For her pleasure


Hello all this is my first time writing about my sex life but here it goes hope you enjoy.

My name is D and my fiancé name was Terry, Yes was we broke it off not long ago but we still talk but this is about one of what I thought would be worst nights if things went wrong but turned out to be one of the best.
Terry is a 6ft tall red head with beautiful white soft skin with C-cup breast that are extremely perky for a 38 yr old but then again she has never been married either or had kids she is extremely smart holding multiple masters degrees and takes good care of herself and keeps her beautiful pink pussy shaved except for a small patch of red hair just above her slit her taste is sweet and her musk smells incredible and she to date is the wettest and hottest pussy I have ever fucked or made love to.

Me Im 6ft 2 inches tall weigh about 245 I am muscular but do have a slight gut I need to work on its not a beer belly but not near a six pack either but not a turn off as she put it I am silver headed do to it runs in my family to grey early but I would put me at average looking and my cock is about 8 inches and about as round as a silver dollar or that’s what Terry said when she measured it one night.

Well enough about us on with the story, Terry had asked me one night if I could try to give her a wet orgasm I have herd of them never given a girl one far as I know but this was the women I loved asking me to do this for her so I tried and for the next week we made love every night and no matter what I read or tried it did not get her there.
I am not a easy cummer but neither was she so we usually came at the same time and where done, took anywhere from 30 minutes to a hour for us according to if we had been drinking or not. So I talked with a friend of ours she had given Terry the idea do to a ex of hers had got her to do it and once she did a few times she figured out how he did it and passed it on to her other lovers but she told me and I tried it still did not work and buy this time I was getting frustrated I really wanted Terry to experience this for her satisfaction and pleasure she had fulfilled many of my fantasies and I really wanted this for her so I returned to the mutual friend once more and she told me of a swinger couple that could help so she put me in contact with them and the rest is what happened on the next few nights.

I talked to Terry and though a little reluctant agreed to meet with them and I figured she would be more comfortable at home so I fixed Steaks and all the fixings and invited Dale and Sara over who where the couple I had talked to we sat and ate and talked and got to know each other then the conversation turned to the matter at hand. Dale was of mixed race decent and had light cocoa skin and a very muscular build and he stood 6ft tall and his wife Sara was a gorgeous brunet about 5ft 6inches with a extremely hot and toned body which she wore a tight fitting summer dress that showed off her curves.

Dale broke the ice and asked Terry if she was happy with me and if we had a strong relationship and how our sex life was and she answered that all three where good then he asked if he could help us with her having a wet orgasm she froze for a minute then asked (would he coach Him and I or would he have to get involved?)
He answered he could coach us him or his wife but if it didn’t work he could get involved if we wanted him to and he stressed we.

So to get to it I will leave out the next couple of days of him watching us and talking us through ways and get to the core of it. On Saturday night we came home from dinner and I had drove Terry had had a few glasses of wine and she was feeling horny and soon as we hit the door she started pulling my shirt off and kissing my chest and stomach at the same time soon as my shirt was off she undid my pants and slid them and my underwear to the floor and though caught off guard my cock was quickly becoming erect and that didn’t take long as her amazing tongue snaked out and around my thick head and shaft and she sucked and licked and stroked me like a women possessed her tongue was like magic flicking the underside of my shaft as she lowered her head down to the base of my cock then all the way back up sending chills up my spine making me shake at the sensation which made ever nerve in my body stand on end in pleasure she had never sucked me like this before and I was enjoying every minute of it. About ten minutes of that is all I could take and as I moaned I was cumin she sucked harder taking all my load down her throat and I grabbed the counter I was next to as my legs gave from the intense blowjob she had given me.

She Stood up slowly and kissed me I could taste myself on her tongue and she whispered it was my turn so I stripped her clothes off and slid my hand down to her extremely wet pussy and sucked her erect pink nipples as my fingers found her clit and soaking hole. She moaned out with pleasure as I started my assault and ground her hips into my hand as I sucked and licks her gorgeous nipples then I slowly kissed my way to her very beautiful pussy and barred my face in it licking her clit and running my tongue in and out of her body as far as I could tasting her sweet juicesand inhaling he musk which now had me hard again, Terry tensed up and her whole body shuddered as the first intense orgasm hit her I licked up all she had to offer me and I slowly lowered her to the floor not letting my tongue leave her sweet pussy.

Terry pulled my head up as she finally was at rest on the floor and I slid up and we kissed for what seemed like hours as our tongues danced and swirled around each others in shear passion.

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   I was about to tell her she had earned a double and continue my tongue assault on her pussy when we herd a knock at the door we both sprang up and she went to the bed room and I told whom ever it was just a second and grabbed a robe out of the bathroom and cover myself and went to the door.

I opened the door to my surprise it was Dale and he was dropping a video off that might help us so I invited him in and he immediately smiled and said well may be a bit late for the video tonight I can smell you already have had her and I told him just oral we where getting to that part he laughed and said well have fun and turned to leave and this is where I gambled I told him not to leave that I felt we had reached the point she had given up on having a wet orgasm and I was okay with him getting involved for her to feel it.

