Fletcher and Colette


Colette is nineteen now, she's always been the only child.
her fathers pride and joy, she's had him wrapped around her little finger since the day she was born.
when her father remarried he had told Colette her stepmother had a son a few years older than her, but that he was out on his own.
Colette always gets what she wants, so when her stepbrother. Fletcher,is down on his luck and moves back in with his mom, he has to share his old room with Colette.
the sexual tension on the first night is stronger than either could have ever thought possible.
Colette can no longer stand it and when she comes home drunk one night, she stumbles into the room to find Fletcher jacking off.
she can't look away, but when she finally looks up at him his eyes are on her, his confidence only turns her on more.
she closes the door and turns the lock and makes her way over to the bed.
now that she looks closer, she can see he was jacking off with her black thong.
it was wrapped around his hard cock, she'd never seen anyone naked, not other than herself.
she reached for him, her hand trembled slightly.

she began to rub his cock slowly, up and down, tightening her grip, he let out a moan.
she wanted to taste his cum, wanted to feel his hard, thick cock inside of her.
she leaned in to kiss him, she was nervous that she'd mess it up, but he quickly took charge.
his hand made its way up her short skirt and he pulled her underwear to the side, his long fingers slowly began to rub against her.

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"I want to fuck you Colette. " as he says this he takes his other hand and pulls her onto his lap. "I want to fill you with my cum"
Colette bites her lip and he places his hands on her hips, pressing down so that she's grinding against his hard cock. Colette is getting wet and Fletcher can feel it, he smiles and pulls her shirt over her head. her boobs are small, but he doesn't care.
he takes her bra off and throws it to the floor.
with one of her breasts in his hand, he lightly squeezes it and a moan escapes her lips.
he begins to suck on her nipple, grazing it with his teeth, her hips buck and Fletcher almost loses it right then.
he flips her over and pulls her skirt and underwear off.
he rubs his cock against her and slowly slips himself in.
he thrusts slowly and deeply, she moans.
he thrust harder, causing her to moan louder.
"say my name baby, moan my name over and over or I won't let you cum. " he whispers in her ear.
he fucks her harder and she moans his name, but that still isn't loud enough.

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he smacks her ass "scream it baby, let the neighborhood know who you belong to. "
he fucks her harder and faster, finally she loses herself in the moment and screams his name, after she cums, Fletcher pulls out and cums all over her chest.
they hear a car pull up and have only minutes to clean themselves off, they can't get caught if they want to continue this.
as Colette bends down to pick up her skirt, Fletcher pushes her against the wall, his hard cock pressed against her ass.
he puts his hand around her neck and pulls her closer "just remember who you belong to baby. " he says and he grabs her still soaking pussy, rubbing his fingers against her "this belongs to me, and only I can make you feel this way. ".