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My name is Sharon I have been married for over sixteen years to a beautiful man named Carter. We have been married for so long that it is almost impossible to remember what we were like when we met. In school I was short, stocky with big tits. I wore a 34 E and had a nice big ass. My hair was just past my shoulders and dark brown. I love to wear booty short to make my ass look better.
We were high school sweethearts and we got married a few months after graduation. For the first couple of years it was great. Carter work in a motorcycle shop and I was a teacher. We would see each other for only a few hours a day and not much time on the weekends. He was always under high demand from people to build them bikes, which keep him away from home most It was okay that he worked a lot, it paid the bills, but I missed him. This was our life, good money but never enough time to be together. I became lonely and started to miss sex.

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I have always liked sex ever since high school. I liked to feel a cock in my pussy. There was nothing better then to have my husband shoot his hot sticky cum on my tits. I also liked to suck his cock. I would watch a lot of movies and try new techniques. I make my husband sit there while I practiced night after night. When he would shoot, I would pull back and jerk him to a heavenly orgasm. In the resent years we have fallen off though. I am not sure if he was cheating but I was getting really horny with the lack of sex. I would find myself getting turned on at school around the young men in my classes. I would race to get home and use my fingers to satisfy my Last year around Christmas I went to an adult bookstore that also sold sex toys. I went in with a long trench coat that was black and large glasses over sized sunglasses and a big floppy hat that I would wear to the horse races with Carter. I could not let anyone from the school district see me. When you’re a teacher you’re like a priest. You can’t ever think about sex or show that you have it and god for bid you like I had never been in an adult bookstore.

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   It wasn’t a bad place like I thought. It was well lit, with shelving all over the walls. It was like being in a real boutique, but it was an x-rated shop. There was a woman that worked the counter. There were a few rooms in the back and toys everywhere. There was even music playing and a disco ball to liven up the I was looking around trying not to be noticed. There were guys in there and when they saw me they kind of moved away almost hiding. I wouldn’t have thought that men would move away from me but they did. I really wanted to get out of there I checked the toys on the wall and find a couple I liked. There was a nice sized realistic cock that had veins molded right in it. I liked it. It was 18-inches and my husband was only about six so I thought what the hell. I quickly grabbed it and a smooth vibrator next to it. I saw some beads but I was too scared so I just took the two items to the counter to The girl was nice and smiled at me. She said that she would have to open the vibrator and check it to see if it worked because there were no returns.

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   I looked down and asked her to be quick. I placed the cash on the counter and quickly left. I never took my change. I stopped on the way home to get batteries for the vibrator. I was really excited. The whole car ride home all I could think about was what I just did. I wanted to quickly take them out and use them right there in the parking lot. I was excited with my new toys and it was dark in the parking lot but the risk was to great. I wanted to give my body what it was missing. I had been sex starved and wanted to eat my fill tonight. It wasn’t meant to be though. When I pulled in the driveway to the house, Carters car was parked there. Damn! He is home. I wanted to be satisfied so badly, I thought as I pulled in and hide the toys under the seat. As usual I found Carter sitting in the easy chair with a beer sound to sleep.

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   I went to bed unfilled again. The next day I went to work and found myself super horny. I was thinking about sex with every conversation. I was starving once again. The hunger was building deeply in the pit of my stomach. It was boiling over again. I wanted to feel a large cock deep in my pussy. I wanted that vibrator on my clit. I really wanted to blast off to the moon. Thank God class was over and I could head for I drove home as fast as possible to blow my load. I drove home excited, ever stop light, every car in front of me drove me insane. I started grinding my thighs together in the car and I found a hand riding up my skirt. I could feel my soaked purple panties touching my crouch. I could feel the soft material soaking through and my fingers found my clit. I was trying to drive and concentrate on the road but I couldn’t keep my fingers off my clit.

