First sex experience


The first time I had sex was with my little cousin, we were kinda young but it was fun. We used to challenged each other at everything and the loser would do something to the other.

One day we found a porn magazine and we decided to try things we've seen in that. That day I've challenged him into a video game challenge which I won. So we got into the guest bedroom and we started to undress each other. Then I lied on the the waiting for him. . . he started stroking my dick and soon it came rock hard. then I wanted to see his dick too so he lied on his side with his face close to my dick. .

We stroked each other for about 5 minutes and then he told me. . . Are you ready?. .

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  . and I answered sure I am boy go for it. He started by licking the tip of my shaft which feels very good, I was stroking his dick all the time. After that he pushed my dick further in his mouth. . . it was the first time I've felt this good. . . I started moaning in pleasure with his constant pace. . . I was stroking his dick faster and faster. He must felt good to because his pace went way faster and with even more saliva. .

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  . I was very close to cum.
    . . I asked him to stop. . . he was wondering why I would want to stop that close of cumming.

    Then I said I wanted to suck his dick. He told me that he hadn't won so he didn't deserved it. But I really did not care so we formed a 69, my dick in his mouth and his in mine. . . it felt weird at the beginning but wen he continued to suck I was ready to give him back the favor. I had a great view of his ass and his dick was growing bigger and nigger in my mouth.

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      . . all of that made me cum without warning. . . It was great. He swallowed all of it and then. . . he laid on his back so I could finish my job in only 2 minutes he came in my mouth and I've felt his cum running down my throat. . . this only was the beginning of a long streak of games. . .

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    To be continued. . .

    ( This Is pure fiction, it's a fantasy nothing more )

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