Firat Time at Work With Amber Part 2


“Why was the door locked with you in the building?”

I made something up.

“We were having problems with our computers and we could not help the customers so I locked the door until we figured out what was going on. ”

Katie, one of the owners, walked in the office and went straight to the computer.

Katie is something. She is beautiful. She is about 5’10 with mid length brown hair. Medium sized breast and an ass to die for. She always wears tight mid-drift shirts and skirts that would show off everything if she made the wrong move. Her legs look like they were sculpted by an artist and smooth as a baby’s rear.
I walked in behind her and immediately saw all of Amber’s desk’s contents all over the floor. Shit, how was I going to explain that?

“Katie, I think I just figured the computer problem out right as you knocked on the door. ” I said very confidently.

Amber walked in as Katie sat down at my desk. Amber was carrying Pledge and a dust rag.

“Hey Katie, how are you doing?” Amber said in a chipper voice.

“I’m good, just in the area so I decided to come over and see you guys.

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Amber sprayed her desk and cleaned the desk real good; soaking up all of her cum she left on top of the desk. She then placed all of the desk’s contents back in its place.

My heart started to beat a little normal praising Amber’s quick thinking.

“Well Rick, the computer seems to be working ok. ”

“Great! I’m glad it is finally working now. I have been working on it for about an hour now. ”

Amber sat down at her desk. I noticed that Amber still didn’t have a bra on and her nipples were poking through her top. My cock began to rise. I also noticed her skirt was ridding up like it did earlier. My cock just kept on rising.

All of us continued to talk. We talked a little business but mostly about other things. Katie began to look a little fidgety in my chair. She looked like she was getting hot or something.

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  I can tell she was looking at Amber almost staring at her. I then looked over at Amber and noticed how she was sitting. I then realized Katie was staring at Amber’s pussy because Amber was sitting back in her chair with her legs uncrossed. Somewhat spread apart.

I decided to grab the chair in the other room. I put the chair in the center in between them so we all could talk, set up in a circle kind off. As I was walking around my cock was bulging through my shorts. I know Amber saw it because she looked at me and smiled.

I sat down and leaned back in the chair. At this point I did not care my cock was bulging out because I had two beautiful women staring and would love to have Amber suck me dry again. I would also love to blow a load down Katie’s throat as well.

After I sat down I looked over at Katie and her skirt was almost all the way up to her hips. She was not wearing any panties either!Holly Shit! I’ve got two fucking hot women sitting two feet away not wearing anything underneath their skirts.

“So what do yall do for fun when you are not working?” Katie asked

Amber spoke up “Well, not much really. I try to just take it easy at night and on the weekends.

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  I go out every once in a while, but I tend to pick up jerks who all they want is my pussy. ”

Wow, I can’t believe Amber just said that.

“Yeah I understand. That happens to me too. ” Katie looks at me. “All you men want is pussy and boobs. ”
I laugh “Well all you women want is cock!”

We all laugh

“Not all the time, I like to mix it up some. ” Katie said

“What do you mean by that?” Amber asked

“Have you ever had so many dicks that you just want something more or different?”

“I have had the feeling. ” Amber said in a sexy tone

“Have you ever been with another woman, Amber?”

A customer come in just as Amber was about answer.

Katie jumps up “I will get it. ”

Katie walks over to the counter. She was kind of slow to move once she got up. She adjusts her skirt and as she did, she ran her hand over her bulging tight ass. She walks over to the counter with her hips flowing back and forth. I just wanted to grab her ass and shake it.

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While Katie helped the customer, I go over to Amber and asked
“What is going on here?”

“I am not sure, but I want to suck your cock. ”She said while stroking my cock through my shorts

“No, well yeah I want you to, but what is going on with Katie?I think she is trying to seduce you. ”

“Now that you mention it, I think she is. That’s kind of weird. She is like 45 or 50 and she is our boss. ”

“Yeah, look what happened about an hour go. We were just on this very desk having a good ole time. ”

Amber’s skirt was riding high enough for me to rub on her pussy. She was soaking wet.
“Hey, what are you doing…. . Ummm” Amber moaned “She is going to turn around, stop!”
I stopped and went back to where I was. The customer left and Kate walked back to my chair. When she reached the desk she stopped and looked at me and said

“Damn boy, what do have in your shorts, a banana?”