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   I was trying to keep my eyes open and watch the road but I was rubbing my clit and starting to have a mini orgasm. I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled off onto a side street and parked. With a furry I hiked my black skirt to my waist and started to stroke my clit. I started to slide a single finger in my pussy. Feeling my juices seeping out of my hole and onto my hand making me cum over and over again. My head tilted was back and my eyes were closed. I thought everything would be okay because it was pretty isolated road. I was cumming pretty hard when I heard a tap at the window. My eyes opened and I jumped all at the same time. I tried to take my hand out of my panties but it was stuck. The man was pointing a video camera at me and told me to open the door. Scared and shaking, I opened the door. The man stepped back and I slowly exited my car. I was shaking from the orgasm and shock of getting caught.

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   My hand still had cum on “I saw what you were doing in there and I have it all on video. ” The burly man said to me. “I think it was a waste of cum. Now, I have your license plate number and I will turn you over to the cops for lewd conduct, unless you do what I I wasn’t sure what to do a million thoughts ran thru my head at once. If my husband found out that I was jerking off on the side of the road and my work, well that would be a disaster. What could I do? I couldn’t lose I looked at the over weight man with his dirty black hair and nodded. I was staring down at his shoes wondering where he had been hiding with his heavy work boots. “I want you to suck my cock. ” The man said with a very serious tone in his voice. I had no choice my life and career for a little cock sucking. I reached down and grabbed his cock with my left hand and unzipped his fly with my right. I looked down the street before dropping to my knees. The way we were positioned no one could see me. My back was against the open door I undid his belt buckle and his buttons to his pants. It was hard because of his fat roll in the way but I managed.

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   My knees were in the dirt and I was dressed in my teacher’s skirt with blouse and jacket. I had to undo my buttons on the jacket so that it would give me some room. I had sucked a few cocks before my husband, but it had been a while since I had sucked anyone else’s cock. I looked at this fat man and almost threw up. He was fat and hairy with hair on his belly. But god I was turned on at this I pulled his white briefs down and saw his cock. His cock surprised me. It was rather large. He was about the size of a beer bottle, well bigger then my husband’s cock. I was excited to see it but the man was more excited by the look of the pre cum in his shorts. I was having second thoughts when the man grabbed my hair with his pudgy hands and pulled me to his “Hey you pretty bitch, start sucking or I turn you in. ” He I grabbed his thighs to brace myself and slowly lowered my mouth to his large cock. When my lips touched it I could taste how excited he was. I was really getting close to gagging. I started to part my lips when I felt his hammer hit them.

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   His cock forced its way into my mouth. I felt the tip and shaft pushed back into my throat. I started to gag. I wasn’t used to having such a big cock in my mouth. He had a hand full of my hair and was driving his cock deep in mouth. He had a nice speed going and I was okay to breath when he shoved a little too hard and I gagged on his cock. A lot of spit came out and it brought tears to my eyes. I was tearing up from the abuse my mouth was The man was grunting and thrusting deep in my throat. I was trying so hard to keep it together so that I could make him cum. I started humming a little to try to speed up the process. I didn’t want to have someone catch The dirty man was fucking my mouth and I was starting to get wet again. I was sort of enjoying this abuse my mouth was taking. To have a man forcing me to suck his cock was great. I want to have him cum on my pretty big tits. My husband loved to shoot on my tits.

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   I could tell he was getting ready to cum. His dick started to swell in my mouth and his pace was getting faster. He was grunting and pulling my hair harder which made me almost cum. “I am going to cum in your mouth you slut. ” He grunted and then pulled me deep on this He started to shoot load after load into my mouth. It was a bitter tasting and I wanted to spit it out but I had too much cock in my mouth so I let it flow out of his cock and down my throat, it almost choked me. After he shot his load, he let go of my hair and I fell back a little. I sat on my heels for a second. He dropped the tape and paper with my license plate on it and walked away. I tried to spit out what cum I had in my mouth but most of it went down. I wiped my mouth and climbed back in the car and drove home. I was hornier then ever and needed some release.
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