Dinner went well, they had rented out a nice banquet hall with an open bar at a hotel.   I had a few drinks and chatted up everyone, but when the dinner was over things changed.   The girls had also rented a DJ at the hotel bar, so everyone headed over there for some dancing.   I wasn’t a big dancer so I went straight to the bar with a few other dates for some more drinks.   About an hour later I turned and saw Kristen dancing very provocatively with 2 larger black men.   I’ve always been a bit on the jealous side, so I went over to try and break it up.   Kristen saw nothing wrong with it and introduced me to Tom and Kyle.   I faked pleasantries with them and asked to go, but Kristen said she still wanted to dance.   She tried to get me to join in, but I was in no shape, and still somewhat pissed, so I said no and headed back to the bar.   By the time the night was over I was fairly sloshed, and Kristen made no excuses about how I was the worst date ever, and too busy getting hammered to show her a good time.   I tried to apologize as we went upstairs to our room for the night, but she was pissed.   I decided to just let her cool off so I left the questions alone as she went into the room shower to clean up.   About 20 minutes later there was a knock at the door, and when I opened it it was the 2 men from the club.   Without even a glimpse of concern they brushed right past me and called out to Kristen.  
“I’ll be right bout boys,” she called back from the bathroom.   “can you do me a favor and take care of him for me, please.

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At first I thought she was talking to me, but when I turned to face the men I was immediately grabbed by the 2 large black men.   I tried to put up a fight, but in my inebriated state it wasn’t hard for them to subdue me.   One of the men grabbed my arms and pulled them back, and instantly the other punched me so hard I thought my skull might crack.   My head was swimming from the booze and the punch  while they easily dragged my limp body over to a chair and proceeded to tie me to the arms so I couldn’t move.   As I began to get my bearings straight I could hear the 2 men laughing at my expense and talking about how big a pussy I was until the bathroom door opened and Kristen emerged.
She was in her normal bedtime attire of a wife beater and a pair of boxers, but tonight the shirt was atleast two sizes too small forcing her tits up, and the water from her shower made the shirt almost transparent as it clung to her breasts.   I began to yell about her dressed that way, but was interrupted as she walked up to Tom and gave him a big hug.   She then turned to me and said “you see, these two great guys were more of a date for me tonight then you were.   While you were busy drinking and staying away from me, they were dancing with me and making sure I had a good time.   So its only fair for me to make sure they have a great time as well. ” 
With that she slowly turned back around and I saw that Tom had removed his pants and was now sitting on the hotel bed, his obvious erection causing a large tent in his briefs.   Without hesitation Kristen got down on her knees and reached up for the top of his underpants to remove them but he slapped her hand away simply saying “not hands slut. ”  I was sickened, but this made both men bust out laughing, and even Kristen giggled a bit as she said “whatever you say,” and lightly bit the bottoms of his briefs and began to tug.  
Slowly but surely the boxers came down, until finally his huge member  bounced out from underneath the elastic band, slightly smacking Kristen in the forehead.   Kristen just gasped, mouth wide and eyes bulging at the sight of it.

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    Rightfully so too, it had to have been the biggest dick ive ever seen, easily 9-18 inches.   Tom then grabbed the base of his snake like dick and began to slap my girlfriend in the face with it.   “You ready for this cock you white slut,” he asked…saying each word with a slap of his cock to her pretty face.   All Kristen could do was greedily shake her head yes, before lunging forward and gobbling as much of his dick as possible.   She continued to suck on it, as much of it as she could, while Tom just sat there and grinned.
I again went to voice my disgust but was met with the back of Kyle’s hand to silence me.   Kristen suddenly stopped at the sound of the slap, and I naively thought that she had come to her senses, but quickly learned how wrong I was when she said “You know boys, he isn’t the only one who likes it rough. ”  The room stayed silent for a second while everyone processed what had just been said, then with a chuckle the stud on the bed grabbed a clump of her hair and forcefully pulled her mouth back over his huge cock.  
This time however he didn’t just sit there as she sucked.   This time he started to thrust his hips up forcing more and more dick in her mouth until the sound of her gagging as his bulbous head struck the back of her throat and forced its way further down was the only thing filling the room.   To add even more insult to injury Tom commanded her to tell him how much she loved his cock, and how small of a dick I had.   I only wish there had been more hesitation on her part, but she responded almost immediately…her words coming out as grunts muffled by the face fucking she was taking.   Tom then locked eyes with me, and a sinister smirk came across his face.   With that he forced her head down his shaft and held it there…there was no sucking, just gagging as Kristen began to squirm trying to release herself from his vice like grip.   “Tell me you want me to fuck her you faggot” Tom yelled, eyes still locked on me.

