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It was a day like any other day. It was the semester break and I was enjoying my vacation by getting high and having fun. On this particular day, it just so happened that I was overly horny and I decided to get out my computer and have some fun. I recently had joined a naughty dating site so I checked to see if I had any messages. Sure enough, a message from playstick69 popped up. It read:

"Love your hot sexy body! wonder what it looks like wet. . . "

I took a look at his profile picture. A good looking stud, he was wearing some tight sports briefs and sporting a very nice bulge. In fact, I wondered if it wasn't enhanced a sock.

"Maybe we should meet up and you can find out. ", I responded.

We exchanged a few more messages and he gave me directions to his house. I freshened up and headed there. When I got there he answered the door wearing some basketball shorts and a tight t-shirt.

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  He was tall and strong, I glanced towards his cock and stole a glance of another nice bulge.

"Come in and take a load off", he said as he motioned me in.

We made some necessary small talk and he offered me a drink.

"Sure, how about a joint to go with it?"

"Wow you like to party I guess, lets do it"

We toked up and enjoyed a couple of drinks. I was feeling a good buzz and thoughtI should turn the conversation to a little flirting.

"That sure is a nice bulge inside those shorts, or are you just happy to see me?"

He smiled as he reached for my hand. "Do you know what to do with this thing if I take it out?"He pulled my hand towards him. It didn't need much coaxing as I grabbed for his dick. I rubbed it quickly and pulled down his shorts a bit. His semihard cock plopped out and I immediately bent forward to suck it. At first I played with the tip, circling my toung aroung his shaft and bulging head. It grew thicker and longer. I put it in my mouth and gently sucked the tip as I worked my hand up and down his shaft. It must have been at least 8 inches and it grew even firmer. I began to suck faster and take more of him into my mouth, bobbing up and down as I did.

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  His cock was near explosion so I backed off a bit. playing with it again and teasing him. After all, I wanted that thing sexy thing in my butt imediately.

Suddenly, he pushed me off to the side of the couch and pulled my shorts down as I assumed my position on all fours. Waving my ass in the air, begging for the cock. But, he pulled me back on to his lap. His grip on my waist was firm and he made me feel like putty in his hands. I slowly moved my butt back a forth, up and down his shaft. I took control of the situation and decided to give him a good lapdance. Better than any strip club. I worked my ass on his lap, carefully playing with his cock between my cheeks.
    As I did he had reached over and grabbed some massage oil. He poured it over my lower back and let it drip down into my butt and onto his hard, sexy dick. Suddenly, his finger forced its way into my tight virgin hole. He waisted no time and quickly loosened it up.

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      He helped me onto his throbbing hard dick. As soon as the tip made its way in he pulled me down onto his lap, his shaft forcing its way up into me. He strongly held me as he thrusted into me. I timed his thrusts and allowed myself to bounce on his lap, then up his shaft and down hard again onto his lap. My butt was getting the fucking it needed. I moaned loudly and yepled as he fucked me harder and harder.

    He stopped suddenly again and pushed me into the next position he wanted me in. I bent over the arm of the couch leaving my gaping butt waiting for him. He quickly thrust back into me and pounded away. I couldn't help but scream and moan as I begged for more. His pace slowed and he pulled out of me. I turned quickly towards his cock with every intention of servicing it properly. A couple of squirts of hot cum hit me in the side of the face. I plunged it into my mouth and swallowed most of the rest of it. Of course, I left a little to savor, letting it drip all over his shaft and balls.

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      I then slurped it all up. Anyone think they have what is takes to make my first time fantasy come true?




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