Finally alone again


So my husband and I have not had a great sex life for years. I've always been attracted to my best friend's husband, and for the past little while he's been a huge comfort to me. This is what happened the last time they came to visit. . .


They were finally alone. The other two had gone to bed a little while before, and they sat on the couch, both acting as if everything was normal. She felt like the air between them was electric. It had been so long since she had felt his hands on her, and she craved his touch.

Finally, she got up the courage to ask, "do you think you could massage my lower back a little? It's sore like all the time these days. " She chuckled nervously. He agreed. The moment his hands touched her back she felt her nipples harden, she looked down and could see them poking through her thin shirt. As he slowly rubbed and kneaded her back, his touch brought back a flood of memories associated with him. The first time he had massaged her neck, the moment on the couch in the basement when he'd made her cum (the first time anyone had done that for her in about ten years), the moment in the hotel room where she'd finally been able to taste him. .

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  . All of these things came back to her and she relived them as he innocently rubbed her back. She closed her eyes and gave in to the pleasure he was giving her. As she did so, she felt herself growing wet, something he's always been able to do to her.

She shifted her body slightly and he moved one leg up on the couch behind her. Both keeping one eye out for the sensor light that would warn of someone coming, they continued in this was for a while, enjoying this moment of sensuality. She longed for him to explore further. Her back began to arch and her hips thrusted involuntarily as her body begged him for more. Seemingly unaware of what she was doing, she began gently massaging her breasts and pinching her nipples. He'd always had this amazing ability to make her so hot, she felt like her skin was on fire.

He slipped his hands under her top. She stifled a moan and in her mind screamed out with wanting. Her lust for him was almost unbearable. She wanted to feel if he was hard for her. She shifted slightly backwards and found that he was.

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   When she felt his desire, hard as a rock pressed up against her back, there was another instant gush of wetness. Her slick pussy seemed to be begging for his huge shaft to slide right in. Fill me up slowly, it seemed to say, I'm not sure if you can fit all the way, but I'll make it easy for you to try.

She moved her hands to his upper thighs, bracing herself so she could slowly grind up against him. She seemed unable to help herself at this point, so full of desire she might explode at any moment. Finally giving into temptation he moved his hands slowly to her front, getting closer and closer until he was finally massaging her large breasts. The teasing was agony. She heard her breath heavy and hot, and she felt his quicken slightly as he breathed on her neck.

This was too much to bear. God she wanted him so bad it seemed set her whole body on fire. She reached down the front of her little shorts, and began rubbing herself through her soaking wet panties. As she did so, she felt his hardness flex a little more, and instinctively she reached behind her with her other hand and began stroking him through his thin pants. His hips thrusted forward in response, and she heard him start to breathe heavier and swallow as he pressed himself closer to her.

At this point she wanted so much more, but wasn't sure how far she dared to go. She imagined herself being pinned roughly against the wall by him, taken from behind as he repeatedly thrusted his hard cock into her dripping lips.

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   The next moment, she thought about how much she wanted to taste him again. She licked her lips as she thought of his delicious cum. Fuck she wanted to take him in her mouth and suck him, licking all over and not wasting a single sweet drop.

Maybe that they could risk. They had the blanket there, ready to cover up quickly if they heard any noise. He didn't even need to pull his pants down, she could just shift them slightly and pull him out a little. She moved a little around so she was half facing him. She pulled out the blanket to get it ready and asked him, "pleasewill you let me taste you again? We can be really careful. We can can go fast. " He hesitated only a moment, and pulled himself out. Again she felt the familiar wetness as she was able to put him in her mouth. God he tasted just as incredible as she remembered. She seemed to devour him. Fitting as much as she could in her mouth and throat, she covered the rest of his massive shaft with her hand. Sucking and stroking at the same time, she felt him pulse with desperate eagerness.

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He reached down the front of her shorts and moved her sopping panties to the side. His fingers slipped inside her almost of their own accord, and he began massaging her inside, matching her rhythm. As much as they both wanted it to last forever, they were fervent in their desire, and hyper aware of finishing quickly. His creamy fingers pulled out as he began frantically rubbing her hard clit. In response to this new level of pleasure, she took even more of him into her mouth, greedily plunging him deeper and deeper down her throat. She moaned quietly with pleasure, sucking ever harder and faster. Then the words she'd been waiting for, "fuck I'm gonna go, I'm going to cum" he breathed. "Mmm hmm" she moaned hungrily with his hard cock still in her mouth.

And then she felt it. His sweet, sweet cum coating the back of her throat. And as she tasted him and felt his hand on her wet pussy, she let herself go and came at the same time. Her pace slowed. She stoked him a few more times, careful to draw out and devour every last drop.

They both sighed and relaxed, hastily covering up and moving everything back in place. She leaned on him for a few moments, recovering her breath and slowing her racing heart.

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   She knew this rare treat was not likely to happen again soon, if ever, but she also knew she'd be able to relive this moment over and over again in the months to come, and for that she was grateful.