First Time I was Shared with Strangers


Whilst on a trip to Amsterdam, hubby and I spent an evening at a swingers club called ParadiseClub. After we paid in we had to strip off in the locker room and were given a towel each. We wrapped the towels around us and ventured into the club.

There was a small swimming pool, so we dropped our towels and naked we waded into the pool. The water wasn't deep and barely covered my bare pussy. So standing there with my tits in full view, we were quickly approached by a guy, handsome looking, and had a goatee beard. We had some small talk for a few minutes before hubby and I decided to go explore the rest of the club.

Goatee man followed us out and showed us through to an area with lots of sofas and a bar at the far end.

Hubby and I sat down next to each other and goatee guy sat opposite facing us. Hubby loosened his towel and I instinctively started playing with his cock. By now several other men were slowly congregating.

Husband gestured goatee guy over to sit by my side, so now I was sitting in between them both. I reached down and took goatee guys cock in my hand and gently started wanking him. As he became hard in my hand I leaned over his lap and started sucking on his cock, which was actually small, he had a cock ring on.

I'm rubbing his balls and sucking his cock, then I started licking and kissing his balls and wanking his cock at the same time.

Then he pulled me up and pushed me onto my back, spread my legs apart and dipped his tongue straight into my wet pussy, ten started licking my clit and 2 finger fucking me.

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  . it felt amazing , he was skilled at licking pussy, I was writhing and twisting as his tongue and fingers probed my pussy.

Then he took his head up and pushed me toward a larger part of the sofa, another guy somehow ended up underneath me, so I'm lying on my back on his belly. He's kissing and sucking my neck and ear and at same time his hands are wrapped around squeezing my tits and pulling on my nipples, at same time goatee guy started finger fucking me really hard and fast, my pussy was soaking wet, I almost came in his fingers. I noticed around 4 other men all standing around wanking their own cocks.

At this point husband climbed onto me and stared missionary fucking me. Goatee guy stood at my head and pushed his cock into my mouth, so I'm being fucked whilst sucking on this guys cock. After only a few mins goatee guy blew a huge load of cum into my mouth, so much I was choking as I was swallowing it! Then he squeezed the last drop onto my face, it landed on my cheek. Husband scooped it onto his finger and pushed it into my mouth.

I sat up, and surrounded by guys wanking, I saw a huge fat cock coming straight at me as one guy just pushed his massive dick straight into my mouth. So sitting on the sofa with big dick standing in front, I stared sloppily sucking and wanking him , playing with his balls, deep throating as much of his cock as I could . I really enjoyed sucking it, was sucking on the tip, licking his shaft too.

After about ten minutes of worshiping his beautiful dick with my mouth, hubby asked me to suck him and let big dick fuck me.
    So I kneeled on the sofa, as and pussy on full show, and started sucking hubby. Then I felt big dick plunge into my pussy and start fucking me really hard n rough.

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       And it felt fucking amazing, his cock was stretching my pussy it felt like it was gonna split , and he was smashing into my cervix. It was so good I forgot all
    About hubby and just enjoyed being fucked doggy by my huge dick stranger.

    After a while big dick pulled out and was coming around for more blow job. As he pulled out one of the other guys jumped straight up and pushed his dick into my pussy. I immediately lurched forward and pulled his dick out of me, his condom coming off on my hand.

    Then big dick pushed his fat cock into my mouth and literally face fucked me hard. One hand in the back of my head, thrusting hard, tears streaming down my face , his cock all the way down my throat, until he tenses and shot his load of cum into my throat.

    After that hubby told me to open my mouth and he wanked into my mouth and shot his load.

    Three different loads of cum in my mouth, it was a good night.