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For a couple years I've been trying to get naked pics of my wife but she would never allow it. She was a virgin when we met and nobody has ever seen her naked but me. I've wanted to get her to spread her legs and give me a full shot of her pussy for the camera but it's always been out of the question. After a lot of prodding, she finally let me take some suggestive lingerie pics of her which only served to tease me. I still wanted the money shot.

I guess I finally wore her down because she finally started to give in and give me more exposure. Finally she pulled down her tops more to show much of her tits but still without the nipples. After she saw how horny it made me when I pulled up these pictures on my computer, she started giving me even more. Finally she took off her top altogether when I was taking pictures and I assumed it was time to put the camera away but she said I could keep taking pictures. Finally she let me take topless pictures with her tits fully exposed.

The next day I was looking at these new pictures on the computer of her naked tits and started jacking off. She came in unexpectedly and caught me. She was turned on that I was jacking off to her topless pictures but couldn't understand why. I explained that it was so hot seeing her showing her tits on the computer since nobody has ever seen them besides me and now they were on display. She said that the pictures were absolutely only for me and that if it turned me on that much, maybe we should get the camera and take more pictures.

I quickly grabbed the camera and headed for the bedroom.

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   She was already undressing when I came in and I started getting hard again just thinking about finally getting to take pictures of her pussy. When she got all her clothes off, she asked me what I wanted her to do. All I've ever wanted was for her to just lay on the bed naked with her legs spread to fully expose her pussy and take a picture. I didn't need a bunch of pics, just a full exposure with her pussy and tits. So as I directed, she laid on the bed and simply spread her legs so I could get the money shot. After I shot the picture, I fucked that pussy that I would soon be looking at on my computer.

Now that I had pictures of my wife naked, I wondered what else I could do with them. Since nobody else had ever seen her naked, the thought of letting some of my friends see her turned me on. Maybe I could swap pictures of her for pics of my friends wives. But since she insisted the pics were strictly for my enjoyment, I decided to keep them to myself.

One week we were out of town and needed someone to come over and water plants so we asked my wife's teenage brother to come over. We told him he could help himself to whatever food he wanted. After we got back, I was on my computer and noticed that someone else had been on there too. I checked the internet history and saw that my brother in law had apparently checked out some porn from my computer. I worried that he had searched through my personal directories and possibly found the private pics of my wife.

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   I decided to check my printer history too and see whether anything had been printed out. Sure enough, I found my wife's picture listed in the printer history. I was both mortified and shocked. Shocked that he would want to print out pictures of his sister naked and mortified that my wife might find out.

Soon we went over to the in-laws house and my brother in law was out with friends so I snuck into his bedroom to snoop for the picture of my wife. There it was under the mattress and it appeared to be frequently looked at since it was pretty wrinkled. I presumed he used it pretty frequently to jack off to and wondered if he was letting his friends see her too. I left the picture since I didn't want to get caught having searched his room plus it turned me on thinking that finally someone else had seen my wife's pussy besides me. I started hoping that his friends had seen her picture too.

I left his room and finally he came home with a couple of his friends. They all gave very friendly hello's to my wife which she thought was odd. I knew with those hello's that her brother had indeed shown the nude spread of my wife to his friends. Now I started getting really horny knowing that these kids had seen my wife's pussy and tits. She however would be mortified.

Then her brother started coming over more frequently to visit us and I knew it was to envision her naked.

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   He wanted to spend Friday nights with us and I thought since we live in a single story house maybe he'll try to peek in the windows to catch her naked when we were undressing for bed. My desire to let others see her pussy had grown from just seeing a picture to actually seeing her in real life. After we excused ourselves for the night to go to bed, I heard the back door close. Even though he tried to close it quietly, I knew that my brother in law went outside to look in the window. I figured I'd give him what he came for and left a light on and the drapes partially open. After all, the poor teenager needs to see a real pussy for once instead of an internet picture.

