Fishing in the woods


This is a fictional story, If you are under the age of 18 or under the legal age to read erotic material, you must leave this site immediatly. I am thinking of making this into a series, let me know what you think, email me at: gbw_dl1234@yahoo. com
It was a nice spring day. i awoke early to hear the sounds of the chirping birds, and grinned at the thought of nice weather. I followed my morning routine of showering, brushing my teeth, etc. the clock read 7:30a. i grabbed my tackle box and my fishing pole and go into my car. There is nothing more peaceful than fishing on a nice quiet day with no one around to distract you. About an hour later i arrived at my destination. I parked my car. "Hmm, by the looks of things there is no one else on the lake, great" i thought to myself. I unloaded my gear and hiked into the woods, i knew this path very well because this was my favorite lake to go fishing on. About 18 minutes of hiking i was here at the lake. The water was calm and i was giddy with excitment to cast my line. After about an hour and a half of fishing i decided i would take a nap. so i took off my back pack and made a makeshift pillow and slowly drifted off to sleep in the beaming sunlight.


I snapped awake to the sounds of screaming in the near by woods. I was on my feet in an instant and sprinted towards the cry for help. Finally i could see the woman who was screaming, she was just standing there with her hands by her sides. i finally approached her and was winded by my furious sprint into the woods. i asked "Are you okay? I heard screaming. " she said"Oh, im fine. But your not going to be. " as she said with a provacative grin. As i was trying to make sense of what she just said, i hear a WWWHHHHHAAAAAPPPPPPP, and instantly i felt a sting in my neck immediatly followed by a numbing sensation. without much time to react i yanked this dart like object from my neck. I looked at the still grinning woman and then i collapsed and slipped out of conciousness.

I awoke in a dimly lit shelter. I felt like i had been hit by a truck. I was sitting on the ground with my back against the wall, i immediatly tried to stand up, but didnt get far, i then realized i was shackled to the floor, both my hands and my feet were bound by chains. By instinct i tried to call out for help but my cries were muffled, and that is when i realized that i had a ball gag in my mouth.

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   I immediatly tried to scream some more and stand up but failed. I then also realized that i was naked. I have never been the kind of man that crys but i immediatly busted out into tears, like a baby trying to comminicate, i had no other option but to cry. When i finaly came back to my senses, i looked around the room. I saw what appeared to be other people around the room in the same predicament as i was. I could tell 4 of them were woman and one other was a man. None of them were freaking out like i just was, so i assumed that they had all been here for a while. After about 5 minutes, a door siwngs open and there are 3 men standing there and one man points at me and says, "Just picked that one up this morning, still fresh". The other two men looked at eachother and nodded, and said "We will also take her too”, and points to a woman sitting in the room with me.
The 2 men left the room and the one remaining man yelled "Your up, time to get clean. Any funny moves and Jim over there will hit you with a fuckin tazer. " As he said that a man came into the room and showed us all that he did indeed have a tazer and he knows how to use it. The man came over to me, and unlocked the chains bounding me to the floor, and then he undid the womans chains and walked us to a good sized room with showers in it. We were pushed in unbound and they removed the ball gag and the door was locked behind us. I was instructed to clean myself up.

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   I turned to the woman and said “What the fuck is going on?” The woman looked at me and said “You have been selected. Make sure you get cleaned up or you will get punished. ” I simply replied “Get cleaned up for what?” She looked at me as if I was stupid and said “Get cleaned up because your going to get fucked, you see thats why we are here, those 2 men that came in selected you and me to get fucked, we are slaves, we do whatever the will of our owners clients tell us otherwise we get beat within inches of death, or even worse, we get killed for disobeying. ”
After i got all cleaned up, and the woman got cleaned up, the door to the shower room opened up and we were instructed to put our hands behind our backs and get on our knees. I did so, and i could hear the clicking sound of the handcuffs as he tightened them around my wrists, and then the ball gag was inserted back into my mouth and secured around my head. I started to cry at the fact that i was going to get used as some sex slave. We were walking down a long hallway with rooms on the left and the right, and then finally we get to the end of the hallway, and the man escorting us knocked on the door and said, “Your whores are here. ” The door opened up and we were ushered inside. The door closed behind us. I was pale with horror as i looked around the room and I noticed one bed. The two men who apparently bought us to fuck looked at each other and high fived and said “Get on the bed bitch!” I walked over to the bed and positioned myself on the bed like the woman sitting next to me. One man came behind me and said “I am going to un-cuff you now, no funny stuff. ” He grabbed my hands and turned the key and my hands immediately came free and i made myself comfortable on the bed. He did the same for the woman sitting next to me. Then the ball gag was released.

