Finding Out II


I then felt his hand slide around to my buttocks, caressing them, while my hand continued to feel his short, thick boner. I liked how that felt. Before I knew what he was doing, he was leaning over and had my boner his his mouth. The warm, west sensation was fantastic.
"Oh, gees. . . " I said.
I looked down and saw his head moving and felt his mouth sliding along my cock.
He pulled back and smiled at me.
Did I have the nerve to do that to him?
Without being entirely sure, I leaned forward and down, and I opened my mouth to slide it over the swollen head of his cock. Once I had actually done it, there was nothing awful or awkward about it. The swollen tip felt incredible smooth in my mouth, and extremely large. I heard him give a slight moan, telling me that I was doing something right. Repeatedly, I was able to fit the entire length of his short, thick penis into my mouth. While I was doing that, I squeezed his balls some more.

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"Oh, yeah. . . " he breathed.
For a moment I was half afraid that he was going to come in my mouth right then and there.
I was afraid, and yet in a way I was also half wishing that it would just happen so I could see what that was like, to feel another guy's semen ejaculating into my mouth, wondering what it would be like. What it would taste like.
He put his hands on my shoulders and eased me away, telling me that if I kept going that he would come, and that he did not want to yet.
I brought myself up. I felt self-conscious for having sucked on his cock so eagerly and like it was something that I did every day. All of this was the first time for me, and yet it was so easy. So surprisingly, and wonderfully easy.
We slipped into one anothers arms to share a naked hug, feeling each others stiff boner pushing between us. Again his hands slid down to caress my buttocks. I felt his index finger find its way into the dividing cleavage and make contact with my anal pucker.

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   It felt outrageously exciting.
I guess I must have murmured when he did that, because he teasingly said, "You like that, huh?"
I felt his finger tip apply more pressure and go in a little ways.
The minor insertion was only for a moment, though. He withdrew and his hands were helping me to turn around. With my back to him, I again felt his finger tickling my anal pucker. Doing so quite freely and providing me with a stimulation that I felt quite incredible. I spread my legs a tiny bit as I leaned forward to put my hands on the padded arm of the easy chair. He got up behind me, and again I felt his warm, smooth bare skin touching my and this time I realized that I could feel the jutting stiffness of his penis gently jabbing into the cleavage, making contact with my tight opening.
"That's nice," he laughed.
I felt his male firmness continue to playful poke at me. The intimacy was incredible.
Then he pulled away fro a moment. I had my eyes closed and was taking a deep breath. I had no idea what he was doing. I heard him mumble something, but I didn't turn to look.

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Then I felt him against me again. I felt the blunt stiffness of his short manhood against my opening. This time pressing a little harder and more directly.
"Don't worry. . . " he breathed heavily. "I put a condom on. "
Suddenly I realized how naive I was, and what he was attempting to do.
There seemed no time to protest, though, or to object.
In the next instant, I felt his masculine presence pushing into my anal opening, going in. I suppose that the lubricated condom made it easy, although I really had no idea if he was actually wearing a condom or not. He might have just said that to get me to feel safe and go along with what he wanted to do. For all I knew, his dick might have been bare.
I gasped slightly with the unexpected violation.

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   Suddenly he was in me. I felt his hands on my hips, and I felt his thick manhood start to slide back and forth through my sensitive, tight hole. The sensation was unbelievably exciting. It made my boner absolutely rigid. Again and again I felt his erect penis plunge in, pull back, and plunge in. I gasped again, squeezing my eyes shut. It almost felt like it was going to hurt,having my untried hole stretched like that, and to have his thickness smoothly gliding back and forth through it, each time with his erect penis filling my anal sheath. I could only stand there and let myself be fucked and discover that I liked how it felt. It was wild and new and thrilling.



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