwas jolted hard when she felt Paul’s swollen prickblow like a geyser, within her. Paul sent black after blast of steaming hot cumbarreling into the depths of her pussy, slamming intoher with more force than ever before, as his ownorgasm overtook him.

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   Faith felt like her orgasm wouldnever end, as she felt her belly filling with Paul’sseed, while impaling her on his cock, deeper than hehad since they started. --As the two recovered, they kissed each other a softgoodnight, and went back to bed. Faith suddenly feltexhausted enough to fall asleep, and Paul, moresatisfied than he’d been in a long time. Both of them crawled into bed with their lovers, Lucasand Gabby, and found themselves already thinking aboutthe next poker night, never knowing that less than sixhours earlier, the ones they were now sleeping nextto, had fucked each other in that very same kitchen. Of course, they discovered the truth a couple of monthlater, when Gabby led Lucas, dick-in-hand, into thebedroom and turned on the light to find her boyfriend,Paul, fucking Faith doggystyle across the edge of thebed. All four of them were quite surprised, but inthe end, it turned into an orgy that none of themwould forget… but that’s another story,all-together. THE ENDAll images provided by Karup's Private CollectionDownload The Entire Collection Now!Karup's Private Collection.


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