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    That’s the last thing I wanted, I wanted to kick his ass but I was in no state to do so and she looked to be in pain, so I told him what he wanted to hear.  
Upon hearing my words he released her head, and to my shock she just stood up, her massive chest heaving from the lack of air his last assault had created.   She then turned to me as said “fine if you want me to fuck him, then I will. ”  She then turned back to Tom and asked him how he wanted her.   My blood was boiling, so out of pure hatred I called her a slut, to which she just looked back at me and said with a grin “not yet, but I will be by the time theyre finished with me. ”  Laughter from both men again filled the air as Tom stood up from the bed and harshly grabbed Kristen’s shirt, ripping it off of her like it was nothing, sending her large tits flopping about as they lost what little support the shirt had given.   Tom then quickly sucked her right nipple into his mouth, biting down and twisting it between his teeth, causing Kristen to squeal in what was either pain or pleasure.   I soon found out which as Tom slid his hand down the front of her boxers and said “damn bitch…I knew that pussy in the corner wanted me to fuck you, but the wetness of this one makes me think you want us to as well. ”  Kristen just moaned as he continued to play with her cunt, and he baited her on with “if you want this huge black cock all you gotta do is beg. ” 
And beg she did, like she had been craving this all her life.   It didn’t take long for him to rip her boxers off the same way he did her top and throw her down on the bed.   Without saying a word he crawled between her legs and lined up his cock with her moist cunt.   “Say goodbye to your girls pussy you fag,” he taunted but before I could react Kristen blurted out “it was never his pussy.   He cant please me, please show him  how. ”  With that it was on, he forced his dick into her…her lips stretching to accommodate his huge member.


    She tried to wrap her legs around his waist but he easily flung them up over his shoulders and began to hammer her sweet hole.   “I want to see these huge titties of yours bounce bitch” he said between grunts.   As he continued to thrust in harder he leant forward grabbing her wrists and pinning them to the bed.   My ‘sweet’ girlfriend was practically folded in half with a big black dick slamming her pussy like a piston, and just as he wanted her boobs began to bounce and sway all around as he slammed his meat in her.  
As her first orgasm hit she began to moan uncontrollably, and began to egg him on “come on you stud, fuck me harder with that huge dick.   Make me your white little slut. ”  Her wish was granted as he released her wrists, only to grab her throat, and began to fuck her harder then I thought imaginable.   The headboard was rocking as he had his balls slapping against her ass with each thrust.   I was so shocked by this display that I hardly noticed Kyle unrobe and walk over to the bed.   He climbed on at her head so I couldn’t see her face, still ripe with pleasure, but I knew what was happening as her moans and screams were muffled as something was shoved in her mouth.   Kyle began to rock, forcing his dick in as the man abusing her cunt would withdrawl, so that a rock hard cock was always being driven inside of her.   Kristen, seemingly loving this, reached over to Kyle with her left hand to grab and stroke his cock as she slapped his ass with her right hand.   It looked like a porno shoot right infront of my eyes as she began to rock her hips while Tom continued to fuck her hard.   Minutes later I saw Tom begin to tense, and I knew what was coming as he shoved Kyle out of the way and crawled up to kristens tits.   She instinctively shoved her mounds together around his black shaft as he began to tit fuck her gorgeous breasts.