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   This is where it gets ugly.

Within an instant the two men were naked and were standing in front of me and the woman and said “Cock sucking time bitches, no teeth, or so help you god. ” I opened my mouth and closed my eyes. Within seconds i could feel this hot fleshy head poking between my lips. I just decided to just accept my fate and submit, otherwise i could end up dead. This cock just seemed to be sliding further and further down my mouth, it felt as if it had no end. I was soon choking on this huge piece of meat. “This one is pathetic, he can’t even suck my big dick, wonder how he is going to take it in the ass. ” The man fucking my mouth said. This man was humping my face making me gag as he fucks my mouth like it was a pussy. I got this taste of sweet ooze, I knew he hasn’t cum yet, it must have just been pre-cum. I remember i opened my eyes to see what was happening, and it was quite bizarre, watching this huge rod getting rammed down my throat, and seeing these huge cum filled balls slapping my chin with each thrust. I started to enjoy the sight of this, i glanced over to see the woman sitting next to me, and she looked like she was having just as much fun as i was. I started to get into it a little more, i was pushing my mouth forward on his cock as he was humping my face. I could hear my master moan in approval, which made me feel useful for once since i got here.

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   Both the men mouth fucking us decided they were done getting their cocks sucked, and they were ready to get some pussy. I was pushed down on the bed and then my legs were lifted up into the air, the woman next to me was slipped over on her belly. I look up at my master and he grabs a tube of lube from nearby and applies it to his dick, slowly he puts his huge fat cock on the outside of my asshole, and starts to push. “AAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!” i screamed as he just started pounding the shit out of my ass, it was rough and he didnt care if he hurt me or not, he just wanted to use my hole to put his seed in. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” i screamed gain, as my man was rapidly fucking me deeply, pulling his dick near out of my ass, and then all the way back in and i could feel his ball sack slap against my butt cheeks. I think i blacked out for about 45 seconds and came to with him still fucking the shit out of me. It didnt hurt nearly as bad when i awoke, actually it started to feel kind of good, especially when he got in there deep. By my own surprise i let off a loud moan. The master looked at me and said “Looks like this little bitch likes getting his man pussy pounded”. I exclaimed “YESSSS!!!! Stick it all of the way inside me, fill me up with your fat dick!!!!”, i couldnt believe my own words, but i didnt care, it felt so good, unlike anything i have ever felt before. You could hear how intense our fucking was, SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP. “OOOWWHHHHHhhHHhh, More! More!” I was in absolute awe as i was getting reamed. I looked over at the woman next to me and she was also screaming with pleasure too. Here we were, us two bitches getting fucked next to each other, i started to yell “Im going to Cuuuuummmmmmmm!!!!!!” as soon as i shot my load all over my belly, my hole tightened on my master’s fat cock, and that caused my master to shoot his load. “OWWWw” he says, i can instantly feel the heat of this awesome load dump in my ass.

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   I felt used, and i liked it. My master was still standing there with his cock inside my ass, i could start to feel it soften. I looked over at the woman next to me getting fucked, and she was climaxing at around the same time as her master was, he blew his load all inside her pussy and then pulled his meat out of her awesome pussy. The two masters high fived eachother, completely happy with the outcome and then instructed me to eat the cum out of her pussy while she ate the load out of my ass. We did as instructed and quckly got into a 69 position and i ate cum out of this womans pussy as she sucked the cum out of my ass hole. The two masters were just standing there watching us with smiles and lust on their faces.

I was then hand cuffed and gagged, and brought back to the cell and chained to the ground, but i really didnt care, i felt awesome, i could feel some of the cum the woman had missed drip out of my ass and on to the floor. I fell asleep with a grin on my face.

I am thinking about making this a series, tell me what you think, email me at:
Gbw_dl1234@yahoo. com



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