“It could be, or maybe I am just happy to see you. ”

I know that was corny, but that line was the oldest line in the book and that is what came out of her mouth.

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“So you are happy to see me. Why are you so happy to see me?”

“Who wouldn’t be happy to he you. Your legs are to die for, your ass…well you have a great ass and …. ”

“Ok you can stop now. ”

“I can keep going. ”

Katie sat down. She did not adjust her skirt like most ladies would do. In fact she did her best to sit down to make her skirt ride as high as it could. She turned around to face me and Amber. I turned to Amber and her skirt was almost all the way up to her hips.

“Amber, we were talking about something before I went and helped the customer. What were we talking about?”

“Um, you were beating around the bush about being with another woman. I think?”

“Oh, was I?

“Yeah” I chimed in

“Yeah, but I asked you if you have ever been with another woman. ”

I was squirming in my seat. While Katie and Amber went on, Katie began to rub her breast trying to hide it from us, but not doing a good job of it.

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  You could tell she was horny as hell. Her nipples started to appear through her blouse.

“No I haven’t. Although I see some chicks and wonder what it would be like. ” Amber said kind of nervously
I could not believe I am just sitting her not saying a word. This is like every man’s dream and it is happening before my very eyes.

“Well hun, you are missing out. ”

Amber is squirming as much as I am and I noticed some more juice shimmering in between her legs. She scoots up to the edge of her chair disregarding the fact her skirt is not covering much. She leans forward and says,

“Well I will say this, you are turning me on and I think about you often when you leave after checking in on us at work. ”

“Really, I have thought the same about you on a few occasions. ”

Katie stands up and walks over to Amber. Katie reaches out her hand and grabs Amber’s hand. She pulls her out of her chair and pulls her in and gives her a kiss. Amber resists at first, but soon wraps her arm around Katie.

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I jump up and run to the front door and lock it and put the sign up again as I did earlier thinking that this has been the best day on my life. I walk back in and Amber’s shirt was off and Amber was in the process of taking Katie’s off. Katie’s breast bounced out and jiggled in slow motion. Katie’s breasts were perfection. They were perfectly round as if she had a breast lift or maybe implants. They were also the same tone as the rest of her tanned body, no lines at all.

They continue to kiss while Katie takes Ambers breast in one hand and messages it. I hear a moan come from Amber. Katie bends down and starts sucking on Amber’s nipple. Amber leans her head back and moans some more.

“Yeahhh…That’s it, suck baby…. . ” Amber moans

Katie switches to the other breast and runs her right hand down her body. Her hand goes all the way down her hips as far as she could reach and then back up Amber’s inner thigh to her wet pussy. She reaches the bottom of Amber’s pussy lips and rubs two fingers up through her pussy.

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  She stops just at her clit.

“Ummm…yeahh…. rub my pussy!”

Katie rubs her clit nice and slow.

“Do you like that Amber?” Katie said in a sexy voice

“Yeesssss!” Amber screamed

“Do you like woman?”


My dick was as hard as a rock. I was standing there glued to them like I was watching my first porn movie. I walked over to my chair and pulled my clothes off. I sat down and started stroking my cock. I wanted to join in, but the view was just as good at this point.

Katie pulled her skirt down and sat on top of the desk.

“Now Amber it is your turn. Suck my tits and play with my pussy. ”Katie demanded

Amber pulled her skirt off the rest of the way and leaned in to Katie to suck on her tits. I was soaking in the view. Katie was on top of the desk leaning back on her elbows while her legs spread eagle with her feet on the desk.
    Amber was in between Katie’s legs leaned over with her mouth and tong sucking away.

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      Katie’s head was

    leaned back with moans coming out of her beautiful lips.