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    It wasn’t long before the first glob of cum shot from his purple head, hitting her right on the chin.   He quickly adjusted his position and continued to stroke his shaft, as stream after stream of semen fired until he had dumped all of his seed on large tits.   With a grunt he rolled off her and Kristen was left there, covered in another man’s cum.
If Kristen thought sh’ed get a break she was quickly informed otherwise as Kyle demanded “get on your knees slut. ”  She obediently crawled up on her knees, but Kyle walked behind her shoving her down to all fours-a huge smile crossing her face when she realized what was about to happen.    As she sat there ready to get mounted I saw Kyle’s cock for the first time.   If Tom had an impressive dick due to his length, then Kyle’s was easily just as impressive cause of his girth.   His dick looked like two beer cans stacked on top of each other, with two massive balls at the base.   I knew there was no way his dick would fit, but he crawled up behind Kristen, put his hands on her shoulders and forced the head of his unit in.   She yelped as he entered, then quickly readjusted herself and began to wiggle her ass, almost teasing him as he began to thrust.   When Kyle got himself about halfway in, he harshly pulled her hair snapping her neck back and landed a vicious smack to her ass.   “So, you like spanking when youre sucking my big dick, but how do you like getting spanked you little slut. ”  Between pants all Kristen could say was “please spank me again daddy” as he landed another hard smack to her other butt cheek making her squeal with joy.   “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you,” Kyle said, “but I want you to clean his cum off your tits while I do…you understand me bitch?” 
With that he released her hair and smacked her ass again hard.   As he went back to fuckin her from behind she grabbed her large tit and began to lick Tom’s cum off of her.

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    And so it continued…Kyle turning her ass red with his spankings, Kristen cleaning one tit with her tongue as her other tittie bounced wildly and her ass jiggled from the fucking she was receiving, and me stuck to watch it all happen.   When she had ‘cleaned’ her tits off she coyly looked back over her shoulder and asked for more.   With a grunt Kyle grabbed her hips and began an all out assault on her pussy.   This new ferocity forced Kristen to collapse, shoving her head into a pillow to muffle her screams…this of courser resulted in her ass sticking up in the air more which inticed Kyle to fuck harder and harder.   I heard he begging for more through her pillow as a 2nd orgasm of the night washed over her.
When Kyle felt he had used her enough from behind he pulled his cock out with a plop and fell to the bed.   “You’re not done bitch, now climb on” he commanded, and Kristen slowly got up and seductively crawled towards him.   She gleefully complimented him on being insatiable as she lowered herself ontop of him.   Kyle’s hands shot straight to her large tits as she began to bounce on his thick pole.   It was quite a sight to see his huge black dick disappear into her cream skinned pussy, then reappear as she rode him for all she was worth.   Tom had recharged apparently, and was steadily stroking his dick as my girlfiend’s body shook with yet another orgasm.   As Kyle began to look ready to cum, Tom walked up to the bed and pulled Kristen off of his dick.   Instead of inserting his own cock into her gaping hole tho he simply forced her head down as she took Kyles meat into her mouth.   Tom continued to forcefully push and pull her head, making her suck Kyle, until he finally blew.   I knew Kyle was cumming because Kristen tried to pull away, but Tom held her head into place so the cum could only go in her mouth.

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    Kyle must have shot loads, because suddenly Kristen’s mouth was full, and all she could do was cough, spitting cum back over the dick and her face.   When she was finally able to swallow, she obediently cleaned off Kyles dick again, the was pulled off the bed by Tom and shoved towards me.
“Kiss him” was all I heard from Tom’s mouth as Kristen made her way toward me.   She tried to kiss, but I refused to let her lips meet mine until Tom stepped up and forcefully held my head, similar to how he had Kristen’s earlier.   Kristen then locked lips with me and proceeded to spit the remnants of semen into my mouth and swirl it around with her tongue.   I was close to vomiting when Tom laughed “you didn’t think you’d be swallowing another mans cum tonight did ya faggot. ”  He then pulled Kristen away from me and spun her around against the wall.   She kicked her leg up around his waist as he shoved his dick back inside her for the second time that night.   I didn’t know what else to expect as he brutalized her cunt, her face was so full of pleasure as her body hit the wall with each powerful thrust.   Her hands clutched his ass almost as if to never let him pull his dick out of her as she begged him for more like a little whore.
I zoned out while this happened.   I began to think about how sweet Kristen used to be, and how much I hated her for doing this.   I don’t know how long they fucked against the wall but I was broken out of my trance as Tom shoved Kristen to her knees.   He again smacked her in the face with his dick, this time getting a giggle and a huge grin while he did it.   He started to jack off, but Kristen grabbed where his hands were and pumped his long shaft for all it was worth.

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    By the time Tom was finished cumming my girlfriends face and tits were once again covered in gooey globs of cum.   Without a word the men got dressed and left…Kristen was so exhausted she passed out right there on the floor, and I was left alone, broken and still tied up.  



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