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White silk sheets were on the bed. He was naked and waiting for me. I was in the bathroom getting dressed. I put on a pink corset with some silky pink stockings. The feel of the cloths gliding against my smooth shaved body was exhilarating. The pink nail polish on my hands and toes seem to glow. I slowly pulled up a shiny pink thong and gave my shoulder length hair a final adjustment. I came out of the bathroom and stood before him awaiting his approval. He motioned me over to the bed and laid me on my back. He swung his leg over me and gently pressed his groin against mine. His tight balls and hard cock pressing against mine. He put his fingers through my long hair and put his tongue in my mouth. It was a long a sensuous kiss and my hands firmly caressed every inch of his ass cheeks. We got up to our knees and he got behind me. He slid his hard cock between my legs and up against my balls. He holds me against him and kisses my neck.

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   With one hand I hold his and the other I slide between my legs and stroke his cock. His pre-ejaculate glistens on my smooth balls. I turn around and lean down to his cock. Looking up into his eyes I stroke back on his cock and a fresh drip of ejaculate is released. Still looking deep into his eyes I lick the sweet nectar from his tip. He puts his hand under my chin and gently lifts my face to his. He presses his tongue between my lips and kisses me passionately. He is very satisfied with me. Words cannot express my joy and excitement. He takes a tube of anal lube from the night stand and hands it to me. Barley containing my excitement for what's to come I apply a liberal amount of lube to his juicy cock. He lays me on my back once more and slowly pulls down my thong. The feel of the silky string sliding between my ass cheeks is incredible. I get into a doggie style position and arch my ass up to him, spreading my ass cheeks as much as possible and exposing my tight butt hole. He put his hands on my hips and lined himself up.

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   The warm lubed head of his cock makes contact with my hole and I moan softly. He rubbed my butthole with his tip and then slowly slid it in less than half way and slid it back to the tip. Then he slid it in half way and then pulled back to the tip. He was teasing me and I loved it. Finally he slid it all the way in until his balls were tight against mine. His hard cock was fully inside me and I was in ecstasy. He started slow and began pumping me fasterand harder as my tight butthole adjusted to his seven inch cock.
    The sound of his balls slapping mine and the sound of his lubed cock sliding in and out of me was amazing. He was hitting my p-spot with every ass filling thrust and I moaned with uncontrollable passion. I felt his grip tighten on my waist and he thrust hard into my hole and I could feel him ejaculating inside me. That final deep thrust triggered my own earth shattering orgasm and I sprayed the silk sheets with hot cum. He slowly pulled out his cock. We turned to each other and enjoyed a long sweet kiss. After a long look into his eyes I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. He got dressed and left his number by the phone before leaving.

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