First Time With Ann



There was a group returning from a hard working business trip. I was one of the group. When we got to the office to put up our stuff and get our cars, I noticed a coworker that hadn’t gone on the trip. She said she came up there just to make sure everybody got back safe and had a good time on the trip. I thought that kinda strange, because nobody else had ever done that before. But, she was helping everyone get the stuff put back in the office and get their own vehicles loaded to go home, so I changed from feeling strange to being thankful.

As everyone was saying their goodbyes, she (we’ll call her Ann) came up and started rubbing my shoulders and neck. After the weekend we had, it felt good. Someone came around the corner and she quit and walked away. I was the last one to get in my car and as I was driving away, Ann pulled up beside me and asked me if I would like a better massage. It was about 11:00pm and I didn’t have to work the next day, so I said sure. She said follow me. I followed her to her apartment. There were several things running through my mind on the way. Why did she come to the office that late at night?Why did she come dressed in a pair of light gray cotton shorts and tank top?Why did she pick me?Ann was a few years younger that me, blonde, blue eyes, really cute ass, sexy legs, nice tits and a pretty face. When we got back to her place, she told me to lie down on the floor and she began to give me a massage.

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  If felt pretty good, but she was younger and inexperienced in the art of giving massages. After a while, I asked her if she would like a massage. She said ‘sure’. I asked her if she was ‘sure’, because I give complete total body massages. She smiled and said o. k.

I had her lay down on the floor and started at her feet. I worked my way up her legs enjoying the view and the fact that I was making her moan. I massaged her behind through her shorts, her back through her shirt, her neck, shoulders and arms. I had her turn over and repeated everything starting from the feet and working up to her shoulders. I had her turn back over and started at her feet again. This time, I was rubbing with my hands, gently blowing and lightly kissing as I worked my way up her legs. As I was getting close to her behind, I had her move her legs apart a little more so I could reach the upper part of the inside of her legs. I noticed a small wet spot in the crotch of her gray cotton shorts. Well…my dick got harder.

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  Oh, did I mention that my dick started getting hard while I was kissing and licking her legs?When I got to her back, I ran my hands as far up the back of her shirt as I could, but it was getting in my way, so I suggested that she raise it up just a little. She took it off and her sports bra with it. So I continue rubbing, licking and kissing her back, neck and shoulders. I thought to myself ‘nothing from nothing leaves nothing’ so I move around close to her head and started rubbing back down her back. When I got to her shorts, I tested the waters. I eased my fingers under the waist band of her shorts and panties. I was very much enjoying rubbing her ass. When I tried to rub the sides of her hips, the shorts stopped me from doing a good job. Without asking, she raised her hips and pushed her shorts and panties down and told me to take them the rest of the way off. When I pulled them off, I looked up and saw her naked body in front of me. I couldn’t help myself.
I started rubbing and licking and kissing her ass. I could feel the heat coming up from her pussy. I told her to turn over and when I saw her bald pussy and naked tits, I just sat there and stared. And smiled.

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  And got harder. I love to eat a woman’s pussy. And there she was offering me hers. She spread her legs and pulled her knees up. I crawled between her legs and started doing what I enjoy, licking and sucking a woman’s pussy. She tasted so good. Her pussy was hot and wet and I was enjoying every minute of it. Ann must have been enjoying it to because I could hear her take deep breaths, moan, raise her hips and then she put her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face into her pussy. She started fucking my face and tongue. Ann let out a long moan and started trembling. I felt her pussy get a lot wetter and realized she had cum in my mouth. I continued to lick her until I got it all. I eased up her body, kissing my way to her nipples. She pulled me up to her face and kissed me hard and deep. She told me to stand up and take my shirt off.

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  She pulled down my shorts and underwear.

She was on her knees staring at my dick, which was hard and sticking straight out. She took my dick into her mouth and started moving her head back and forth. Ann started rubbing my balls with one hand and her other hand was on my ass pulling me into her face. Her wet mouth on my dick felt so good. I told her that I wouldn’t last long if she continued. I asked her if she wanted my dick in her pussy. Ann leaned back on the floor, spread her legs and stretched out her arms inviting me to join her. Seeing this naked woman lying there, wanting me, made my dick even harder than it was. I got between her knees and started rubbing the head of my dick up and down her bald pussy. I rubbed it from the top of her pussy down passed the opening to her ass and back up several times. Ann reached down and grabbed my dick and said ‘put that dick in my pussy…. now!’My dick and her pussy being wet, I just slid right in. I couldn’t believe how much hotter the inside of her pussy was. The deeper I went, the hotter it was.

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  I knew that I wouldn’t last long, so I slammed my dick into her as hard and as fast as I could. My balls were slapping her ass. Everything together, my dick being inside a pretty naked woman, her pussy being hot, the feeling and sound of my balls hitting her ass and her moaning and making sounds of pleasure, well…it got to me. I pulled my dick out and shot a huge load of cum that went all the way to her neck, her tits, nipples, stomach and some on her pussy. I reached up and started rubbing my cum all over her. I rubbed it all over her nipples, neck and stomach. Then I eased down and pressed our bodies together while I kissed her deep, hard and passionately. After we caught our breath, we got up and took a shower together, taking turns washing each other. We got in her bed naked and fell asleep with smiles on our faces. When we woke up the later that morning…. well, that’s a different story!