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My neighbor Mr. Harris was always kind of coming on to me. He never said that he was gay, but I sure got the idea that he liked the boys. Myself, I wasn't gay. Not at all. But I had to admit that I wasn't necessary bothered by the attention. With him I didn't really mind having his hand on my shoulder, or the grinning smiles that he gave me, or when he told me what a good looking guy he thought that I was. I liked the compliments, and it was fun to enjoy that sort of flirtatious male-interaction without worrying about how it looked. I mean, it was something that I could never do with any of my friends.
I guess he was kind of determined to see if he could get me interested, and I have to admit that I didn't offer a lot of resistance. Even being shy about it, I went along with the friendly rapport that had developed between us, and was even encouraging of the suggestiveness, not objecting to his saying how I might enjoy having a little fun with him. In fact that morning when I went over to his place, and he remarked on it being summer and how warm it was, how he wouldn't mind the two of us being nude around his house, I was willing to indulge in being that uninhibited, as well as my own curiosity to see what that might be like just for the fun of it.
I liked the daring that came from the two of us getting undressed right there in his living room. I have to admit that both of us standing up and taking our clothes off was a kind of exciting thing to do.

Mr. Harris was not the most handsome guy on the planet, to be sure.

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   He had a nice face and a great smile, but he was chubby with body hair, and I was surprised to see how small his penis was. I don't know what I expected exactly. I had not really thought about it. Something, I suppose much larger and more manly. But here was this barely three inch penis hanging down in his bush of dark pubic hair. It was thick, with this very large, broad tip, but that was about it. My own penis, even hanging there soft, was much bigger and that was something I felt proud of.
As we stood there, Mr. Harris grinning eagerly and me somewhat shyly, he started to get an erection.
"Mmm. . . I'm definitely enjoying this," he chuckled, referring to his obvious arousal.
I watched as his small penis pushed out and up, not gaining a whole lot in length, but with the tip mushrooming out impressively, becoming a large, fat knob that deepened in color to a shade of purplish-crimson. I could tell that he was happy to let me see him having a boner like that.

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In spite of whatever shyness I was feeling, the teasing sensation of being naked and seeing his boner, was suddenly making me have one. I felt my dick starting to grow and swing up with a surprising stiffness. There we were, sharing this nakedly revealing display. But somehow I didn't feel embarrassed. It actually felt sort of pleasing to be with another guy, enjoying feeling all masculine like that together.
"Boy, you really have a nice cock!" he exclaimed, eying my erection, and liking what he saw.
I looked at him, and could not immediately think of a return compliment. Something I was not use to thinking of in terms of others guys. A bit nervously, remembering that we were standing right there in his living room, I said, "As long as no one sees having a boner together. "
"We don't have to worry about that," he assured confidently. Still with a happy grin on his face, he said, "Let me have a feel. "
He stepped over and I stood there letting his hand reach out to take a hold of my male length, not objecting. The sensation of his fingers firmly gripping my erection made it even stiffer, giving me a cherry as the smooth, bullet-shaped tip turned a shiny, blushing shade of rosy red. Gess. .

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  . I told myself, I couldn't believe what a boner I was having.
Since the opportunity presented itself, I reached my hand down to give his a feel. It was sort of strange holding a penis that was not my own. Especially an erect penis. I was surprised by how soft and smooth the skin felt and how easily it moved over the rigid core beneath. I really liked how male this felt. It was so different and exciting than anything that I had ever experienced before. Curious, I slipped my hand down to feel his hairy balls. They were big and tight. He felt my balls. With the heat, I suppose, they were hanging loose, and he worked the twin shapes around, exciting me even more.
"See?" he said in a very pleased way. "Kind of nice with another guy sometimes, huh?"
"Yeah. .

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  . " I admitted, thinking that it really was.
To me it felt so luxurious being able to be this personal and intimate with another guy. It was apparently a luxury that Mr. Harris had learned to enjoy long ago, and in a way I felt grateful for his letting me try this out. We stood there handling each others boner, delighting in our sexual feelings.