I told my wife that we needed some new pictures and since she knew I had found such pleasure in the first naked spread I took, she decided to let me take more. This time I positioned myself on the window side of the bed so that she would be spreading directly towards the window for her brother to get a birds eye view. I asked her to spread her pussy lips and stick her fingers inside her pussy. So she pulled her lips apart for me to photograph and then she reached underneath her butt and inserted her fingers from the bottom while she spread her lips with her other fingers. I made sure to get closeups of these poses.

My hard cock was about to explode by watching her do anything I asked and also knowing that her brother was seeing the same thing I was. If she only knew other kids had seen her pussy she'd be pissed. After I shot the pictures I climbed on the bed to get my cock in her. I wanted her brother to see her with a cock in her pussy so I positioned myself so that I wouldn't block the view.

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   Knowing that someone was watching me fuck my wife made me shoot a huge load of cum inside her. Then I pulled out and took some more pictures of her pussy with my cum dripping out.

My brother in law left the next day and I went in the back yard to see what kind of vantage point he got and noticed he too had shot a huge load of cum on the siding under the window. I put the new pictures on my computer and made it convenient for my brother in law to check out the new pictures when he came to spend the night again. One time we let my brother in law and his friends spend the night and we went out to dinner and left them alone. I knew that my brother in law would show his buddies the new pictures of his sister spreading her pussy and dripping cum. The next day I found that they had again printed out personal copies for themselves. I was really turned on that my wife's pussy was turning these boys on and they were jacking off looking at her pussy.

After I had these pictures for a few months, my wife asked me if I'd shown them to anyone else and I assured her I hadn't but privately I knew that her brother and his friends had helped himself to them. I asked her why and she said that she had been thinking about them and wondered if they would turn anyone else on like they did me. I said they absolutely would. I knew she was turned on thinking about someone else seeing her pussy besides me for once. I was shocked when she told me she wouldn't mind if others saw them. I suggested that I could “accidentally” leave them open on the computer when her brother and his friends come over. At first she was mortified that her brother would see her pussy but then the thought of his friends seeing her too turned her on.

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So that's what I did the next weekend when they came to spend the night again. We went out to dinner again and my wife was so horny thinking about these kids seeing her naked pictures that she couldn't wait to get home and fuck. She couldn't believe she was letting someone else see her naked, let alone her own brother. I suggested that we could leave the light on when we fuck in case the kids were to be watching from outside. She about had an orgasm in the restaurant just thinking about being watched getting fucked. So we came home, excused ourselves to the bedroom, left the light on and fucked. My wife was moaning like never before and came hard and fast. After I came, I spread her legs towards the window so the boys could get a good long look. The next day after they left, I took my wife out to the backyard so she could see where they watched from and this time there were 3 huge loads of cum on the siding.

My wife was hooked, she was more than anxious to let others see her pussy now and asked me to post them on the internet so I did. One time when I was at work, one of her brothers buddies came over because he was really horny and since hers was the only pussy he'd seen, he wanted to try and fuck her. He brought a nude picture of her thinking he could blackmail her into having sex with him. She told him that she knew they had stolen pictures from our computer and that she wouldn't let him fuck her but she did undress in front of him so he could see her naked pussy and jack off. After he left she masturbated too. When she told me about it, I told her if he comes back, let the poor kid have some pussy.

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   She said that if I didn't mind, she would let him fuck her since she's never had any cock in her but mine.

One day the next week when I got home from work she told me he came over again and this time she let him undress her and let him fuck her. She enjoyed feeling a new young cock in her pussy for the first time and liked being the first girl this kid fucked. She said he loved her pussy very much. She said maybe her pussy was too good to reserve for me alone and that she liked how others enjoyed seeing it and now fucking it. Of course the kid told his other buddy how he fucked my wife so he came over to see if he could fuck her too. She was happy to let him undress her and fuck her too. Now she's had three cocks inside her pussy. I wondered what her brother might think if he found out and if my wife would let him fuck her too since she's knows he's seen her pussy. My wife's brother did find out that his buddies had fucked his sister and he was jealous since he was still a virgin but knew he'd have to find some other girl to fuck. It was one thing to see your sister naked but another to fuck her.

I might have created a pussy monster.



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