Dale stood there for a minute then shut the door and looked me in the eye and asked if I could handle seeing her taken by another man, I told him normally no but I trusted her that much and him and I could live with him getting her to the best orgasm ever so he said okay lets see if she is ready. I went into out room first the reading light was on casting an angelic glow over her perfect nude body she was ready for me and let me know it. I told her to wait and then told her Dale was outside the door and if she was willing he would take her tonight and get her to the point we had tried so hard and could not.

She sat up and said I can’t cheat on you like that just for an orgasm you give me hard ones it was just a fantasy to have one I would not betray you. I told her she was not betraying me that it was killing me I could not get her there and it was starting to effect me. She told me to forget about it then our relationship was not based on sex alone and I agreed and said you tried with two other previous lovers and one refused to try and the other could not even get you as close as I have but this is something I want to give you be it my body or Dales I want you to experience it. She thought a minute and said well let Dale go through coaching us one time so I agreed.
Dale came into the room and we talked and Terry and I started to fuck as he told me where and how to use my fingers and hands along with my cock to get her there it was all but routine now and as her back arched and a low shuddering sigh came from her lips I knew she was in her first orgasm followed by her body trembling she was having a hard one but not a wet one as her pussy juice coated my cock I relaxed so as not to cause mine and cum in her. I laid there on top of her staring at her beautiful face and had forgotten about Dale all together when he said damn she was very close and asked me if I came in her and I said no do to he said once I released it was almost impossible to give her one.

I told him if I tried again I would cum almost soon as she started moaning and Terry was looking up at me and said okay. I asked was she sure and she said yes I really need it now so I slowly pulled out and got up, Dale asked us if we where 100% with this and we said yea he took off his clothes and slowly crawled between Terry’s open legs and came up on his knees and let her see his cock it was 18 inches long and at least a half inch thicker than mine he let her touch it and feel it before he fucked her with it and he was blunt he told her I am going to fuck you hard and deep you just made love to your boyfriend but I am going to fuck you. She said okay fuck me hard and deep. He replied I’m going to make you cum on my cock twice to get use to it being in you the third I will try and give you your wet orgasm all she could do is nod yes as the cock in her had stiffened and increased in size as blood rushed into it getting it ready to assault her very tight pink wet pussy

her sent filled the air around us and as he entered her she arched her back her legs snaked around his waist and her nipples went rock hard she licked him from his chest to his chin where they met in a passionate kiss and then she broke it as she made a sharp intake of breath as he rolled his hips forward meeting her pelvic bone to pelvic bone he was buried all the way in her and her eyes where filled with lust and wanting as his balls gently settled on her and he held there letting her feel every inch of his manhood and slowly kissing her from her mouth to each rock hard nipple sending shivers though her body I could see.

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   It was very beautiful to watch not like porn it was watching the women I love in full ecstasy her legs quivering, moans coming in gasp, her fluids slowly running out of her soaking the sheets, and her eyes rolling back as Dale slowly worked his massive cock in and out of her at which time I realized he had given up on fucking her hard and fast and was slowly making love to her and she had given in to him letting him take her body fully which had put her in multiple orgasms this is why she was shivering under him she was riding wave after wave of pleasure coarsening through her body as he slid his cock in and out of her. For a hour they made love Terry panting and sweating as she rode the wave of pleasure his cock brought her but he was not done yet as he picked up his pace and really started to pound ever inch of himself into her and she started panting out I feel it oh god I feeeeel ittttttttttttttt and with that Dale pulled out as the whitish clear liquid gushed out not hard but enough you could tell she was there and she shook like never before her whole body tensed the shook again and more fluid poured forth before she went still and opened her eyes and all she could say was wow over and over.

Dale went to get up and I told him to finish he deserved it and he asked Terry and she said in her so he slid his cock back in her and with a few strokes he emptied into her womb once again buried all the way in her as his cock pulsed stream after stream into her filling her up. She laid there smiling and gave him a long kiss and told him thank you I was lost in watching her so much I had forgot how hard I still was and I resigned myself to taking care of myself but as Dale slid out and shook my hand and said you are a hell of a man for letting us do that and her experience it and not getting mad and I told him I know she loves me and this is the only way she would be with another if I approved of it and with that he gathered his clothes and walked out. I herd a hey from behind me and I turned Terry was still lying in bed their fluids leaking out of her slowly and she smiled and said come here lets finish that off pointing to my now rigid and hurting cock and I didn’t need to be asked at that point I climbed in bed and lowered myself into her swollen pussy feeling it was still tight even after his 18 inch monster had assaulted it for the last hour and we made love for another thirty minutes and as I reached my climax I felt something new and pulled out as her body shook once again and fluid rushed out around my cock she had another wet orgasm with me.

We lay their till we both drifted off to sleep and in the morning after a shower we made love again ending in her third wet orgasm, What ever Dale did it gave her the ability to start having them more regularly and though we still talked to Dale and Sara after they never asked us to swing or share partners we became good friends and till this day we still talk. Terry and I split up after six years together but neither of us have sought others and we still hook up time to time and make love for a weekend she will never marry I think and I wanted to marry her I think its what brought our time together to a close but not a permanent one.