First Gay experience


Sorry I haven't written in awhile, been quite busy. This story is about my first gay experience with my best friend Casey. I am about 5'9" blonde hair green eyes, 170 I play football and baseball. Casey is 5'7" about 130 and he also plays football and baseball. Me and casey are sittin in class and I look at him and say " damn all these stuck up bitches! If the linebacker and wide reciever can't get a date who can?" "Exactly whatever we'll just go stag and find some bitches to fuck" I laughed and we left class to go home and get ready.


I wore black slacks and a black button down shirt and a red tie. Casey wore the same thing except jeans. We got there and the dance was already goin strong. We danced with some fine ass ladies and thought it was goin to end with them on our dicks. Instead they had to leave early for a flight to denver in the morning. Me and casey couldn't get any other bitches so we decided to call it a night. We decided we were gonna crash at his place.

 I drove us back and we both agreed we would shower and maybe play some games then crash. I decided to shower first I stripped down admired my cock in the mirror for a few seconds then hopped in the shower. after about 18 minutes I hopped out wrapped a towel around my waist and told casey it was his turn.

I got dressed in my boxers and wife beater.

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   I chilled for a little bit, I got a little bored so i decided to text someone.


I relised i forgot my phone in the bathroom. I decided to walk in and grab it. I had heard the shower start running so i figured i was safe. I opened the door only to see casey standing there holding his thick 9 inch cock. I stood there motionless. He quickly tried to cover himself up. I walked towards him took his hand away. I told him "No need to be ashamed its really a great cock!" He quickly replied "I don't know this seems a little weird. I mean your holdin my dick right now!" I told him "Just go with it trust me. " I grabbed his hand and led him to his bed

 I set him down on his bed and told him "This is my first time doin this" He said "Me too so lets take it slow" I slowly put the head of his dick in my mouth. It was amazing the feeling of having another man's cock in my mouth. I slowly whirled my tongue around his head as i put more and more of his dick down my throat til my chin was hitting ballsack.

    I was amazed that i could fit his cock all the way in my mouth. I started bobbing my head up and down on this glorious cock belonging to my best friend.

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       I had received countless blowjobs but giving one was just as much fun. As i took my mouth of his cock i started to rub my hands quickly up and down his shaft. He had quickly shouted "I'm gonna cum!!" I quickly put his meaty cock back in my mouth and sucked til i felt his warm creamy liquid flowing down my throat as i tried to swallow every drop. I failed as i felt some trickle down my chin.

    He then told me he would like to feel what its like to feel aa dick up his ass. I am about 6 inches  I know anal sex defintely hurt but i didn't know from experience so i pulled out the lube i knew he always had in his drawer and lubed up my cock and his ass. As I was about to insert the head of my cock I noticed his sister standing at the door. . .

    To Be Continued. . .


    If you wanna chat or trade pictures here is my email [email protected] com Feedback is welcome in the comments or in my email. :D 


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