    I could not take this anymore. I stood up and went over to the action. I bent down on my knees and buried my face in Amber’s pussy while she was bent over on Katie. She was startled and let out a small cry. Amber’s ass was in the perfect position while she was sucking on Katie’s tits. I licked her pussy from top to bottom while fingering her clit. At times I glanced at Katie’s wet pussy in between Amber’s legs. I scooted forward a hair to gain access to Katie’s smooth pussy. While I worked on Amber I reached forward and started to rub Katie’s pussy. Katie moaned in excitement. I do not know if Katie knew it was me at that point.

    “Yeahh… That’s it…. Amber!” Katie moaned

    Right then I knew that Katie did know I was rubbing her pussy. I decided to maneuver in between Amber’s legs and work on Katie’s hot pussy.

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      It was beautiful! It was clean shaved with a patch of hair going up in a line about an inch or two just above her clit. I continued to rub up and down while slowly inserting two fingers. She let out a deep moan.

    “Rick, where are you boy?” Katie asked in a moan

    I didn’t answer; I just went in deeper and started to suck on her engorged clit. Amber was still working her tits. Amber moved around to the side to give me more room. Katie and Amber started to kiss. Katie reached around to Amber’s pussy and inserted her fingers. I could hear Amber moaning while they kissed. Katie motioned Amber to get on top of the desk and straddle her face. Katie lay all the way on the desk and Amber swung her legs around. Katie buried her face in Amber’s pussy and started eating her pussy.

    “Ohhhh Katie…Yeah baby!

    After about 18 minutes of me eating on Katie, I thought it was about time for me stick my cock in Katie. I stood, rubbed my cock a few times, and slowly entered her pussy for the first time.



      Fuck me, Fuck me…. . !” Katie moaned

    It was great!I’m fucking my boss. Who what of thought I would be fucking my boss on this day. Hell, I did not even get to fuck Amber earlier.

    I fucked her slow at first trying my best not to cum. I started to get faster and faster. Katie’s tits were bouncing and bouncing and bouncing flapping against her smooth stomach. Katie had to stop eating Amber’s pussy because she stared to yell. Amber moved to the side.

    I fucked her for a few more minutes. I could not go any longer. I pulled out and shot my load on Katie’s stomach. Some went on her tits. Amber immediately leaned down and licked it all up.

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      She started at her pussy working her way up to her tits. Katie laid there breathing heavily while Amber worked. When Amber was finished she moved over to my cock and started sucking.

    “Damn boy, you know how to fuck. ”Katie whispered in exhaustion

    Amber continued to suck on my cock slowly making it come back to life. Katie sat up and looked on. Katie started to rub her pussy while Amber sucked.

    “Ummm…Amber you really know your way around down there. ”
    Katie moves in with Amber and grabs my balls. She slowly massages them while Amber sucks. Katie then grabs my cock from Amber and begins to suck. Katie goes down a few times then completely swallows my cock.

    “Yesss…ohhhh…. . ummmmmmm”

    Amber takes over and sucks my cock again.

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      She mimics Katie and takes the whole thing. I could feel it go partially down her throat. She pull my cock out and wraps both hands around it and jerks it off. Katie takes my cock from Amber and sucks it again. Katie is a lot faster this time and I can feel the pressure building in my balls.

    “I’m going to cum!!”

    Just as I said that, Katie pulls out. I grab my cock and stroke it a few times and cum all over Amber and Katie’s face. They both look at each other and smile. Amber pulls Katie’s face in and licks my cum off her face. Katie returns the favor and then they start to kiss smearing my cum all over their lips and tongs.

    I sit back in Amber’s chair and watch.

    “So Katie, are you glad you stopped by today?” I asked

    Katie turns and says “Well, I guess I am not going to have to write you up for lying to me earlier. ”

    It comes to find out Katie could hear what was going on between me and Amber earlier that day. Someone had called the corporate office complaining that they heard loud screaming next door like someone was having sex in the office. So she was in the area when she got a call on her cell from her husband, the president of the company.

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      So Katie was out in front of the store a good half hour before I come to the door.

    I have more stories about me, Amber, and Katie. If anyone would like more, let me know.